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How's the writing career coming, /lit/?

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Been kicking some ideas around my head for a couple of years when I start writing them down things will pick up

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yeah, I keep telling myself that too
we're gonna make it someday....right?

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unless you're black, gay, female or a line toeing propagandist you won't be published. And even if you did, idiots would read your work and misinterpret it to justify their bigotry and neuroses. Don't write with a career in mind, leave a magnum opus for people to read in order to better understand your spectacular suicide.

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I can't decide if I want to focus on screenplays or novels.

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shitty excuse to not write.
>i cant decide
just fucking do both and start writing you lazy sack of shit

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Ok. Thanks.

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Just about to send some more of these out in the mail, just having some glue issues at the moment. It got over 40c for a few days last week and now the glue doesn't seem to be binding as well and I'm having pages fall out in some of the copies I was going to send out today.

Could just be the glue that was leftover in the machine has somehow spoiled in the heat? I'll add some more from the bag I have in storage and see if it works better.

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I'm actively working on a big story that will span multiple books. The first book is finished and I'm working on the second book right now.

I'm not quite sure what I want to do with the first book. Right now, I'm doing a lot of querying, writing query letters to a bunch of literary agents. I expect to get rejected by all of them, for various reasons. But I feel like I've got to at least give traditional publishing a try. There's no sense bitching about it if I haven't even attempted to work within the current system. So I'm going to query 30 to 40 agents, and I'm close to halfway done.

If I do, in fact, get rejected by every agent I query, THEN I'll self-publish. I'm thinking of a variety of ways in which to do this. The thing that's really coming to my mind right now is serializing the story and releasing it over a couple of weeks and months, one chapter/section at a time. I actually have some experience as a fanfic writer, and some of my fanfics have gotten really popular over the years. So I've developed a kind of intuitive sense of how to break up a story, and how to space out section releases to build up maximum hype.

My plan would be to serialize the story and use my social media to promote it. I have a few thousand followers across all the platforms, including several thousand followers on Twitter. I know from people who have read the first book that it's good, or at least enjoyable. All these factors combined make me think that I could perhaps get a big thing going if I were to release the story via something like Substack.

Also it's a writing night for me, so tonight I'll actively work on the second book.

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Spectacular suicide?! How blackpilled are you man?!

Geez louise

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I don't want a career, but I'm writing some books. I tend to forget some stuff that I feel like putting on them, but eventually I end up remembering and writing things.

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I'd love to read your first act if you'd share, trade you for mine? hehe.

I have no social media accounts, so I'm going to print paperback books myself for $1.25 in costs per copy and sell them for $20-25 per book. My belief is that there is going to be a huge resurgence in local storytelling, local art, and a growing "shop local" attitude in general.

How many views did your fanfics get? How can you translate that into book sales?

Good luck man! Maybe you will find the 1 blue hair at the publishing company that will give a bro a chance!

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>How many views did your fanfics get? How can you translate that into book sales?

I've written some fanfics that have gotten tens of thousands of views over the years. I don't want to reveal too much, but at least one of my fics wound up being pretty influential and famous in the fandom of the show I wrote it for. So this isn't really my first rodeo.

If you have a throwaway email, something you're not afraid to post on 4chan, I can send you the first book.

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I'm moving into a house on Thursday that I bought solely with money earned from writing (I've never had another job.) It only cost 270k, but I'm happy. I write stories and novels that happen to appeal to middle-aged women, though I don't write for them. Rather I knockoff movies I like--e.g. Hiroshima Mon Amour, Persona somewhat--set them in my region in a past decade, and there you have it. As for the language, writing well is easy if you know a few of the tricks of contemporary literature (which I previously detailed in this space but deleted because I'd rather not expose my effective though lazy techniques.)

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[email protected]

I should update my website sometime, maybe I'll go to the liquor store and really let the schizo fly tonight!

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That's awesome!!! Congrats!!!

I go to a local book and coffee shop and chat with the older ladies sometimes. They LOVE this one author, J.D Robb, and one of them gave me a book and said I had to read it. Old women love their books and will buy everything their favourite author makes.

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I'm glad you asked.
>be me
>get an email today that they want to publish my short story collection
>tell my gf
>we were kinda fighting when the email came
>she just walks out of the room without saying anything
>tell my mother
>'ok anon'
>ask my gf later that day whether she read the short story collection (I sent it to her in may when I finished because she wanted to read it)
>she didn't even touch the thing
>tell her that it makes me kind of sad
>she just replies that I don't know shit about her make ups and she doesn't complain about that
>get angry because someone just compared a whole book which I spat out during my opioid withdrawals (I'm currently waiting for a surgery so I need strong painkillers, it's going to be a long wait because Polish public healthcare system sucks and I had to stop taking them due to extreme mood swings and paranoia and I wrote the whole thing to focus on literally anything) to painting a face
>she constantly keeps asking me for the rest of the day why am I in a bad mood

Being recognised by some big fish and having a chance at being on the shelves is nothing when people close to you don't give a shit. I'm not even happy about it anymore. I just want to sign the damn paper, tell the publishers that I want the money to go to an orphanage and hide.

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Congrats anon! I wish you luck. Dump the girl and get a cat.

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Anon, how long have you lived as an artist for?

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I hate cats. I have two rats and probably I will have to put one to sleep in the morning. >>18645535
I don't consider myself an artist. I hate that term as much as I hate wannabe poets because they keep saying that they are artist.

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Learn to embrace the term my friend. If you can produce writing and other forms of art, you will probably have some higher peaks of emotions and other attributes in your personality.

I've been "living as an artist" for over 15 years, and the one thing I had to get over, fast, was the fact that nobody fucking gives a flying fuck if you're an artist. Everything about your art reflects in other areas of your life. That's what attracts people to you, not your work.

In 15 years, I had one girlfriend who wanted to read my shit and look at my porn descriptions I used to write. One! My guitarist friend, he used to play the guitar and was really good at it, but he was never successful because he only played the guitar to sleep with a ton of hot chicks.

You are an artist, and with that, you have to recognize a few things about yourself. It hurts to see people around you not recognize your talents and the effort you put into your work, however, that work you did will lift your life in unknowable ways and THAT is what will make the people around you look up at you in admiration.

Art is magic, embrace the label, don't reject it!

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I don't even talk that much about me writing. Most of my friends don't even know about it. And you sound like you belong on reddit.

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I've been on 4chan since before your balls dropped...

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You seem like a sour person.

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Also, I used to have a website with my short stories and I hated the fact that people knew about it. At the beginning I was excited because people really read that shit. But then people started talking to me mostly about it and only about it. I hated that shit, I know what I wrote. I deleted the page a long time ago and I couldn't be happier.

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I'm writing content for a relatively popular video game mod that's very narratively focused.

It has about 40,000 Reddit followers on the mod's subreddit, and over 120,000 people have the mod downloaded. It's all janny-tier volunteer work obviously (>for free), but it makes me happy that I'm able to write things that are a meaningful part of an experience that tens of thousands of people enjoy.

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/Lit/ is full of grumpy people, sheesh!

(Not that I don't understand it, 2021 is a damn clown world 3-ring circus!)

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I'd like to read your shit anon, and I hope you put your website back up. Be proud of your ability to create!

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Since I can also draw, I decided to make comics instead of writing obscure novels that will never read. Take the draw-pill, frens

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Oh man, the self-defeatism on /Lit/ is over-the-top. Everyone who writes derides their own shit and gives up without even trying.

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I wrote a poem. I need a honest opinion.
Blasphemy that sings when different lines that kids play with when they bring insects back to life by design
Goddamn you're looking good for tonight I'd say more but I'll resign
I don't know what to care for
It's not like the flood and I know I'll make an ark
It's missing a call for an appointment I didn't keep
The withered look are just trees, steep and stark and left to rot
Or something else in mind powering machines with gems of knowledge, a peridot
Vainglorious but still sound and green with envy
One day you'll see
It wasn't
It was
You aren't shit but a ruse a solid invisible bruise
A gun smoking cigarettes on the patio outside
Can't even manage to get a ride
Your brain is a fucking mess
Like someone who took a slug to their tress
I'm thinking about telling you that I don't get it
Wasting the minutes here where you fit
Instead of stretching out like a gas filling every space at last
Having a great time seeing different shades of intelligence
Or merit but it's all fucked by diligence
Common sense and logic tells us distance is a problem that we had to solve
but they're wrong
It just had to evolve
It's not broke down but made of crazy fine aromatic costly wine despite everything it was hope that said I'm sending a sign for you to get out first then second hand that rocks down cries in its thirst giving fifteen percent instead of a hundred like it's off my dome in a two thirds scheme watching people fail cause they can't work as a team lost like broken ladders that don't go up
Watch it runneth over, it's still just a cup
For everything a reason, you said
Then you bent over to give me head
I came down your throat
Then left a love note
Walked ten thousand miles in rewind
But only got tired when I stepped into your mind
Maybe I'm in love
Encapsulated by a thin glove
To protect the wearer from something hot
Don't care about weather or not
It's different now
I'ma make a new vow
I'm Leo you're Taurus
I stand while you bore us
Heard all the stories more than once
Very cute how you tell them they're cunts
Learning the words of a people long dead
Arbitrary rules so I read instead
The sonnet lost in your eyes
And every bar isn't lies
Just simple rhymes that inspire
God help me my brain is on fire
But he's not there
Just the sweet smell of your hair

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So now you're drawing obscure comics that no one will ever read?

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I don't know why you're so mean to me
Was it cause you have a boyfriend but you fucked me
Or because I drew you a shirt that said queen in cuneiform
Maybe it's because you deep down can't stand happiness so when I give it to you you get fucking nervous
Maybe it's that and just that barely scratching a surface that's matte
Breaking everything and walking a line that leads to a different future
Was it to much for you to think maybe one time I love you actually meant something
But you're fucking lost in your stellar rubble
In the future of the past rotten relationship
He doesn't love you I do and that's truer than a word
It's like blood and the wind which are ancient beyond any doubt
I just want to hold you everyday and see what that's about

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Will they post one?

>> No.18645861

working on epic novel, first half is me whining about my life but making it slightly ficitoniliezd, second half is a wish fulfillement fantasy for how imy mym li fe gets turtned around and i start a family

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I’ve been writing a lot. I actually don’t have much trouble writing. It’s the thing that comes before writing I struggle with. I’m talking about ideas. Not having ideas per se. I have plenty of ideas. But I have a really hard time taking all those ideas, distilling then into something coherent enough to be turned into a story.

>> No.18645930

Bro, I can totally help you with that. Use something like LivingWriter.com and test out their templates. They're really handy depending on the type of book you're writing and your style of flow.

Personally, I conceptualize, then I come up with the scene at the first page of the book, and the scene at the last page of the book. I then instruct my imagination to start filling in the details. I keep a notepad or phone handy and write my shit down when those ideas come to me.

Also, you could post your stuff here and ask for advice. Plotfags are welcome here!

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>Being recognised by some big fish and having a chance at being on the shelves is nothing when people close to you don't give a shit

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That's not what being an artist is about. Doing art is the outside world, being who YOU are is what makes your family love and appreciate you.

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Do you think if George Lucas farted in his wife's face while walking by her at the kitchen table, and she turned and said "ew, george, gross"

Think he would turn around and say "sorry" or would he right away say "hey I made star wars, appreciate me!"

Nobody in your family has to like your art, fuck, they might hate it, but that's not the relationship you have with them.

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Drawing was my first love and I wanted to be a comic book artist when I was a teenager. I’m torn between writing books and drawing comics now as an adult.

>> No.18646127

it's more fun

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I guess I should be more clear. I don’t really struggle with distilling ideas. In fact, I go through a process pretty similar to what you described yourself going through. What I really struggle with is distilling into something clear and well, good. I’ll have a flash of inspiration strike, I’ll mull it over until it’s solid, and then I’ll second guess the hell out of it until I don’t want to run with it anymore. I’ll think things like “This isn’t me. This isn’t the type of story I would tell. This is the type of story I would tell but it’s not the type of story I want to tell. This won’t be good. I don’t have the full story in mind so I’ll struggle to come up with something.” I just tear it apart like that until I inevitably find myself back in that pool of separate liquid ideas that haven’t been distilled into anything really coherent. I’m just not happy with the things I come up with at the stage between ideas and writing I guess.

>> No.18646155

>a career
>in the 21st century

Anon, you realize most novelists and shit have day jobs in addition to the writing they do, right? It's nigh impossible to be solely a writer anymore unless you publish high selling trash, like Rothfuss or GRRM

>> No.18646179

based bloomer boomer

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I wrote a novel but only my therapist and an acquaintance have read parts of it. It's taken me 3 years, but I'm finishing up a final draft. I doubt I'll do anything with as I have no connections, am terrified of rejection, have a fragile ego, and am not that great at writing. My therapist thinks I should try to market it but I don't know how and I'm afraid.

>> No.18646225

god you sound like such a fucking spineless faggot
go cry to your therapist about it

>> No.18646241

Have you studied story structure? Have you analyzed and broken down great stories? Have you grinded short stories? No? Of course your writing is shit

>> No.18646252

Based and artistic integrity-pilled.

>> No.18646257

I don't feel ready to write my life-long idea. It'll be a novel about a schizo finding his own self, something like Steppenwolf. Before that I'm writing random stories and reading like a madman to get better.

I've wanted to write it since I was a teenager. And developed so much throughout the years. Best story ever. I have to write that when I'm ready.

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A young boy went to the famous composer and asked him how he writes his symphonies.

"Oh no, symphonies are much too ambitious for a beginner, you must first start with concertos and sonatas. Only once you have mastered the fundamentals can you attempt to write a symphony of some merit."

"But master, you wrote your most famous symphony at only 15!"

"Yes, but I didn't have to ask anybody how to do it."

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Based. If you're not retarded and you read books you can write something good.

>> No.18646332

Yes the first and third. I spent years and years writing short stories before even attempting my first novel. I read plenty of books breaking down stories, as well. I'm just not good, that's all.

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please share your experiences with publishers in Poland. Can we even make it without being some Twardoch or Mróz?

>> No.18646372

I am certain that I am a publishable writer, indeed, that I am one of the best alive. My problem is that my autism is a roadblock for dealing with the transactional aspects of getting published, finding publishers and buttering them up, caring enough about getting my stuff published to spam it everywhere. I'm only good at writing. I am not good at any other facet of the ensemble that together is required to have a career as a writer. No real people skills, no connections, no faculty for shameless self-promotion. And most damning of all, no money.

All told I have hired an actual editor and it has been enlightening. Editors are an essential sieve positioned between you and your readers that collects all the shit you wrote before it is made public. The internet makes these things easy. Editors and similar services involved in the literary production supply chain are accessible to all.

I have no desire to make money from writing, and no need either. What I want is to be recognized for what I've spent more than half my life doing in unaccompanied obscurity.

>> No.18646386

How do Polish publishers work? After 100000 drafts and revisions I'm close to finishing my first genuine novel but I've never sent other books or short stories to publishers, it'll be my first experience interacting with them. Any tips?

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If you want some honest help getting your shit published in paperback form, hit me up.

I believe the world will soon be desperate for authentic art.

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>4chan anonymity
>self-admitted fragile ego
Yeah, keep it to yourself

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it's fine. for the last month and a half i've been editing which has improved the writing greatly... yet the 60k word count is diminishing with each week so even though i'm making progress it's hard sometimes to see the greater goal. i just bought a few more classics, so when i'm done with this round of editing i'll jump right back into reading
oh, and "how fiction works" by woods is a great book on writing. free indirect style is just fun
has anyone else neet'd in order to write? this is hard while working my 9-5, even with putting most of my free time into it

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This place is beautiful because people share more than Reddit.

>> No.18647057

You will never be a writer.

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You need to find a place where you're happy with the story and let go of the prose. Release the book, take the criticism, and move on.

Godspeed anon, I believe in you

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I have fucked probably 7 women directly due to releasing:


I know I'm based as fuck.

How about you? What have you accomplished?

Nothing? Oh anon, I'm so sorry. I hope you can find your way.

>> No.18647080

I accidentally got an electronic engineering degree instead

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>Worst book imaginable. Do not waste your time reading anything this douche bag writes.
>This is a terrible read, could not even get past the first page. Do not buy it.
>Really bad. Feels like the author is just writing about his own personal life experiences. Kind of a cheap bukowski but without the soul.

>> No.18647094

Hell hath no fury like a fat woman scorned

>> No.18647098

Those reviews are from men.

>> No.18647174

I really wish my detractors could talk to me in 2021 and see if my overall vision of the future came true to them or not.

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good thing im a faggot

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that sucks. get friends who read.

>> No.18647736

Drawing is very hard

>> No.18647772

>In /lit/
"Quit writing, Anon, you're ngmi."
>In /ic/
"Quit drawing, Anon, you're ngmi."

>> No.18648674

Hope for us all yet, considering everybody here is partial to the taste of cock.

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