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Just got this baby a while ago. Let's have "The Shitkickers" thread.

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Let's not.

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Lies it is not yet released.

Let's discuss COTC instead since that is actually available.

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Anybody smart enough to read this shit and talk about it won't read it in the first place out of principle

Anybody smart enough to read in the first place isn't smart enough to talk about it, and their opinion is probably worthless anyways

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Fuck off

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OP you can't even find your book online.

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/Lit/ author shill rankings:
>#1 Waldun
>#2 Mike Ma
>#3 Gardner
>#4 Literal WHO?

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Hmmm sweaty it seems you aren't smart enough to support our fellow /Lit/izens here.

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You’re a rapist. Stop coming here. And turn yourself in

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Mike Ma's books are pretty good though and I think he probably just has fans that post here.

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Hide your fucking tells if you’re going to shill so blatantly
You are truly too stupid to be alive.

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The author of this book is an actual pedophile/sex-trafficker. His name is Jason Bryan from Vancouver Canada.

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he's alright
if he makes another book it's gotta be somewhat different tho, 3 of the same book would be a bit much

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yea i agree. it's getting a little self indulgent with the pop culture references and edgy quasi fed posting.

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He's not going to sell 1 copy of that shit book

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Bro, you’ve been posting this picture on repeat. I know this is you molesting one of your 16 year olds victims. Next you’ll post your car, and the view from your old apartment.
You’re too stupid for this kind of shit, you worthless subhuman rapist.

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ITT: a bunch of jealous nothings who've never driven a cool car or traded sex for crack with a teenager before.
Stay jealous lmfao. Meanwhile living my best life from one EI check to the next, 57 years old and still banging hot broads and riding hot rods. What have you losers ever done?

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You don't belong here. You are mentally underage

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Bro, that author is a complete fake. All he does is post blank .PDF files and pretend he wrote a novel. He doesn't even write and just trolls here.


Blank PDFs. What a clown. No book exists it is all bait.

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I bet you don't even have a hard drive full of girls you've fucked to brag about online. You ever have a prostitute tell you you're the best she's ever had? LOL of course not. Stay mad.

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Burn in hell rapist, and in the mean time, rest assured that you are too abysmally stupid to even pretend to be someone else. The stench of burnout, spoiled brat, rapist emanates from every inane word you type.

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post more hot broads based grandpa

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bragging about banging prostitutes is by far more pathetic than a highschooler bragging to his buddies that he's not a virgin cause his gf gave him a handie

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Have you seen a photo of the guy? so butt ugly that he has to pay for any femoid attention for sure

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>I bet you don't even have a hard drive full of girls
Oh I have gigs and gigs of them. My library would shame Alexandria.

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Seek help.

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Imagine being such a sweaty virgin zoomer and not a based boomer fucking women of ambiguous age and shilling his badly printed book on /lit/.
Anyone angry at Jay for being such a retard schizo deserves the oven.

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>deserves the oven
I want 2016iggers to leave. And take your geriatric coomer friend with you.

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Pretty clear that Jay is actually brand new to 4chan and knows nothing of the culture. Fucking tourist.

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Seek help. Writing about yourself is beyond pathetic. Your entire delusion is crumbling before your eyes as you publish PDFs with absolutely zero text inside.

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