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not rlly

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i skimmed most of the book desu, the paragraphs were often boring and substanceless

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Yeah it's based

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That’s why it’s based.

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While the author does come aross as insufferable nowadays, desperately trying to stir up some controversy like in his heyday, this book managed to artistically capture certain traits of its zeitgeist, which still continue to this day, maybe even in a more pronounced fashion. Its most noticeable stylistic tendencies, the oppresively methodic itemization of consumer products and magazine-like diatribes on pop culture giving way to brutal sexualized uberviolence, mimic quite precisely the contents of today's psyches, as they scroll through their media feeds, going from fashion ads to snapchat clips of someone being murdered. The book was prophetic in a way. The derealization and desensitization experienced by Bateman are culture-wide phenomena now.

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Based and the movie is better but some scenes just work way better in the book, ATM scene and chase comes to mind. plus plenty of stuff that never or could never make the cut.

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Yeah it's pretty based.

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The Last Great American novel

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No, did you even read the book?

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This. He’s extremely pathetic and out of touch now (and frankly bad at film) but Less than Zero and AP are seminal novels imo

Holy fucking plebshit batman

Comes pretty close imo

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You are the one who is based

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What's happening with Todd? He looks like a muppet meth head

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wow he’s literally me

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My based brothers

Cringe tranny faggots get the fuck out

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