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Creative writing leads to imagery.

Post any imagines you've drawn after your deep creative writing sessions!

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That's beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Do you have any photos of your writing desk / area? What sorts of pens and pencils are in your reach? The colours are so happy.

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beautiful, but I wish the jannies banned OP

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Νice :)

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Did it make you smile?
>be me
>that makes me smile
Have a wonderful evening anon, God bless, glad those who still feel lurk around here.

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Thia makes me wonder, is there a greek word for "fractal"?

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t. not op

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Something from κλάσμα/Clasm i suppose. Κλάσμημα maybe.

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Is it yours OP?
It's very comfy.

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get help

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Yeah, working on the cover and graphics for the book is a nice break from writing, it also brings out other ideas to you randomly while thinking about the imagery you're trying to create!

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