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Why does this book have a chapter every 2 pages?
What did you think of the book?

Personally I did not find the book resonated with me however it is a book that I will remember and there is a lot within it to think about. The book exists for a reason and the author had something to say that should be heard.
Much prefer later (modern) Japanese lit.
I am ignorant by far so please correct me but was this book innovative for it's subject matter in jp lit and influenced dazai and mishima or is a lot of earlier japanese authors melancholic in general.

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Dumb nigger show some respect Soseki is the father of modern Japanese literature. It's like posting Macbeth and saying Shakespeare wrote like a fag and his shit sounded retarded. fUCK you.
The book like most of his canon deals with the clash of tradition and modernity, the new and the old, the native and foreign. He wrote during a time of great unfathomable change about said change and birthed the spirit of modern Japanese literature.

BUT PLEASE tell me more about Norwegian Wood and how amazing that trite love story is in comparison. PLEASE. I dare you.

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I get this.
I did not attack the book or author so no need to be so bitchy anon. I cannot help if the book did not connect with me emotionally.

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I don't know anything about Soseki's influence on Japanese literature but man I love The Gate by him. Hope to someday find a wife like Oyone.

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Dunno, what is wrong with short chapters? I thought it was ok, I haven't really finished, because this isn't exactly the kind of thing I am atm, I'm drawn to books that are about "crazy" people in general. So it is Mishima for me.

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brainlet take here:

I just like the characters and story. You can find a deeper meaning within everything.
It's just about a friendship between a young guy and an old recluse.
I thought it was rather sweet.
And liked learning about the old guy and his situation.

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Nothing is wrong with short chapters but I do not understand why exactly every 2 pages needed to be a chapter is all.
I felt that it could have been fleshed out a bit longer concerning the family of the younger man and maybe even the wife.
It is fine and it was a good story I am glad I read it. in a way also it seems that by confessing he only caused further harm because the young man would talk to the wife but he too would be have a shade of guilt and she would continue to be alienated in a way because he was not to tell her anything. I am fairly critical and I felt that in some ways it could have been better.

I went into this book thinking it was about a japanese man in mexico as I mixed it up with another book.
You mean like confessions of a mask or more like the sailor who fell from grace?

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I was thinking The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

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t. weeb

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I read it in both English and Japanese, and I didn't really enjoy it that much. You're not alone. Just go read something else.
Also, I wonder whether or not there is a depiction of the clash between "tradition" and "modernity" that focuses less on moving to the city and losing touch with the countryside, and more on the fundamentally distinct ideas that characterize each and their clash. I know that Tanizaki Jun'ichirō deals with this in his own way in Naomi, but I haven't looked to see whether or not there is an author who ascribes these things to changes in ideas, rather than changes in environment.

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>I don’t know why I waited so long to kill myself.

Bros, I really felt that...

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cya, spacecowboy

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