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Got to gravity's rainbow part 3, just realized the midgets in the double integral mountain are the same midgets that laughed at pirate prentice getting dumped and the same midgets who got flashed by jessica

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What are you talking about, anon? I don’t remember any midgets in Gravity’s Rainbow.

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The midgets
You know
The midgets who saw Jessica's tits while cops oggled her ass?

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i got filtered by GR bros...

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black guy, that puts his finger in slothrop ass, is malcolm x

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he put his finger in all of your asses, if you think about it

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Why is this so funny to me. I may be sleep-deprived but thank you OP for good kek

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OP here, it certainly has it's moments of confusion, like the impolix G stuff, but moments like slothrop wandering the casino and the argentinian rant and pavlovia and everything pointsman does(the neurotic old fuck is based) keep me going, because I know I'll get some of the best shit I've ever read and pay off for the schizo shit if I just preserver
For example, I just got done reading the enzian section of part 3, which contextualized all that herero shit and the schwartzkommando. Not only that, but I feel like it illuminated a key theme of the novel, that being the degeneration of the individual. The passage about sexual deviation being foreplay for suicide just seems so on point to me. Also the bit about the rocket being key for enzian understanding himself makes me think the rocket is a stand in for the divine masculine, warlike, deadly, and industrial.
All this made me think the midgets are supposed to represent ultimate male failure. Think about it. They showed up when pirate lost the chance to move away from the war with the love of his life and they showed up when roger failed to make jessica truly his(when she started flashing everyone, showing the entire world her sexual side and denying roger the intimacy he so craved). I should go reread to see if any midgets showed up for blicero, slothrop, pointsman, enzian etc.

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I'm halfway through book three and I feel like it finally "clicked" for me. Took me until it was discussing Pökler is building the rocket.

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pretty based anon ill keep reading thanks

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i honestly do not remember any midgets

can you post a page?

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Top kek
The drinking game at the casino is pretty great too

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Me neither. But then Again my memory of GR is so fuzzy and the book so bizarre that I would not be surprised. Hell there might’ve been a midget orgy that I might’ve forgotten, nothing is out of the question.

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Well obviously you didnt forget everything if you remember the midget orgy

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>tfw slothrop sees the giant rainbow dick in the sky and starts crying

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Partial List of Wishes on Evening Stars for This Period:
Let me find that chicken coop the old lady told me about.
Let Tantivy really be alive.
Let this fucking zit on my back go away.
Let me go to Hollywood when this is over so that Rita Hayworth can see me and fall in love with me.
Let the peace of this day be here tomorrow when I wake up.
Let that discharge be waiting for me in Cuxhaven.
Let Bianca be all right, a-and—
Let me be able to take a shit soon.
Let that only be a meteor falling.
Let these boots hold out at least to Lübeck.
Let that Ludwig find his lemming and be happy and leave me in peace.

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(spoilers here lads)
I'm less than a hundred pages from finishing this and desu far too much of whats been happening has went over my head so its likely ill reread it sometime in the future. a lot of the episodes have just seemed pointless to me and have left me completely bored but perhaps this is just because i failed to see how they were relevant to the plot? like all the shit it part 1 about dodos and the stuff about black people in the zone, Schwartzkommando? wtf even is that idk. some parts of this book have been great though some highlights for me are the bananas at the beginning idk why I loved reading about them so much and also the story of Byron the Bulb I thought was brilliant although I fail to see how it fits in contextually or story wise with Slothrop. Also the pig suit scenes were excellent. Whats struck me about Pynchon from reading this and col49 is his ability to construct bizarre and hilarious situations while still making them believable, I first noticed this with the scene in col49 where oedipa is watching the film on tv with the child actor beside her grown up and she's wearing all those layers of clothes.
I found the stuff about Slothrop being experimented on as a child through the presence of certain stimuli when he gets an erection interesting and I see it as an essential part of understanding the novel... this must mean whatever surveillance/manipulation program he is subject to has been with him since birth right?
One criticism I have of Pynchon though is that he doesn't seem to be able to write characters with any depth for example I don't seem to care much about them they're just there for the purpose of the plot it seems. However its obvious from reading him that he is extremely erudite and possibly a genius so I can't help but think he's aware of this and simply doesn't care because GR is plot focused not character focused by design, or perhaps I'm just making excuses for Pynchon here. I'm going to read M&D after this and hope the characters aren't so empty in this.
One last thing why does Pynchon often when a word begins with A and a character is speaking it write it as 'a-and' for example? Often he'll write sez as well?

There's also the part where Katje visits The White Visitation and finds a film script written by one of the characters (I can't remember which), its a western and in the part we're told about two men on horseback have taken some kind of drug and approach a town where the sheriff is a midget. They find it utterly absurd and hilarious that the sheriff would be a midget so they assume they're both hallucinating as a result of taking a drug and ultimately decide to see if he's real or not they must kill him.

I'll return to this thread once I've finished this today.

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