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Any novels about the advent and increasing usage of identity politics to divide & conquer the masses?

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why is this faggot spamming in every thread and not banned

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Identity politics is just marginalized folks fighting for their basic human rights. The existence of white privilege has been proved by science as well as the fact that children can be gay or trans. The real divide is between decent people who believe in science and those who deny science out of selfish bigotted motives.

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who are you to decide?

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It was the biggest redpill for me, ever. It's the reason I support BLM/LGBT stuff nowadays. If it keeps the bad guys in check, ensuring leftist movements don't cause problems, it's a good thing.

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Its white supremacy sexism and racism and privilege and homophobia and transphobia that are the real divisive forces. The mild discomfort you feel at having to acknowledge your privilege is not even one millionth of the absolute terror and humiliation queer people or PoC experience from constant microagressions and the threat of white supremacist terrorism

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I will continue to deny science then and stand by my antiquated bigotted beliefs, thank you very much

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>falling for bait so profoundly low effort
holy fucking shit just stop posting

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trying way too hard but people on this board are fucking retarded
I give up

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>>falling for bait so profoundly low effort
keep your white privilege away from my white privilege, or they will overlap and cross streams.

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Books on Pluralism

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did these hippies suddenly stop their hatred of corporations lol? It seems like they just now hate corporations and white people

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I think for some its both but for others its only the latter not the former and vica versa. I was at a meeting with some lefties the other day and apparently some green party guy was complaining to my friend after about how I was racist or some bullshit and not paying attention at all to anything else I said apparently (or maybe he didn't understand it), but there's definitely "progressive" types who care more about the words you use than what you do, when truly they're one and the same. It's also idk the liberal equivalent of the moral majority, so its meant to mobilize a lot of dumbasses to support establishment politics.

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The left doesn't have a real vision for the future. Identity politics makes it seem like they do and lets them pander to the waves of immigrants flooding the country because the boomers bankrupted us. Politicians can make symbolic concessions and white urban midwit elites don't see themselves as being affected by it (i.e. immigration means more take-out options within walking distance from your luxury condo). Corporatism can remain unchecked and the political elite maintains its power (aside from the occasional black swan false prophet like Trump taking advantage of the growing poverty of empathy that exists between said elites and the working class).

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>The left doesn't have a real vision for the future
nigga what? the left is based entirely on historical materialism

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It's been decades since I read it, but isn't there a subplot of Enders game where the brother and sister seize political power by doing this?

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the "masses" are divided by the very fact that they belong to different races and worship different gods. it's lib fantasy that everyone would be holding hands and singing the Internationale together if only the heckin neolibs hadn't invented "idpol"

as for a book, I recommend the work of Henry James

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>nooooooooo idpol doesn't exist because i believe i believe in other idpol

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You're illiterate. I didn't say idpol doesn't exist, I'm saying the "masses" aren't divided because of it. Read Henry James.

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You are the retard. You said the masses (which you are using to cover for workers/proletariat) aren't divided by "idpol" they are divided by something else (and then described idpol)

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Why is this board full of /pol/-tier bait threads like this one?

SAGE. + OP is a cocksucker

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I used the "masses" because I was quoting OP you silly goose. Come back when you learn how to read.

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Submission by Houellebecq but it contains more nuance than you're probably wanting

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Cringe and bait. People are privileged and marginalized in countless different ways. White privilege is just a tool to make whites feel guilty so that they will hand out cash to these movements. Only self-hating schizos spend time worrying about fucking microaggressions.

I know of no books on that topic in particular but here are some related books:

The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism by Pascal Bruckner

Shame: How America's Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country by Shelby Steele

Against Equality of Opportunity by Matt Cavanagh

Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes
by Jacques Ellul

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Manufacturing Consent is shit, read Inventing Reality by Parenti instead

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Bastardized ontology doesn't entail a vision of the future.

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you can disagree with it, but it literally does retard

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