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I feel like posting more racebait threads.

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What's with all the DBZ? Answer me, WWoYMfag.

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https://voca.ro/18FjRPdnA3eQ :3

Butterfly needs to step up

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I'm not an animefag but Dragon Ball is simply too aesthetic, the rest of the series is a downgrade in my opinion.

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you're on an anime website, the last thing you should be ashamed of admitting is liking anime

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شَرَكُ الْقُلُوبِ وَفِتْنَةٌ مَا مِثْلُهَا ... لِلْمُسْتَهَامِ وَعُقْلَةُ الْمُسْتَوْفِزِ
xoxo, Chi-Chi.

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Based and true

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Nothing delivered in caps has meaning

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recommend a book

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The Crossing

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Dragonball is okay.

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I'm not saying I don't like it, I'm just wondering why the last 100 threads all had DBZ gifs for the OP.

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I wish Toriyama would have established more how badass the RR army was. They kind of just get fucked up by Son Goku and that's it.
Tao does not count

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Maybe the op is still the anti anime autist but he's swung to the other side, and because he's still autistic, he's only into Dragonball now. It's even better if he's only into Z imo.

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too tired to read but I had enough "rest". wish a giant rock would fall on my head to spare me having to kms.

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that's what audiobooks are for.

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Just read stories of caretakers of dementia patients online and it broke me.

I can't make peace with the terror that comes at the extremes of human suffering. I used to be content with life until these thoughts came to me recently.

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I can make peace with the platonic Forms but I cannot make peace with Eden or with Heaven. I can only understand perfection as the contraction of the muscle of perception. I cannot understand it as real. I cannot imagine that we came from perfection, or that we will go to it, only that we contain it.

I cannot imagine the past or the future. I cannot attain the Forms.

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im so tired. i dont even need to smoke weed right now, i guess im just going to out of habit. im so tired.

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Extreme suffering behind closed doors. There exists unfathomable evil which we rarely hear about.
Weed is a meme drug and giving it a break is good or even quitting if you are tired of it. As soon as you smoke weed your entire day goes to shit and it also kills your memory. I have nearly no memories of being younger.
t.old 420lmaofag

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The next conjunction for you is
αὐτονομία. Self-law.

I hope this helps. God sent it to you.

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It's been almost 3 years, but I still can't get over my friend's suicide. It's always there in the back of my mind, plaguing all of my thoughts and all of my senses. I had always seen so much of myself in him, no doubt the reason for the terminal gloom and dejectedness and fear that I feel. When I first heard the news of his death, I reflexively wondered, 'why?'. This instinct of mine caught me by surprise, I'd thought I lost it. Now I try to cling to that, 'why?' and whatever reflexes caused me to question his decision, because it means I understand, or at least understood, on some level that living is preferable to death. And I try desperately to elicit and flex those instincts which prompted me to ask, 'why?', but I worry I worry I'm on a trajectory where the answer appears to me as easily as I first begged the question.

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Just got in from a first date. It went tremendously. We connect and communicate really well, we had a lot of fun, and she encouraged my publicly acceptable kissing and touching on her. Took her to a nice dinner, bought us a couple hours on a lane at the bowling alley, then I gave her flowers, six red and six pink roses, before holding her hand and kissing her for a few minutes then saying goodnight. Gave her a bag of treats to give to her cat, too. She seemed super into me before and I'm pretty sure I just fucking slayed. Also she's fucking beautiful and incredibly smart and sweet.
Gonna go the speed limit on this and treat her like gold because wow, she's one of the few keepers out there.

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ironically the only years i can remember (very well) are the last 5 which have been my weed smoking years.
but yea im going to take a break again soon, getting high has gotten boring again and i dont like it when it gets boring.
congrats brother

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Just thinking logically, I think I should try to get rid of my Japanophilia and Orientalism.

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How good is your nip?

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Intermediate. I’ve not been learning for very long.

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how long have you been learning for? because idve thought to be intermediate you'd have to have been learning for a long time

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It's past midnight and I'm watching a beautiful girl virtually lick my ears. She's really sweet when she speaks to her audience of loser guys. Oh the times, they are a'changin'.

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What is wrong with me? I wouldn't settle with anything. Why do I have to be unsatisfied with everything? I can't even dream, because as soon as I start dreaming about something, I don't want to dream it anymore. This unrest is so annoying, I can't feel like sticking to anything.

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Even if I had everything, I would just ruin everything, because I can't feel at ease with anything.

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I hate my voice so much

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Maybe is that I need things missing in my life.

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My God do I miss opium. You haven’t lived until you’ve smoked opium under the stars friends.

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I don't do drugs anymore, but I doubt it is better than LSD.

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It’s a different experience. Opium in the desert under the stars is like feeling the warmth of Gods creation rolling over you. Nothing but the vast expanse, interspersed with countless blazing fires. It can get borderline psychedelic if you smoke enough to have waking dreams.

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The /lit/ is shit and the shit is /lit/.

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dude thats poggers

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Dunno, sounds lame, I would rather try mescaline. But I don't do anything like that anymore, I'm somewhat dead I think. I'm >>18818552, I don't know what I want, and I don't want anything, as soon as I get something I don't want it anymore. I'm all fucked up.

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What is opium like? I'm very interesting in the early 20th century artists that dabbled. As a painter myself I am curious. Curious also that Picasso dabbled in and hosted opium parties and he lived until 91.

Mildly curious, though I am married, but an avid painter.

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The only thing that’s ever come close to opium was shrooms and the northern lights in the Arctic. But again, it was a different, less comfy, more awe inspiring.

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Yes, I'm doing my own thing, but it is not like I'm looking for any new sensations or feelings. I already got plenty of shit on that.

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Imagine all negative feelings and emotions and worries pushed out of your mind and replaced with a surge of euphoria and relaxation. It can be incredibly powerful. Once you develop a slight tolerance you can function quite well on it. Funnily enough, unlike weed which makes me want to be alone, opium was always conducive to a social atmosphere to me.

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Fellas, be grateful. The farthest I've gotten is high doses of thc edibles meditating in the Arrowhead canyons. Fine experiences, but totally feeling myself except very perceptive. I had hallucinations which I consider borderline. The furthest I got was hallucination fractals, which deeply influenced my theology.

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Have you ever tried hashish? I used to get dragged down by some weed types, but hashish would somewhat cheer me up.

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I HIGHLY recommend shrooms in natural settings. I like to do them with friends as other people help me stay grounded, which if you are going to be tripping in the wild. I’ve also had absolutely insane trips in the dark by myself on mushrooms. I would say I prefer tripping in nature, but I have done and enjoyed truly psychedelic trips in the darkness.

Seriously every person who is mentally stable should try a normal dose of shrooms in the dark to see what the mind is able to conjure into the reality of your perception.

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What's the "hangover" like? I'm mentally stable, in fact at the best time in my life so far. Slightly concerned about how it might discombobulate me. What if I took 2 weeks off work? I have access to shrooms. What would be a decent set up? Meditation for a few days at least?

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There isn’t really a hangover. There is an almost afterglow for the next day in my experience. Your mind still trying to process what you saw and experienced. The important thing is to remember that shrooms are extremely safe. You can’t OD, the worst that can happen is a bad trip, and that’s all about avoiding a negative headspace.
I would go for a 3.5g ( dry ) dose of shrooms for the first time. You can always try a large dose later. 3.5g is a snorkeling dose, you’re skimming on the edge and if you want you can put your head down into the water and observe, but you can also just pull yourself out at any time mentally speaking.
I don’t know about two weeks, that seems a bit excessive. Maybe 3 days off. Trip on night 1 and then take two days off to reflect.

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Thanks for the input. I'll now throw some shit in: I'm a recently converted Christian. Do you have any expectations for someone like me?

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Welcome! I was debating on whether or not to bring religion into this. I really think that praying to God prior to tripping will help you prepare your mind. It’s a very comforting thought to realize that everything you’re witnessing and experiencing is a part of Gods creation and it really puts your ego in place and can be almost humbling. You realize that there is truly and unequivocally a different way to perceive the universe. And this is just one example limited by our bodies.

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Thanks, man. I have two or three friends that have experience with shrooms. I'll consult about dosages and see where I go from there. I'm wondering if I should just go it bare in nature. Because I am inclined towards much writing and painting. Perhaps keep those on standby in case I insist. Though the last time I did high dose TCH I wandered in the woods and spoke with God, which is fine.

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What the hell is with all of the gnosticism threads? They weren't here just 24 hours ago and now all of /lit/'s getting shitted on with these threads

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i can't stop watching forensic files...

>> No.18818741

It's a psyop

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Crypto-Christianity, I guess. Christian impressionism, for those who don't want to commit to the judgment of Christ. Take that where you will, but that's my feeling.

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does anyone wanna be discord friends?
cupersat #6831
i like videogames and skateboarding. sometimes i read obok

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>you're on an anime website
That hasn't really been a relevant attribute of this website for years.
>the last thing you should be ashamed of admitting is liking anime
I'm not ashamed of admitting that I like Dragon Ball (that's literally what I did as a matter of fact). I was just noting that it's not a medium I normally consume (or really even enjoy) to qualify my opinion. It's like admitting you hate classical or don't listen to it before expressing how great of a classical composer you think Mozart is, I just feel compelled to do it.
Absolutely based. I loved the music from Dragon Ball (esp. the theme song). The Dragon Ball series has always had really good music but the '80s style is a special favorite of mine.

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You will never be a woman

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See, it's either some sorta discord-organized thing, or it's because people who were asleep during PST daylight hours have now woken up, and they're just shittier people on average. The quality of discussion across the entire board's shot straight down the past few hours

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I'm a male

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You're goddamn right, and you always will be.

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Fucking hell, not a single good thread up right now. Just a bunch of trash. This board is rotten and fetid.

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Do you think we can teach racoons to throw middle fingers?

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i have no money for more books so i will spend the day rewatching true detective season 1

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It's like being surrounded in memory foam made of love and happiness. The overdose scene in Trainspotting captures the feeling well, when he sinks into the carpet and gets blinkered and is still smiling. Opiates all feel like love, but it physically surrounds you and lifts you like how people normally paint god's love lifting people up or whatever. It's a very nice feeling and for people who haven't felt loved or their body without nagging pain, it's very easy to want to do it every few hours forever.

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>You can’t OD, the worst that can happen is a bad trip
Anon is being slightly misleading here because a lot of people puke. What kind of shrooms you're taking will also change the dose and effect, and they're not all equally harsh on the stomach so some of them are easier to keep down long enough to get the full effect. Puking is way more common than a bad trip.

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Just spent my last day at a job that I was at a whole year after HS graduation. The bittersweet goodbyes feel so natural and I'm happy about that feeling. I still wish I had the courage to talk to that one absurdly cute girl that worked there, oh well, hopefully, I'll learn from my cowardice.

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mans become a post-it note fag

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correction, /lit/ is the shit and the shit is /lit/

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dude you said you wanted this meeting, i shouldn't be having doubts about if it's even going to happen three hours out.
pretty sure he didn't really want the meeting, but he thought if i was too busy then he could use the excuse of "oh it would be done but anon didn't have that meeting with me so it's really anon that's the reason i don't have shit done". i have moved shit around, i've set everything up, and you're still on radio silence since you suggested the time and i told you i could make it work. why the fuck would you pull shit like this?

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bizarrely low amount of posts at this time of day, is this board really that burger-heavy

>> No.18819683

And the quality of the posts are higher too. I usually just log off when burgers wake up.

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i wannafukcinh eat im hungry

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>sit to meditate
>end up thinking extensively on how I should have done things differently with the girl I was madly in love with throughout middle school
>feel a lot of feelings about how things went wrong
>this was 15+ years ago
is this what diving in previous lives is like?

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to add to this, I have been trying to masturbate less and handle the horniness through mindfulness on the bodily experience of horniness (I think it's really the mental component of horniness that is difficult to endure, if you focus on the bodily sensation it's not too bad). So I was basically breathing into what it means to be horny for me, and into how I learned how to contextualize the feelings that constitute horniness, how I learned to take them to be horniness. It is not surprising if my understanding of horniness took form with this girl.

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I have some percocet, how much do I need to do to really get a good buzz going? Did 15 mg and it was boring, I just kinda felt vaguely nice for a couple hours

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/lit/ has been into gnosticism for years

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Moby Dick is really bad. The prose is fun but there's nothing under the hood.

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I decided to embrace my latent faggotry and got a boyfriend. It's a lot better than dealing with women but I a lot of people hate fags. I also hate fags but I am one u feel me. I get episodes of derealization when I look in the mirror

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Moby Dick is wasted on you, piss gargler

>> No.18820343

How is it that literally nobody has been able to compete with the Greeks after all this time? Their stories just mog every attempt before and after.

>> No.18820344

just be regular gay without the flaming

>> No.18820384


Did you somehow entirely miss the fact that the entire "novel" is a sarcastic morality play in mocking criticism of monotheism?

>> No.18820389

I'm a regular heterosexual fag but my bf is visibly gayer than me. We get assaulted and harrassed often if we stand too close in public

>> No.18820392

Not that anon, but do drop it, you don't get it, and it's wasted on you.

>> No.18820396

you're dead wrong, read the Whiteness of the Whale again

>> No.18820399

fml this motherfucker confirmed the meeting ten minutes before time and spent a fucking hour explaining how he hasn't done anything for weeks.

>> No.18820485

I wanna make a manga about this fat otaku who has to come out of his comfort zone to make ends meet by working in a convenience store. He meets a girl and slowly starts forming a friendship. Slowly he starts to come out of his shell and realizes that it's not his hobbies that's pushing him away from others but his attitude.

>> No.18820501


It is parody. Like I said.. the prose is fun but the theology is too blatantly sarcastic to be thought provoking.

>> No.18820530

do you live in eastern europe?

>> No.18820946

is this a fantasy land 'that would be cool if I did that', or will you actually act on your impulse?

>> No.18820956

god damn
this is some good fucking vacation time
tom segura is pretty based
raw sunline coming in through the open balcony-door hitting my bare chest and face
in bed
nowhere to go
but gonna go swim in a river in an hour or so
god damn
I've been off work for a long time now but today is the first day I truly feel free

>> No.18820983

mother is arguing with her husband
both are financially illiterate, with multiple high or very high interest rate loans
idk how to help her

>> No.18821009

Do your thing, let them figure out that. That is part of what being an adult is supposed to be about.

>> No.18821021

in my country it can happen that public libraries organize some kind of "help people sort their shit out"-service. I think you book an appointment and it's supposed to be free, just as a public service. maybe there are programmes like that? i'm in socialist scandinavia

>> No.18821022

~cue music

>> No.18821031

It's fairly gross when someone falls in love.
When the part of them that thinks critically dies it's like a light has gone out behind their eyes.
I just want a good buddy.

>> No.18821073

USA, no programs like that around
I come from trailer trash in the poverty and crime-laden south
my grandmother wore a potato sack dress to school

>> No.18821099

Fuck, read something about it them, do you have spare time to learn about it and help her sort that shit out? Do you know regular math? Logarithms?

>> No.18821105

Also, I'm not completely aware of how it works in the USA, but depending on how 'fucked' this whole thing is, she can negotiate her debt at the bank.

>> No.18821119

i'm 27 and gainfully employed, AMA

>> No.18821158

ill beat them ill fucking beat them. i cant stand it anymore i want to cry when i see them why are they like this? do they not know what they are doing to this family? fucking children i hate the internet and what they did to my sisters. staring into tiktok, memes and other garbage. they dont even have friends. every time she says something back at me i want to pulverize her face, give her a slam on the face for even thinking shes smarter than me stupid fucker smartass.
i dont want to beat them, i really dont, but if they dont wake up soon and i mean fucking soon, im going to start beating them regularly until they pick up a hobby and leave their phones for a small past time.

>> No.18821168

this whole fucking place is rotten and fetid i dont want to be here i have shit to do

>> No.18821171

a teenage kurosawa?

>> No.18821215

2 1/2 hrs of non-stop walking and 2 meals a day yet somehow my body is still absolutely repulsive.

>> No.18821223

KEK why are you mad? You browse 4chan, anon. Thank God that they are browsing tiktok.

>> No.18821233

yes, I am competent mathematically and know a bit about finance
I have sent her a chart on how to create a budget and approach debt, but I doubt she will look into it
the solution they are considering now is selling a car (has an average interest loan, nearly paid off) to pay off a car (has a high interest loan and is worth less than the loan), then get another high interest car loan

>> No.18821237

they dont even acknowledge my presence anymore, they refuse to talk to me only between themselves. its like im a ghost. i cant do this anymore, im going to cry any minute, ive lost it

>> No.18821248

yes but i have interests, i do something in my free time. i only go on 4chan before sleep or in these occasions to vent

>> No.18821258

A /biz/ chart? If they are illiterate, you will probably have to do yourself. Talk to your mom, anon. Don't send charts, ffs.

>> No.18821282

do you enjoy your days?

>> No.18821347

In ancient Athens, when Socrates believed in the pursuit of truth as the noblest pursuit of man, and other men believed in the political, or the arts, I believe it is important to remember the slave. Imagine what a slave would have said, if you asked: "Which of your master's pursuits astonishes you the most? The pursuit of truth? The pursuit of power or beauty?" He might have said this: "The most astonishing of my master's pursuits is his pursuit of the modern man's lifestyle in the West: to exist in a permanent, contented, idle state. I am astonished, because none of the other pursuits is as far removed from my life as this."

>> No.18821357

a reddit chart
I will explain things the best I can, but people do not end up in these situations by making good decisions
hell, I'm still digging myself out of growing up that way

>> No.18821367

They probably weren't expecting this covid shit.

>> No.18821386

There is no god but God, but I can't decide yet whether or not he's a Trinity and who was Jesus exactly

>> No.18821392

what is truth?

>> No.18821397

yes, because the money is good and that buys me liquor.

>> No.18821404

Chi-Chi is fucking hot

>> No.18821422

Jessus was a carpenter failed rabbi.

The trinity was another Greek borrow fyi.
There are no goddesses but Artemis, Selene and Hekate

>> No.18821425

Also don't call the place where you came from trash. Fuck, anon. It is where you grew up.

>> No.18821444

Is it the absurdly giant ears?
The almost nonexistent upper lip?
What would she look like in real life? Who would you cast?

>> No.18821497

>Is it the absurdly giant ears?
>The almost nonexistent upper lip?
It's the overall design that is hot. The details (big ears, small upper lip) don't matter that much. The art style is great.
>What would she look like in real life?
Absurdly giant ears and almost nonexistent upper lip? She would look like you.

>> No.18821592

Je vois bien que tu t'es vaguement renseigné, mais la vraie question c'est est-ce que tu lis le Coran ?

>> No.18821604

join an MMA gym. it will be torture, but you will be in incredible shape eventually. and you will gain confidence as you gain fighting ability

>> No.18821626

KEK non.

>> No.18821631

>She would look like you.

non bien sûr que non.

>> No.18821636

Pourquoi non ?

>> No.18821645

I just read The Gospel in Brief and Tractatus back-to-back, good vibes.

>> No.18821655

Pourquoi Artemis lirait-il de telles ordures?

>> No.18821657

>The Gospel in Brief
based. I don't know if he's right about everything but I feel that he's right where it counts

>> No.18821669

Parce que je doit lire le Bible. Mon parents sont morts, mais c'est leur chose. Je ne suis pas un croyant, mais je n'ai pas de autre chose a faire. Car je veut aller a le même endroit qui mes parents quand je suis mort aussi.

>> No.18821694

Le sol

>> No.18821721

What? My French is fucking shit, I can read it, but I have a hard time speaking/writing it. That isn't the point, I'm agnostic, and still, I would rather stick with them. I have some fundamental questions about my own life that only them can answer, maybe some other deity, but I would rather listen from them. I'm too curious for my own good.

>> No.18821730

In the sense that it is a win-win situation. This shit is worthless? Fine, this ends with my death, and I get some rest. Is this shit all real? Fine too, because if God isn't some fucking retard, he will probably understand that I'm like that and whatever.

>> No.18821739

Artémis n'est pas réelle, mais la parole incréée de Dieu l'est.

Condoléances pour tes parents. Et ton français n'est pas si mauvais que ça si ça peut te rassurer.

>> No.18821773

Didn’t mean to offend.
Mensonges blasphématoires!

>> No.18821786

It is ok, even if you did, we are on 4chan. I wouldn't talk about it, if I weren't fine with it.


>> No.18821837

Mais non voyons, tu sais bien que le polythéisme était l'enfance de l'humanité et le monothéisme son âge adulte.

>> No.18821869

Vous êtes délirant. comme quelqu'un qui croit au Père Noël

>> No.18821891

Les athées... Il faudra un jour vous résoudre à accepter le ridicule de vos axiomes délirants.

>> No.18821903

>being this much of a LARPing frog
>being this much of a christcuck
téma la geule du bouffon jpp putin il é tro con xD

>> No.18821906

There is no Santa Clause

>> No.18821981

Should I stop being a NEET just so I don't feel ashamed when interacting with normal society?

>> No.18821993

Shame is a mental prison that you put yourself inside of. You should live through joy and follow your heart.

>> No.18822034

>Newton got hit in the head by an apple resting under a tree
don't apples usually grow more out toward the perimeter of a trees branches? maybe there are apples way up top that are more or less central. otherwise something is afoot.

>> No.18822082

Il faut avoir au moins 18 ans pour poster ici, Dylan.

>> No.18822112

Millions died in WW2. I had eggs for breakfast this morning.

>> No.18822124

I just don’t really think I should be having to do that much more than I’m doing to be burning fat. It doesn’t quite make sense.

>> No.18822135

Hättest du lieber Eier?

>> No.18822163

>why no instant results?
>why does my tdee matter, and how could two meals a day make it easier to fuck up?
Get a realistic timeframe and diet and exercise routine. Unless you're planning on doing wtf you're doing for life lmao

>> No.18822198

Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis in meinem Herzen, aber mein Eier erquicken meine Seele.

>> No.18822210

Ok, stick to it.

>> No.18822215

If you feel you need to be doing something, find out what that is. Resisting societies pull is difficult. I’m still trying to think of how best to escape it.
Good book for you. Good luck whatever you end up doing, and as the anon said above, no shame.

>> No.18822286

I still recommend it.

>> No.18822380

What would you recommend specifically? I don’t really have any particular interest in MMA as a sport.

>> No.18822401

>2080 CE: Artificial Superintelligence is developed, its utility function is not aligned with mankind's
>2160 CE: All planets are in the process of being deconstructed, half a percent of the sun's total energy output is captured by a budding dyson swarm
>2300 CE: A wave of planet deconstructing Von Neumann probes sweeps the local cluster at 20% of light speed
>the far future: all dyson swarms that haven't escaped into the void beyond our cosmological horizon are modified into stellar engines and return to where it all began, the Milky Way
>the golden era: all resources in the now much smaller hubble volume have been consolidated, there is prosperity for 10^100 years until the last black holes evaporate
>the end times: soon, there will be only darkness, the switch towards low resource reversible computing is in progress, but even that will not allow escape from death
>the heat death: the universe is dark, void of life and matter
>eternal poincaire recurrence: 10^10^60 years have passed, entropy has almost certainly reversed as a consequence of statistical certainty
>Year 0: the universe is born anew

>> No.18822454

Has anyone ever studied the connection between peoples’ weather preferences and ancestral background?

>> No.18822522

but I recommend weight lifting and steady state cardio. Take it easy and activate your mitochondria. You sound like youre big time out of shape and shouldnt exert yourself as if youre already in shape. The Bruce Lee quote works for cardio but not for lifting where you're careful with the bar. Oddly enough weight lifting is safer than running. Most athlete deaths are runners. Especially cardiac problems because of abusive exertion.

>> No.18822631

Fuck your sisters

>> No.18822639

Learning martial arts will improve your balance, burn off fat, build muscle, tone your muscles, AND will teach you how to win any and every bar fight

>> No.18822655

Reading l*sswrong is unironically an infohazard.

>> No.18822673

imagine if you could be in the merchant marine but still somehow go to be next to your wife every night. would anyone ever do another job?

>> No.18822679

Sounds cool, are you going to get in it with your wife?

>> No.18822699

Not being next to a wife doesn’t bother me. Still, I looked into the merchant marines and it doesn’t look so great. First, you need to go to school and got all kinds of credentials which are just ridiculous. Second, you don’t get much downtime these days. Apparently the industry has just changed so much that you’ve always got stuff to do and you don’t spend time in port like you used to.

>> No.18822707

After a failed recent relationship I am filled with a new, intense, kindled longing to be with my ex girlfriend whom I haven't seen or talked to in nearly 3 years. It fills me with shame and disgust that I'm feeling this way but I can't shake it. I don't know what's wrong with me.

>> No.18822752

You didn't got over her.

>> No.18822754

A year and a half

>> No.18822762

Mountain-based jobs are the best because mountains (and deserts) are the only geography that are inherently restrictive on commerce and economy.

>> No.18822767

Are you using anki hardcore? I did it for 3 months or so, and got it to a decent level, but ended up stopping. I'm thinking about getting back to it.

>> No.18822784

this could very well be sage advice

>> No.18822939

I fucking hate living in a student dorm. Some faggot stole my frying pan today when I wanted to cook some rice with scrambled eggs. Another faggot upstairs is playing League at midnight and he can't control his anger. God I fucking hate League players especially. Leaguetards are unironically the most unlikable people.

>> No.18822967

I used to play it and I was pretty chill.

>> No.18822971

Fuck.. the meme was correct

>> No.18823010

>twelve days left on this planet
Just give me the strength to go through with this.

>> No.18823019

The Jews are white.

>> No.18823041

same, my best friend killed himself in may 2015 and I still cant get over it. Not even one of the friendships I made after his death lasted. This week I dreamed with him and now I want jump off the roof.


>> No.18823194

apart from one 40 minute walk and doing laundry I spent all day in bed. oh yeah I meditated a whole hour too. anyway, I've been in bed. You can ask me anything you want about what this has shown me, what it has revealed, what the stream of consciousness has been like.

>> No.18823200

Me too, my head hurts.

>> No.18823214

yea man it was not a good move

>> No.18823299

don't know if I should just try to read as much as possible in order to gain knowledge and wisdom or if I should also learn languages and music and shit to also increase my experience and brain functioning

>> No.18823306

Yes, I'm trying to quit painmeds, but dunno if I should.

>> No.18823309

All of it. You never finish any of those things, so you're going to die with all of them incomplete. Get as much as possible.

>> No.18823324

why are you taking them and why do you want to quit?

>> No.18823430

i'vejust seen some hackers get 600mil ethereum and it blown my mind on everything i could have done with that money and all of the things i've been thinking about for the last 1-2months

>> No.18823445

I used to have some pretty fucking insane headaches from time to time. And I got some chronic pains too, aspirines help a lot, but I haven't really checked myself in a doctor, so I don't know if I should continue taking it, and I'm trying to stop. I managed to do it for a couple of days, but it seems that it got worse again. Usually I don't manage to do anything, but I did my laundry, cleaned the house a bit and made lunch. But I have to pay some bank bills and sum some stuff to pay some taxes, and it is very hard to do that without taking meds.

>> No.18823479

honestly, being a hacker sounds based af, at this point I couldn't care less about the potential damage. I wouldn't mind dedicating my time to it I think, but I have no idea where to start, especially since "hacker" is such a vague descriptor that insiders would probably laugh at you if you asked how to become one.

>> No.18823489

I have finished a lot of work and still can't relax. This sucks and I don't want to get alcohol.

>> No.18823514

>the dreams
they fuck me up badly too

>> No.18823588

That’s a great point

>> No.18823745


>> No.18823756

Every day but mostly I spend as much time being exposed by reading or listening as possible. I watch news in Japanese every morning and watch at least an hour of Japanese media every night.

>> No.18824123

No one seems to like their diaspora. There are some interesting exceptions.
If a normal person that is born and raised in america to parents born and raised in Mexico in a home that is entirely ethnically hispanic and mexican in culture where only spanish is spoken and the person is entirely fluent as it was the first language they learned was at a social event with Mexicans who where born and raised in Mexico and the American born man said he was Mexican in spanish there would be a lot of awkwardness as the Mexicans would be giving each other looks and looking back the person in silence. Whats interesting is that for example Stipe Miocic(pic related) the former two time UFC heavyweight champion who is also born to immigrant parents who are from Croatia is treated radically different. Stipe was raised in a home enviroment where his home culture and ethnicity was so lacking that Stipe can only speak Croatian on a low level. He is completely and entirely accepted by Croatians as a full Croatian. He is not dismissed as an american even though he is thoroughly anglicized and is for all intents and purposes an anglo man. He knows so little of Croatian culture and so unlike Croatians ethnically that he doesn't even really speak Croatian but still he is entirely and completly accepted.

Another example is Cane Valesquez another former heavyweight champ in the UFC. Cane once again like stipe speaks spanish on a very elementary level you can find videos of him speaking it is very labored very slow he has to think hard about every word he says and once again even though he is more anglo like a white american then hispanic ethnically he is accepted in Mexico as a mexican.

>> No.18824133

This is interesting to me as someone that is much more like the country of origin and very much culturally and ethnically attatched to their parents home country is mocked and dismissed as a larping american or a delusional american but people who know so little of their parents homelands culture and so are uninvolved in their ehtnicity that they can barely speak the language on an elementary level are accepted entirely as if they where born in raised and once left their small town in Mexico or Croatia because of something that had nothing to do with being a member of the nation or ethnicity.

I'm curious there was a Mexican Doctor who made progress in curing HPV that was in the new recently in the small amount of women treated it had cured them of the illness. If this doctor where born in america and like Cain and Stipe had barely any ties to their culture and ethnicity would she have been accepted as a Mexican? Or is she not famous enough to get this distinction?

This distinction between these two types of people is completely bullshit but I dont think this perception and special treatment will change at all in the future. I have some limited tests on this. My parents where born in the Dominican Republic we have gone there on vacations a few time. If I'm speaking spanish not a single person I have ever encountered even noticed I was from America. No matter how long we talked no matter about what we talked about they had no idea I was not born and raised in the country. This is the same regardless of where in the Dominican Republic we went. They just saw me and my family as Dominicans. They would keep assuming as this until I tell them I was born in America but they would have never known otherwise.

>> No.18824251

Start with the Scandinavians

>> No.18824700

I realized that probably the most emotional moment of my life so far is something pretty odd. When I was a kid, about 5 or 6, my church let me borrow a VHS tape called The Wee Sing Train. I don't remember all the details, but it was about a train making a journey and there were a bunch of talking animals and stuff and they would sing songs. It's also pretty obscure, far from A Land Before Time and so on. I just wonder what about it hit me so hard. What sticks in my memory was how the train in the story would always go to a new place, meet new people, and then leave. I think I was really sad to see them go.

>> No.18824825

Very based but what kind of jobs can you get on a mountain?

>> No.18824833

i got locked out of my obamacare account because i forgot what answer i put for some subjective security question about my childhood. i'm just so tired.

>> No.18825044

don't kill anyone bro

>> No.18825239

>> No.18825270

>reading books recommended by women

>> No.18825274

>STEM eeeewwwww

>> No.18825304

What a vile system

>> No.18825349

Whats your method gonna be?

>> No.18825354

You have a woman’s reading comprehension

>> No.18825512

Man I really want to read something like The Great Gatsby again, but I've read Gatsby too many times. Just something that gives you that feeling of having experienced something great

>> No.18825632

We should work on ways to minimize physical pain, while maximizing physical pleasure. Parts of the brain that encourage open-mindedness and playfulness could be stimulated via magnetic stimulation. Sleep-dreaming would be discouraged, so that people stay as grounded in physical reality as possible. Communal bathing would be encouraged, males and females would bathe together. Genetic engineering would primarily be utilized to ensure large, satisfying male genitalia. Females would be encouraged to explore different types of orgasms, and would be rewarded upon finding a new type. The type of female orgasm achieved through having sex with a man, would eventually be considered "old-fashioned", but females would still want to experience this type of orgasm, because it would be like listening to a song that's an old favorite of yours. Nostalgia would be discouraged, in order to keep people looking forward into the future. The only kind of nostalgia that would be allowed, would be the kind that makes females yearn for a nice, fat cock in their pussy. Anal sex, in both genders, and male homosexuality, would be strictly prohibited. People’s biology/metabolism would be genetically engineered so that all they would need to eat is fruit, and they would be provided with a never ending supply of fresh, delicious fruit. People would be encouraged to learn an instrument from an early age, but only certain kinds of instruments would be allowed, such as violin, piano, and the harp. Music theory would be taught from an early age. Singing would be greatly encouraged. Drugs, of any kind, including illicit substances as well as prescription drugs, would be banned.

>> No.18825724

It was another day of Jackblack when an Ire-ish ungentleman threw his pear on the table. They tested-profully, and the die mentioned their lot in ‘life’.
“We have numbers numbly burred onto our faces!”
The Irate paddy’s creamed:
“O ye burly bar’s tards, would ye like it up the arse?”
They rêpondered to gather together to gather to get her reply; two-ply.
“Don Quixote donned more donkeys key to his Qi. You done gooked”
A nigger mumble-rapped to his mum’s bull wrapped in his bull’s mum:
“I needs me a woman”
And walks off.
The dealer’s ex claimed:
“My pussy’s putting pus into my pussy”
That was code for a dry game.
“All rite (he was a Mason), what do ye want?”
Said the friendsied leper-corn.
“We want wont but one butt, and that is to bum her.”
Said the two dice, diced from real at tea.
Claimed-profully all left still and the right table.
Shouted the inHebriated French fry, to which Sörös hors d’oeuvred Scotland Yard (3 feet or 36 inches) tracked the hymn down but was/ were a Swiss national, so they were all demoated for dropping their credit score and replaced by the sheepish Welsh Hectare.
The undead, undying die spoke a gain of the wheel of for-gotten-tunes he met her phore dinner before before a dream Hi-Fi high on opium pie:
“I want to bum HER”

Satan summoned Lord Rothschild and he told him:
“Start with the Greeks”
Then suddenly...


>> No.18825743

Its almost 4 AM and I've just been being a potato for the last few hours and playing with my cat.
Some days not even sticking to a schedule can save you from being a dork.

>> No.18825766

For how long did you date?

>> No.18825783

4am and i still havent smoked weed...only homework.....there is no god......there is only code.....line after line after line after line....its all just code

>> No.18825798

what if autistic people at an early age are just early signs of parenthood from them. well what if autism is a visible malfunction in the parent that has been given. well what if if that autismo uses god's grace to their advantage and learns from the autism to be a better parent. idk

>> No.18825807

I am considering lying about never having worked before and applying to manage a fast food restaurant near me.

>> No.18825862


>> No.18825863

sounds like a hellish job but you do you

>> No.18825866

Dude just get a job there as a worker bee and get promoted up. Why stress yourself

>> No.18825869


>> No.18825899

The illusion feels more real than the real deal - that's why I believe in magic.

>> No.18825907

>> No.18825922

playing this over and over

>> No.18825931

>cant get any reply in the simplest IT positions
maybe it's not meant for me.

>> No.18826318

>my parents offered to pay for dating app subscriptions for me because they've noticed I'm a 27 year old incel
I'm a humiliation

>> No.18826343

god is like code

>> No.18826359

better ask for them to pay for a hooker.

>> No.18826414



>> No.18826451




>> No.18826456

brb firebombing an animation studio in Kyoto to showcase my dominance

>> No.18826459

Premise: Animals are capable of suffering and experience immense negative utility and brutal lives even in optimal natural environments.

Thesis: Non-human animals are incapable of rationally and consciously bettering their own lives on a fundamental level. They mindlessly reproduce and thus doom their descendants to an endless cycle of suffering they cannot escape (in contrast to humans, who are fully capable of recognizing their own suffering and can choose to end it or stay alive at their leisure). Their total (future) suffering massively outweighs their total (future) positive utility.

Conclusion: From a negative utilitarian perspective it is a kind and moral act to put an end to all naturally occuring forms of non-human life that can consciously experience pain as soon as possible. The suffering of that last generation of animals would be inconsequential compared to the total future suffering of animals, especially if a painless form of extinction, like sterilization is chosen.

>> No.18826469

every is scared of me so it's okay.

>> No.18826474

everyone is scared of me so it's okay.

>> No.18826482

fuck politics

>> No.18826492

yeah and fuck the universal power struggle

>> No.18826493

Also, why are livestock animals in factory farming not constantly drugged with painkilling opiates and other pleasurable drugs? I only see moral upsides. If we could eliminate their suffering and have them experience only positive utility, factory farming would actually be a virtue. There's challenges to be overcome, I'm not sure it's possible to have a living being on a permanent regiment of painkillers without their brain eventually adapting and becoming immune for example. But more thought should be put into ideas like this, even if they seem ridiculous at first.

>> No.18826500

I think that shit makes people dizzy when they eat the meat tho. But yeah

>> No.18826507

Fun thought: even if we had infinite fields for chicken farming it would still be farming. So their fates would all the same anyways. Point is; just feed the beast! Humanity wants to grow and become a greater collective beast and honestly, it's kind of cute so why not?

>> No.18826509

You're insane. The concept of "suffering" makes no sense without free will. (Is your iPhone "suffering" when its charge runs low?)

>> No.18826524

>Non-human animals are incapable of rationally and consciously bettering their own lives on a fundamental level.
Animals are conscious and rational actors: they experience stimulus (consciousness) and react to it in a manner that is beneficial to their life (rationality). They better their lifes on a fundamental level (food supply, predator avoidance) when the migrate to locations more favourable than the ones they have lived in before.

>> No.18826528

It would end up in the meat and milk just like all the growth hormones and shit do

>> No.18826533

They dude is on the money. If you had the capacity to see through a smaller being (non human) you'd see this clearly. Hell, just farming them will help you understand their nuanced nature. But I wonder what consciousness is?

>> No.18826538

Many animals are intelligent enough to manage their own populations, or do so by instinct. Crows and wolves will not reproduce if their territory can't support more of them.

>> No.18826547


>> No.18826548

>Also, why are livestock animals in factory farming not constantly drugged with painkilling opiates and other pleasurable drugs?
Because all those meds in the meat made me grow tits as a man. All your takes are garbage – but I like them. They are interesting. Keep thinking weird stuff. Fuck normies.

>> No.18826557

tight asian bussy

>> No.18826566

>don't know if I should just try to read as much as possible in order to gain knowledge and wisdom
You don't gain wisdom by reading midwit. You gain by experiencing and thinking aka reading your own life and reflecting on it and not reading other peoples lives and reflecting on it.

Reading is GOOD but you are so misguided if you think that reading gives you wisdom because at best it just hints at it and you have to do all the working out through life itself.

>> No.18826568

>Because all those meds in the meat made me grow tits as a man.
No you're just a low test sissy faggot with hormonal imbalance

>> No.18826574





(the perfect blackmail to rule the world!)

>> No.18826592

>start with the greeks

>> No.18826593

And the growing frequency of hormonal imbalances has nothing to do with the chemicals we ingest on a daily basis, eh? Just fell from the sky? Think before you type, you dumb fuck.

>> No.18826603

bro stop eating soi products. You weight dont matter jus u r wat u eat man also google nootropics

>> No.18826611

Where do we go with this though and how would we implement it? I had thought myself about this and aside from having a magic button to end all life we are still doomed due to human nature as it this merciful holocaust could never come to fruition due to the inevitable corruption when implementing it.

Why not take the apathetic stance and concour that it may well be best for everything to die but you do not have the judgement to know for sure and it may well be wrong to restrict other humans from procreating because of your ideals. What is it to you? Even if we did have a magic button to kill all life would it not be more humane to instead focus all our efforts on creating some "thing" that will be able to scour the universe after annihilating our planet and kill ever other life which exists? This may seem ridiculous but given that nothing has yet come and killed us then we may presume if life does exist out there it is perpetuating suffering and is awaiting our genius to solve this issue.

This could be our purpose.

>> No.18826614

Scratch that: Just stop typing alltogether.

>> No.18826621

k fine enjoy ur mantits, tittyboy.

>> No.18826627

Want to write a book. Don't have anything to say.

>> No.18826635

stop stealing my ideas bro

>> No.18826651

>This could be our purpose.
HAHAHA you're a western freak (probably trans now) conquered psychologically, culturally, and economically my Semites. Your genius is to be trapped in their controlled matrix and do your job, you little freak. Also nobody cares about your genocidal philosophical questions.

>> No.18826655

Then why are you the only one who has man tits bitch? If the chemicals in the food made everybody grow tits trannies wouldn't be taking hormone therapy. RETARD. Ugly bitch with tits

>> No.18826659

>nobody cares about your genocidal philosophical questions.
Why should anyone care at all is exactly my point.

>> No.18826661

What would you do with my tits if I sat on your lap topless? Would you . . . bite them? Tell me. I'm jerking off, I promise.

>> No.18826675

You're projecting a human centric perception on consciousness, as if being human in an advanced civilization is some universal formation of what all consciousness is suppose to be and exists and perceives existence through. The answer is so beyond your mind that your better off in a padded cell being abused by your semitic masters forcing you to ritualistically abusing yourself for their entertainment.

>> No.18826678

lol that's just pure deflection

>> No.18826704

sensually toy with each nipple until one reveals itself as the slut titty by virtue of being hard. i would then alternate between drizzling hot apple sauce over the nipple with my finger in a circular motion and doing the same with an ice cube and as I ventured further with this erotic escapade at the height of immoral ecstasy kys faggot fat fuck would be whispered into your ear

>> No.18826708

>Why should anyone care at all is exactly my point.
Oh, and they should care because having agency and experiencing life and existence can be a thrilling novelty, especially in higher states of consciousness. A continuous exploration of time, space, and the foundations of existence itself. Like the tv show TNG.

You can't see any of this because you're an enslave little being on earth.

>> No.18826727

>he thought the whale was an allegory
Way to miss the point.

>> No.18827129

Is there an ideology that values aesthetics over everything else? Fascism maybe? I want marble floors, coldness, knights, fire, and iron.

>> No.18827166

Lol you wanna live in a high fantasy book

>> No.18827223

I got money on my mind. Fuck you sad losers.

>> No.18827384

you seem upset

>> No.18827397

Money problems

>> No.18827426

I've been distracted all week by daydream memories of fucking my ex. Not sure what this means.

>> No.18827435

It means you need to put yourself on the market again.

>> No.18827453

Yeah. But it's only been a couple months, and I have no leads on anyone new.

>> No.18827482

You don't have to have leads. Sometimes the right person bring themselves to you.
The way to do that is that you should focus on working yourself, while leaving yourself open for relationships. I know this is a huge cliche and you've heard everybody and their mothers say it, but only because it's a common wisdom. Self-fulfillment and stability is very attractive on the long run. Enjoy being yourself first, enjoy your life, and that joy will be a beacon in the sea of mundanity and pessimism, you'll be like a lamp among moths. Speaking from experience here, and only later did I realise what had happened.

>> No.18827508

Other boards have MEGAs and troves, why doesn't /lit/ have one?
>libgen / IRC / Torrents etc etc
Yeah but these are all curated by other parties; One of the main problems is that anons searching for books on these platforms are very likely to run into books that have errors, or they get confused by all the duplicates and different editions; it would be nice to have a trove where, before a book can be uploaded, it is checked to make sure it doesn't have any errors or anything like that. I was thinking of having only a few anons in charge, and if anybody wants to make a contribution they have to submit the file for approval, kind of like how they do it on /tg/ with the trove and stuff like that

>> No.18827531

You're right anon, thanks. What happened in your experience?

>> No.18827534

lol cumgenius forgot the trip

>> No.18827592

What are some things that your current mental model of the world cannot explain?

>> No.18827676

I’ve committed entirely to severing the bonds of my old life but I’m conflicted as to where to go from here. I see 4 possible paths with only minor overlap, which appear as having genuine value in a forward sense.

>> No.18827740

6 years ago, I was basically your average anonymous. Lazy, overweight, spent all my time on 4chan, jaded, pessimistic, and working a job that I hated. Then I went the classic "the 21 year old self improooooover" route. I lost a lot of weight, I took better care of myself and my home, I set shit in order, I got into reading philosophy, I forced myself to go out more and talk to people, I took the confidoooooncepill, yadda yadda. Aaaand it did nothing. Or at least, not much. I got big memed. I looked much better on the outside, I was healthier, I was more worldly, I had made many new "friends" (read: friendly acquaintances), but really, I was still unsatisfied. No matter all the "improvements", nothing ever felt enough, like there was an actual hole being filled [this is now about 2 years after that period, so 4 years ago]. And that's when it hit me: it's because there's nothing I truly ejoyed doing. These were all steps and tips other people gave me in hopes of filling that void, but really, everyone is different. What brings you joy will not necessarily bring another person joy. Life felt like a wheel of playing out the fantasies of others through "advice", not mine. And I was faced with a question: at what point in my life did I stop being happy with myself? what really changed here? my life, or my attitude towards it? what do I actually want to do? and what is holding me back from doing it? That night, I sat a in tub of cold water and just re-digested my life story for like 2 hours. To keep it short, I came to the conclusion of wanting to fulfil the things I daydreamt about, not others, and stop doing the things I thought would make me happy. I don't want to have a big social circle, it's tiring for me, I'm perfectly happy with only having 2-5 friends. I don't want to bodybuild anymore, been there, done that, and frankly I never got any use for all the athleticism it gave me. I don't want to go to parties or clubs, large social gatherings are taxing for me and I grow tired of them quickly. Instead, I want to learn the bass. I want to get back into swimming. I want to write. I want to get into filmmaking. I want to play a lot of videogames I never got to. I want to try my hand at botany, etc., etc. All of these things I daydreamt about, and I somehow never dedicated any energy towards doing them. I was an idiot, and I got duped into becoming what others meme that I should be. So I started doing all of that :) and it made me so much happier than I ever was. Sometime after that, I met a wonderful lady by pure chance, and we clicked. Skip to modern day, we got married and are expecting a son :) So yeah, that's what happened. Do those things you yourself KNOW will bring you joy, not what others tell you will. Enrich yourself, don't stress overwhether the things you're doing are making you "desirable", fuck all that noise.

>> No.18827747

I want to do something with my life, I'm thinking about joining a political movement, a nationalist one, but I don't have much to offer yet. I have a need for action, but a certain fear that keeps me away from changing.

>> No.18827767

I am happy (I got money). (You) seem sad!

>> No.18827939

>I don't have much to offer yet.
That's a fucked up mindset to have. Everyone just does the thing, while you, on the other hand, are trapped in your negative thoughts. Do your best. That's everything you have to do. What more can anyone want? If people think you're not good enough for them, they can kick you out. It's a free country. You can join a terrorist party, you can built a family. If people say Yes to your barely decent being, they deserve what they get. And if they later throw you out onto the street because of your terrible humourless ricecake personality, you deserve that too. If you can join something: join it. If you can do something: do it. Or atleast try. If people think you are not good enough, they will tell you. And by the way: The picture of Mussolini you posted and the text of your post fit together. That means that you are already smarter than most people out there shopping off-brand Coke. Do you think you would "dilute" the movement or your prospect wife with your grostesque mangled corpse of a body? Movements and prospect wifes are pools of shit. You are the drop of crystal water in a sea of shit. Your are the water, my friend.

>> No.18827959

Stupid bitch

>> No.18827966

>do something with my life
>join a political movement

Wow what an exciting life. Maybe work on self discovery versus joining a movement to be a pawn for others.

>> No.18827971

Nations don’t have anything to offer you and you want to throw your carcass on their alter?
Black-tongued cuck is all you are.

That fear you have is an instinctual urge telling you this is a terrible idea.

>> No.18827978

Quit being a bitch and live your fucking life. Also forget about this bullshit of tradition or anything, think for yourself and change your surroundings based on your experiences. This whole "I want to be part of something" is last man bs. Ideally you overflow to your surroundings, not the other way around.

>> No.18827979

an authentic sense of religion and spiritually can only really be experienced, not described or taught in the traditional sense. Therefore, what would be helpful are instructions for how one can achieve these experiences, rather than passing along the teachings of said experiences. the truth then, is a set of consistent experiences between people, rather than a consistent set of logic and teachings

>> No.18828003

Have you ever been to a church? Every time they tell you what you have to do to attain exactly that.

>> No.18828012

Yes, this anon is right, specially the protestant ones.

>> No.18828037

I can’t find any book I really truly love.

>> No.18828044

Welcome to literature

>> No.18828079

trial and error.

>> No.18828083

How do you know that? Have you ever had such a book?

>> No.18828114

Obviously not.

>> No.18828136

So how can you know what it feels like to "really truly love a book"?

>> No.18828148

all of them

>> No.18828160

any worthwhile teaching is meant to guide you to the experience

>> No.18828211

i've been to catholic masses and i have found in my experience it was predominantly rote memorization of songs, text, and passages from the bible. the churchgoers there seemed to know the rhythm and lyrics of the songs so to speak, but may be radically different (if not entirely absent) in its interpretations or meanings

suffice to say i was not impressed, even though i actually greatly enjoy and generally agree with the Bible

in my experience it's the opposite. texts in many ways have become substitutes for experience -- they say this and that, but not how you would get there on your own. it is very disheartening how "programmable" a lot of organized religion followers and spirituality has been

however on the extreme end, i have met more "out-of-the-box" kind of people so to say, who describe to be utterly fantastic religious and spiritual experiences, but they simply cannot articulate logically or elaborate further other than they experienced such a thing

i imagine there must be an ideal golden balance to this

>> No.18828242

Did the pastor say anything? Maybe to pray and to love your fellow man?

>> No.18828333

Read more books.

>> No.18828361

Sobre el mundo cobarde y avaro, justicia, belleza ni Dios.
Impongamos nosotros la garra del imperio solar español.

>> No.18828368

In English

>> No.18828379


>> No.18828391

Just get a hobby.

>> No.18828427

Anarchist get out.

>> No.18828443

You still love her and regret leaving her.

>> No.18828448

Dragonball is a good series. There’s no shame in admitting that.

>> No.18828457

Akita’s toriyma’s art was also great.

>> No.18828470

Don’t know what this means.

>> No.18828481

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