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those who effortpost and get no replies, don't worry; we see you and appreciate you!

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*braps wet stinky fart*

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Tits or gtfo

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God I hate frogfags so fucking much

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>Posts the shit poster mascots

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Fucking wasted Jesus

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Pepe and wojak btfo by trannerfly...


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Wasted tripledubs and rude check.
You have a huge stash of frogs and cancer jacks, don’t you?

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The only cancer I got is from reading your posts.

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>The sneedest neet

None could it do it like him, few wanted to do it like him, but they all felt awe in his presence regardless. Chuck Sucktion was truly a marvel to behold, a feat of genetics, willpower, and spiteful pettiness. Noone knew, not even himself, how he managed to consistently and with fervour post his brain rot day in day out, with not even an hour of time off or rest. It did not matter the topic of the thread, or the fashionable newspeak and meme of the week, Chuck always knew how to use it to his advantage in his aimless quest for shitposting, and shitpost he did. He may infact have been the first person to conceptualize the idea that your political alignments ought to change depending on who you're trolling, but whether or not he authored this idea, there was no doubt that he was a ribbon-wearing grand master of it.

Oh, he may think to himself, you're x? Well didn't you know, buddy, x was debunked ages ago hahaha. Personally, I'm y because it really is the thinking man's position on this topic.

It becomes then a waiting game where his cue is for someone to agree with him, so that he may switch on the unsuspecting person in an even more vicious attack.

Oh so you're really one of those lobotomy victims that believes in y? Get the fuck outta here kid, the Zeddists shat on your ilk centuries ago. Go read a real book you fucking imbecile.

And so it goes that, both of his pretend positions posted and ready, anyone even remotely responding to him inevitably becomes a mere pawn in his personal astroturf campaign. What are his goals? Beyond crude enjoyment, impossible to tell. All we know is he does this on every platform he comes across, and he may have been doing this now for over a decade. Some say he's the true founder of the red pill subreddit, some say he's that Satoshi guy, many say he's just an elaborate project by whatever group they adore or despise. Noone knows. Sneed's feed and seed chuckles at the mention of Chuck's suction.

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>tfw haven't posted a long rant about DFW or any of my DFW picture collection in weeks
>tfw haven't really been reading recently because I need to find a job and can't stop playing persona 4
>tfw I started going on /x/ because it was more escapist than /lit/

I'm sorry bros, I failed you.

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start with the greeks

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>Blowjack: lost hair. Is dead inside. Replicates till the host board is dead, spreads.
This is what a cancer does. I don’t do any of that

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Effortposters are literally being displaced by your ilk.

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You have to be pretty dead inside to be a middle aged lesbo that posts on 4chan tbqh

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>tfw your writing is so good that some anons complement your posts for prose once in a while

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This shit here is fertilizer to me, I suppose.
A waste of time, certainly.

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They don't want your "appreciation", they want to talk about the stuff they wrote about. Next time try engaging with them if you really appreciate effortposts.

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cant wait till you croak

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Personally I quit when I figured out that posting here is like talking to children who lack basic logic skills but think they're geniuses.

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Sixty more years at least

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tits pussy and ass

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nah you'll die from corvid compilations

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Imagine watching your friend curiously pick up some shattered, stony fragment from the ground. A moment later, his hand eviscerates from that brief moment of inquiry. Then, as you realize that this corrupt stone almost certainly mangled your friend's hand, you notice more of the cracked monoliths ominously scattered around your own feet. Not only that, but you are compelled to go deeper into the bright maw where these blackened chunks of ore were hurled. In that fluourescent Wormwood, your fate is sealed.

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i feel like this is a pretentious word for some reason, i wonder what gave me that impression

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you stop aging at 80 it seems or a bit earlier.
you just become OLD and say OLD until you die god dame. There could be 500yo people around and we would just think they were 80

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God bless this tender nan

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>appreciate effortposts!
>my effortpost gets ignored
Yeah fuck you too

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oh my god

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The main problem with effort posts is that people are usually not aware if they are effort or shit posts. Specially when it is something that we are not acknowledged. This is the main problem with anonymous environments, and its main strength too. People don'1t give a shit

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I think the line between effort and shit posting can be quite murky. I've read excellent posts on here that were "shitposts" and yet obviously demonstrated a not insignificant amount of effort on the part of its author

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not him but I am unironically excited in hope that anon will pick one of my posts from the past week

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like one time I made a long winded post about Obama and porn that got screencapped

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Frogs are annoying but I like wojaks

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why do you think i asked lol

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And yet there is the reason why people effort post too. In an anonymous environment, why would someone do that? To give something to the community, right? There is literally no other reason, but one should expect to get something back out of it, consider that you don't get 'fake internet points' and that is what is making 4chan lose its appeal and the reason why most people are getting into reddit/facebook or whatever.

And also, as someone starts to accumulate knowledge, I'm sure people can't help it but feel what they are doing here. This board isn't exactly 'high culture' and the memes got old. That is probably the reason why it is filled with weird stuff that doesn't really have a place in other forums. And people who are into things that are marginally 'mainstream' just end up growing out of /lit/.

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I accept the canon of sad frog, apu, feels wojak, spurdo and gondola but I have to admit that all the nuwoj shit was made worthwhile by that template with the two guys pointing at something in the background
the little free library edit was a masterpiece

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can't help it but feel asking*

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The most valuable thing that one could get out of a effort post is an effort answer, but this is definitely the kind of thing that takes a lot of time and considering the nature of this board (this isn't a quality of reddit/facebook or whatever either), that goes relatively fast and threads aren't up for weeks. It is something highly unlikely to happen, and the reason why social media is mostly about either garbage discussions or echo chambers.

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Those threads where anons emulate an author's style tend to have good stuff. Also I've seen creative writing posts that I liked a lot. For some reason I can't access warosu right now, but there's a couple of posts in the nano-lit threads that I found good. There's one where the theme is the horned god and some anon wrote a rancid but really funny description of the horned god in his demonic lair.

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I see where you're coming from but I wouldn't say that 4chan is losing its appeal. If anything it's growing, in part due to its polarising nature.

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Terrible poster needs to be permabanned.

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BUT ANYHOW, I just wanted some feedback for this >>18700094

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Yes, but social media in general isn't exactly that great for this kind of thing Ideally, one has a blog with comments. Just saying, if people are into writing things about books or writing things in general, they are better creating a blog or using medium.

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The issue with that is that it requires some form of upkeep or else it dies, and before that even you need to promote it. On /lit/ you know you almost automatically have a receptive audience. It's more communal

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Yes, you do have an audience, but you don't get much if anything out of it. That is the problem with social media. Consider people who made it, anon. What are they doing? They all have some way of releasing their stuff and use social media mainly to promote their work. I'm talking in the sense that if you write anything worth its salt, you are wasting time here.

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Fertilizer? You're growing into what? An old crone.

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Why do you hangout at a place only frequented by men? You're a strange creature. Then again, women are self contradictory by nature. That's why you can't be president.

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We like the cartoons butters. They are very expressive and charming.

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Frog site

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>If anything it's growing
Yes it is growing but compared to only a few years ago, where you could legitimately have some form of engagement when you posted something funny or interesting now it's something like
>make an effort post (years ago this had a certain kind of response*)
that's it
someone else then goes
>I hate niggers
and finally
follows chain of cringe yikes dilate have sex rent free soijak quotes etc.
this place is some kind of warzone between meme reactionaries from /pol/ and covert ops trannies who are fully immersed in the twittereddit dopamine spiral

and now the asterisk
*: I know that in the very moment I said this, there's some faggot thinking "this guy wants attention that's why he's mad" and this is such a twisted thing that only happened some time ago. like somehow, expecting to have a decent conversation now means "I want people to reply to ME" as if everyone in these stupid zoomers' heads operated entirely on a basis of getting as much attention as possible. The issue here is generational, you still have people who want to have a good time and have a interesting chat you cannot have anywhere else, and a whole new generation of people whose problem isn't that of "not getting the culture" but a completely different mindset where attention is everything. Zoomers were a mistake.

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Sometimes it feels like talking with retards. Anons talk shit about women but they are probably the same, if not even worse.

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"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

>> No.18701746

>I'm talking in the sense that if you write anything worth its salt, you are wasting time here.
this doesn't improve at all on social media, if anything it gets worse
one reason why I still use this shithole is that I don't have to run my posts like some kind of ad campaign

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if a post is several paragraphs long, i don't even skim it, i just reply "cringe" and move on. life is too short.

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I see them and skip their posts lol

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Yes, because the tree also goes to the pub and shows off its paperback that it wrote. The tree also buys adds in the meadows and hires deers to shill his shit. The tree doesn't give up just because most other trees don't try hard at anything in life.

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Not really, you could keep a simple webpage and get answers to your posts there. Or even make youtube videos. This whole social media thing is stupid, it is hard to make an effort post and get an effort answer.

>> No.18701789

Have you actually done this? I assure you that it's much easier to have a conversation here than social media, even on simple, non controversial topics.

>> No.18701814

I'm talking about getting out of social media, in the sense of engaging in comments or whatever and starting get into making lasting content.

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I think the above anon is correct. I'm not going to have any social media accounts, or perhaps just a mock-corporate-style, for my 2nd book release and future book releases.

If you are on social media today and want to succeed at it, you simply must follow the formula set by the bigger brands. All social media is so hyper-controlled and deeply gamed, so you pretty much have to play by the rules if you want to get anywhere.

However, you can get around this by buying ads. Buy ads for your books / art in targeted niches. For example, my 2nd book is about a guy who gets his bike stolen so I will buy ads on a ton of places where people frustratingly discuss their stolen bikes.

In 2021, if you even accidentally post something "wrong", you can lose your entire business overnight. Didn't Roosh V and a number of others have their books removed from Amazon? Or if you lose monetization from YouTube, wham, your revenue is gone!

>> No.18701817

hey, I'm still waiting to know how many books you have sold and your net profit from selling books (that means you're accounting for the deer and the ads in the meadows)

>> No.18701823

I replied in another thread did you not see it?

>> No.18701830

You are thinking revenue, I'm mainly someone who wants to talk with people who are worth anything.

>> No.18701837

Last time I checked you replied with a word salad and hypothetical case scenarios and no actual numbers on what you have done
I don't even want to be hostile and I like your attitude in theory but you have to back it up

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Personally, I've made my best friends either at bars or doing something like racing cars, downhill mountain biking, being on film sets, working on art...

Very rare to have an online "penpal" become a real life friend these days, I would imagine.

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>>18698651 honestly, look at this, people feel like reading a 2 volume book to take a wikipedia article out of it.

I'm not talking about penpal, just someone who isn't a retard. And I'm not even asking that much, I used to find a lot of people like these in colleg.e

>> No.18701851

I mean, if I wanted that level of thing I would just read the wikipedia.

>> No.18701854

I don't believe it was a word salad but this is a simple breakdown:
1st book broke even or made a few hundred in profit in the first year or so I promoted it, but once I got tired of Amazon taking such a large cut of the profits and since I was still making great money as an online porn affiliate, I stopped writing and promoting the work.

2nd book hasn't launched yet. The process to get here cost about 2k to setup in total, but the cost of each book will be around $1 only, and the entire process is easily replicated by an employee if I were ever at a point where I sold enough books to justify a full-time worker to make them and ship them.

Feels good to have a handle over the entire process from imagining the book to printing, binding, and shipping it. Need to work on my website soon to setup the online billing.

>> No.18701885

>1st book broke even or made a few hundred in profit
>I got tired of Amazon taking such a large cut of the profits
so amazon took a large cut of the few hundreds that you may (or may not) have made
you didn't answer if this accounts for the money you spent in advertising and hiring shills
I mean for all I know you might have spent 10k in advertising to make a few hundreds
now the other book cost you 2k and you haven't sold anything yet
I don't want to be mean but this is some massive grasping at straws
you don't have to put up this act on a shitty board on 4chan to keep believing you'll "make it" or whatever

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Here's the thing, for nearly 15 years, for the cost of software that cost me less than $100 USD a month, I was making anywhere from 8-10k a month. That wasn't satisfying the inner calling to write and tell stories. However, because I had so much money, women, and spare time, I couldn't really write. I had to quit the adult business.

Now if you do the math, art is never a good idea. Why wouldn't you just work a 9-5 job, eat oatmeal, have a flip phone, wear wal-mart clothing, and invest in real estate or just the S&P. You'd be likely to have a much bigger stack of wealth living like that over 20 years than the life I have lived.

However... who would have had more fun?

See, that's part of art, the journey along the way has to be part of the enjoyment. This has been an amazing process to get so close now to releasing my 2nd book. So, so much more of an internal reward and a sense of fulfillment than to simply upload porn ads and make piles of easy money.

Have you ever released a creative project, anon?

>> No.18701951

do the math and post hard numbers, costs - profits, number (like 0, 1, 20, 200) of books sold without bullshit and omissions
having a backup of 50k on selling porn doesn't mean that you made 50k selling books
since this is all you're talking about it's getting to a point where you should back this up
this is your chance to go from tripfag tier annoying to some sort of board hero
and if your data doesn't add up you can simply cut the self-centered LARP and chronicle your efforts like a normal person

>> No.18701957

How am I supposed to get "hard numbers"? Dude it was over 6 years ago.

>> No.18701974

You are not even trying to say that you've made more than you spent. At least you can answer that?

>> No.18701978

Easy to say after you've made the money, some people ruin their lives thinking they'll pursue art and end up with nothing.

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>Has the income directly related to novel writing paid for itself yet? No, after buying the book binding gear and chopper, I'm probably -2k in the hole!
Has the result of the books being written paid for itself yet? Yes, life is heading in a great direction now and I'm full of passion for life!

>> No.18702019

Just like doing an extreme sport, you COULD crash and end up paralyzed or injured and be forced to be a 9-5 wagie cagie.
>life is risky
You have to be okay with risk in your life to succeed as an artist. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

>> No.18702021

>Has the result of the books being written paid for itself yet? Yes, life is heading in a great direction now and I'm full of passion for life!
So you mean no. You lost $2000. Lots of people can't afford to lose that money on a whim, all you've done is throw cash at a vanity project.

>> No.18702070

>No, after buying the book binding gear and chopper, I'm probably -2k in the hole!
This is important because it doesn't really reflect the following
>Has the result of the books being written paid for itself yet? Yes, life is heading in a great direction now and I'm full of passion for life!
You keep talking about selling shit and in fact you treat this board like some kind of marketing aisle. Your posts could easily be reported as advertising because you do nothing but shill your book. If you are so happy with your life and you're full of passion for life then why does every single post of your reflect nothing but a desperate effort to shill your book?
Are you one of those people who actively try to be annoying or stir drama so they can get attention and direct people to their site or whatever? Is this why you post here? Have you made the math on how many eyes look at this board and decided it's worth it to be annoying on it?

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>tfw I'm not actively reading much of anything right now because I'm working so hard on the book I'm writing

I know they say that you tend to stop reading once you start writing, but I do need to be working through something at the moment. The only thing I'm reading right now is the Gospel of Luke, because I swore to myself that I'd reread all four Gospels this year. I also have to reread Ulysses for my master's thesis. I'll try to contribute effortposting in the coming weeks and months, /lit/bros.

>> No.18702102

Not sure if you even read my above posts, the process of writing and living as an artist is not about the money, it is about fulfillment and doing what you enjoy and desire over being a wagie cagie doing nothing with your imagination.

As far as risk goes, this isn't nearly as risky as when I was in my early 20's and sold all my stuff and moved to a foreign country without speaking the language. I ended up so broke I couldn't afford a plane ticket home and my VISA was expired. Then my fortune turned and I earned the money to fly home, and within a few months I had enough money to buy a 1994 Supra Turbo and did burnouts all day!

If 2k is "too much money to lose" then you clearly have never lived a very dynamic life or spent any money doing anything adventurous. That's part of life, nothing ventured, nothing gains!

>> No.18702118

It's kind of fun to interact with all the various personalities here. I hope to make some writer friends once my 2nd book is released. I like to be positive and encourage the other writers here to continue to be passionate about their work!

>> No.18702131

You do not interact you just barge into threads and suck your own dick nonstop.

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Would be nice to find another writer who has lived anywhere close to the life I have, I thought I would find some fellow gregarious hooligans here.

>> No.18702185

It can be useful to put your thoughts into writing, and sometimes you'll get an intelligent reply or have an interesting conversation. There's really nothing to lose.

>> No.18702204

it's not a woman it's a tranny in denial

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It takes a gallon soul to draw a frog
It takes a mountain of misery to draw bald wistful wojaks on MS Paint with a MOUSE how many of these artistic geniuses can afford a drawing tablet? Do you see how ROUGH those lines are? Pressure sensitivity? BAH!

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Anon walked around his city for days with the back of his eyes burning with imageboard artistic projects. After walking into countless rooms, walking past countless people staring at their phones, Anon had one goal alone: effortpost a damn monument of painstakingly questionable quality drawing.
"Anon, it's time for dinner!"
"Anon! You said that half an hour ago your food is getting cold!"
Oh no. A captcha with extra steps. It's okay it will only take another fire hydrant and PISS FUCKING PISS AND SHIT AND NIGGER PISS CAPTCHA YOU FUCKING UGH.
Okay Anon got the Captcha right this time.
>Your IP address has been banned due to abuse
What? After years of studying the OSI 5 layer model and passing that BasedDev class in 6 months Anon investigates. Anon pulls at the Ethernet cable of his modem to find a 5 foot tall MIddle Eastern Merchant gnawing the cable raw. His grubby claws lunge at him from the darkness and his keyboard flies in the air.
"Oy vey don't you recognize me, Mister Anderson?"

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It isn't so much a lack of will than a lack of opportunity nowadays. There just aren't many threads worth effortposting in.

>> No.18703051

Good digits

>> No.18703088

This don’t appreciate just add to conversation

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>> No.18703114

meant for >>18702204

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>mfw my multiple paragraphs aren't even worth a simple cringe

>> No.18703219

Thank the bullshit generating AI. I read books, but I usually don't waste my time reading anything like that on 4chan or reddit or whatever.

>> No.18703227

And even with books you have to be somewhat careful with it. People are publishing shit using that too.

>> No.18703326

but anon, all the short shitty posts add up. you're still wasting your life.

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>find poster you like
>feed their posts into GPT-3
>now can generate new posts for you whenever you like on any subject
>keep dozens of /lit/ effortposter AI's as pets

>> No.18703386

Bugmen right here. Get to reddit and subscribe to people.

>> No.18703403

You people should post some of your favorite copy-pastas

>> No.18703413

Tripdikes don't deserve those digits

>> No.18703502

you're a monster

>> No.18703504

Just bugmen's nature.

>> No.18703508

I effort post because I'm a schizoid who needs somewhere to vent his schiz

>> No.18703529


>> No.18703532

What does ai have to do with it?

>> No.18703537

You could at least reply to keep the threads up instead of them getting slid by waldunfags and other ironyposters and shills.

>> No.18703558

same, i love to schiz all over this board, sometimes up to 4 times a day.

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I try not to post because I literally can't understand some of the stuff being discussed.
>Guenon threads
>Hindus vs Buddhists
>deleuze, adorno, all these Frenchies
>Plato and Aristotle
>hegel and Heidegger
Im a massive brainlet or because I work night shifts I just read this stuff and its like my head hurts and I understand nothing being said. Where can I learn about this stuff that doesn't use all these big vague philosophic words. Do they ever explain it or just keep using these words? Is there a text book you all read in school or something?

>> No.18703792

i just watch youtube about this stuff and over years i have come to understand a lot of it. i think it is much harder to just go in and read the stuff with no prior background knowledge.

>> No.18703829

That's healthy honesty, friend. A good start would be the history of philosophy, start from the beginning. Makes sense. Pre-socratics, what were they asking? What fundamental problems were they trying to work out? How were these problems solved in Plato and Aristotle.
That right there is a good starting point.

>> No.18703843

If you can start there, and come out with it understanding that the Pre-socratics were trying to find permanence, truth, reality in a world that is constantly changing (think if something is constantly changing, then it never "is something", and therefore not real). They wanted to find justification. Where do we get off saying something "is" if it's constantly changing, without being or identity.

>> No.18703859

I did read a little of them. Heroclitus and parmenides but once I got to Aristotle and plato I start getting lost. I read coplestons history of philosophy but there is so much going on with Aristotle and Plato I feel like he didn't explain it well. My head only got lost further when I got to modern stuff.

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Come and take ‘em.

He’s got nothing.

Thank you

>> No.18703891

Yeah don't go into modern stuff until you have the foundations down, recipe for disaster. Not to mention, you already have imbibed a lot of modern philosophy whether you realize it or not. Time to purge it for a while.
Here is an excellent lecture. Taught by a very clear teacher. Clarity of instruction also implies the teacher knows his shit, and he does.
>also get a book on logical fallacies with lots of examples. it's important to see how arguments actually work and are communicated in real life. this defangs the rather imposing abstractness of formal logic. see how arguments actually look like in communication. see how they are wrong. and you will see for yourself that the most august of philosophers, like Aristotle and Plato fell into fallacies. not even the very best were immune. this will give you confidence. most people put philosophy on a throne, and makes it seem impossible to approach. anyone can do this shit to improve their lives.

>> No.18703954

Thanks. Maybe once I get off nights eventually I'll get back into it. Seems like my attention span has been zero since covid started.

>> No.18703962

>He’s got nothing.
prove you're a real woman

>> No.18703977
File: 81 KB, 647x647, Ahem... Fuck Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18704158

I wish there was an excruciatingly painful, deadly incurable disease that only frog and wojak posters were susceptible to.

>> No.18704178

This but for self-proclaimed chads

>> No.18704201

the other day i was just thinking about how sick i am of pepe and wojack. i was hoping that pink guy who holds up the "time wasting question" card would at least become a new character, but obviously he's not done by the same people cranking out the pepe/wojack shit

>> No.18704203

I'm trans btw

>> No.18704215

No I'm not

>> No.18704220

And chuds?

>> No.18704225

I'm a chud btw

>> No.18704227

Self-proclaimed chuds are fine if they keep it on the dl

>> No.18704252

Yes, yes you are.

>> No.18704584

The secret truth that no one dares even whisper here is: people don't actually want effort posts. They don't read them, they don't reply to them, they don't care for them. They want the shitposts, the drama, the arguments and quarrels, the memes, the reccs; they want the fun and easy, not the long and dry. I'm convinced that 80% of the posters here will not read a post longer than 150 words. I know I don't.

>> No.18704625

So what's the point? Why are you here? Why do you even read (or pretend to)?

>> No.18704649

For the shitposts, the drama, the arguments and quarrels, the memes, the reccs

>> No.18704655


>> No.18704707

If you actually appreciated me you would give me a (You)! A simple "based" would be more than enough

>> No.18704742

The quality of posts has gone down on almost all the boards over the last years. You must be new or something. I think there is a change of culture happening on 4chan but the oldfags must be rooted out so the newfags can unfold and bring what only the youth can bring. 4chan had its peak, now its dying and turning to ashes only for the phoenix to raise at some point

>> No.18704765

I actually prioritize longer posts over shorter ones. I read more of them then short posts. The longer ones usually have something to say.

>> No.18705002
File: 355 KB, 800x542, Delicious Bread and Butter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't Hemingway write a short story called "The Butterfly Versus The Tank"? Should have been "The Butterfly Versus The Frog". Almost all the idiots post frogs, yes, but not all the frogposters are idiots. Anyway, checked.

>> No.18705633

Yeah the quality has gone down because 4chan is growing

>> No.18705809
File: 108 KB, 960x960, a toast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if you get no replies, effortposting is still good for you because it exercises your brain and tests your ideas against themselves. You might have a vague impression of an idea and effortposting about it can help you be more explicit and clear, helping your own understanding.

>> No.18705894

Shit down me troat mommi i'm gae for da pucci but i'll take any hole u give me mo matter what comes out
You right tho

>> No.18705903

You can trawl your spankbank for more than this lass can't you?
Quintuples?? Bless up nigga

>> No.18706447

>shitposting mascot
the irony isnt lost on me here.

>> No.18706518

God I wanna get dommed by an old tranny dyke with zero sexual interest in me. Do you take slaveboys, Butterfly?

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