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Is pic related worth a read? I'm planning on ordering this and The Ancient City off amazon soon. But if anyone knows of a better book I'm open to suggestions.

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Not today /lit/, I'm hiding this thread

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>ancient city
Yep, it's twitter bookseller time.

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It's obviously not real intellectualism and is kind of retarded but I think it has a lot of value and is at least fun to read.

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Yeah it's good. As usual with these kinds of books the author accurately describes many problems, especially ones we don't like to admit, but his solutions are vague or questionable.

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It is a leftist psyop to make people dumber.

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I might just skip this one then. I've heard enough about the problems of modernity, I'm looking for solutions.

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It’s really interesting and thought-provoking if you’re a self-hating incel who frets over ‘modernity’ and ‘tradition’ as a cover for your innate masculinity/incompetence issues and distinct lack of potential, but even then I wouldn’t say it’s “worth reading”

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Not even joking.

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You don't think the modern world is deeply flawed?

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It's decent but get this instead, goes well together with The Ancient City

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I think the whole world is deeply flawed, and the one thing more ubiquitous throughout time than its flaws is the easy money to be had from convincing people you have the answers.

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>imagining that anything isn't deeply flawed
FFS, anon. Quit your Platonist crap, if you want to be an autistic sperg at least be a Hegelian. Consider nature, think if some animal started to think about his condition. Wouldn't he start complaining like a retard instead of doing whatever? This is the thing, life is suffering, and there is nothing wrong with it, you just find something else to do instead of suffering just for the sake of it. At least, suffer trying to do something.

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As in, if suffering is unavoidable, at least make it worthwhile.

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I'm a right winger but I'm not a big fan of Fascism. Do you have anything lighter? Maybe something about monarchism?

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So get out of your head, get to your senses, and do something that you feel like doing. It is that simple. Just forget this shit that I just said and start living and doing your things.

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Instead of insulting me you could suggest a book on the subject so I can understand your point of view better.

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Evola wasn't a big fan of fascism either, that's why he wrote books criticizing it. This however is not a book on politics at all but a book on traditional metaphysics and the worldview of the ancients. And he does write on the topic of monarchy in this book. Also Coulanges was very influential to Evola's thought.

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I cannot believe that people actually buy and read some book by a literal who twitterfag, and then take it seriously. You might as well take notes from /x/ if you’re just going to believe whatever’s put in front of you

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A philosophy textbook, anon. Pick any of them. Don't even bother starting with the Greeks or whatever, get any textbook. They are something like 600-1000 pages long, but trust me on that one, they will make 95% of the books out there be bullshit and diminish considerably the amount of things you would read.

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This has to be bait

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I said that you should quit being a Platonist and you didn't understood what I meant. And said that if you should at least be a Hegelian if you feel like thinking the world as an idea or whatever. I'm not a Philosophy teacher/professor or whatever, anon.

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>calls others insecure about their masculinity
>unironically uses the term "incel" in a vain attempt to elevate his social standing on an american anime discussion forum

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It's a very fun book that I recommend reading for people of every literacy level. It isn't by any stretch a replacement for classical education, but it's an amazing ideology slammed into you at lightning speed.

>not real intellectualism
>it doesn't have footnotes and it uses funny grammar so it's not REAL philosophy for intellectuals (like me)

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I'm not the anon you were arguing with, just an observer. Why would you recommend text books? They're the lowest of the lowest. Just recommend him an actual philosophical text.
>I'm not a Philosophy teacher/professor or whatever, anon.
Thank god

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>It's a very fun book that I recommend reading for people of every literacy level. It isn't by any stretch a replacement for classical education, but it's an amazing ideology slammed into you at lightning speed.

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Have you heard the word of Rorty?

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Yea, everyone is sure gonna be impressed with me, anonymous.
You’re a fucking retard, m8. Good to see you respond when called out so directly though. You are almost as smart as a dog :)

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Obvious shilling samefag thread

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Well give me a suggestion. What philosophy textbook did you read?

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>Is pic related worth a read?
No. Even nerds will make fun of you for reading garbage like BAP. I mean, why do you read books? If you want to read it as a curiosity and keep it in secret, I see no problem; but if you want to read it because there is some knowledge worth reading in there, thats just fucked up, man, this book is worse than Coelho.

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It's worth it for the crumb of "owned space"

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>Richard Rorty was born on October 4, 1931, in New York City.[6] His parents, James and Winifred Rorty, were activists, writers and social democrats. His maternal grandfather, Walter Rauschenbusch, was a central figure in the Social Gospel movement of the early 20th century.[7] His father experienced two nervous breakdowns in his later life. The second breakdown, which he had in the early 1960s, was more serious and "included claims to divine prescience."[8] Consequently, Richard Rorty fell into depression as a teenager and in 1962 began a six-year psychiatric analysis for obsessional neurosis.[8] Rorty wrote about the beauty of rural New Jersey orchids in his short autobiography, "Trotsky and the Wild Orchids," and his desire to combine aesthetic beauty and social justice.[9] His colleague Jürgen Habermas's obituary for Rorty points out that Rorty's contrasting childhood experiences, such as beautiful orchids versus reading a book in his parents' house that defended Leon Trotsky against Stalin, created an early interest in philosophy.
Lmao no thanks

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I might just read it seeing as everyone else in this this tread would rather argue about retarded shit than suggest books.

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>self publishing on Amazon
>easy money
Show me how, senpai

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>muh credentials

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>would rather argue about retarded shit than suggest books.
Welcome to /lit/

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>Can't read a wiki article about an idea he might disagree.
ngmi. It isn't even a book.

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You all have been warned and I tried to save you.

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I have no problem reading things I disagree with but they have to be worthwhile and skimming that wiki page he's very much into sniffing his own farts. "More red flags than a communist parade" as they say. I've also never encountered a Hegelian that amounted to anything. One of the few moderns that seems to have understood Hegel was pic rel

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I couldn't confirm this, but it seems pretty like a genesis of books like that of BAP and the entire
of Evola's ouvre.

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He is not a Hegelian. More of a Pragmatist. You haven't read it, he also started as a analytical and took a turn later into his career. He is probably something like Derrida but more approachable.

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I do not understand why people do this. Arguing on the internet wears on my soul.

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>I've also never encountered a Hegelian that amounted to anything.
People are still coping with Marx. Are you out of meds?

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Who shills for the ancient city? It’s literally 150 years old

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Read Bronze Age Mindset and Gothic Violence

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>if you’re a self-hating incel who frets over ‘modernity’ and ‘tradition’ as a cover for your innate masculinity/incompetence issues and distinct lack of potential
I don't come on /lit/ to get hurt, okay?

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You may be a loser right now anon, but you have potential. You can fix your life, I believe in you.

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>You can fix your life, I believe in you.
he can indeed, but not with e-fascism

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That's essentially what it comes down to.
If I was a Chad I would give two fucks about the things I give two fucks about.

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It's a very entertaining collection of musings, but anyone who takes it seriously or is inspired by it is completely fucked in the head. You're probably better off just watching gay porn, it's more honest. BAP's actual suggestions can be summed up as:

>gain some physical skills
>make some friends
>get a tan
>create art if you can

larping as a steppe barbarian coomlord is completely optional

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I think anyone with two eyes without rosetints can see that; I just don't see why adopting the quiet nihilism of "what worked before must work now" is the way forward, outside of spiritualism, I don't think it's ever really a good idea. Also the author is legitimately a wignat/fascist.

The only nice thing I could say about BAP, is that he tries to make political writing interesting. Political writing puts even interested people to sleep, and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.

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Yes, unless you take everything way too seriously

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I think doing things that worked in the past is better than doing whatever retarded shit our society is doing now. I don't really care about political stuff because I don't think our society is going to change until it's too late. I'm looking for a guide on how to spiritually survive "modernity" or "late stage capitalism" (or whatever the fuck you want to call it) and the coming dark age and how to build back after.

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You should probably go join a religion then. An ebook written by an anonymous twitter twinkposting account is not going to help you. If anything, it will just alienate you further from any of the well-adjusted people who actually live by spiritual principles.

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I was raised a Christian but I have since turned away. I'm interested in paganism but there are no pagan groups around me. I probably won't be getting this book btw.

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Is it a bot?

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Or things just carry on and change as they always have, sans dark age collapse. Stop drinking the doomer juice just because there's gays around and women hold jobs.

Self improvement is a nice idea, though, just don't find it from some twitter pseud.

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less about authority and more about “why the fuck would you listen to twitterfags”

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Feminine posting style

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Thanks homie.

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So you're saying I should fix my life with real fascism?

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BAP does not talk about modernity (he literally states in the book "you've already heard all the reasons modernity is bad, you don't need to hear it from me" and he DEFINITELY is not a traditionalist.

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amazing posting style slammed into you at lightning speed

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Evola was a reactionary pedant who would rather have fully automated homosexual liberalism than have fascism because fascism didn't have enough knights and noble balls. Same temperament as the nrx spergs of today.

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Are you retarded?

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Huh? You can't even point out shilling now?

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Definitely worth the read if you're on the right. There's some fucking wacky shit in there but also some really interesting thoughts. It is really an attempt to capture the spirit of the ancient Hellenic world.

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Fuck off bots.

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Are you?

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No but I'm not the one spouting gibberish and nonsense here

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Evola literally advised Mussolini on race related issues. No he was not a fascist but he definitely preferred fascism to the other current options (liberalism, communism, capitalism etc)

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>not real intellectualism
His grasp of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche is accurate. Compare Bertrand Russell, who I imagine you would think of as an intellectual. So as a book a philosophy, it's at least more accurate (you might want to say honest) than anything Russell managed. And that's kind of sickening.

He also accurately digested the Greeks and Plutarch and Schop + Nietzsche. A very rare thing. And he puts it all into a tiny book.

>didn't read it
Why put this out there?

Even if you don't understand the philosophy he's discussing, the book is entertainingly strange. Reading someone's thoughts on the thinkers and schools of thought mentioned above—when they've actually studied and thought about them—is worthwhile.

Not really. That stuff is cringe.


See, even idiots like this poster got a little out of it I guess.

>attempt to capture
He uses the source material we have for the Hellenic world as a reminder.

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hi costin

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currently reading "Militarism and the indoeuropeanizing of Europe" by Robert Drews and a name pops up as a scholarly acknowledgement in the same sentence as David Anthony and Hakob Simonyan....

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Holy based

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>a better book
Almost any book.

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a review as glowing as the author under assessment

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I have to admit BAP glows.

1. Never been doxxed
2. Has a podcast that (to put it nicely) completely ignores pc rules
3. And yet is still on twitter
4. And is still on amazon

If it's not a perfectly executed psyop, my guess is no one is paying attention. The book is tame, but his podcast isn't.

>> No.18744611

>The book is tame, but his podcast isn't.
The podcast is hosted on some podunk site, so no surprise they don't take him down. As far as twitter and amazon goes, honestly, the crowd-funded censors have short attention spans and don't know what to make of anyone who's even mildly cryptic. The only reason Keith Woods, for example, is still on youtube is that anyone who would report him gets bored while listening in for buzzwords.

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He was doxed

>> No.18745045

soundcloud booted him recently lol

is libsyn podunk? i guess gumroad is

go on...

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literally a meme book written by a twitter memer

>> No.18745117


If i recall, he was unmasked as some slav professor at a university, his name earnestly slips my mind.

>> No.18745152

It's been posted in this thread.

>i guess gumroad is
I was thinking of gumroad.
>go on...
No one cares because he isn't a lolcow. He's just some attractive man, immigrant to the US from Eastern Europe, PhD student at a prestigious university, no online presence outside his pseudonym.

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Costin Alamariu, right. It comes back to me

>> No.18745225

>It's been posted in this thread.
Interesting that BAP and rapture1 make the same cryptic claims to 'be involved' and to 'know people' in politics because they're involved in universities. Compare them to Not-Pynchon who went on a hardcore namedropping spree which verifiably leads back to him. Strange strange strange.

It's obvious that's he's highly educated. So many posts in this thread make me cringe.

>> No.18745249

>Compare them to Not-Pynchon who went on a hardcore namedropping spree which verifiably leads back to him. Strange strange strange.
what are you getting at

>> No.18745278

I wanted to read the book but haven't read any solid literature before and was afraid I'd just end up deeper in this vein of PUA and redpill bullshit.

I assume it's probably dog shit and most criticism against it will be met with weak people on here liking the idea of strength. Probably says too much about women and material.

>> No.18745292

It's definitely worth a read. It's fairly funny and the primary focus of the book, owned and unowned space, is a fairly novel idea that was actually picked up by some more established right wing voices in America at Clairmont Institute.

>> No.18745304

Not sure of the phrase for it. Let's say you were a contestant on Jeopardy! Would you claim to be involved with TV industry insiders? Or that you had any connection with former contestants?

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To what? The book? If you want a pdf just look for it like any other book nigger.

>> No.18745360

>was actually picked up by some more established right wing voices in America at Clairmont Institute.

>> No.18745364



>> No.18745365

>I haven't read literature
>I want to read this book but I bet it sucks
>I think I know what's in it
Cool, bro. Do me a favour. I don't care what you read or think. Just pick up any book and start reading it right now.

>> No.18745379

No thanks
Not going to waste hours reading boring absolute horseshit when I can instead absorb the essence through the formatting and design of the title and through that filter out what I believe to be good ideas but you would get that because
>not real intellectualism

Im gonna stay a fucking idiot and you cant stop me fuck you

>> No.18745390

I think BAP is cringe and his followers rate him far too highly. There are better people to read that follow the same philosophy. Read the stoics and Walden Pond and you’ve got the same ideas but coherent

>> No.18745395

You are a gorilla nigger and a Redditor.

>> No.18745406

Wow, you're such a fucking pseud

>> No.18745429

>you gotta read the book
>you cant just discern meaning from the cover and author and make up your own stories

You are soulless and a bug fixture of academia squablling and squeaking out at me to have my brain infiltrated but other academics

Today I went and OHP 1RMD'd 115lbs. You'll never know that feeling and think small words strung together will somehow change the fact I could fucking maul you like leopard so keep your trickery you fucking magician's helper cock sucker

>> No.18745464

They did a whole segment on it about a year and a half ago. Michael Anton did a piece reviewing it and then they did a month-long feature on it where they let a bunch of BAP's Twitter friends like Curtis Yarvin and Second City Bureaucrat write pieces for them.
It's not surprising considering the guy who is apparently BAP's dox is a Yale PhD who worked for a Straussian think tank.

>> No.18745475

Sounds like you've already read Bronze Age Mindset

>> No.18745484

And would you believe I got all that just from looking at the cover?

>> No.18745508

Haha. At least you still have all that homoerotica saved.

>> No.18745512

No, because your description of its contents was off-base

>> No.18745517

I was kidding hehe and think I should start reading more friend. My OHP is low but I mostly do DB press.
So where do I start? I'm mid 20s and want to get into some of what this thread has discussed but feel very far behind. My reading comprehension sucks and I struggle to even read Walden.

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File: 17 KB, 400x400, Ev_d54sXAAEb3a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he was doxxed (pic rel) and his podcast was banned from soundcloud

>> No.18745742

delet this

>> No.18745876


I've been "twitter" friends with BAP for like 4 years now. Great guy even behind the scenes.

What I like about him and the book is he's trying to get past morals and find truth. Even if your ideas are out their in terms of being somewhat original he will listen, consider then adapt them to his own philosophy.

and he has been doxx'd

>> No.18745913

Leo Strauss. Start with any of the following:
On Tyranny
Natural Right and History
The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism
What is Political Philosophy? And Other Essays

>> No.18746062

Yeah listening to him do his carny show and give interviews you can make out kinda sorta the guy behind the character. What were your "out their" ideas?

Also, what was the chain of doxxing here? BAM and this guy's articles and dissertation line up but that's not proof.

>> No.18746099

Another poster who didnt read the book. BAP isn’t a stoic.

>> No.18746935

Retarded nigger.

>> No.18748433

>shut up man, just go do your min. wage job.

>> No.18748441

I fucking refuse to believe that rapture1 is endorsing bap.

Nice larp.

>> No.18748476

Not even close retard

>> No.18748488

>115lb OHP
This isn't very impressive anon

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File: 9 KB, 193x293, 51e2QCgkHHL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ML2_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try this

>> No.18748826

Incel eyes and nose, otherwise good physiognomy. He looks too ”nice”, so no wonder he doesn’t get any roadies like DT

>> No.18749323

they're both ivy league phd guys

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File: 2.35 MB, 200x200, 1617645876185.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>115 OHP 1RM
lanklet pls go

>> No.18750136

jej out loud

>> No.18750487

friendly reminder that Evola is a superfascist

>> No.18750785

What’s better Metaphysics of War or Revolt Against Modern World?

>> No.18751594

Supra, meaning above or beyond

>> No.18751607

No, he was mussolini x 100

>> No.18751695

Nice English bro
>I'm a loser therefore everyone else engaged in fringe politics is also

>> No.18751721

Why does no one on this board read?

>> No.18751737

Don't bother reading ancient city in translation. Learn French.

>> No.18751892

Schizo bait, see the other reply

>> No.18751921

Some people do. There are just more shitposts.

>> No.18751932

Wat? Why boast about such low numbers

>> No.18751983

>Incel eyes and nose
When you use descriptions such as these, you should know you need a break

>> No.18752008
File: 96 KB, 621x478, Eft6IZdUcAANeHE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if u havent heard it
p fun

>> No.18752043

I know, I lied on purpose.

I do 75lbs DB press for 3x8

>> No.18752144

Evola was beyond fascism, I wasn't a fan either until I read this book but now I see that it is probably the only way.

>> No.18752155

He was against fascism because it has its roots in materialism. As far as unquestionable authority goes and strict hierarchies (even the existence of a slave class) he was all for it.

>> No.18752428

Unrelated, but threads like this make me wonder what life would be like if the radicalisation of normie politics of the 2010s didn't happen. E.g. If life continued on in a similar way to the 90s.
You can even see it in boomers and Gen X. There's certainly been a massive disruption in cultural homogeneity, these years are schizo

>> No.18752444

Threads like this make me wonder how much of this shit, if any, breaks through into the normie world, and how much is just a larp. I have seen that bap has many friends in diplomatic positions, but I feel as if a more boring, centre right politician would be far more effective. That certainly seems the way in Europe.

>> No.18752534

No not really, he disagreed with the fact that the supreme authority in fascism was derived from the people (populism) and not from the divine. Evola preferred fascism over communism and liberalism but that doesn't mean he actually endorsed it.

>> No.18752545

It's the butterfly effect thing, when the internet went mainstream (along with smartphones), it became possible for politics to be projected along this new scale. Add to that that normal people could now access (political) information that they would have not come into contact with prior, and you will always end up in a similar situation to where we are now.
Doesn't BAP actually say this in the book?

>> No.18752857

I'm not sure, I can't remember.

It's a question/struggle that I face often, it is now increasingly difficult to live a life that is not attached to the amplitudes of the digital arm of liberal politicians and business. Those who own newspapers and TV news shows have always, obviously, had a say in what we see and hear, but now with the internet and 'smartphones' it seems far more obvious, and subversive. Maybe that is due to a shift in American politics wrt 'Big Tech' though....
I imagine this is particularly bad in English speaking countries, I think the rest of Europe probably has it alright, comparatively. The rapidity of the radical change in discourse and politics seems to be increasing year by year.

>> No.18752865

>otherwise good physiognomy.
There is definitely something wrong with those cheekbones.

>> No.18752868

I don't buy this at all. The radicalization is in response to the real failures of the system, not to different information flows. You could disagree with this or that, but the West seemed to work well enough in the 80s and 90s but since the dotcom crash we've just lurched from crisis to crisis, unable to adapt, applying failed methods over and over again. You just can't hide the stink of decay anymore. If anything, people seem under-radicalized to me, given the unending stream of failure from the center.

Sorry for the rant. But back on point, I couldn't make it through that Fourth Turning book but I think they did have a point - the time was right for a crisis point and here we are. There were plenty of non-internet radicalized eras in our past and now here we have another one.

>> No.18752873

Are you a virgin?

>> No.18752877

I am not. Why do you ask.

>> No.18752907

The radicalisation of discourse I spoke of has little to do with economic discussion, I'm talking about the 'culture war' and all the other baggage that comes along with it. You would not have seen half of the shit that is popular on twitter in the newspapers or broadcast news of the 90s, even early 00s.

>> No.18752928

I'm not talking about economics either, I'm talking about systemic failure. The ruling caste the mandate of heaven. Everybody senses this and develops their own solutions to it, or gloms on to somebody else's. If our society were functioning properly, people would not be driven to do this.

>> No.18753001

Read Harassment Architecture

>> No.18753019


Imagine this happening circa 2000. Wtf............

>> No.18753060
File: 222 KB, 1050x590, hippies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine this happening circa 1945

>> No.18753331

Is that you? It's a good review.

>> No.18753360

Moldbug reccomends it on podcast appearances

>> No.18753385

I swear it was created to mock the right and they ended up guzzling it

>> No.18754630

Can you upload your American Psycho review somewhere else? I want to watch it but jewtube requires me to verify my age with ID (no thanks).
I've tried some age verification bypass scripts but none of them work anymore.

>> No.18755235

>opsec is very important guys, stay anon, keep a low profile, don't dox yourself under any circumstances because the regime will come get you
>also, buy my book from Amazon, have it delivered to your house, and post a pic of your body posing with it to my Twitter feed

>> No.18755240

>encourage people to hit the gym, improve physical fitness, while reading the Ancient Greeks and Schopenhauer and Nietzsche
>make people dumber

>> No.18755429

>A small group of stinky vegans Vs your kids being taught to be gay by fat teachers

>> No.18755433

Download the pdf then retard

>> No.18755481

The joke gets old within the first 2 pages. "DUDE, I'M GOING TO CRITIQUE MODERNITY BUT WRITE LIKE A TROGLODYTE, HAHAHA, BASTE11!1!"

>> No.18755903

>promote activities that further distance your being to God
Fuck off heathen

>> No.18756800

t. hasnt read the book

>> No.18757373

Anyone notice how BAP has gotten more fedish over the months? He feels much more racist and sexist and is retweeting the edgy retards he shat on in his own book

>> No.18757459
File: 30 KB, 610x329, taxidriver-08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was night club on top of strange cinema that during the day doubled as place of porn. I decided to go inside once with friend, and old man farther on same row contrived so that he got out right in front of us and brushed right by me, grabbing my crotch. I shoved his face into the wall, and had to push my way past security-guard with terrible breath and goblin-like pockmarked face. There was loose vampire bat in lobby that had flown in, but this normal. Outside on the street as I ran looking for taxi there was black woman taking shit in middle of road. At intersection in gray beaten up Volvo there was a driver with no head and on seeing this I entered a state of vertigo and fugue. Some talk about this “madness behind things.” The real world is very different from the one that appears to us in waking life, but it’s not so different as to be entirely alien or abstract or “philosophical” in the way you might think. It’s not abstract, or made of perfect and eternal forms, it’s not somewhere else: it’s immanent, here, and within things, and it’s twisted. It doesn’t have any moral significance that can be understood by us. When Heraclitus speaks of all things being one, and all things being fire, he means this: when this actually shows itself to you, there is a demoniac and violent madness underlying things. The real world is similar to the apparent, but uncanny, devilish, disordered for us. Its hidden order, the fatal X behind things, reaches for things and aims beyond our scope as humans: it’s why Lovecraft knew it was true, our world is fashioned by a demiurge who is a blind, retarded schizophrenic. Its origin and happenings and its fate is in the play and war of the most gruesome factions, forgotten gods…to them we’re like stowaway rats on a ship. This shows itself most vividly in some dreams, which, if they had continuity, we couldn’t distinguish from waking life.

>> No.18757466
File: 139 KB, 1324x881, 324508y958364587t8gf8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some but not all of the insane are able to see parts of this world, but they’re all unheard prophets, and ever more so in our time…psychiatry, a fraud, has weakened all faith in them, and of them in themselves. Everywhere the signal is jammed. I’ve always been attracted to the dirtiest and filthiest of the Gnostic sects: the Carpocratians, and later their analogues the Khlysty in Russia, Rasputin’s evil coven. They formed groups of women around a great teacher and sorcerer who could drive them into orgiastic madness: the rebirth of the Maenads! Man who plays the wrong way with this ends up being eaten alive like Euripides’ Pentheus (otherwise an inadequate piece). The Jews had a parallel version, the Frankists. All of these believed that inside us is a spark of divinity that is trapped in matter. Since matter and this world are the work of an evil Demiurge, the laws governing matter and human life as they appear especially in the Bible are the laws of Satan. Therefore to free yourself you must overturn every single one of these laws, you must engage in every act of evil, every crime, every atrocity: only in this way does the gate open out of the kingdom of shadows… only this way you find Paradise and get past the angels guarding its paths. I don’t recommend this way! Some say much of the left is motivated by such a faith, its secularized variety. There are, in the case at least of Frankism some weird historical peculiarities: many of the prominent leftist Jews, the founders of the most aggressive leftism at least, are said by some orthodox Jews to be of Frankist origin. This was so in the case of Brandeis; hardly the worst, but supposedly there are many others. I myself don’t believe this, though it should be studied. I feel a kinship to such sects, but this not direct: I must explain. In general you can understand Gnosticism, in all its forms, in this way: the Hebrew faith is based in claim “saw that it was good”

>> No.18757471

he’s surrounded himself with retards for years, 80iq mishima/statue avi dudes

>> No.18757480
File: 443 KB, 3000x1827, 4329863764586345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

…the claim that the world is crafted by a benevolent God and that matter and the world is good. There are only a few other faiths like this: Islam is another, and Schopenhauer claims Greek and Roman paganism are same, although this is not the full truth. Greek optimism is of an entirely different sort than Biblical optimism anyway. But Hinduism and Buddhism see the world as something you must escape, they believe in nirvana or moksa that frees you from the cycle of rebirths. This is more normal, and a lot more widespread in history. And this is in a sense true since suffering so obviously outweighs its opposite: in any individual life this is true, where moments of happiness are rare and pass quickly. But also, if you imagine the pleasure of an animal eating versus the pain and agony of the animal being eaten, you can’t be fooled …you see that suffering exceeds pleasure or happiness in this world, by many magnitudes. Many bears, some African hunting dogs and others, they bite out of animal before it is even dead. Best, like I said, to be killed by jaguar that dispatches you with quick bite to the skull! Its jaws are strong, grown to bite through turtle. I believe it’s the most compassionate cat, but most murder in nature isn’t like this. Houellebecq talks about how as a boy he couldn’t stand the self-satisfied, dronelike and calm “reasonable” voice of narrators on nature shows, that try to obscure the worst agonies of animals, murder in blood. According to any rational calculation, life is not worth living, because pain far outweighs pleasure. Heavily medicated nihilists are likely to deny this—the blessed and happy know it’s true…but also know that reason and rationality are false.

>> No.18757490
File: 690 KB, 2560x1573, 34089y7089q346t5r8aogf86wt4366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gnosticism is driven by the problem of suffering, or compassion for those who suffer, and tries to absolve God of responsibility for this state of things. Sometimes it says the God of the Bible was put to sleep, or imprisoned himself, or that he is bound with chains of adamantine and kept in a cage, and that a usurper took his place. Other times it says that the God described in Genesis isn’t the real God, but a demiurge, and the real God sent his emissary Jesus to overturn the rule of this demiurge. There are many variations, and some interject not one demiurge, but ninety-nine, all to remove responsibility from the Godhead for the creation of this world of evil. They should have just become Buddhist or Hindu and stopped trying to save the mythology of Canaan! Maybe in its beginnings the Christian faith was the same as the Buddhist, and this is now lost in the confusions of hateful sects that distort history. It’s easy to think that this is the religion of a hopeless age, that it’s a byproduct of the decay of the Roman Empire and the symptom of despair or suffering. It’s much worse than that! The problem for man as for other animal isn’t stress or suffering, but the feeling that one can’t escape: the despair and panic of exhaustion and entrapment. Beyond the borders of the known inhabited world, the oikoumene, there lay uncrossable oceans, including the great earth ocean of the steppe, and the Sahara in the other direction. China and India were known, and trade existed, but this was only a vague knowledge that could have, in theory, stimulated the sense of conquest and adventure. There were, in other words, plenty of possible sources for the feeling that beyond the known world still remained the unexplored. The same unknown that called the enterprise and spirit of the Portuguese, Spanish and other Europeans who set out on a colonial mission of world-conquest and discovery, all of this existed in late Roman times.

>> No.18757498
File: 1.38 MB, 2560x1457, 2560px-The_Garden_of_earthly_delights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the will or spirit was not there, there was only exhaustion on all sides, the same exhaustion that explains the pointless history of China, India, and all longsettled farming places. Civil wars and palace coups will always continue, but the spirit of man is broken by habituation to an overlong domestication, and nothing genuinely great in body or spirit takes places again after a while. This “habituation” includes of course those “habits of the blood,” which leads to the breeding and overproduction of the superfluous. Once a great power imposes domestication on its neighbors and then itself, comforts grow, and so many are born who experience life already at birth in an exhausted state, and who call upon themselves the governments and religions of the exhausted and stressed. Surely the external obstacles we face now are far greater: outer space for us is not traversable even in theory, and we know of nothing on the other side of empty space…everything outside the already known seems barren. And yet, I repeat, this kind of physical limitation isn’t the real cause of a spiritual exhaustion that yearns for escape of some sort. It is the very character of domestic life to present the world as an enclosed owned space, and, although mankind adapts itself on the whole to this condition, both biologically and culturally, yet there remains a glimmer of the opposite tendency inside even the lowliest. He can’t help but experience this new state of things in late civilizations except with dread, the dread suspicion…an uncanny suspicion….. that the world is artificial. He begins to sense that this hothouse he lives in is the malevolent creation of a demiurge that likes to observe our sufferings, that He and his minions feed on them.

>> No.18757504
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In the remote future, should the evil of human innovation continue unchecked, we really will live in the world the Gnostics feared, and that spark of vital life and energy that is the gift of nature to all youthful peoples born from its womb, that spark will remain entrapped in “matter wrongly configured,” matter entirely foreign to its inborn desires and workings, but fashioned instead for the benefit of something else. In many ways the world we inhabit now already anticipates this living hell of the Gnostics, and the response of those in whom the pain of civilization and modernity is most advanced, the transsexuals, unwittingly help to further uncouple reality from nature, and to make our progressive domestication more totalitarian and aggressive. And yet, for yourselves, who wish to fight the encroaching tyranny, remember that in conditions of crisis the “Carpocratian” option, the attraction precisely to the criminal and deviant, can be very great …but…one here is at the edge of the abyss. And the way you interpret the call of this instinct…

>> No.18757512

You havent read Evola, or anything about his works, not even the wiki.

>> No.18757570

100% of people who loved BAM have no interest in the Greeks or Schopenhauer or Kneeche. Theyll just parrot Costin's opinions on them and pretend theyve read them.

>> No.18757764
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ITT: people who havent read the book
"The modern world is a killjoy, in short. But the ancient Greeks were quite different ... What they admired was a carelessness and freedom from constraint that would shock us, and that upsets especially the dour leftist and the conservative role-player. There was a Hippocleides from Athens, said to be one of the most beautiful youths: Herodotus tells this famous story of a man admired by all the world of the time. He went, with dozens of other youths from various Greek cities, to try to marry the daughter of a very important and rich autocrat in Sicily. This man decided to test out the suitors, to find which would be the best husband for his daughter: he put them up for a time, treating them with lavish parties while he tested them in feats of athletics, wit, conversation, and other abilities. It’s a sign of this people’s greatness that marriages weren’t conceived purely as political or financial alliances, but that their aristocracy paid attention to biological quality in pairings. Very few nations have the freedom from the fear I speak of; only a few peoples have had the sense to raise their snouts from the ground, look to the stars, and consider something other than the utility of immediate advantage in marriage and children. The way our own elite today marries and pairs off, by the way, is anything but “eugenic”: two over-the-hill spent people in their thirties marrying for “practical” reasons…this doesn’t give rise to strong children. In any case, Hippocleides was becoming the favorite of the father, for all his great qualities, his illustrious lineage, his looks and his charm in conversation. At the last party, however, Hippocleides got drunk and decided to start dancing on the table. Then he started to dance upside down, on his arms, moving his legs around! Well, you know that men then didn’t wear the ridiculous constraining clothmo clothes we wear today, such as pants, so the father was offended at the show. He said, “Hippocleides you have just danced yourself out of a marriage” …but the answer was “Hippocleides doesn’t care.” In this one phrase you have the whole attitude of this beautiful, reckless piratical aristocracy that colonized and conquered their known world. It’s an attitude that upsets all the moralfags of our time, of the left and right. Hippocleides went there to have a good time, to display and use his powers and excellences and biological superiority—but these two things are the same! He didn’t care about the gain or loss of a wife. He didn’t go to act like a meek, beaten male ready to dance to some sclerotic’s tune. He was as careless of his own property as of others’—this is what Tacitus says also about the most noble men among the Germanic tribes, who lived only for the joy of war and battle. This is what the great among the Greeks admired.

>> No.18757949

reddit check

>> No.18758340

You're just embarrassing yourself

>> No.18758491

Yeah, and the greeks fucked their kids.

He's a trad LARPer.

>> No.18758501

It is genuinely bizarre how angry this guy makes people

>> No.18758864

75 DB press for reps would equal out to lifting more than 150lbs OHP without stabilizers muscles for reps anon.

I dont think you even lift if you think that.

>> No.18758878

I didn't feel either way about the book and finally got around to reading it. Not sure what about it makes people mad.

Publishing it under a made up name like this was smart. It kept the machine from pointing at its author and they're simply left with its content. And no one seems to know what's in it lol.

>> No.18758879
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Holy fuck I made this thread 3 days ago and I determined that I didn't want the book within an hour of posting the thread. Please just let this tread die.

>> No.18758964

what are u quoting?

>> No.18759064


>> No.18759068

Not until you read the book.

>> No.18759082

I can't buy the book because I have no fucking money. I have a job interview on Tuesday so hopefully that changes.

>> No.18759197


>> No.18759487

Book was made to be pirated. I only bought a copy to put on my shelf and scare people.

>> No.18759680


>> No.18760872


>> No.18761331
File: 65 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never read this book and neither do I plan on reading it, but I like the cover and the size of the book.

>> No.18761708

That's essentially what he meant by materialism you dim-wit.
I swear, half the people talking about Evola didn't read him, and of the other half three-fourths didn't understand him.
It is very frustrating.

>> No.18762160

He said db press not overhead db press

>> No.18762950


>> No.18764482

A solid 90% of people that read Evola did because some retard on /pol/ liked the books titles and thought that it would be some sort of epic lib-owning/self-help for rightoids work, and told other people to read it under this logic(ironically, I feel like that descriptor actually applies to BAM).
That actually makes me wonder how much of the current Spengler popularity also was the result of that.

>> No.18764760

>I've been "twitter" friends with BAP for like 4 years now. Great guy even behind the scenes.
Did you show him your cock

>> No.18764961

yeah but im the guy and im saying dp overhead press

My db press is 100 3x10

>> No.18765014

They're both good but different. Revolt is much broader, MoW goes into one single topic. So it depends.
If you've never read Evola, MoW could be a good starting point since it's not as complex as Revolt. But honestly both are worth reading.

>> No.18765020

>As far as unquestionable authority goes and strict hierarchies (even the existence of a slave class) he was all for it.
I was responding to this part you pea brain

>> No.18766366
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>Incel writes about incel shit
>Get in we're saving the west

>> No.18766516

I gave this a shot. Read 3 pages, and I might even agree with his conclusions, the problem is his form is completely retarded.

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