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Why don’t women read philosophy?

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Because philosophy is outdated and no longer useful.

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Because it's cringe

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Staged. That's staged.

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Those weights are pretty small

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Those are like, ten fifteen pound weights at the most.. do white males really?

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They don't. Writing about feminism is probably an easy way into a philosophy best-seller.

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because they are capable of thinking for themselves unlike us

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Obviously you don't read philosophy either or you'd realize how retarded a question it is.


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Some do. I have. But I don’t see the appeal of going much deeper.
It stagnates. It’s supposed to help you live a fuller life. But it’s been taken to some weird and mostly useless dead-ends.
Funny gif

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LDo white males really”… what? Fuck lots of brown chicks? Yup. Seen it first hand.

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Work out with such little weight, dipshit. Should be curling with a sixty pound weight.

Fucking pussies man..

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Those are like, 4.5 lbs weights lmao

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Because to understand you need what starts with an L and ends with a C. I'll leave it to the men ITT to puzzle this one out.

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This is so fake.

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Women live their purpose
Men have to find it

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you are so easily baited and self centered, have my pity (you)

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And yet… and yet… he almost certainly gets more pussy than either of you alpha males

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Cool, made me feel more like learning German. This second part about politicians happened in my country some days ago during a congress investigation.

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Woman answers the woman question

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Are you the OP?

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Holy Mother Mary of based.

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Pic related. Women are reading a lot of stuff. I called that without even looking, but they definitely read more philosophy than men. That is the case in Brazil, no idea about other places.

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Let's see a video of you curling 40 lbs x 15

I can do it on video... can you?

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I do 60lbs

step it up

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Sincerely doubt it. Chicks love older men. Not wittwe gymie ratties

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I'm at work friend-o. I heft trash bags heavier than that all day.

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60 lbs x how many reps?

I used to do 60 lbs x 8 when I was 36, I'm 43 now and do 40 lbs x 15

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I could do 100 reps of 60 lbs friend. But I'm like, half your age.

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>Only fifteen reps

Truly, utterly pathetic.

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This is a /fit/ thread.

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Depends on what you mean by "philosophy." Post-Rawlsian political philosophy is dominated by an excess of math, game theory, and pseudo-economics, which aren't female dominated areas to begin with, so it shouldn't be surprising that women don't tend toward that area. Although, there are some less-mathematical philosophers who write political philosophy today (Judith Shklar, Martha Nussbaum, Iris Young). In modern moral philosophy, different theories tend to be gendered. Virtue ethics is almost exclusively women (Rosalind Hursthouse, Julia Annas, Philippa Foot), which makes sense, as virtue ethics proceeds very similarly to English, a female dominated area. Deontology is kind of 50/50, with major female philosophers among the most important in the field (such as Christine Korsgaard), but it's still dominated by men overall (Nagel, Scanlon). This again makes sense. Deontological ethics are very similar to law, a field with some but not many women in it. Most forms of consequentialism or other unusual forms of ethics have an extremely small number of women in them. It's very difficult to even think of one major female utilitarian thinker. This again makes sense, as utilitarianism and other forms of consequentialism tend to be based in scientism (which women gravitate away from).
On the other hand, when it comes to things like philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and (to an extent) philosophy of science, there are extremely few major female philosophers. Anscombe comes to mind as a major one; the only other even somewhat major one I can think of in any of these areas is Susan Haack, who isn't even that important. This again makes sense, as modern philosophy focuses on a mathematical form of logic influenced from mathematicians like Frege, so of course, these areas, which tend to be very strict (read: rigorous) with their usage of logic, are least likely to attract women.
At the end of the day, it just seems like modern philosophy is more similar to male-dominated areas like economics, math, and hard sciences rather than female-dominated areas like English and psychology. You could probably formulate a form of philosophy that women would be attracted to, but it would just look like an "x studies" course (which makes sense, as many of those "x studies" courses were formulated as a way for women to study philosophy-adjacent topics without the strict logical rules (read: rigor) that philosophy requires).
This is why, in spite of most college students being women, about two thirds of philosophy students are still male. It seems to me that unlikely that this fact will ever change, as feminist organizations probably don't really care about getting more women in philosophy, which pays pretty poorly to begin with.

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Bullshit. I will put 100 USD on paypal that you can't do 100 reps of 60 lbs.

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I hammer curl 80 and hook cheat 130 on the top edge of a maximally elevated bench for as much as 20% of the possible range of motion. See me at the table...

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Bro... dude... I'm not a pussy, I have lifted natty for 20 years... if you can curl 40 lbs x100 then you are on the extreme edge of insanity.

Post a photo of yourself, here is me:

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I'd take that bet if I had any weights

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I'm not the idiot you're arguing with, I'm a mentally ill armwrestling fanatic who is giving myself tendonitis. I don't think he can do 100 reps of 40 either.

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Being mentally ill in 2021 is awesome!

Dude... in Canada, everything is fucked.

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>Go to Las Vegas
>Go to this arcade for a bit
>They have this badass arm wrestling arcade game
>Beat all the highest level robo strong arms

Some of em were tough too. Guess you never really know your own strength.

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I recommend casual arm wrestling with friends if an opportunity arises. There is a lot of technique and fine muscle control in trying to improve your position. Just make sure you don't send your torso flying in a total different direction from your arm and the possibility of injuring yourself is minimal. Unfortunately there is an unavoidable culture of serious steroid use for obvious reasons, making it unreasonable to take it seriously in any way.

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>love of wisdom
>meant only for ethical reasons.
Fuck off moth girl. You have such retarded takes.
I don’t know who you read but either you didn’t absorb their material or you’ve read mostly shit authors.

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Not a single great thought has ever come from a woman

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>It’s supposed to help you live a fuller life

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>It’s supposed to ruin your life

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They have their function way better stabilished by her biological imperatives. Find a king, become his courtesan, gatekeep access of other women to her king. All she have to do to achieve it is to be pretty and give free access to her pussy, and that's that. Everything else is fluff. Even having children is fluff.

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Holy shit you are so completely utterly retarded, and most importantly, shallow, its baffling. philosophy is about striving for truths, its analysis of reality (something you obviously are not well acquainted with)
sometimes that means exploring how realities of the human experience intersect with lifestyle, and what is fulfilling and what is not, and sometimes it has nothing at all to do with any of that type of thing
the idea that philosophy is limited to self help tips is so completely asinine it makes me question whether you've ever actually seriously engaged with literature in your life

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Now that's peak redundancy. I have meet some women who "like to read" but most of the time they read self help garbage with wacky titles or whatever has the "best seller" sticker slapped to it.

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Kind of based desu
I used to be interested in philosophy when I was 16 years old but after getting a full education in philosophy I lost all interest in it and now I just read novels and poetry

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>shirt off in gym
>facing away from mirror
>pussy weights
yeah I would slap the absolute shit out of this guy if he came within 20m of my gym

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IMAGINE even lifting weights like some fag lol like where you gonna go? Da club? Roflmao lol

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fakest and gayest
just look at those tiny dumbbells

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Imagine the smell

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