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Dragon Rider Edition

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>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent

Never going to be created.

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OP is a fag

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trubba not lil nigga

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I recently heard of Greg Egan as a great sci-fi writer. Do you guys know where I could start with him? I only read lots of Asimov and some small sci-fi stories. Currently reading "An Unusual Angle". It's good, just a bit whacky.

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the animefaggot OP is back
we all hate you

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I love the pic in the OP

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>Oooaah. I wanna big tiddy dragon girlfren soooo bad!

> Dragon Rider Edition
Have you even read Pern books?
Anne McCaffery’s death got no sticky either.

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Rest in Peace, Anne McCaffery

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is Dragonlance good? is it very good or just good?

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Writing about how aliens fucked up earth by fucking around with the necromincon and how they need to now save the world from the undead.

Do I have tentacle aliens, aaayyyyylmao aliens, humanoid aliens, or something else?

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I thought it was awesome when I was in the 6th grade. It was what got me started reading.

The best place to start in that world would be

The Chronicles Trilogy

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Spring Dawning

Though, I must admit, that I don't know if I'd like it now.

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I really enjoyed "The City at the End of Time"

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thank you, maybe I'll read it. I downloaded Dragons of Autumn Twilight and was hesitant since everyone read it when they were kids but maybe I will enjoy it.

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It was enjoyable to me as a child but I fully recognize it as being lackluster to me as an adult. Same with Legend of Drizzt.

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its a quick series either way, 3 books hardly more than 400 pages. better to start here than the spooky shit you guys talk about here. why would I read thousands of pages about gay rape when I can read kid books, sounds more comfy.

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Keep in mind that if you enjoy those three, there's also two prequels, a sequel trilogy, some interquels called The Lost Chronicles, a short story collection called The Second Generation and another sequel novel.

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didn't know about them, thanks.

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You're welcome young man.

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Is Thrawn Ascendancy any good?

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The books sets up some interesting ideas, but it seems like Disney basically told Zahn to sit outside of the Star Wars sandpit or else.

These books have just been going downhill in terms of actual sci-fi creativity and stakes/impact on the actual canon Star Wars universe, since Disney deleted the EU, since all the novels have zero canon impact.

The original Thrawn Trilogy was rough but interesting 90s sci-fi with some pulpy and yet enjoyably dumb aspects. The Hand of Thrawn was interesting as it had a bit of that Asimov Second Foundation flair. Outbound Flight and Choice of One etc, were interesting character/mystery pieces.

The nucanon novels play it way too safe and going back in time to see Thrawn's history is entertaining but I would rather literally see Thrawn's future character development and not whatever nucanon filler Disney has in mind next.

I guess part of the reason why tie in novels have such a bad reputation is because the authors can't do anything outside of their allocated block which makes them inferior to regular novels and this story epitomises that.

Half of the reason why Thrawn is an interesting character is because he's a morally grey antagonist with the Imperials and both the protags and antags are put through some hard choices. In the Legends version, it's interesting to see characters that I root for vs Thrawn that I root for and the sacrifices that they both make in spite of it. A lot of the nucanon books take all the teeth out of the actual interesting conflict.

Since Thrawn's no longer in charge of the whole operation and is just another Grand Admiral, well a lot of the blame for the things he does is just shifted up the command chain. You don't really get to see him wage war on the scale and with the fallout of the originals. Instead we get a lot more internal conflict and red tape.

And the prequel stories... These are more like just why? Sure, it's interesting and often heartwarming to see Thrawn interact with the other characters and the mystery is interesting, but there is absolutely zero danger is involved (since we obviously can't cross any canonical lines) and there isn't really any development on top of what we've seen further down his timeline.

To some extent, a lot of these nucanon books lack everything that made me fall in love with the stories in the first place. Sure, you'll get some filler and some interesting standalone adventure that will return to status quo. Zahn writes an interesting story - but it's not nearly as interesting as if the authors had free rein and all the interesting characters weren't being saved for the next failure of a Star Wars movie.

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No, instead you should try Queen if Nothing. It beats that book in almost every aspect.

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It is not good, if I were you I would take a look at Kingdom of Ash. It handles dragons much better and the lore is more fleshed out.

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i just finished tales from a dying earth and honestly i enjoyed it more than i expected. i'm not one for humor-heavy books, i hate pratchett and i dropped gormenghast about 50 pages in. but these books and the dialogue in particular clicked with me and had me forcefully exhaling air through my nose every 10 pages. funnily enough, my previous book was night in lonesome october wthich is also kind of droll and i enjoyed more than i expected.

is lyonesse like this? it's on my list anyway but i might move it up to the next spot in line.

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probably Six Crimson Cranes

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>but it seems like Disney basically told Zahn to sit outside of the Star Wars sandpit
Well yeah it seems like they're basically adapting OG Thrawn trilogy for Mandalorian verse, the only difference being that the MCs are now Dave Filoni's OC donut steels instead of Luke, Han and Leia.
But i'm asking about Ascendancy trilogy specifically because it's supposed to be set in the Chiss Ascendancy. I'm interested if Zahn had an opportunity to flesh out chiss culture etc. because i'm usually not interested in prequels that are made just for the sake of telling a backstory of a famous character.

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thank you for the recommendation

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No problem, be sure to check out also Revealed in Fire

>> No.18811822

Without spoiling too much, It covers Thrawn's background and his early career in the Chiss Ascendancy, and the sorts of missions/conflicts he got involved in with the other races in the Chaos. It also explains a lot about the Chiss culture and society.

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thanks bro, been looking for vampire stuff

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Without spoiling too much, It covers Thrawn's background and his early career in the Chiss Ascendancy, and the sorts of missions/conflicts he got involved in with the other races in the Chaos. So, it does go a bit in-depth about the Chiss culture and society. Still don't know if you're interested.

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Is this the best series of all time?

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Is there a lot world building or just a surface level world building with everything else being focused solely on Thrawn?

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Anon, you should decide whether or not you want to read it. Anyways, I have to sleep so that'll be it for me.

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Yes. I recommend everyone to read Sarah’s books. They are ipso facto sffg canon. If you haven’t read the books you will miss most of the relevant discussion going on here.

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Just pick any of these authors’ books and you are fine:
>Octavia E. Butler
>Patricia Briggs
>J. Elle
>Deborah Falaye

They are all highly rated best selling authors whose books will be on the shelves for the next two centuries.

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I think you'd like Red Queen's War more. No edgy teenager protagonist. It's actually downright funny, and I think Lawrence missed his calling as a humorist rather than a YA writer.

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you would have more FUN reading Sarah than dreadful Bikker

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>female literature

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You need to be 18 to post here.

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You don’t have to be able to recognise serious post from deliberate misleads to post here.

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both are low quality posts, they should all be purged

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Sarah is FUN
Bakker is not
no matter how you look at it, even if Bakker is complex and has philosophy and big cocks in his novels, he is not FUN and its a fact

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But I like my skin spy futa. J Maas simply doesn’t have it.

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>Rent free

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Futa lovers

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>omg there is HECKING RAPE!

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Bakker made Inchoroi be violent rapists in such a scale to portray the evil-apparents as despicable and revolting, to portray evil as something cruel and non relatable.

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>look at these miserable poor people
>everything smells like shit and everyone is sweaty
>[female love interest] has fucked other people and/or is unfaithful
>everything is terrible and smells bad
why is modern fantasy like this?

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>Bakker made Inchoroi be violent rapists in such a scale to portray the evil-apparents as despicable and revolting, to portray evil as something cruel and non relatable.

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The Inchoroi had completely rational, understandable motivations.

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>The Inchoroi had completely rational, understandable motivations.

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Because it's hard to be a god

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What is it about Bakker that inspires such seething? I've never read his stuff

>> No.18812738

Yes but they were also hard wired to get pleasure from violence and be complete rape maniacs. They could have achieved the system resumption without all the black seed. But I guess there is a reason why the creators of Inchoroi were damned.

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You can’t even write properly.

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I read the first of the 4 books today, had fun with it. As a nerd it was very fun to figure out that Vancian casting was meant literally - magic in Dying Earth functions just like in early DnD, spellslots and all. It gave Gygax the idea.

At the end of the book the short stories became a bit stale, since they all had the same structure. The oddity of the setting made up for it however.
I heard book 2 and 3 are the best, stoked for those.

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they were designed that way so they would be super mega damned which would encourage them to achieve resumption

>> No.18812749

There are three types of people
1. Have read Bakker
2. Tried Bakker but got filtered
3. Have not read Bakker (You)

Usually it is a clash of 1. and 2. here. Counter signaling Bakker has always been a big cope.

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When did you start your hormone therapy?

>> No.18812756

>I don't read about gay sex novels
>I read GAY RAPE! it different

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Not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong.

>> No.18812762

Wouldn’t that make them more Ciphrang than regular damned? Like the way men of the ordeal outside Golgotterath were demons for the judging eye and cnaiur was a prince of hell. I guess Inchoroi can’t be stronger souls?

>> No.18812763

I don’t mind have people like you in my novels.

>> No.18812766

I'm not easily filtered, I hope one day to join 1.

>> No.18812768

>I don’t mind have people like you in my novels.

>> No.18812769

Would you like to recommend us a book? Many people like to bash Bakker but they rarely give an alternative.

>> No.18812773

will sonmeone help me find a pirated copy of dune i would like to read it but ican't find how to get it

>> No.18812774

I never understood why the Inchoroi have souls to begin with.

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>> No.18812777

>sffg when the book doesn't have gay sex!

>> No.18812782

Can’t be dammed if you don’t have a soul, guess it was imperative for them to have a soul to accomplish the mission, or at least have a good reason for it. I wonder how they managed to give them souls. There was even a skin spy with a soul.

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>> No.18812791

>when you read all bakker books and want more

>> No.18812797

fyi, bakker is good and thoroughly engaging but the books are unfinished and will probably always remain so. read at your own risk

>> No.18812808

This wouldn't be a first.

>> No.18812817

TUC ending works find as an ending to the series

>> No.18812818

>But I guess there is a reason why the creators of Inchoroi were damned.
I'm not sure if reason is needed. From what I got gods don't even bother with judgement in there, they just look if soul in question checks boxes or not and dispose of it accordingly. They won't give a fuck if for example you were good man in life and saved thousands of people from getting raped dismembered and devoured (in any order) by alien rape constructs whom you killed them with magic that was forced on you by School when you were kid, you used magic so into the pit you go. Creators of inchoroi probably brought that upon themselves simply by not worshiping gods. Inchoroi don't really seem to have full free will since they're basically biological weapons, but they are subject to full responsibility nonetheless.

>> No.18812823

>black seed

>> No.18812826

You could also stop after TTT if you wanted.

>> No.18812837

i agree sort of. if bakker died or got into an accident that gave him brain damage, i'd champion this position. as it is, it feels like a canceled tv-series' unintended ending that sort of works, like mortal kombat conquest.

>> No.18812855

When I was reading I didn't know that there is supposed to be part 3. It was kinda funny since I expected shit to be wrapped up instead of what happened. Although I guess if you know that there will be part 3 you would expect something like that.

>> No.18812928

I once again ask, is there any Bakkerchad living in Canada? Go to Ontario and track down Bakker and demand answers regarding the No-God series. I want to know if there is any hope for it.

>> No.18812934

Does Bakker have fat cheeks though?

>> No.18812935

>The Progenitors are modern humans… in other words, they are us.

>> No.18812940

I thought Ender's Game was fantastic and Terry Pratchett is fun as well.

>> No.18812942

Not a week goes by I that I don't miss Sir Terry

>> No.18812944

From what I’ve heard, he’s living on a booby-trapped prepper compound on a tobacco farm in rural Ontario. Intruders not welcome and will be dealt with accordingly.

In my opinion, what Scott truly needs is a really good therapist.

>> No.18812953

you can grow tobacco in canada? seriously? fuck me everything i thought i knew about agriculture has been a lie can you grow olives and oranges too then?

>> No.18812958

I'm looking at publication dates of TSA books and so far there is no reason to suspect anything it wrong or speak of any hiatus for at least couple more years. Is there anything I don't know that gives a reason to panic?

>> No.18812964

he’s become akka in TJE. crazy old man alone in his tower, scaring off intruders with impressive pyrotechnic displays.
stepdaughtercest when?

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>> No.18812989

>There’s only 1-2 Bakkerfags and they always try to force discussion.

>> No.18812999

You know what would improve Sanderson's writing? Gay rape. Imagine if a koloss just grabbed Elend and gave him some of that gigantic schlong with the ruptured skin hanging off of it

>> No.18813004

>Try this great book by [female "author"]

>> No.18813005

>Imagine if a koloss just grabbed Elend and gave him some of that gigantic schlong with the ruptured skin hanging off of it
Was für ein Elend

>> No.18813008

Does Bakker even have a PO Box? I want to send him beer.

>> No.18813010

Can you elaborate this? Afaik there is no publication date for TNG series

>> No.18813012

I see the summer holidays have begun going by the number of autistic school kids posting at the moment.

>> No.18813018

>Does Bakker even have a PO Box? I want to send him beer.

>> No.18813026

I don't speak German

>> No.18813035

Elend means misery.

>> No.18813043

pretty word, unlike most german words. why did you give it such a rotten meaning?

>> No.18813046

>I see the summer holidays have begun going by the number of autistic school kids posting at the moment.

>> No.18813058

What's there to elaborate, there was maximum 5 years between books, generally 2-3. Add to that part 3 requiring more thoughtful work since it supposed to conclude everything, and possibly him working slower due to being tired of writing. Unless there are some other clues so far there is no reason to think he went grrm route yet.

>> No.18813070

>hasn’t updated his blog in a year and a half
>has completely cut off all contact with the outside world

>> No.18813087

It's not rape if you mind rape them into giving consent.

>> No.18813097

He needs to be force fed the ashes of a Nonmen king until he finishes

>> No.18813109

>when the new book doesn't have enough rape

>> No.18813113

I hope this means he is writing TNG and it’s not for example dead

>> No.18813118

Would a man really do that? Just give up on their lives' work?

>> No.18813123

>when rape is illegal in real life

>> No.18813124

If he's not dead or otherwise incapacitated, then maybe he decided to immerse himself in work, or one can at least hope for that. On other hand if he was constantly in public eye doing various irrelevant shit, that would have made it certain how bad situation it

>> No.18813125

Do NOT give me hope. The dread from the No-God encompasses me.

>> No.18813141

The fucking state of that thread

>> No.18813143

He had a major falling out with his publisher and didn't have an editor for his last two books (which shows). His books are now out of print and slowly disappear from the market as the last stock is sold.

He got into a fight with some feminist about his problematic portrayal of women (which is not any worse than what you see in your average beloved YA novel but I guess people hold him to higher standards than the morons who write those books). The outcome was bitterness on his side and a massive loss if prestige in the eyes of the fantasy community.

I also read he sperged out at his fanbase, but I don't know the details of that. He left the internet before I started to read his books.

From his writings and general behaviour it's clear that he's a deeply troubled and insecure person who can't cope with criticism of any kind, which is somewhat surprising considering how insightful his characterisation is.

>> No.18813148

Thanks for the rec, the book has so far been enjoyable. Looking forward to more of her work.

>> No.18813156

>Strong in intellect, but weak in spirit.

>> No.18813162

>when the book doesn't have gay rape anal style with fat throbbing cocks

>> No.18813169

He should just make a Patreon. He'd probably get more money that way anyway.

>> No.18813179

His ego won't let him. He's an Akka that thinks he's part Khellus.

>> No.18813180

recommend books with gay anal sex

>> No.18813184

The Second Apocalypse by R. Scott Bakker

>> No.18813185

The Darkness That Cooms Before

>> No.18813192

120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade. It's technically science fiction.

>> No.18813193

Disciple of The Cock

>> No.18813201

The Unholy Cock and Balls

>> No.18813207

>I love when books use gay rape to show how based it is

>> No.18813237

>His ego won't let him. He's an Akka that thinks he's part Khellus.
Ironic considering Kellhus didn't seem to have any ego at all for majority of the story, just single-minded focus on what he had to do, and started expressing one only at the very end when he went through trouble of recovering his wife whom he originally intended to throw under the bus exactly like millions of other people.

>> No.18813337

A reminder that Bakker is a literal p-zombie

>> No.18813368

Dont forget, you can check here
If you really want to avoid sexual violence in sff books

>> No.18813376

>I want my books WITH sexual violence

>> No.18813381

Damn dude I wanted to read the first Drizzt trilogy again since it was what got me into fantasy like 15 years ago. Maybe I should just leave it alone and remember it for what it was to me at the time.

>> No.18813409

i disagree, felt like he ran out of pages and told "hey you have to wrap it up in the next 3 pages GO"

>> No.18813421

The Silmarillion

>> No.18813426

I read the first books of it a few years ago. I found it pretty vanilla and boring. Does it get better? Would I be able to pick up the second or should I reread the first.

I enjoyed his first series even though yes it was a bit edgy in the beginning. But it was high T and that seems somehow kinda rare in the genre.

>> No.18813484

You fuckers never told me this. I already started the first book reeeee

>> No.18813513

wait till you find out the second book is nothing but gay sex and rape

>> No.18813567

sorry anon
i try to spread the word about the books' incompleteness every time i'm here but due to a paranoid and autistic fear of spoilers, i only open this thread while i'm between books/series.

>> No.18813601

It is not unfinished. It has an ending but all these autists screech because not everything is explained thoroughly. The first trilogy also has a decent ending.

Even if you see the ending as incomplete, reading the series is worth it.

>> No.18813630

that's a cope anon. i'm sorry. i like bakker, but that's a cope. there would be no controversy and no need for insults, arguments and repartee if it was actually finished in actuality.

>> No.18813646

These days I've just been reading comics, I feel like I haven't found anything that really grabbed me since the Dahak Trilogy.

I'm so bored bros.

>> No.18813668

Read pic related when the translation releases in two weeks.

>> No.18813782

>For me? It's R Scott Bakker. Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.

>> No.18813994

>Lost count of how many weeks it is since the release of Miles/Christian Cameron's new books and still not on mobilism or b.ok
I dont buy books but fuck me it must be 6/7 weeks by now.

>> No.18814104

so just buy and upload them yourself for once. or stop trying to read books so obscure nobody even pirates them

>> No.18814157


>> No.18814310

Likely obsessive samefag.
Rent fucking free, nigger.

>> No.18814324

Give me your best audiobooks to listen while biking. Already did malazan and WOT.

>> No.18814351

I can't listen to audiobooks or even music while I'm biking, I get too paranoid about paying attention to traffic. Plus the wind and engine noise would drown it all out anyway.

>> No.18814390

Do Bakker books really have gay rape?

>> No.18814397

I only do it when I'm biking on the hometrainer.

>> No.18814436

Yes, rape in general is thematic to his oeuvre.

>> No.18814466

Two instances of gay man on boy rape in the first 3 chapters. Dude is damaged.

>> No.18814490

I don’t understand how making a critique against the Catholic Church makes him damaged.

>> No.18814627

What's it about?

>> No.18814652

Only if she's actually a dragon. Miss me with that "human form" shit.

>> No.18814658


>> No.18814676

Child sexual assault is something like 5-10x more likely to occur in the public school system than the Catholic Church. You’ve been lied to your entire life. The state is the enemy of the people. I’ve never read Bakker tho, seems kinda gay.

>> No.18814687

Sounds like the kind of thing a Catholic would say.

>> No.18814688

>Since time immemorial, warriors called musha have ruled the battlefield, granted supernatural power by their enchanted suits of armor - tsurugi.

>Minato Kageaki is one such musha, driven by duty to don his crimson armor and challenge the greatest evils of an age. But though madmen and tyrants fall to his blade, never will he claim that his battle is right.

>For the tsurugi he wields is cursed Muramasa, which five centuries ago brought ruin to the land, and innocent blood is the price it demands in exchange for its terrible might.

>"Where there are demons, I slay them. Where there are saints, I slay them."

>These words are an oath, the unbreakable Law binding him to his armor. But they also tell the story of his past, and of the future to come.

Alright, I'll buy this. The art is decent as well.

>> No.18814707

The soundtrack is good, too.

>> No.18814714

I’m not even catholic, nor do I support the Catholic Church (it’s origins are literally fake, the Eastern Orthodox Church is the “true” heir of Peter). I just know who my enemies are.

>> No.18814735

The point where you start defending an organization that hides pedophilia you have taken a few steps too many down the wrong path.

>> No.18814740

You would know.

>> No.18814742

An impressive song

>> No.18814776

Hopefully it doesn't cost too much. It's long as fuck and took several years to translate.

>> No.18814787

>t. Public school teachers

>> No.18814797

I see, so it's okay for you guys to do it if the other guys do it too.

>> No.18814801

I just hope the translation is good.

>> No.18814835

It's by Makoto, who is the best translator working in the VN industry. The author wrote another game, Hanachirasu, which is kind of like a prototype for Muramasa. Makoto translated that as well, so you can check it out if you want. He also translated Saya no Uta and Kikokugai.

>> No.18814854

We accept your defeat.

>> No.18814931


>> No.18814938

Bakker more like gay rape

>> No.18814945

Bakker more like back dat ass up

>> No.18814971

I liked when Cnaiur woke up after ass-raping Conphas and had shit on his cock.

>> No.18814974

Lol, Bakker more like back at it again with that gay rape

>> No.18815001

I don’t defend them. They’re evil. But the state is far worse.

>> No.18815002

I like it when Gay scat

>> No.18815022

Newfag here, and just finished pic related. what’s the consensus on this board?

>> No.18815071

First half is great but second one is just horrible. How the fuck would you even go from multiple different well developed character stories interacting with each other and converging into single picture to some basic premise of cardboard self insert protag chasing after his mary sue anime waifu. It feels like he might have outsourced second half to someone.

>> No.18815074


>> No.18815099

>/sffg/ – Science Fiction and Fantasy General

>> No.18815112

>/sffag/ - Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Anime General

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>> No.18815140


>> No.18815142

>/sffagboi/ - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Genre, Bakker, Onions, and Isekai General

>> No.18815157

He used to come here and post sometimes but it seems his fragile ego got filtered by the bantz and he left. Shame, his posts were pretty high quality.

>> No.18815310

>so just buy and upload them yourself for once. or stop trying to read books so obscure nobody even pirates them
I cant on principle.

>> No.18815317

Then stop bitching about it.

>> No.18815338


>> No.18815408

What's the problem with buying books from a living author, exactly?

>> No.18815426

I prefer a book store or Amazon.

>> No.18815746

Did any of you read red rising?

>> No.18815803

Yes, several people mentioned they have.

>> No.18815807

There are posts about it at the end of the last thread.

>> No.18815822


So, I saw this thread.
I did a reverse image search, as shown in this post >>18815742
Which led to
and from there to

Hugh Howey is doing the sci-fi version of "Mark Lawrence has been organizing a contest known as the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off." I don't really either author's works really, but it's a nice thing to do.

The pie includes a lot. There's even LitRPG and Cultivation. I assume those are going to be filtered, the word he uses, very quickly by the reviewers as the go through their assigned slush piles.

>> No.18815928

>no sword and sorcery
kill yourself faggot

>> No.18815959

Based samefag triggering the bakker trannys

>> No.18815998

>tons of hair splitting for different sci-fi genres
>just "fantasy"

>> No.18816001

Yeah how does it literally not have any S&S?

>> No.18816020

How is it that the gay shit slice doesn't take up the entire pie?

>> No.18816052

Is there a market for just writing a book that is all worldbuilding? A sort of encyclopedia thing but it's written in a way like Herodotus and stuff so it can have an unreliable narrator thing going on?

>> No.18816067

People only care about worldbuilding when it's either their world or the world of stories they've somehow gotten invested in.

>> No.18816113

El Semielfo...

>> No.18816210

So I started Dune on Friday and today I got through to God Emperor of Dune

Are there any other books that are like this series? I don't care the setting whether its sci fi or fantasy.

>> No.18816284

Isn't that like a million words reaf in a weekend? Were you up all night on meth?

>> No.18816300

>Were you up all night on meth?

I have excessive daytime sleepiness, I've recently been prescribed a pseudo stimulant called sunosi, so in a way yes.

I also haven't been able to read anything for years because of my issue, as I would doze off trying to read anything, so now I actually feel capable of reading stuff and im catching up on shit I couldn't read before.

>> No.18816336

That’s awesome dude congrats.

>> No.18816356

what the fuck did americans do to this general

>> No.18816387

Wow that's life changing man, congrats! Definitely look into vitamin D too if haven't already, Mercola had some stuff on that which helped someone in my family a lot.

In terms of Dune level length/worldbuilding which is what I assume you mean by Dune-like, I would consider Game of Thrones even though it's cool to bash it now and Martin's fat ass is gonna die without finishing it, it's still a damn fun ride.

>> No.18816472

>is better than la morte de arthur

>> No.18816532

Is the Cosmere worth reading?

>> No.18816549


>> No.18816649

No. It’s trash, unironically.

>> No.18816655

Yeah, its pretty alright.

>> No.18816659

That is literally what the entire mainstream market is. Why do you think that faggot Sanderson is so popular? Autistic Mormon world-building that retards lap up like it's cat nip.

>> No.18816662

This pie chart sums up everything wrong with literary fiction.

>> No.18816717

I don’t get the end of Bakker or what the fuck happened but I enjoyed it anyway - what I think happened is

>other Dunyain plan to kill everyone so no souls to feed to the gods - starve gods out then no one goes to hell (except almost everyone that’s ever lived beforehand)

>big dick Kellhus thinks nah I’ll just mog the gods but maybe becomes possessed by one?

> Cnair does so much evil shit in his life he is now a living embodiment of hell and likely will enjoy his time there

Is that right?

Dunno what the fuck to read next just finished a Lonesome Night in October was good, maybe Riryia Revelations for some comfy bromance

>> No.18816750

It's the same fucking question every fucking thread.

>> No.18816795

>wheel of time
Is it worth getting in to? A series that long seems pretty daunting.

>> No.18816815


>> No.18816841

Is any of this chink shit actually good? I mean for fantasy novel standards.

>> No.18816847

It's pretty so and so, but you'll be entertain by it.

>> No.18816871

>you'll be entertain
The "grammar" speaks for itself. Typical LN "prose" is similarly machine-translated, nigh-illegible garbage. I have yet to see a chinkshit posted here with anything resembling quality prose.

>> No.18816881


>> No.18816893

Way of Choices

>> No.18816933

It’s horrible.

>> No.18816936

YA trash.

>> No.18816945

Yeah, it's worth reading.

>> No.18816951

Read Bakker instead.

>> No.18816961

It’s so easy to detect your same fag posts.

>> No.18816990

Yeah, it is, I enjoyed reading it. Was thinking of getting Arcanum Unbounded: The cosmere collection.

>> No.18817006

books with girlfriends

>> No.18817013

It’s on the same level of the Twilight novels.

>> No.18817023

Is it worth spending hundreds of dollars on boring never ending interlocking stories filled with fodder for the sake of it? Not worth your time, even if you’re into young adult shit.

>> No.18817024

Yeah, it’s great, it even filtered out retards.

>> No.18817032

How so?

>> No.18817034

Yeah, if you’re into plot holes.

>> No.18817059

Yeah, if you got filtered by Bakker.

>> No.18817138

Is this Game of Thrones but better?

>> No.18817170

The first two are honestly my highest recommendations for getting into Sci Fi. There's just so much cool shit in it. The second two go way off the rails, and not in a good way.

>> No.18817185

/sffg/, I had an idea for a comedic fantasy/horror novel that feels like a mel brooks movie

Vic Frankenstein is a beleaguered jewish med school student who can't catch a break. The hours are endless, his patients keep dying, he hasn't slept in a week, he doesn't have the looks or time for dating, and his mother won't stop nagging him to finish his degree and get give her some grandchildren. However, when his mother is given a year to live, Vic snaps and assembles a bride for himself out of bodies in the morgue. It's only as she comes to life that he realizes he's created something far worse than a monster he's created his mother

>> No.18817186

Just finished the second part of this. Does it pick up? I'm a fan of the tone and themes but the second part was quite confusing to me.

>> No.18817205

There is literally none

>> No.18817315


>> No.18817321


>> No.18817329

>Implying an ESL like you knows.
I like Sanderson, and you’re wrong.

>> No.18817455


>> No.18817473

Sanderson is transalted to a plethora of languages, including mine.

>> No.18817520


>> No.18817525

Now we know why Bakker filtered you.

>> No.18817534

>reading translations

>> No.18817541

We Reddit now.

>> No.18817547

Bakker is translated to spanish chud

>> No.18817564

Didn’t know that “Spanish Chud” was a language. Is that retarded Spanish for people like you?

>> No.18817570


>> No.18817608

put that frickin' Bakker book down right now

>> No.18817617

You have your own language?

>> No.18817623


>> No.18817627


>> No.18817659

>Samefag seethe-posts about Bakker ~40 times in a row.
>Suddenly Sanderson is being discussed.

>> No.18817664

kek. I bet Danny deVito would make a Netflix outta that if someone ran it by him. The MC would have to be Tyrese Frankenson though.

>> No.18817684

kellhus's plan was to go there and be possessed by ajokli so he could btfo the 100 skin spies with chorae he otherwise would have been mogged by but his retard son distracted him and got him killed

then ajokli was pissed off and possessed gnauir

>> No.18817694


>> No.18817723

I finished TUC today and I have to say that the ending as not satisfying as other people seemed to claim here. Not because of what happened, but clearly because this is not the intended to be the last book. A lot of loose ends.

I can only hope that we see the rest of the books.

>> No.18817742

The affirmative answer in Spanish is written "sí". Without the accent mark, what you're using is a conditional conjunction equivalent to the English "if". I would have given you a pass on reading translations but it seems you don't even have a proper grasp on your own language.

>> No.18817748


>> No.18817749

Sandersoys absolutely and irrevocably BTFO

>> No.18817790

You guys dont even have tildes wtf

>> No.18817796

We accept your surrender.

>> No.18817861

Yeah bro, you totally "destroyed" me, and "won" this 4channel discussion

>> No.18817877


>> No.18817885


>> No.18817943

Thats what i said

>> No.18817951

I admited my "deafeat"

>> No.18817991

the world famous canadian wines

>> No.18818039

icewine is good shit

>> No.18818090

>> No.18818111

please just

>> No.18818165

Yes, after Bakkerfags get told to fuck off enough times they switch to posting about Sanderson because they have autism and can't understand they're both shit.

>> No.18818550

So do any of these brorotica authors actually go the full distance and have sister/mother characters?

>> No.18818628

Reverend insanity and legend of the great sage are good. The rest is all mostly shit though.

>> No.18818684

You talking about incest?

>> No.18818690

Of course anon is. Those books are all full of "step-mom" and "step-sis" probably for the same reasons the porn sites are. To comply with some US laws or regulations.

>> No.18818708

Pretty sure incest in books aren't subject to laws? Outside of Sellers like amazon refusing to house them.

>> No.18818724

Why does Bakker cause so much butthurt here? Just started the first book the other day

>> No.18818727

It also doesn’t make sense since fantasy has some incest relationship. Not to mention the amount of incest there is in literary fiction.

>> No.18818732

Several fantasy series have incest relationship.

>> No.18818747

> Amazon
That's what I meant by regulations. Smut is fine with them but they won't sell stuff like incest, bestiality etc.

>> No.18818751

I mean, you can get a small publishing company to do it for you, or you can just make your own website to house it, or use royal road, though I don't know their TOS.

>> No.18818761

They have a thing about it being portrayed in a positive light.

>> No.18818766

Pretty sure they’ve even starting restricting racial porn.

>> No.18818780

Explain because I'm confused as fuck.

>> No.18818788

That shit is so hypocritical, I don’t know why people even tolerate that shit when there’s websites that are willing to host smut stories like literotica.

>> No.18818793

They are a business. The do not want stories in the media about them selling incest porn featuring 14 year olds.

>> No.18818797

Pretty sure all the smut on Amazon are 18 and above, so I don't know why they can't do the same with the incest.

>> No.18818801

Pretty sure no site, even normal smut sites allow underage shit, so I don’t know why you brought it up.

>> No.18818806

>incest porn featuring 14 year olds.
Nigger, ain't no one here wants that. what's wrong with two grown as adults, that are related, to have sex? Shit, Amazon allows worse like rape and yet they don't allow incest?

>> No.18818814

I actually know a few authors from literotica that went to amazon. Don't know if they're successful, since I stumble on two of them by complete accident.

>> No.18818815

yeah the spells thing jumped out at me
and books two and 3 would be the cugel saga, i thought they were the most entertaining too. cugel is a hilarious character. the last book was also good. idk if you'll enjoy them as much if the samey structure bothers you though. good thing about these books is you can drop them and pick them up at any time, it's not really a plotfag series

>> No.18818817

Some comics site do, but we ignore those.

>> No.18818818

> what's wrong with two grown as adults, that are related, to have sex?
bruh there is something you need to know ...

>> No.18818821

>jumped out at me
at me too*

>> No.18818823

If they allow young women and older male, they can allow incest.

>> No.18818829

The creepy part is that those stories is that the men groom the women.

>> No.18818833

It’s fictional, and not reality.

>> No.18818835

He filters women, jews and sandersois, and those demographics make up ninety percent of /lit/

>> No.18818841

New thread

>> No.18818843

Hows it going Chris? Do they allow you to post from jail?

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