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I Come here everyday hoping to find intellectual discourses with high IQ and like minded people but Ive come to the realisation no one here is smarter than the average idiot that works with me at the restaurant. Im here to debate the great teachings of the old masters, I dont take any of their writimg for gospel and have found flaws in most. Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes etc. Anyways itt you can AMA about philosophy and I will enlighten you with pleasure

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>Im here to debate
Hello Midwit

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There are smart people here they just don't spend time posting very often because they are too smart for that.
If you want to find intellectual discourses I recommend reading some books.

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OP is a midwit. You work in a restaurant and think you're a genius. Fucking lol.

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I don't need anything more than my 80 IQ to:
>fuck more and hotter women than you
>live in cooler places than you
>drive faster cars than you
Seriously... what exact benefit has your high IQ been?

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How is working in a restaurant indicative of not being a genius? Would being a carpenter be better for you? Or a fisherman?

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It allows you to do something special when you read

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>AMA about philosophy
What is your conception of philosophy and why is it so misguided? Were you really unable to understand any of the major points/arguments/theories of the writers of the tradition? Are you really going to pretend you're my intellectual peer?
(You can back out now with your dignity mostly in tact.)

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

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Cartesian dualism is at the root of the fracture, the rest of your post is low IQ bait that does not deserve an answer

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>Cartesian dualism is at the root of the fracture
esoteric apothegms won't save you. explain what you mean and I'll explain why you don't quite have the right perspective on it.

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To die in the rain

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Have you found no consolation in reading Spinoza?

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Ok tell me how metaphysicians such as Descartes arrive at a belief in God? sounds like fantasy

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wrong. It is to cross the road. Now do you understand?

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I dont think ideas are implicit in all actions although I accept the possibility of a zombie world

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Whatever I clearly and distinctly perceive to be contained in the idea of something is true of that thing

I clearly and distinctly perceive that necessary existence is contained in the idea of God

Therefore, God exists

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What does all those cringe symbols on that gay piece of paper mean?

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Can you explain what a substance is for Aristotle ? It's a bit unclear to me.

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hello? are you quitting this easily? literally just explain what you mean.

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OP ran away

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Op ran away...

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I will when I come back from the restaurant, the dishes wont clean itself

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That looks like a logic exercise I got in high school.

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Why did Caesar decide to cross the Rubicon at the last moment, aside from a possibility that he had planned to do it?

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What were the theological differences between Luther and Erasmus?

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Is moral knowledge accessible? Does it need to be accessible, for us to be able to justifiably moralise in the way we intuitively want to do?

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A couple days ago a Leo Strauss poster came to reinforce his assertion that Cicero's pragmatism was more influenced by Plato/Aristotle than by Democritus/Epicurus via Lucretius, but I couldn't convince him. Comments?

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I will answer all these questions after my shift. Got a 12hour shift in the dishpit to do first

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thats it? holy shit its not even cogent

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Not cogent for a fish like you sure

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Did the finding of the flaws bring you anything worthwhile?

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only morons like to debate

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in that argument you could arrive at anything
why not the idea of a little frog in a teacup who lives on the moon? maybe that is God
if so then true

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It's not matter of who wins it's about finding the truth

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Ohhhhh boy...

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Next time use your superior intellect to avoid using the d word. It draws out the bug men.

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Yes. It made realize the ultimate truth: God created the universe and Jesus Christ is his son.

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Not OP but moral and ethic rules are mostly social

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7) ~Q, by 1, ^-elimination
8) R > S, by 7, 2, v-elimination
9) P, by 1, ^-elimination
10) ~~P, by 9, double-~
11) ~~V, by 10, 3, MT
12) V, by 11, ~-elimination
13) S > R, by 12, 4, MP
14) R <> S, by 13, 8, BC
15) T, by 14, 5, MP
16) ~Q ^ T, by 15, 7, ^-introduction
17) (~Q ^ T) > U, by 6, <>-elimination
18) U, by 16, 17, MP

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What is this anon

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Good job, quite easy but its good to see someone remembers his logic. All these pseuds wouldnt even be able to do entry level like picrel

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> high IQ
> didn't realize how cringey this thread would appear
Based high-IQ sperg.

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>want u
Work on your pick up lines

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Fuck U

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Retard here, how can philosophy help me in my everyday?
Also what is the role of philosophy in our time?

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arrogant dumbass actually thinks he is smart and wants to do smart people stuff. kys

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>Im here to debate the great teachings of the old masters
Shit bait, here is your (you). Read some Faust, at least the Nacht monologue, enjoy.

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How can the contrast between ones own insight and the perception of the outer world and it's structure be reconciled? Such as that between apparent behavior and underlying intent, or between the usefulness or immediate impact and feeling of a word, deed, or gesture and the often associated need for proper recognition of whatever is said or done. Or generally, what are the separate motivations for "the need to know" and "the need to act" such that they can be at odds with one another like in the tragedy of Hamlet. Are these motivations truly separate? Are they truly at odds? And it is possible to reconcile a gross need for understanding and a gross desire to act?

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Hey OP. I hope being more intelligent than your average bear doesn't lead you down the wrong emotional paths. I imagine it would be frustrating to feel like you're misunderstood and surrounded by idiots. I hope you cultivate understanding and compassion alongside your intellect, for the sake of yourself and others. As an intelligent person with an evident interest in the humanities, you have to potential to bring something truly unique and positive to the world. Fewer and fewer people read and understand philosophy these days. You'll have a whole host of knowledge, ideas and ways of seeing the world at your disposal that the world is sorely lacking. Don't fall into the trap of needing to prove your superiority and bring others to their knees! Lift them up with you as best you can!

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P be the statement: "Peter is a bird"
Q be the statement: "Quentin is a fish"
R be the statement: "You are retarded"
S be the statement: "You are special"
T be the statement: "Trouble is afoot"
U be the statement: "the UN is globohomo sophistry"
V be the statement: "There are vaginas"
a) Peter is a bird and Quentin is not a fish.
b) Quentin is a fish or being retarded makes you special
c) Quentin is not a fish by (a), therefore if you are retarded, then you are special
d) If there are no vaginas, then peter is not a bird.
e) Peter is a bird by (a), so there must be vaginas by the contrapositive of (d)
f) The existence of vaginas implies that if you are special then you are retarded.
g) By (e) and (f), being special makes you retarded, and by (c) being retarded makes you special.
h) You're retarded if and only if you're special means that Trouble is afoot.
i) By (g) and (h), Trouble is afoot
j) The UN is globohomo sophistry if and only if Quentin is not a fish and Trouble is afoot
k) By (a), (i), and (j), the UN must be globohomo agenda

Is that what you meant by intellectual discussion?

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can you recommend me a good book to dive into logic? pretty sure i read this in school but on the surface but it would be nice to formally learn it :D

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Not the OP but this was the symbolic logic book we used in my philosophy degree. Before getting into symbolic, though, you'd likely want to start with a text that covers Aristotelian, truth threes, etc etc. The more basic stuff. I can't recall which text we used in my class, though.

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Well anon, are you taking a logic class? I ended up teaching students logic as a TA for two years in grad school. Not everyone on /lit/ is stupid but 99.9% of them are. The funniest thing is they will be crabs if you announce that you're a grad student, they'll say "Go away, why are you here, you must be lying!" because they actually want the population of /lit/ to remain permadumb forever. Anyway, here's my question to you OP. What's the most underrated or least read philosopher or philosophy book you've read that you'd recommend, or what are some of those?

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>I dont take any of their writimg for gospel and have found flaws in most. Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes etc.
Are you sure? Read them with the assumption that they are better than you, and see what results.

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>Cicero's pragmatism
Strauss does not use such language. Where are you getting it from, and what are you referring to?
t. Leo Strauss Anon

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so i am thinking of reading this only after i finish peter smith's formal logic, how about that?

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7. ~Q (Simplification 1)
8. R -> S (Disjunctive syllogism 2, 7)
9. P (Simplification 1)
10. V (Modus tollens + double negation 9, 3)
11. S -> R (Modus ponens 10, 4)
12. R <-> S (Biconditional exchange + conjunction 8, 11)
13. T (Modus ponens 12, 5)
14. ~Q ^ T (Conjunction 7, 13)
15. ~Q ^ T -> U (Biconditional exchange + simplifcation 6)
16. U (Modus ponens 14, 15)
This anon did it by elimination and introduction rules but I used shortcut rules because it's pedagogically better in my opinion and if your class isn't using them early on, then you're living in hard mode.

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>peter smith's formal logic
Sounds great my dude. I didn't personally use this book but it looks positively reviewed so I'm sure it won't lead you astray. Try to really perfect each chapter before moving on. Don't cheat yourself. Logic is for the most part a tightly ordered closed system. You want to be able to get 99% of the practice problems in a given section correct before moving on, otherwise the gaps in your understanding will snowball.

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Maybe i'm missing something, but why is Quentin suddenly not a fish?

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>than the average idiot that works with me at the restaurant
Ironic you think you can put yourself above your peers when you do the exact same cheap labor as they do.

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Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali would be a good start

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first line, P and not Q

>> No.18759868

IQ trips

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>Im here to debate the great teachings of the old masters

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Nothing cheap about feeding people. A job well done, when the chief asks me for a clean pan and I give it him knowing it makes him happy to have someone under his command while im unlocking the secrets of what it means to be conscious in God's creation.

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God I wish I were able to complete discrete mathematics I like you

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>Nothing cheap about feeding people
Yeah, if you're the owner. You, however, are just another wagecuck in a restaurant.

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That's very elementary sentential logic and pretty baby mode. You can learn it easy if you want.

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good bait. I hope you got some decent (you)'s and good tips.

t. bar anon

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In time you will. The fact that you want to unlock creation's mystery already puts you ahead. I was like you before now look at me: philosopher, msthematician, alchemist follower of Christ

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>itt you can AMA about philosophy and I will enlighten you with pleasure
Fuck off larper, and go back to your shitty ass restaurant 9-5 job. You aren't impressing anybody here midwit.

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Nice b8. What restaurant do you work at? I also work in service and I'm trying to be a writer. It's fucking exhausting. Also, if you're not a cook. You're a little bitch.

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Shut the fuck up shit kickers guy.

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OP is a dishwasher. OP stop being a little bitch and move to the line. They get paid better and you can eat free food.

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Not the OP, how hard is it to master something like 20 dishes? Or a single one. And what books should I read in order to have a critical approach to my cooking and being able to develop some sort of notion. In the sense of being able to do something and understand what is going to happen, through theory, instead of trial and error. I'm sure there is something like that.

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I made B in that class and I'm fucking retarded. Was I supposed to remember that shit now. Do these guys still remember this stuff year later? Am I a midwit? Find out on the next episode of You're a Faggot.

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To die, alone, unloved, forgotten, unmourned, in the rain

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Review during breaks, or you'll definitely won't remember.

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It's not hard guy. All you have to do is try as hard as you fucking can. Memorize the dishes beforehand. Yes, just simply memorize them. Stay focused when you are getting lit the fuck up. Your mind will wander. Bring it back to work. Stay calm and move fast. You will get your ass handed to you, there is no way around it. Stay calm and move fast. There probably is something like that but honestly I don't know where you could find it. I'd say, memorizing locations of food items on your line and memorizing the items and also, your first day, trying to map out the movements you will be making. Also, when you make all your orders and you have a moment. Restock all your materials. There are multiple waves. Restock instead of standing there with your thumb up your ass.

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>Yes. It made realize the ultimate truth: God created the universe and Jesus Christ is his son.
another restaurant worker proselytizer, so actual give-and-take debate is not what you're after,

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I'm no longer in school. I made As and Bs in every compsci class I took at Uni but I couldn't do basic Alg because my high school was horrible. After passing Calc 1 with a B, I was in Line Alg, Calc 2 and Phys and decided to switch to IT. Then I dropped out because that shit was boring

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Oh no, I don't want to be a pro. I want to cook home like a pro. I want books like cooking 'science'. Because every book that I got was about making recipes and techniques. Is all cooking teaching about that? And I have to develop intuition about how things are going to happen on the fly?

>> No.18761275

I'm considering dropping out, but only if I get into something that I feel more like doing. I don't hate compsci and math in general, but working with it is kinda meh. Most people who are into it are a bit tedious and workplaces don't seem that interesting. I'm considering changing to Psychology or med school, but I have to get through the entrance exam, and it is not easy, not impossible either. I should be studying if I really felt like getting into it, but it seems that I don't really feel like doing it.

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Oh that? I'm not sure. Anon. I have a girlfriend who is a better cook than I am at home. I do it professionally but her dishes are tastier. She says it's genetic. My own mother says she just knows too. You will develop a taste for your own cooking and will find if you are adding too much of one thing or another. Experiment. Follow instructions yes, but also experiment. I'd say, just look up something simple. Like Lasagna and try to make it to a T by the instructions. Cooking is very close to Chemistry, in that you can be precise in replicating something. I'd say, just find a very detailed recipe and try as hard as possible not to deviate from any instruction but yes. Intuition is very important and you'll develop it over time.

>> No.18761294

Yeah, desu with you. I regret not taking all of those classes at once and probably failing. Looking back on it now, I was being a bitch. It was a challenge and I was used to skating my through school but also, that's not really what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoyed programming and even math but I wanted to be a writer and I dunno. I felt like I wouldn't really be happy being a code monkey. Maybe take a break from school anon, depending on how far along you are. Keep up with your student loans if you have anything. Keep the connection to your Uni gravy in case you want to go back. In my experience. It's best to be sure about what you want to do if you are giving the Uni Jews money.

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Sir, this is a literature board.

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