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how does one become a better writer ?

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By being a bad writer for at least 7 years.

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If I was a good-looking white guy, I'd move to Japan and become a porn star there.

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Read lots of books and write lots of duds

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Anyone who just says 'write' is doing you a disservice. Without giving any further information you're probably just going to encourage people to write the same sort of things in the same manner that they always have before. That's not improving as a writer.

Try producing something in a different genre, one that you're not familiar with yet. Try writing in a different style than usual—something that reads differently than all of your other stories. The full answer to your question is to write, but to write new things in new ways, not the same thing in the same way for the hundredth time.

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Do japs like to watch interracial porn? Ive actually been thinking of it...

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Avoid cliche

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>Do japs like to watch interracial porn?
Not really. Most Japanese people don't watch hentai either. The most popular form of pornography in Japan is JAVs, wherein every single person is Japanese and the same four tropes are trotted out over and over. Where interracial porn does exist in Japan, it's always the same two bald black dudes that never take off their sunglasses.

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How much money do they make? Maybe theres a niche for hairy balkaners railing asian girls.

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Is this the result of steroids?

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Only the famous ones make a lot of money.
Amateurs/"Fans": $1,200/year
Bukkake: $3,000/year
Pro: $30,000 (You can live comfortably on this, but it's not much compared to other adult males above the age of 25)
Famous: $100,000+

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Can a non japanese become famous tho?

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You'll get about $500/video.

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I don't see why not. But as was mentioned earlier in the thread, most porn shot with foreigners is done with black men. There's quite a bit of it, too.

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And how many vids can one make a month?

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Id imagine the only people who would go all the way to Japan to do porn would be nigs.

I respect the hustle anyways

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>better writer thread
>turns into porn actor thread
Somebody needs a shitkicking

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It says nothing about there being a limit, but if you do five per month, you'll get about $30k/year. If you do ten, you'll get $60k/year. Keep in mind that this is exhausting work and will result in your not being able to live a normal life ever again.

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There are white men who do it, too. They're just not as common. And in any case, there are people who come to the United States from all over the world to do porn here. Don't let your racism blind you to reality.

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Theres lots of people who come to the US period.
But to Japan, it just seems a little strange.

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I don't see how it's strange. Japan's a nice place to live, and there's plenty of work, too. Lots of people want to go there.

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>Sex work is hard!

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I never said that. Doing exactly the same scene over and over again according to the instructions of a director while behaving extremely artificially and without getting tired and losing your ability to continue performing is difficult. It's probably hard on your body, too.

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Unironically write. Right now you probably don't even know what kind of questions you could ask in order to improve, those will come to you once you start writing about literally anything

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There was that jap cannibal dude that ate some french University bitch and became something of a local hero/celebrity back home in Japan.

They even paid porn actresses to sleep with him. They also made a manga about the guy.

There's hope even for you anons.

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This dude became a tranny. Fucking clown world we live in.

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>mfw /fit/ and finally made it

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certainly harder for men than for women

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Either be a schizo psychopath or be an actual human being with experience and intelligence.

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Read hundreds of books, pay attention to how they're written.

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Guess I'll have to fuck several hundred qt Jap teens a year. How awful...

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Have you tried writing?

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So this guy took a ton of ayahuasca self administered, and now he eats his own faeces live on YouTube I shit you not


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You will be doing it as a job, not for fun. This means taking viagra constantly and having sex exactly as you are instructed to, making exactly the sounds you're instructed to make, and ejaculating only when you are told to and in the manner you are told to. Does that sound like fun to you?

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It's a living

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No one cares. It's all an act to get clicks.
Stop shitting up /lit/ with this trash, it's bad enough /fit/ gets shitted up with it.

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Do anything else. Even working at a convenience store would be better. Just don't do porn.

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The duality of man, indeed.
>Even chads lose their hair young
We need a cure bros

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