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Why are the only interesting 21st century /lit/ things just off shoots of Nick Land?

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I will masturbate to this. I hope this is not a man. its tooo late thoo nw

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Literally KEK.

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Doesn't really matter, to be quite honest.
In the scale of things all asians are closer to females.

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There is no where to move, no where to grow. The ends have all been predetermined. About to cum

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it's everywhere. fuck.

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that hair is driving me insane

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I'd be masturbating like the rest but that one twitter tranny ruined that image for me.
And no, the only interesting things are not just off shoots of Land, most of them are not even interesting. You just have to grow up or actually study a field to understand the interesting stuff. But then again, you're probably a twitter tranny that also posts on /lit/, so I don't expect much from the likes of you.
Go and hang I guess?

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you probably read ken liu and thought he was good didn't you faggot

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/lit/ will become a Bataillean board. (You) cannot stop it.

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kenliu lick my balls?

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It's slowly turning to Simone Weil. Some argue that they end up in the same place (Saints of the impossible Bataille, Weil, and the politics of the sacred by Alexander Irwin)
But there's too many analytic-anglo fags here, so who knows.

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you should get banned after >>18760228
You have basically been raped.

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We need to have a big friendly potlach for the analytics, have them sacrifice themselves. We'll do it too but they go first.

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and nick land is an offshoot of heraclitus

there was never anything new you just aren't knowledgeable enough

you've probably misunderstood miya

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How is Nick Land interesting? Everything he says has been said by Nietzsche, Freud and later Deleuze and Guattari.

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it will be a landian century

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girl was a murderer. forgot name.

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The fuck is going on?

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I heard Miya came back recently with a new account but I never found it.

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There is such a big lack of fresh and original philosophy that people will straight up jump on the dick of a larper who sublimated his taste for cyber aesthetics into a couple of brainfarts. No, capital is not retroactively creating its own conditions from the future, go clean your room and go outside.

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>he doesen't know what Land thinks
>he learns from memes, /lit/ and surface readings
>he can't understand the ultimate hyperstition

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Wasn’t it an Indian dude that was behind this account the whole time?

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No, he was a brown manlet who groomed trannies, not a tranny himself.

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>Everything he says has been said by Nietzsche, Freud and later Deleuze and Guattari.
and yet you omit the most important progenitor of them all, how curious

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Western philosophy has been exhausted. Nothing new will ever be created again.

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Wrong, because there's more than just the West. Faustfags will just get replaced by a new high culture.

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>high culture
China's culture was smothered and replaced by faustian culture as well. Theyre already in decline as well, and economic growth means nothing when your culture is fucking dead.

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Remember 'the cultural revolution' 50 years ago when the CCP annihilated every aspect of Chinese culture they could get their hands on and replaced it with Marxist-Leninism? Is that the source you're suggesting will create a new high culture? One that is neither western nor Faustian?

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how can you be such a retarded faggot?

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By fucking your mum a lot.

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which one of you is getting owned in this exchange?

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Can somebody give me a quick rundown on "miya"?

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we all are anon

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idk sounds trans

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>when the CCP annihilated every aspect of Chinese culture they could get their hands
Never happened. Their current crypto-emperor is Confucian. Their Marxism is just a way to stop from being rolled by foreign powers, China is now more traditional than it was in the late Qing dynasty.

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That Twitter bimbo is shit

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miya balls in your mouth haha

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Land-like shitposting. A sort of Lovecraftian aesthetic where future technology replaces the great old ones.

I find this style to be utter shit. It’s the banality of technology, and of systems, and their transcendent existence to our own which contributes to a sense of powerlessness, sublimity, and horror. One can see the temptation to dress it up in this Lovecraftian style, but it reduces the reality of the problems to the stunted imagination of zoomers larping. Just read based Ellul.

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The miya accelerationist crowd shit just seems like cyberpunk-era wank re-skinned with a dose of faggotry and moe for zoomer's and tranny's.

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It was more than this though. It was a synthesis of most of the currents within the online and offline right. Land was certainly a part of that, but BAPist counter-nutrition, Western Esotericism, Germanic Orientalism, Autistic Hyper-Racism, all went in to the mix.

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Damn, sounds much more retarded than Land-like shitposting

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So yeah, a dose of faggotry.

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i think the pajeetdox might be fake
i heard she basically suspended herself on 10k followers, as if the acc was performance art

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Listen to this dude

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Regardless there is no way the person behind it is a biological female.

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Pajeet twitter faggot

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>Nick Land remains the choice philosomeme for hipsters who are absolutely and seethingly desperate to have special taste
2014 called, they want their hipster faggotry back.

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please send the dox video with the punjabi mc background music, i remember watching it

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Now this is something I agree with.

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Second this

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Wait I thought it's Jennie Kim, fucking asians arr rook the same

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it's a meme ya dips
here's the newest appearance btw, if it's even real

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also https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/tekwars-20/kali-yuga-accelerationism-tqCDfmjQhAW/

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This doesn't look like Jennie at all

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I fucking hate Miya so much I would shoot him in the face if I saw him standing in front of me. I would beat the shit out of him to death. He is such a fucking pseud and although we read the same philosophy he derives the most retarded fucking takes from it. I just hate him so much.

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The other avatar is jennie

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Using Jennie as an avatar for his shit makes that faggot even more cringe (love Jennie though)

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Here's your high culture bro

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CWC is more interesting than Nick Land

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Why are faggots on /lit/ so dumb lol? Drink bleach to cleanse yourself of your shit taste.

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tell us what do you find interesting anon, your standards seem high im curious =)

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Wtf why is this allowed. The cancerous tumor that is kali/acc grooming rings must be expunged.

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Miya the Evil truly was the lucid oracle of the noosphere and a groundbreaking online egregoric entity

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why are zoomers like this bros?

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>tell us what do you find interesting
A self-righteous narcissistic attention whore zoomer with shit politics and too much time on his hands larping as a tranny is interesting? Shut the fuck up Miya lmao, it can't not be you. What personally I find interesting? I'm incredibly into Russian lit, but that is not relevant to the discussion. So I'll just say I'm very into semiotics and post-structuralism. Meaning I'm very into most stuff Miya is into, but I don't interpret it in that trashy, egomaniac, complacent /pol/ pop culture way, because my IQ is not double digit. Kill yourself by the way.

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I unironically believe Miya is one of the greatest minds of our time

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>semiotics and post-structuralism
But are you pregnant with modernity?

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You are a midwit.

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what is this image from, besides the kali yuga shit?

>> No.18774054

It might be because you have shit taste and a boring personality. Man I enjoyed Fang Noumena but you people are lame as fuck and cliche pseudointellectuals.

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it was funny when miya got outed as a pajeet and all the hangers-on had to disavow and delete the "14/F"s from their bios.

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Ugh I wanna be a girl so bad

>> No.18774146

HAHAHAHAHA I can't believe I share this board with you, kill yourself.

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Say it!!!

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Mugshot of some chinese woman but I forgot the context

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You'll see when I come out with my art philosophy takes and my theatre play about tennis and my epic poem about theatre, you'll forget all about Miya or whoever the fuck. I'm just the greatest innovative mind in the field of zoomer literature. Also I'm the next gay Dante. Just give me two to five years

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A lot of meme writers there

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Interesting thoughts and a great writing style (at least one of the guys)

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And what are those interesting thoughts?

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Funny you say that considering BPD_GOD is literally the one who has coined that term in the first place.

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She got doxxed?
Yeah come on, she's got a decent style by today's standards but none of her takes are novel

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It was a fake dox as part of the account's performance art. But even if Miya the Evil is actually some goofy looking indian guy irl i will still always love her for her mind

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Stop whiteknighting the retarded tranny

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