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We all know the stereotypical Pulitzer prize/National book award winner of the last 21 years: Woman/POC/LGBT author writing about their "lived expierence", critcally acclaimed by all the important well regarded New York critics. Its almost always narcissistic self obsessed garbage written half-baked outdated ebonics/spanglish (the POC in question is almost always upper middle class, ivy league educated, and thus completely alienated from the everyday people they try to depict), usually includes borderline blood libel against white people.

That being said it is virtually impossible in 21 years every single major award winning or nominated novel is a piece of narcissistic unoriginal trash. There has to be a few diamonds in the rough.

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Have you been to a "writer's fest" in your life?

They might as well be BLM or feminist meets. There are ZERO bros. Nearly every man there is effeminate and/or gay. Most of the women are overweight and the older they are the snobbier they tend to me.

Basically blue haired pseuds everywhere!

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Houllebecq is based, and critics seem to like him.

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>Critics seem to like him
maybe french critics. Houllebecq is intentionally ignored in American academic and critical circles.

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>just kids won the national book award
jesus, i was in a barnes and noble in manhattan buying a programming book or something, and the lady who wrote that happened to be giving a talk, holy shit, there was a line of art hoes and dudes with mustaches for literally three floors.

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wow mommsen won a nobel for his history of rome? i guess it's not politically correct or something because no one reads that shit today

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You'd be surprised at how many pulitzer/nobel winners are unread, even out of print.

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Mommsen is not in print.

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there's a hella dank production of it available on audible.


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>is virtually impossible in 21 years every single major award winning or nominated novel is a piece of narcissistic unoriginal trash.
the institutions have been completely taken over by a specific kind of agenda over the past say 60 years and the whole point of it was the systematic destruction of the arts.
I'll go out on a branch and say that this is also the reason why there's a much higher chance that upon looking elsewhere you'll come across some reactionary controversy stirring thing than anything with actual merit.
If this is an organic phenomenon it really feels like it's being given a push as if the only way one could oppose the current globohomo zeitgeist would to join the flat earthers and other retards.

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Other retard here!

I'm printing my own shit! I beg everyone who writes on /Lit/ to start producing your own work. After the last Writer's Fest I went to in Vancouver, it was completely undeniably over-the-top when it came to diversity, lgbtqxs+123zxy, refugees, being black in Canada, being trans, being trans and indigenous, being indigenous and hating the police, decolonizing, etc etc. I was at some event on Granville Island one year and each and every single speaker did a land acknowledgement. There were like 10+ people who spoke and by like the 5th I was getting pretty drunk and just rolling my eyes. The bro bartender had to hide his laughter. Like... it was fucking over-the-top. Then some woman won an award or something for her novella about a mexican refugee who converts to Islam or something, and she went off on a social justice rant. To this fucking day I cannot believe how woke the entire crowd was. Everyone. I was the only single bro there.

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Same shit happens in SF, a man hasn't won the Nebula award for best novel since 2015, and there were no men at all in this year's nominees

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The media is pozzed, bros. We need to be making our own shit. Don't use Amazon. Don't use GoodReads.

Feed the counter-culture!

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>Feed the counter-culture!
I feel zero excitement for this and I've seen this image already so I imagine it's just someone forcing a meme or being autistic. But the two thoughts are unrelated I admit. My spirit is broken. The way I see it is that the Internet offered a brief period where original ideas could sneak in through self-publishing and whatnot, but right now everything is so madly oversaturated that the only way one can get noticed is through pandering hard and acting like a clown. Not a writer though, I just like to read. But I have experience in other "creative" venues, shit is exactly the same across the board.

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You can fix your spirit.

Drop me an email on my website(jason-bryan.com) and I'll send you a hand-made book for free. You can become part of the solution to the modern malaise.

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Cope, your shithole is irrelevant. Enjoy having BLM rioters rape your wife.

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>You can become part of the solution to the modern malaise.
I appreciate, but no thanks. I've tried for years. I'm just too tired of the internet. It's not just a matter of awards or making a living, people simply do not want what I'd like to make. Whether it's my personal fault as a "creator" or just an unfortunate choice of genre doesn't really matter in my specific case: the interest is zero unless I go through the machine and have me and my work come out of it packaged like everything else. I hope I am wrong or my failure is to be blamed on strictly subjective factors, and you'll be successful in achieving something with whatever plan you have, but as far as I am concerned I cannot commit to anything if I have very good reasons to have burned out all belief I could muster for it.

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Damn dude... I'm sorry. You come across extremely blackpilled and I wish I could help convince you that your words and thoughts can have value. You just have to try and believe in yourself.

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