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Why do writers commit suicide?

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Because it is all too much and also many of them are depressed. Very sad.

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because they are writers

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D.F.W. killed himself because he was talentless. Too bad it took him until midway upon his journey through life to figure that one out.

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mediocore midwits who couldnt make it in STEM

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they're sad :(

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He couldn't even take real math courses in college. He switched them all to philosophy-centered math courses.

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky puts it eloquently. Only a freak can create art. Fairly sure that's true.

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kek reminds my of humanity tards who take logic courses for the math requirement instead of calc

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kek reminds me of humanity tards who take logic courses for the math requirement instead of calc

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to "get" mary karr

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logic is more challenging than calc. there are children who take calc

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It's a gamble. If a book is great but vastly underrated, a suicide can give it that marketing push it needs.

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couldn't maintain the illusion

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Many such cases :(

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>hasn't read his philosophical texts.
if you accept Godel's incompleteness theorem, then you cannot be a fatalist. the j-system is sound and you're just jealous
refute the j-system, then pseudes

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/wg/ threads

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I want to kill myself. It has been getting worse. It is like psychological contractions getting stronger each time. I can't name what's stopping me, maybe hope? whatever it is it is wearing out. fuck man.

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Well, if you're on this website and you don't have a strong sense of ego... anon, you should probably leave. This place is designed to injure your brain and fill you with self-defeat.

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life sucks

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yeah, maybe.

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Life is awesome, you're just blackpilled.
>do you even lift?

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I lift and I think life sucks.

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They are more perceptive and in tune with their thoughts. Depression generally leads to self reflection

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See, most writers get all deep and depressed about life, and then they write about how depressing life is, which makes them more depressed, and then they write more, etc. It's a downward spiral.

Ultimately, I feel people (and writers in particular) would be better off if they took life less seriously. There's no need to mope about the human condition or whatnot. Write a fun book instead, about space pirates or something.

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Why do people commit suicide?
Why didn't Dostoevsky commit suicide?

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did.... did you just say FUN? NOO!


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Fun is for gays.

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>would be better off if they took life less seriously
Fuck yourself

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How many people on /lit/ you think have ever thrown a party?

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Having Intelligence but being in the wrong environment can be a handicap. Some jobs have real occupational hazards, like doctors, lawyers, cops, therapists. First world techno 'culture' is hazardous. The brain can only take 10 years or so of a poisonous unhealthy environment before it gets incurably sick. We are tribal, but live in a techno culture. Native Amazonians brought to a city die unless they can get back to their tribe of 100 or less people.

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Iris Chang's case is somewhat explainable as she saturated her mind with stories of unbelievably hideous atrocities for 20 years or so until all hope and desire for life disappeared. To be too aware of the reality of human suffering is no fun.

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You see, OP, depression itself is the infinite jest.

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She was actually mentally unstable to begin with (and focusing on dark shit for a few years wasn't helpful). Don't romanticize it, her mental health proclivities could have been as responsible for her focus as they were for her suicide.

(Also, The Rape of Nanking is poorly written and I hope a better historian steps and does a better job).

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>The Rape of Nanking is poorly written and I hope a better historian steps and does a better job
I wouldnt wish that task on anyone who values their sanity. There is such a thing as being literally driven to despair.

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Intelligence intensifies suffering. Not that I'm saying that the guy in OP's was intelligent mind you.

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To be a writer is to constantly look at how shitty the world is, then make fantasies about how it could be better than it really is.

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Dostoevsky was probably pretty chill irl since all his books are moral tales about how not believing in god makes you a murderous neurotic wierdo.

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For the record I do not advocate for beatings, I just write about them

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Dostoyevsky took the Godpill.

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Well that, and narrowly avoiding execution reinforced his will to live.

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Let's make a list of poets, writers who an hero'd

Sadegh Hedayat
Paul Celan

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The right meds and she'd be alive right now. How did they miss this?

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Look up a YT channel called JulienHimself

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It is something to do with the hands

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based and gulag-pilled

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The East's treatment for mental illness tends to be less than stellar

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t.can't even spell mediocre

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>The right meds and she'd be alive right now, working as a cashier somewhere

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