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Books about why that since 2016 the amount of "incel" threads (How to get a GF/Job, ect) has increased on this board? Is America to blame? Is it the economy?

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its the jews

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As long as you continue to demonize them and shame them they will exist.

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Having no job has nothing to do with being an incel. That is being a neet. Are you a reporter?

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even the music changed
I was listening to the big pop hits from 2011-2015 trying to relive my hs years and everything was upbeat.

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probably because life is absolute shite, and even normalfags realized that under the pandemic

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As long as they continue to shit up the board I will continue to demonize them

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ah yes missalice or whatever the fuck her name was
one of the original 'fresh out of highschool e-whores'
i remember 2013, i was like wtf why are girls my age doing this
and then it all got worse

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Vicious cycle

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I literally predicted this in 2013:


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I honestly don't think they even want to be rehabilitated, they just want their negative beliefs reaffirmed day after day

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