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Guess this is a meta-thread about /lit/. Found very scary archived /lit/ posts about vaccines and graphene years ago from 2018, before the Corona pandemic and the weird graphene theories about vaccine/mrna vaccines.

This thread is from 2018, way before the Graphene posting about the vaccines or corona shit in general and genetic engineering MRNA vaccines


>The oxygen you breath is a byproduct of a catastrophe that wiped out the entire old order of life. The Cosmic Serpent is willing to destroy everything you know for it's Ubermensch ideal - you are a literal DNA/RNA ladder, not an end.

>Certain humans will develop tumors that survive the death of the body, and begin to walk. The rich will kill their Jungian Shadow-selves-made-flesh with chemotheapy, and some humans (Such as myself) will induce the tumors on purpose to control the result with genetic engineering and bioprinting.

>Graphene is roughly 50,000 times stronger than bone and flesh - 2Mpa/170Mpa compared to 130,000Mpa. This is how the Asura's and Deva's survive massive forces, and crush mountains.
>If you look at Buddhist and Vedic paintings, you sometimes see flames surrounding them. A corona discharge is the result of electron leakage, which causes molecular bonding in gases surrounding the wire. These new molecules can have excess energy, which is released as photons. If enough energy is released, the gases can catch on fire - this is how a lighter works.
Graphene, when shot by photons, emits electrons which produce thrust. Wings, cloth or orbs attached via transparent graphene would allow flight. Lightening is how this would appear - and the word Vajra means just that, as well as having connotations of diamond-like strength.
Transhumanism is often condemned for advocating eugenics - the future leads to the Vedic past, replete with a caste system. Grab onto power now, or you'll never have it.

Don't know what to make of these posts, they are extremely schizophrenic. Honestly pretty fucking SPOOPY thread

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Is he telling me I need to get the vaccine to become powerful?

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1. Wear the mask
2. Take the vaccine

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Reading this gives me a similar feeling to reading Serrano but in a bad way

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In truth, if the aristocracy really wanted ultimate control the vaccination should be a fix both towards opposite ends. What do I mean? have the vaccine be an inhibitor to the ends that is most favorable, that is to trigger on demand the desired function but not before Enough of the population has received nor before a massive outbreak that is protected by the injections circulating but kills off those that refused to accept the injection. What does this accomplish? Total reliance on the system which in turns allows the Corporation to do what they want without consent alongwith obtaining the prerequisite for their biosecurity grid. Its perfect honestly.

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