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What about this book makes chuds so scared?

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Too real. I try to keep it out of my head but its just too real. The ultimate blackpill really especially once you start understanding the esoteric aspects of it

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the ultra-realism

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The ending.

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Needs more mice getting cookies

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The red head reminds them of their own genetic inferiority

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>after living in gluttony he sees the errors of his ways and decides from now on to lead a modest life until he reaches enlightenment
truly inspiring

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idk desu

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Where YOU ounce a very hungry caterpillar butters?

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the part where he gets a stomachache always made my tummy hurt

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Why is american children's lit so fucking bad

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"In 1999, the pizza restaurant Pizza Hut asked 50 U.S. governors to name their favorite books from childhood. The then governor of Texas, George W. Bush, named Hungry Caterpillar, despite having been of college age at the time of its publication."

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I would say it's because the book directly praises, even lauds, gluttony. Iirc the caterpillar basically indulges in one of the seven deadliest sins, and is rewarded with a stat-boost to all major areas, plus an unlock to most aerial zones. It would explain the uptake in fat millenial/zoomer females. There were going to be other books in the series; "The very wrathful caterpillar", "The very supercilious caterpillar", and "The very horny caterpillar", among others, but were canned (rightfully so).

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Based. It'd be like asking a gen-x what their favourite cartoon was as a child and answering dora the explorer.

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