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Who's your favorite female writer?

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Mavis Gallant

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Was Evelyn Waugh till I found out she was a he, then Joyce Cary till I found it she was a he. I will not read Byatt unless there is a Mandela moment and she is a he also.

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Anna Kavan or Leonora Carrington

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There isn't a single female writer that I like.

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>Anna Kavan
my man
checking out Leonora because of this post

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jk rowling

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Agatha Christie

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You're only saying that because she's a bourgeois terf.

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AND because kat makes for a very cute nb

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The Murasaki Lady, daughter of the Minister of Ceremonies.

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Ayn Rand

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Having a favorite female writer is a far worst crime than going down on a woman -- an act which no man shall recover. Anne Carson.

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This is Julio's chode in your mother's face or whatever.

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Brian Bessey shall slide his penis into your father's throat and deliver an orgasm into his carcass and this shall your father prgnant with your new half-brother, Kenny the Undead Homo!

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Any answer other than Charlotte Brontë is an incorrect one.
I respect your taste though.

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why do cancertubers all have insufferable, punchable faces? how do you even stare at these people for a long period of time?

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Virginia Woof. Check out the one why she defends Rupi against "straight white males."

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Anna Akhmatova

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Why would I have a favorite female writer if I don’t read works by female writers?

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doesn't she have porn/nudes leaked?

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It's perfectly possible to have a favourite female writer without reading anything by female writers. You just use other criteria — personal aesthetic appeal, for example. I'm quite partial to Helle Helle (contemporary Danish MILF).

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She has a foot fetish video somewhere – I think it was shot with her sister. But /lit/ refuses to share it.

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Robin Hobb

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who is she?

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Sorry no I do not watch things just to be enraged at them. Hate-watching things or mock-watching things is how these things become popular.

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Evelyn Waugh

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ivy compton-burnett

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She would be a great tradwife. I would blast her full of loads and raise lots of hard working and earnest children

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not op but, google reverse image search, anon

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>She would be a great tradwife
I don’t think so. Tradwives do not spend 18 hours per day posting silly kid faces on social networks

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No anon, the foot video is not on her YouTube unfortunately

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Anyone who worthe the Bible.

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Where the hell is it then?

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Flannery o Connor

>To the beta faggots laughing and saying none.
Stop being incels. Great women writers exist.

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She has probably deleted it, but it’s 100% sure that some sperg downloaded and saved it

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Where is my sperg hero at then. I know you’re here…

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>She would be a great tradwife.
She's a literal prostitute like all webthots

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Can you please stop posting this woman? Everytime I see her I have a violent urge to masturbate, I have no idea why but it's literally worse than porn-posters

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Handsome woman.

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shirley jackson

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Andrea Dworkin

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Abbie Emmons is a good writer

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Anne Frank

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I would do some sick shit to this broad if she was a literal prostitute

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how do i get a gf like that?

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FINE looking lad

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Female prose puts me off. Give me any text and I will tell you within split seconds if it was written by a woman because by then I will have vomit all over my keyboard

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Game on

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Imagine rubbing your diamond-hard penis all over her perfect smooth feet until you reach the point of utmost ecstasy and spurt your pleasure all over her.

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Ayn Rand, Hannah Arendt, Ann Coulter

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> female
> writer
Choose one.

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damn, i've only seen the one where she's pleasuring herself, didn't know she had a foot vid, would pay 4it

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Does that first video actually exist????

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neither exist. there was a screencap of a pornstar, who looked very similar to Kat, getting fucked but that's it.

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I don’t know about the first, but the feet video exists

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Evelyn Waugh was a man, you moron.

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She looks like a girl I know...

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What pornstar???

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Ursula K. Leguin

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invite her to your house, make sure she takes her shoes off before entering and sniff her shoes

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Erin Hunter

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Good answer

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looking at this woman's face I finally came to the realization that society must be based around violence at every level. It destroys all that is inauthentic, fake, perverse, arrogant, and smug. Men must beat their wives and children if they are out of line. The police must kill anyone who gets out of line in public. And the military should kill all the foreigners it can. That which is strong should dominate all that is weak.

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>society must be based around violence at every level. It destroys all that is inauthentic, fake, perverse, arrogant, and smug.
nothing forbade americans to brainwash the rest of the world with gay bullshit at gunpoint
you're onto something though. not violence but open hostility maybe
open hostility has no reason to be an artifice

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She looks like you Butts. Is she dumb like you too?

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Read Memoirs of Hadrian

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I'm going to say J.K. Rowling. I feel like there's another female author but I can't think of her name so Rowling gets the crown tonight.

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Away with your belles and your beauties,
They never with her can compare!
Whoever has met with my Kat,
Has met with the Queen o’ the Fair

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The only correct answer.

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Lurk more

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>marking and writing in her books
I adore her even more now since it is clear she is a based How to Read a Book enjoyer

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For me it was Cixin Liu until I found out he was a dude.

Now my favourite is Ursula Leguin. George Elliott is very good, and doesn't get mentioned on here much. Anna Burns is a more contemporary one that I was reading recently. I used to read Wolff when I was younger. Didn't get it; might read it again now I am older and wiser. I'm reading some NK Jemesin at the moment which is well written but is not my thing - not really a magic guy.

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I like her too. do you also mark/write on your books like that? I can't imagine why I would mark/write on a novel unless its a very complicated and long one.

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I like Beauvoir, her fiction is quite good.

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Simoné Weil

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