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Hey there, I'm looking for books that deal with the disentigration of life around us. I want a book that deals with the total loss of community, family, and faith. It can be either nonfiction or fiction but I've come to really dislike a lot of my fellow humans after seeing how they are so easily manipulated from COVID.

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>007 get

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You're being manipulated too, gaylord

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I can't find a book by that title. Perhaps it hasn't been translated from Incosiderate yet.

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>after seeing how they are so easily manipulated from COVID.
I will catch flak for saying this, but the only thing the COVID pandemic proved is that people are absolute idiots and that freedom has its limits. The amount of panic over having to wear masks and get vaccinated is truly absurd.

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Lame retort

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Evola, "Orientations"

Then either Ride the Tiger or Men Among the Ruins (or both)

Samuel Francis, Leviathan and its Enemies

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You're looking for desert...
It has been critiqued for being too bleak in its climate estimates though, so have a bit of salt with your pessimism.
You can also buy it as a book.

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>The amount of panic over having to wear masks and get vaccinated is truly absurd.
You might not have seen it in your geo, but in NYC the vaccinated still wear masks and that % has gone up not down.
Thank you!!

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>in NYC the vaccinated still wear masks

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It's obviously illogical.

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And yet cases are rising in nyc

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How much of that is just because of minorities? I wonder how a group of scientists without insane "antiracist" bias would analyze the situation. Blacks and hispanics are low conscientiousness, they can't even stop littering and destroying their own communities for example. They also have 10x the rate of HIV and other diseases because they refuse to use protection, and low IQ means shit like using masks improperly or not integrating "avoid people if you can" into your daily routine, because you're high and all you can think of is how you want some crisps. This seems like a killer recipe for keeping a low level contagion like COVID permanently active in the population.

I wonder what the real distribution of illnesses and deaths is between high conscientiousness whites, low conscientiousness whites, and blacks. I bet people who aren't retards rarely get it.

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Without googling it, tell me:
>name of the test they use
>meaning of cycle counts and their impact on false positivity
>% breakthrough cases

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Fuck off, Nigel. You don't know anything about America.

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They're just as bad here.

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Take the CCPpill. Theyre the most homogeneous, satisfied and hopeful nation on the planet, who have traditions and work ethic and a commitment to their communities. They'll surpass the west within the decade; this is Asias century, whether you get on board or not.

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I'm being completely sincere when I'm telling you to read Hegel.

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because our city is managed by old fucks with the mental age of toddlers. The reason they push the vaxx and anti vax agenda is so more idiots can fight each other and forget that our city and most of the country is an absolute hellhole and they get away with it because people are engineered to be retarded. Stop paying attention to their false dichotomies its mostly just bread and circus to begin with

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Peak NPC

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My nigger finally someone asks. What you’re describing is exactly what Soseki wrote about his entire life. If you’re fine with non weeb jap lit ( Soseki studied in England as the first classically trained Japanese writer ) then his ideas and feelings really resonate. He grew through the Meiji era and witnessed his country change from a feudal agrarian kingdom to a modern “ western “ state within his lifetime. Most of his books have themes of change, the clash of tradition and modernity, the death of the “ old ways “ all interwoven into narratives that focus on various people living in these turbulent times.

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>facebook memes

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I understand you were paid to post that and I forgive you. Find Christ, friend, I'll pray for you.
Read it and dont get why you think itll help.
The issue is that cringe boomer memes are not better than talking to 90% of people.
Sounds incredible - which books from him?
Eh not bad

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if there really is a collapse youll want to start preparing for your death. maybe a bullet to the head, starvation, savagely murdered. either way you will die so find comfort in that.

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Atheists cope by relying on death because they have never sinned nor do anything moral.

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i mean, try and find comfort, but foremost its facing death as a fact. in a bad situation it wont be peacefully in your sleep at an old age, it will be horrific and painful.

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People in Asian countries wore masks before the pandemic just cuz. I heard it's also kinda like a privacy thing because you're on the subway in Tokyo and there are so many fucking people that plugging into some earbuds and putting on a mask is like a cocoon in a way.

But people wear masks during a pandemic and it's like omg the sky is falling this is the end of Western civilization. Well maybe it is, but maybe not for that reason, or maybe it is, and that's not entirely a bad thing.


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me on the right

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K-pop niggers are a cancer.

Neck yourself.

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>514 people per square km
Life in south korea is truly hell. NK is so much better
>b-but m-muh hunger
How do they know so much what happens in most isolated country on earth. All liberal lies

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we should not imitate insectoids desu

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I would be accepting of a true vaccination. But vaccine has a definition, and by definition, this doesn't yet seem to be it.

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I think the only solution is to read less. People have become so obsessed with abstractions that they have no longer any concept of reality.

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There's a lot of books about people's lives being turned upside down by the mass insanity of the Cultural Revolution but one of the best, and one of the shortest is Ji Xianlin's The Cowshed. If you're unvaxxed, the persecution hasn't even begun yet but it's surely a-comin. Btw I saw someone sneeze into their mask on the train this morning and continue wearing it for the rest of the journey, is that normal? idk

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It really has very little to do with the masks themselves. It’s the masks as a symbol and battleground of utter hysteria and another way to preach their insanity.

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>cringe schizo anti-SJW pussychud rants on muh immigrants and leftists
Into the trash it goes.

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Could you elaborate on how the vaccine isn't a vaccine

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>the total loss of community, family, and faith.

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Where else should they sneeze, anon?

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>unironically listening to dipshits who can barely formulate a sentence, let alone a well-informed thought

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>"antiracist" bias
>implying your entire post wasn't biased whatsoever

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we're never going to have a societal collapse. It will just be a long, slow grind to gradually more depressing states of affair. there will be no real drama, no real romance, no real explosion of fury or vengeance. We will all just willingly walk down the slope till the water is above our necks and we can't breath anymore. If you want drama in your demise, you will not get it. It is impossible to die with honour in the modern age.

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>It is impossible to die with honour in the modern age.

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Where do you live anon? What is your financial status?

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all you really have to do is learn how to live with yourself.

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Ernst Jünger - Eumeswil

The Anarch Type

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NYC upper middle

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Humans aren't meant to live alone.
Thanks and checked
Thank you

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I lost faith in society when I saw how individualistic, ignorant and fickle people were and how poorly governments responded during covid. If we can barely get get our heads around responding proportionately to covid then how do we expect to deal with the inevitable crisises that the future holds?

I pray to god that we're never subjected to a world war like our grandparents and great-grandparents were as we would be crushed like ants

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China absolutely crushed the fuck out of COVID, from top to bottom in their society and government. Everyone shits all over them without rubbing together even two braincells to consider seriously entertaining their mode of operation, yet theyll churn out reams of despairing monologues over the west and have their every thought consumed with it's decline. Maybe it's time to lose the hopelessness and look elsewhere for inspiration.

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The primacy of individualism in western neoliberal governance is the rope it has used to hang itself.

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this is just sooo cute I love it

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China is literally going back into lockdown in most parts as we speak.
Why shill China just for lolz like this?

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Kokoro, but they are all fantastic. Kokoro if you want to jump into the highest quality writings right away, Kusamakura ( or the Three Cornered World ) if you want a shorter taster.

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You're correct, and they're doing this with a total active caseload of less than 1,500. In a population of 1.4 billion (how many new cases in Florida today, btw?). This is what taking covid seriously looks like. This is why China still managed to have positive economic growth in 2020 while the USA contracted more than 5%. I am being sincere when I urge you to learn from them.

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I just finished that book like moments ago.

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>Bro, civilization is totally collapsing because.....because it just is okay!
Has there been a single generation on this earth where people didn't think that society was collapsing? I don't think so.

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Maybe not collapse but the decline is absolutely visible. Look at the spirit of our age in the West. We have given up grand works, we've given up on God and by extension the idea of something greater than ourselves. We are succumbing to deifying weakness and victimhood, the new saints are those that have been most wronged by others and not men and women who have shown exemplary virtue.

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>exemplary virtue
Rome fell centuries ago, Marcus.

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>the new saints are those that have been most wronged by others
Sounds like its your average every day Christcuckery.

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Active cases in USA, for comparison. And with one quarter the population of China, too. America has rested on its laurels for decades, they're simply unwilling to even acknowledge basic facts which go against their perception at this point. It's sad, but they're doing this to themselves - nobody is forcing them to ignore reality.

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>the total loss of community, family, and faith
Thing Fall Apart

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All of Houellebecq, I particularly like Submission and Serotonin for the topic at hand.

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maerd a evah I .sreggin wen ekam dna ffo rehto hcae gin lliw settelggin elttil dna sreggin elttil yad eno taht maerd a evah I
mɒɘɿb ɒ ɘvɒH I .ƨɿɘϱϱin wɘn ɘʞɒm bnɒ ʇʇo ɿɘHto Hɔɒɘ ϱin lliw ƨɘttɘlϱϱin ɘlttil bnɒ ƨɿɘϱϱin ɘlttil γɒb ɘno tɒHt mɒɘɿb ɒ ɘvɒH I

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I was just thinking today about how the people who freak out about the rise of nazis and fascists in America are wrong. Fascism won't rise in America because fascism involves too much giving of yourself to a collective.

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>western sources for Chinese news
you guys have never before even tried to understand what is happening in China.
If you dont have chinese sources you know nothing of what is happening in China.
lol you fucking retards.

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why should anyone who is not a normalfag care about society collapsing? let it burn and with any luck we would all die and take all life with us.
Who cares? you may call this osme edgy teenager take but can you explain why continuing this mess which will NEVER be perfect and always cause harm makes sense?

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>calls others npcs
>uses Facebook
Americans deserve only death and misery

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>T-t-theyre making it all up! China is totally collapsing bros!!!
This is the exact mindset I'm trying to warn you of, when anything good in China has to be dismissed on principle because 'CHINA BAD', then you only harm yourself by never having an accurate read on your competitors. You underestimate what is happening and then are shocked to be left in the dust. This is Asias century and its about time the minority of the West gets up to speed.

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>t. never even been to China

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I'm too autistic to know if this is a joke. But the mask sneeze really troubled me.

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No, you fucking retards, everything in China has to be taken sceptically because it is an authoritarian dictatorship with no civil society and no independent media and it fucking lies.

For example, China has an official "no first use" policy on nuclear weapons but their leaked defence plans show that they actually had a massive first strike policy.

China fucking lies.

>"but maybe they're not lying this time!!!"
Now who's being naïve?

The accurate read on China is not arrived at by blindly believing everything you read, you fucking retard. That's why we have spies in the country and whole government agencies whose job is to intercept Chinese communications and read Chinese sources to try and build a real picture of what's going on in China.

The accurate read on China exists in intelligence agencies and university faculties, not in your 4chan posts or half-baked opinions. International politics is far too complex and far too secret for anyone outside the industry to have a fucking prayer of coming to meaningful conclusions about anything.

>"wow appeal to authority much????"
Appeal to reason. You don't know dick about anything and the longer you live and the more you study the field the more you will come to know it. Just look at the Cold War - what the average American "understood" about the USSR and what the intelligence community understood were wildly different. The same is undoubtedly true now with China. But because we the public exist in an information vacuum there is nothing to point to to correct the doubtless wrong ideas that you have, and in fifty years time when everything is declassified you won't even remember how stupid you were - and will continue to be stupid then.

In short mcfucking kill yourself.

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don't care
not reading this shit
politics is a hoax

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>noo don't read chinese news from china
>read my news not from china that I approve of
lmao shilling is obvious anti china fag

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Read them both but unless you have security clearance to read cable intercepts as well then accept that you're an observer, not a player.

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>he doesn't know those memes are publishing industry shill memes
none of that is real
unless you count the money in the pockets of the publishing houses
it's just a distraction made up to sell books
you can do it with cigarettes, too

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so based that some ad man came up with this idea and pulled it off.

Whats next? Dilators of Domination for troons

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>weibo is the most accurate source for updates on china and it is like fucking reddit and facebook combined.

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t. never even been to China

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My dad has been to China desu. Let me go ask him and we'll sort this all out.

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>Massive first strike policy

So does America and they have over 10x the nukes. So what?

The rest of your points are stupid too. China as a society is not secretive. You can see their success and prosperity. They have abnormally high approval ratings for their governments - this is not propaganda, there is primary data from the 1.4 billion chinese themselves on this. It's hard to oppress that many people without there being visible acts of dissent - and dont mention CIA-funded HK as a rebuttal, of course the integration back into China was going to be messy. Look at the 99%+ of chinese who aren't in this one tiny area.

Again, the world is wide open now with the internet, checking these things out yourself is not difficult. The chinese are very happy, their GDP will surpass USA within a few years, they have over 5000 km of high speed rail, housing is treated as a necessity, not a commodity, etc etc. There is no good reason to say the average chinese citizen cannot be 'figured out' due to secrecy and barriers.

> Muh great firewall

They use vpns and are prolific all over youtube, twitter, etc. You can chat with these people TODAY and be shown the western perception is a total fabrication.

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What are good books that have advice on how to go about living in the modern world without falling into common traps? I guess like a book thats a good map or guide on how to navigate the modern world, everyone just makes books bitching about how the modern world sucks then with some form of idealism or utopianism plastered on no actual practical advice and many of them dont live what they preach.

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>it is an authoritarian dictatorship with no civil society and no independent media and it fucking lies.
jesus christ. it's true what they used to say - 'the only difference between a soviet and an american is that the americans actually believe their propaganda'

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yeah thats what I said. Glad you can admit it of yourself.
>inb4 you are just such a kike newfag you fucked up the greentext

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