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After stalking Jaiden's poetry, you can really see when he started to hang out with Robin. Just read his poem, 'influences.'

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You're from the same family: he's a larping and you're a flaming faggot.

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video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fIHDwf-Jsk&ab_channel=R.C.Waldun

'short story': https://rcwaldun.com/blog/why-i-write

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God i love these threads

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sir... the proses, sir... they flow!

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So Waldun has now just deluded himself into thinking his boring, mundane life is interesting enough to be written about because it's "authentic"?
Writing about the mundane can be great if the author has wit or intellect, which Waldun clearly has neither of. SAD!

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He just seems to think he’s David Sedaris or Fran Lebowitz…unfortunately, he’s a worse humorist than “serious” writer. Bland, unfunny writing that thinks it’s scathing commentary on every day life is more cringe than shallow Hemingway and Proust imitations.

I genuinely wanna see Waldun succeed, but I think he needs to find a new lane. He isn’t naturally funny, and it’s evident in his new video. He reads his new “funny” story to a friend and it completely bombs. I’m shocked he uploaded it — very few laughs for a supposed humorist.

I say all this as a poster more sympathetic to Waldun who wishes to see him improve. I think he needs to move past this phase.

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>l attard
also you just know these faggots all sit around watching kill your darlings together jacking off to that scene of daniel radcliffe getting anally rawdogged with his legs in the air

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I transcribed the original announcement of Learned Disguise, which Waldun has deleted from Youtube. I guarentee you, this will make you want to be kinder to Robin

> pdf of LD

> I Wrote A 45000 Words Novel: What’s It About?

So, official welcome back to the Quirky Inquiry. Sorry that no videos have been available, or no video were published for the past couple of weeks, for the past couple of weeks. And that's not without a good reason. If you have been keeping your eye out on a community post section, you would have noticed that some weird, and some … some things happening. Oh! All of a sudden! There's a photo of a completed manuscript all of a sudden! Oh! Oh my God, you're marking up your manuscript all of a sudden! You're saying, “Kill thy darlings!”

What's happening here now, this video is designed to be a very quick rundown of the book update. Because this book right here is just so big of a project, and seeing it nearing itself to its completion … the more that I start to get the sense that I’m approaching something …

The more that I’m starting to get the sense that finally, this is the thing I’ve been waiting for so damn long! I’ve been looking for this thing for so damn long. And this life's purpose, or God’s given calling, divine calling, the inner genius, or the inner divine voice – it spoke to me. By no means am I religious, but it's a very personal experience for all creatives. When you're creating things, it is as if your muse is speaking to you, and landing on your shoulders, and pumping out words onto the page that you're not even that you're not even responsible for. And that in itself is a very extraordinary experience.

And basically, let me tell you a little story about how this manuscript came to be and how I came to author it, how I came to go through all the troubles of authoring it, and how I came to render the characters alive, render all the people alive, and how I came to finally learn about a piece of myself that's so, so authentic and that's so, so …

If … if I think about it, I just I get this real sense of fulfillment and happiness whenever I look at the … the manuscript, full of my own red markings. I still get that sense of I’m approaching something so real. I’m approaching something that I’m so passionate about, that I can spare no seconds not thinking about it.

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So, it all went back three months ago as I was walking down the stairs with one of my dear friends. And I like to hide a lot of stuff from these videos. And I don't exactly favor talking much about my own personal troubles, but let's just say for background information – for all the bells and whistles – romantic interests have been taken a toll on my psyche three month ago. About three month ago, I would assume, or is it two month? Three or four, but let's see three month ago because I lost … lost track of time –romantic interests having taken a major toll on my psyche, as all young people, you fall to a whimsy – and whimsy wasn't exactly returned back to you, or the other person falls into the same whimsy, but somehow the other person retracts and leaving you all alone in a sea of darkness. Well, that's sort of what happened to me.

So there I was in my room for the coming days, or coming weeks, jotting down remarks, and then composing these poems that are sort of dark and sort of lurking around in the dark alleys of my own subconscious mind, which I didn't really want to put out there which I didn't really want the world to see, because that's sort of a dark part of myself that I don't exactly want to portray out there. So then for the coming weeks, I’ve read the Sorrows of Young Werther. And which is a pretty bad timing to read a book. I’ve read the book prior, but upon flipping through the book, I’ve started to notice that the suffrage and the sort of emotional pain that one goes through when a romantic encounter fails. This is somewhat of a universal thing that all of us go through. And Werther’s involves a story sort of extreme case where he eventually committed suicide.

But what would a narrative look like if one were to author a book displaying the intricacies of emotional hurt, not with the intent of portraying a crazed romantic, but with the intent of portraying someone that deals with the situation healthfully, of using the romantic downturn as a device for self-discovery? What would it look like if one actually resolves such a thing to gain a new direction for life? And to sort of use that literary portrayal literary portrait to hopefully console other people that are going through the same thing? What would it look like if I render accurately and poetically of my prior states of emotions into a piece of work that can not only come to comfort other people, but can also offer them a window poetically, using all the trickery, seeing my … in my garage, all my literary abilities all the books I’ve read, all the writings I’ve done, 12 volumes of writing for the last five years, which I never published – all the prose, composition, poetic, renderings, the form, style?

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What would it look like if I put a whole shebang, give it everything I got? And to write a piece of work that renders accurately of the emotional pain and a reconciliation of which? What would it … what would it look like? What … somewhat of a book … Would it look like the source of Young Werther? What would it look like if we take a spin on it?

Now we're fast forwarding to the walking down the stairs with my friend. So, that little spark triggered within me as I was going through the lowest of law … lows. Then I started to journal for a bit, and all these passengers have retained as I walked down the stairs with this friend of mine. I said to him look recently it's been really tough, but also guess what? With … with tough times the literary ability also comes out because when you have fierce emotion, can you write the most authentic passages.

So, he said to me, why don't you show me some of those passages, if you don't mind? Why don't you compile the passages … passages into a … into a somewhat of a manuscript? And then he went off.

As I continued down the campuses path towards the bus loop, an idea began to form in my head. An idea began to infiltrate the psyche, with all its magnificence. I came home unable to focus on mathematics. I came home unable to devote myself to anything. I kind of came home unable to put myself towards any practical means of work. But it felt as if a piece a genius or genie had landed on my shoulder and began to speak words into me.

I flipped over the computer. I grabbed a journal that contained all those passages that I didn't want others to read. Daylight and laboring! After two whole all-nighters the first manuscript was done. In two days, and the first … first draft it was very, very, rough … rough around the edges. It's so rough that when I pull it out and look at it right now I think, “This is … is this even a novel? Or is this just a jumble of crap?”

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But then again, that was my first triumph. The first time when I actually written something, and the idea of a book is starting to emerge, and with this back skeleton of all my entries … with this back skeleton of a narrative with all these troubled thoughts that I’ve recorded, I started the sense that the story sounds strangely similar to the source of Young Werther. And then again tracing upon my second draft, and upon the third draft, as … as I begin to build a narrative case around all these entries, as I start to embed these entries, and then adding letters into these entries, adding correspondence, and new characters were born. New personalities were born, new locations were born, illusions were established, and a whole new world came alive! That was the most joyous thing I’ve ever done for the next three months. I labored away every morning as I lost myself at the keys, as I gave myself wholesomely to all those hours of endless nights where I could think nothing more than characters in a book, where I can think nothing more than the process that I’ve created, where I can relate to nothing more than the moral messages within a tale and after … after endless labor finally … finally the satisfactory full-length manuscript was done that night!

I collapsed on the floor as the printer rumbled. I thought to myself, “This is it this is the most miraculous thing I’ve encountered. This is it! I have to give it to people this … this. It.” I have to offer it to … to you people.

And certainly, the manuscript right now is upon its final stages of editing. I’m going through my fourth edit. I would … I would assume. And then after fourth edit, I’ll do one more edit on a computer before I send the entire thing to the editor for a final round of edit – actually, final two rounds of edit – because editor, when she edits the editing thing, and then after that editor's done, I get the draft back, I have to fix it up again. And then the book will be finished in the coming two or three month. And all will be gifted to you people.

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This is a piece of work. I’m not expecting it to be the greatest piece of work of literature of the 21st century. I’m not expecting anything really. But I just had a lot of fun authoring it, making the characters come alive, giving them notice, and then rendering accurately of the coming-of-age story that I’ve captured in a tale. And being a fairly short book, you can probably finish the thing in three hours. But I want those three hours to count for something. I want those three hours – when you walk away from the book you can close and you can think to yourself, “Wow, that person that I’ve just read, rambling on about rambling on and on about and encountering all these interesting people in the novel, and all the emotional turmoil that the main character went through, and all the other things that he encountered, and all the other occurrences beauty … beauty of nature, and then drinking a cup of tea, playing the piano, music, literary allusions, visiting the bookstores. How the portrayal of his environment can leave you in a state of state of awe!” I want to give that to you people.

And with regards to the plot of the story, I’m not going to spoil it. By the end of its publication, you're going to see exactly what's happening in the book. You're going to see exactly what's been happening. You're going to see exactly everything that I’m being talking about here, that I’ve been talking about here, how they're going to be falling to their proper place once you people get your hands on this novel. So, I’m so excited for this project to be unleashed out there in two to three month, it should be complete.

The cover, I’m not gonna design a cover myself. I’ve got another graphics designer helping me in designing the cover. And formatting, after formatting, this book will be published on Kindle Direct Publishing, so it's a self-publishing platform to ensure the fastest way to get the book into your hands. And of course, we're gonna have paperbacks. We're also gonna have e-books, so if you live in another country, you still have the access to the e-book version of this tale. But nevertheless, that's just a brief update, a little story, about how this novel came to be, and what are some of the thought process that went into the novel, and how I really want this piece of narrative to be brought forth out into the world.

How I really wish to for it to be something beautiful, and how this is the marking or the beginning of a writer's path. Really, this is the beginning of my author's journey because that thrill of creating characters, that thrill of rendering literary scenes and doing sense sensory descriptions – I’ve grown addicted to it and won't be it … won't be that long until a second book shall be afoot. And won't be that long until another flash of inspiration strikes, where the genie returns cometh a second book.

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But that's it for this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it and I will keep updating you people at the community … community post section. Gonna share pieces of the story as I edit through it as I found find some gold in there, I can share it to you people, share with you people, but nevertheless that's it for this video. I shall see you in the next one.

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incredibly autistic yet also incredibly based

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If he posted this in a /lit/ poetry without namefagging, he would get absolutely torn to pieces lmao

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A clue to L'Academie's plot?

> When I read some of my older pieces, I recognized a kind of childish seriousness. It sounded like I was trying to prove something. It also sounded like I was trying to sound really smart and profound. Putting all those things together, I sounded like an ass.

> Whereas for now, I don’t really care to write anything that’s serious. I just want to tell stories and I love telling stories. I stood in the line of a Hungry Jack’s and wrote up F.U. Burger. I went on an interesting date and wrote up There’s Another Me Out There and I hated high school so I turned everyone into brainwashed zombies in L’Académie.

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i'd feel some sympathy for him if he didn't come up with absurdities like this
>The more that I’m starting to get the sense that finally, this is the thing I’ve been waiting for so damn long! I’ve been looking for this thing for so damn long. And this life's purpose, or God’s given calling, divine calling, the inner genius, or the inner divine voice – it spoke to me.
just say you watched a hollywood movie, want to larp as one of the characters and wrote a shitty first book pls be nice i still have endless things to learn.

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I don't what the movie Kill Your Darlings is about, but their larping looks kino

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this is a writer's block exercise. If you scream and let go of your inhibitions, you'll feel free and overcome writer's block

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Thrilling, a story about his broken shower

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kek this looks like some peak autism. got a link with audio?

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