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I am a neet inploy (involuntarily unemployed) that takes out money out of their family members' banks in order to buy books. Anyone else addicted to buying books?

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Grow up

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Fucking lol. Get a job.

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No one wants to hire me

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I have applied for 100 entry level positions over the past month and a half. Got 2 interviews out of all of those. Got rejected from both.

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If you're cute and look anything like a girl I would hire you as my personal boyservant.

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Instead of reading write.

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No, not really, but you could try buying a book on therapy. Or even download, there are lots of psychology manuals on libgen,.

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I have no discernible talent, nothing worth saying, and haven't read enough to write.

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I am a NEET and buy books with the money other people earn AKA welfare.
Books are so expensive!

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Just write what you feel and think anon.

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Absolutely based

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How is this even possible?

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I buy books to fill the lack (le manque) inside

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There is apparently a labor shortage too so I have no idea

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Job market could be terrible. Or maybe anon just has something in his CV that makes him unhirable

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I have a cushy, well paying job that I barely have to do any work at, and I've never even considered buying a book because they're all literally free online.

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he has no "experience" even though a monkey can basically do every entry level jobs.

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I am literally praying this sticks

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Everyone is competing for low-tier service jobs

This wasn't the case when you had a bigger industrial labor market

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he has no "experience" even though a monkey can basically do every entry level jobs. even for entry level jobs everyone wants experience. he is in the no experience limbo and the only way to get out is basically working for free for a bit. we are entering neo-feudalism.

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workers have become superfluous

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Dude go flip burgers stop pretending you're trying to get a job

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i have applied for burger flipping jobs

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>that takes out money out of their family members' banks in order to buy books
As in they buy you books or you steal from them?

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Are you fucking retarded or some shit? There's something you're doing that is setting off massive red flags if you are actually applying for legitimate entry level jobs

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There's no way you're denied those. My friend is a manager at Wendy's and they hire felons.

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No. I am an ordinary person. I graduated with a BA in English last month. I have no work experience so that's probably it but I even lied that I was a writing tutor and still nothing.

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>last month
Have you tried contacting the career services department from your uni? Dont tell me they dont have one.

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Lads I got an interview at applebees
They have one but I have no work or volunteer experience or any goals so I didn't they could help me in any way.

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everything is possible with shitposting

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good luck lad, being accepted to a job is the just the easiest part.

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Don't forget to read, lad

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Any tips for university?

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Still contact them!

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Dude I'm a poor friendless loser with no goals I have no tips. Try to dorm for at least your first year and make friends I guess. Get involved in something. I went to a commuter school. My grades are good but socially I never really did anything. I just read books and watched anime in my room and went to the gym. Im not a social person.

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And say what? What will they do for me?

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the liberal arts degree meme

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Every degree is worthless if you are not a social person. Liberal arts degrees are fine if you are a social person. For the majority of places degrees are just a check box.

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You probably have some red flag on your resume.

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I barely have anything on my resume. Also I have been applying on indeed and have been using their resume template.

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Post your (anonymised) resume, maybe a nice anon will help amongst the troll responses.

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Collected tweets

You're wellcum.

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The catch 22 of needing work experience to get a job but no job is hiring without work experience. Large gaps in employment history are killer unless you have a great reason. It’s always who you know. Ask friends and acquaintances if they know anyone looking for help

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>inploy (involuntarily unemployed)
Very based will start using this from now on.

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inploy uprising when

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I don't have friends

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yeah Thriftbooks.com is my vice, my shopping cart is currently above $1500 and the moment when XRP goes above $5 i am going to cash out 1000 just to buy books

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Should I do it?
Should pull the Ulysses trigger?

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