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Hi lit I just joined a book club and my first task is to suggest 4 books.

I larp as a reader but in reality I havent read a book in about 3 years and before thst I cant even remember.

What are 4 chad books that you suggest which will make me look smart? I do intend on reading them if that helps make me seem less fake kek.

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First of all, fuck mods and fuck jannies.
Second, don't listen to /lit/ advice on anything that will involve normies.
Third, good luck on reddit.

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Portrait of the artist as a young man
Finnegans wake

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Select something that is both light and interesting to consider. What I mean is that in the case of a book club, the concept involved is more important than the literary merit. (Not to say you can't have both.) What I'd recommend is 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

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Why don't you suggest some books you actually like? either way, i would suggest short and fun reads that can be discussed such as Ficciones, Strait is the gate, The seagull or The tunnel.

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The Bible
The Count of Montecristo
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

With the last one, you can even claim to know the author since some retard on here calls themselves Laura Numeroff. Tell the book club how deep af it is.

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start with the greeks

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4 books? never been in a book club and i'm not sure how it works but i guess you meet like every couple weeks right? it depends on how much free time you have, i'll assume that you are not a neet so i'll throw a couple of small ones at ya.

>The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius
>Piers Plowman by William Langland
>Areopagitica by Milton
>Dulcitius by Hrotsvitha
it's all pretty short and it'll make you look real smart

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3 greeks and the bible

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You won't look smart if anyone there is actually intelligent. They'll just wonder "how did this retard stumble across four gems?" after you fail to traverse any conversation even remotely tangential to the books you suggest.

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