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There should be a separate board for political non-fiction books.

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that would mean burgers wouldn't be shitting up this board :(

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this board is already slow are you trying to kill it?

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Yeah its called pol

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Well, it’s funny that the political posters love to post “redpills” about democracy so much, because nothing has democratized this board more than permitting the discussion of political books. They can type paragraph after paragraph on trannarcho-anime-monarchism or whatever, but all they can manage when it comes to a novel is “uhhhhh duh pwose is so based...”

You are not smart for having political opinions.

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There should be a separate board for dumb frog posters —Oh wait, there is.

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Post threads.
(Go back)

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Still seething about based De Tocqueville(PBUH) threads?

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White Fragility has gotten more collective posts on this board than any other single book in the entire Western canon. This is not an exaggeration.

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Kill yourself fucking tranny bitch white no hips wine aunt

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or /his/

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Well it's absolutely appalling I have to share a literature board with disgusting edgelords who harbor the philosophy of a mass murderer but I guess I have to deal with that too.

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