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Is there a book on how to stop being a coward?
I mean cowardice in everything.
For example, I see a certain opportunity in life.
I never go ahead, even though I notice the opportunity.
Someone deserves to hear something mean.
I don't say it. I cop out.
On the rare times that I do speak out, my voice trembles like a child who's just about to cry.

I want to put an end to cowardice once and for all. What book can help me?

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start with the greeks

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Ask yourself why. There are no books on such things, anon. While you might find out methods of inquiry in the end it is up to you on dealing with it. Maybe a psychology book and some other book on some random therapy. But the thing you should be asking is why don't you go for it? Or how does it feel and why do you feel that way. And then you deal with it somehow.

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become a cunt first. Start with posting shit on your female friends' facebook profile. then cringe, after that you've grown

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wow actually listened to my plea. Mods don't suck my cock this time

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No book will make you take a step forward, you have to think what's making that happen. Maybe it is because you lack self-esteem, so you don't trust or value your opinion, at least that used to be my case.

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Anything related to mortality awareness. Once you get the finitude of things it becomes a wasted opportunity to not put yourself out there. Kierkegaard, Ernest Becker, Aurelius

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To be honest, I've asked myself that and haven't found any concrete answer. I do value my opinions, I just break under slightest pressure or risky situations

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Describe the last time that happened and how it felt.

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Last week. I felt that a heated conversation is incoming and I literally felt my brain crashing instantly and my heartbeat rising.

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You won't become brave because you read a book on it, you will become brave when you act often.

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About what and with whom?

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You need some medication, not books.

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>you will become brave when you act often.
It's not even about "bravery", imho, it's about confidence
t.shy idiot

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