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comfy although someone cramped writing desk

previous thread

For Prose:
>The Art of Fiction
>Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
>On Becoming A Novelist
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
>How Fiction Works
>The Rhetoric of Fiction
>Steering the Craft
>On Writing, Borges

For Poetry:
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry
>This Craft of Verse, Borges

Related Material:
>What Editors Do
>A Student's Introduction to English Grammar
>Garner's Modern English Usage

Suggested books on storytelling:
>The Weekend Novelist
>Aristotle's Poetics
>Hero With a Thousand Faces
>Romance the Beat

Traditional publishing
> Formatting manuscript
> Write a query
> Track your query

Other Resources
>General grammar/syntax/editing help
> When/where/how should I write?
> What software should I write with?
> Amazon Publishing to make that KDP monie
> Be like Charles Dickens and write serially
> Basic overview of the Screenplay format

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Have a good thread, writers!

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do normal britbongs actually say things like
> bloody
> mate
> ey, love
> brilliant
> innit
> wanker
> twat
or is it just something you see on TV

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There's no writers in these generals, not anymore.

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Give it time, anon. We gotta build rep and that takes time.

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Hermes bro?

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How the fuck do I get back into writing? The last two short stories I wrote just fucking drained me

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Are you that fucking retarded that you can’t even do basic research on this? What goes through your mind when asking these retarded questions?

>> No.18831544

It's the norm that people here don't do the bare minimum. It's how it's always been. And people are often surprised that there's no writers here.

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oi you 'aven't answered my question guvner

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Give what time? The only writers here often write anime and they get shun and ridicule for writing it.

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Because its a question you can search up on google in five seconds. Dumbass.

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a good answer isn't there

>> No.18831563

Given that you can't even do the bare minimum, I doubt it.

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Nah, it’s just easier for him to post here than roll up his sleeve and just do basic research.

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as I thought, you couldn't find anything good on the mighty Google. Literally every time anyone asks an """easily googable question""", it turns out the google results are shit

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Stop being a fucking retard and do you own research and expect to be spoonfed.

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hahaaaha knew you couldn't find shit, what cope

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But it’s what the majority of people here come here for.

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Blood filled Nasir’s palm as he cupped his mouth. And the salty station air clenched his nose. While his attackers ran like raccoons back onto the street. He needed to call Raheem but his phone had been stolen. “Ayy man, are you alright?” an older voice asked, approaching from the benches. “Oh damn brotha, they messed you up, you need to go to the hospital!” it said, standing above him now, but he didn’t reply. The man pulled Nasir up off the ground and sat him right. Their eyes met and he almost cried in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, please don’t worry, I just—” the words fell like crumbs onto the empty floor. His voice was battered too. “Now hold on, lemme go to the bathroom and get a tissue or somethin’ to clean you up.” The man rubbed his shoulder assuringly and hobbled there.

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Do you expect others to do your work for you?

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If only you fags were this strict on the wojak posting that shits up these threads.

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don't feel bad about being let down by Google

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Those times are gone now, we’re living In a declining and ting /wg/. The only people who don’t notice are the pseuds.

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Keep being retarded and shitting up the thread.

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yea. back in may, the last time i frequented these threads, it was pretty good.

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We're lurking and editing after harsh criticism.
>I masochistically enjoyed it, also I began to study all opening sentences of as many random fiction novels as I could.

Stephen King's opening lines can be quite long, but in general, his are a vague roadmap to the story.
A lot of these "NY Times best sellers" novels have opening lines that point directly to the main character's focus from the very first sentence. Other, more traditionally classic authors, will further weave the story without giving it away, literally telling and not showing, like the whole Anna Karenina opening like about "dysfunctional families and their own dysfunction" or whatever.

I was called all sorts of names and it helped me to see my writing from another perspective. Yes, I was telling a story, but what was the rhythm of the showing VS telling?
>How does one imagine
The attack of the pseuds had me asking myself if I was being too much of an interpreter of my schizo creative process, and instead of laying down several layers of edits with a nice asphalt blacktop and then carefully painting the lines in the road, I instead had chopped down the vegetation in my way, poured out a bunch of gravel and spray-painted vague yellow dots to show drivers where to go.

Going back through the edits, I'm putting some floral parts here, some telling parts there, getting more of a rhythm going so the book flows from one high to another with some fluff in-between.
>Found a dead silverfish with toner on it's face next to my open toner refill kit
My attempts at writing have killed a life form on this planet, I gave it a viking funeral on a matchbox lid in the fountain behind my condo


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Seek help

>> No.18831679

I wrote the last line of my novel today. Now I just need to write the rest of it.

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>We're lurking and editing after harsh criticism
Where? In your head?

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such cope. Sad, very sad!

>> No.18831689

Does anyone have experience publishing on Wattpad? I've been looking at it more and more lately.

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Needs more to setup the scene, salty station air?
Back onto what street?

Could be descent writing but the problem is, the limited clip out of context is hard to judge.

>words fell like crumbs onto the empty floor
I like the fell like crumbs part, but again what floor? Where is the guy? What happened?


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Ah, you're just a troll

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Jason, seek help.

>> No.18831705

Holy shit, less than a minute and a half, are you always here?
I'm pretty stoked, hiring an editor off reedsly for the 2nd edition!

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It's obvious who you are, you mentally ill man.

>> No.18831713

Riding out the heatwave in Vancouver, drunk off dollar store pina colada and navy rum, reading some NYT best sellers to see if they have a magic that my writing lacks

>> No.18831714

hopefully this trash general can hurry up and die soon so we can get /crit/ back and save this board

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wattpad is full of children. you'll never get a good response even if you get some attention.

>> No.18831724

why don't you make a /crit/ thread so we can migrate over there?

>> No.18831727

/wg/ is the new /crit/ and /wg/ is all but dead.

>> No.18831730

/lit/ new fag here. why did /crit/ die again?

>> No.18831731

Seek help

>> No.18831734

>why did /crit/ die again?
Because nobody posted their work, pseuds ran it to the ground, and some other bullshit. Long story short, pseuds killed it, like they killed /wg/

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Are you attractive, twink? Do you look like a femboy? Are you willing to rimjob multiple crusty asses just to play the networking pvp? You're the guy asking about royalroad and other web serial platforms right? Just stick to building up a backlog and publish on RR or scribblehub so you have a far better chance at getting into the algorithm without chronic vacuum rimming assholes.

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because whenever /wg/ and /crit/ existed simultaneously, the jannies kept pruning and deleting the /crit/ threads

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Yeah but it's been great, drove around in my convertible turbo 5 speed car earlier today, got some rays, worked on my editing, keeping a level head.

I need help, that's right, which is why I've been using Reedsy.com and been pouring over editors to find out which editor can work over my garbage prose so I can shid out a novel that only liquor store and bud tenders will enjoy. Perhaps from my next job as a berry picker or some other manual labour gig that a social outcast, mentally ill person such as myself can partake in, I will have a more stable mind necessary to publish a 3rd book. Maybe then, I can make enough money to purchase a nice hat, or perhaps a well-fitting suit. Maybe someday I will be presentable to society and not some delusional boomer who actually believes he can write! I mean, that would be completely insane. I should honestly give my spot to someone more deserving of the spotlight, perhaps a person of colour or those living on the margins for who they choose to love. Writing on the unceded territory of several First Nations, I honestly display a sickening amount of privilege. Who do I think I am? Why would someone who has no University education even believe for a second that their mind is even capable of putting something out to read? Certainly your work must be peer-reviewed by other educated people, otherwise you're just a madman, screaming into the void. You'd have to be an utter lunatic to believe that anyone even cares what your brain thinks or what you can output. Really, I mean, most of us here are nobodies and have never had a single peer to even review their work, you'd have to be on multiple liquors and drugs to even comprehend the fact that your hallucinations are just that, hallucinations and not some creative vanity-project.

Damn, I'm out of rum.

>> No.18831749

Seek help

>> No.18831766

Once I have a 2nd edition done, I think I might need some help figuring out how to translate the book and market it in foreign countries, many of the characters are asian... is there a big book market in China?

Also, my book mentions Confucianism in a good light, not sure if that is a problem to write about and release a book containing that in China. Would be fucking awesome to print out copies and actually export that shit to China! Fuck yeah, sending shit to the Chinese and not buying shit from them, haha!

>> No.18831774

Seek help

>> No.18831778

I don't think a lot of the western self-publishing companies are even allowed in China. Amazon KDP and Google Books are effectively banned or have very limited presence. Not sure what Barnes and Noble Press's situation is

>> No.18831784

He's a mentally ill man who trolls here, that needs help. Ignore his delusions.

>> No.18831792

oh no, that's a shame. Unironically a lot of mentally ill people use writing as an alternative to therapy and medical treatment. I think it's helpful for those with PTSD and shit, but it just makes legit schizos worse imo

>> No.18831796

Since I live in Vancouver and I print my own books, I was going to see about hiring a Chinese agent and Chinese editor to make sure it would pass the CCP censors. Who knows, maybe I can edit it to kiss Chinese ass and they'll love it?

>> No.18831800

I posted this last thread, but I'm reposting with a few edits since I want some genuine thoughts on how you view this snippet. One of the hardest things I struggle with is determining exactly what level my work is at.

>> No.18831802

Jason, go to therapy.

>> No.18831807

he'll be gone from the thread tomorrow because Thursdays are visitation days from his son, as well as every 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend

>> No.18831809

Not Jason, he abandoned his baby son and wife to pursue his delusion of grandeur.

>> No.18831814

Things are going great anon, spent a bunch of time with my kids, been editing, getting ready to move

How's your life going anon? Everything cool?

>> No.18831819

seek help

>> No.18831821

I hope his exgf finds a nice man to be a stepfather to another man's illegitimate son. Luckily they're Canadian so single moms get lots of Trudeaubux

>> No.18831830

Abandoning kids is actually based throughout history, in the grand scheme of things, it's really not that bad

>> No.18831833

All I need to do to have a sweet winter car this year is sell like... 60 books @ $25 a book

>> No.18831849

why not sell 60 books @ $250000000 a book

>> No.18831857

Seek help

>> No.18831922

Are you legitimately concerned for my mental health or are you trolling me? I've explained several times that I have been seeking help from /wg/ and have now contacted editors at reedsy.com

I feel as though you are not being very genuine in your concern for me

>> No.18831936

Seek mental help

>> No.18831953

What sort of issues do you think I have? What is your diagnosis?

>> No.18831999

you have deadbeat-dad-itis

>> No.18832009

Delusional disorder

>> No.18832025

Shit is going awesome right now, if I went to the Doctor I'd just be shilling my book to them

>> No.18832042

Seek help

>> No.18832127

What would you do if you were me? Would you give up on writing and just work at Wal-Mart while heavily medicated?

>> No.18832132

Go to a therapist, how hard is it for you to understand that?

>> No.18832146

Not sure if you're really qualified to diagnose anyone? Like seriously bro, you've never shown off a single hot chick, not a single fast car, and you haven't even finished a book.

I'm clearly mentally ill, but I was able to finish a novel AND do a trailer for it back in 2013 and I'm about to finish my 2nd book. What exactly gives you the idea that I need some sort of help, other than my horrible prose?


If you would like to help me crowd fund some therapy I would be happy to go and film it on a GoPro. Let's do this!


>> No.18832148

Seek help for your Delusional disorder

>> No.18832171

It’s good. You have what it takes. Always room to improve but you are by no means bad.

>> No.18832180

Are you underage or what? Who gives a shit about any of that?

>> No.18832193

Jason is a manchild.

>> No.18832268

Living as a child when you are 43 is a beautiful thing, imagine escaping the system that demands you check all sorts of boxes to participate?

Love all of you anons, I hope and pray that you write every day and try and live as the artists you are.

>> No.18832280

Seek help, you’re sick.

>> No.18832343

I have ridiculous optimism, I know
>love turbo dodges

>> No.18832350

No, you're just sick. Seek help.

>> No.18832377

Poor cope

>> No.18832382

Seek help.

>> No.18832389

I'm loving life, but I really could use some salted almonds right meow

>> No.18832404

Why do books have trailers these days? I've noticed that various indie authors make these sorts of YouTube videos or post them on twitter to get attention for their book, but it seems odd to me, since reading a book is such a different experience than watching a video. Shouldn't books be advertised primarily through prose or text based interviews with the author?

>> No.18832415

Dude when I was finishing the book, I had no idea what I was doing or why. I just knew dating had changed so quickly and I felt so overwhelmed by it and what I was supposed to be doing that the book was a result of my angst.
>all bragging
Main criticism is that it is a giant brag, and yes, I was laughing that I banged so many hot chicks, but I saw the collapse coming and the precise moment where online dating neutered the idea of having "gift of the gab"

Eveyttihing is so fucked an d I've shit talked so much, hope some of my schizo ramblings makes sense
Godspeed anon

>> No.18832426

Thank you. It's always hard to ascertain where I am since everyone has their preferences and tastes, so I always try and get as much feedback as possible. I think my work is roughly at the "Decent writer with good moments but nothing special. Could get published but would struggle" stage, but sometimes I go back on that and think "I need to start from scratch, this shit is bad".

>> No.18832427

Seek help.

>> No.18832432

That’s not how you check dubs.

>I’m optimistic
>Get help!
Are you drunk or something?

>> No.18832434

Do you have a podcast?

>> No.18832436

What's the most recent date that all of you have put a piece of writing out into the public eye? For me it was almost exactly a year ago, on August 14th, 2020.

>> No.18832441

Link to that writing?

>> No.18832452


I'm not a fan of it. I have a low opinion of most of my stuff, but some of it is better than other bits, and I feel like this one is overall uninteresting. My Pokémon fanfiction is better, desu, stopped writing that as well, though.

>> No.18832453

Seek help

>> No.18832456

I've been doing that. Can I show you some of my writing for criticism? Give me a hand here :)

>> No.18832472

Good god show us the Pokemon fan fiction

>> No.18832477

Go to a therapist.

>> No.18832478

I wish it was really entertaining in an autistic way, that'd be cool. But it's mostly just boring. It'd be neat to create stuff that was Chris Chan tier, but that requires a special something that most people lack.

>> No.18832488

Isn't that how Ash tried, but failed, to catch Pidgey? Pikachu refused to battle so Ash went to a random Pokemon and started to beat it up

>> No.18832495

I cant think of a way for my stories to be interesting unless they has crime or scifi/fantasy elements. How do I stop being a child and start being a real writer?

>> No.18832496

What should my opening line be?

>> No.18832497

Ironically I too have a fanfiction-tier answer to this question. I published a fanfic back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, and wrote a third and final epilogue to it in March of this year.

>> No.18832502

Royalroad: Actual last chapter: August 5th, 2021, Afterword for the last volume came out 2 hours later

Scribblehub: August 5th, 2021 (it was same chapter as above), afterword I lazed around and wrote a unique one for it on August 9th

Spacebattles: Same as above for SH and RR: August 5th; Afterword also was mainly copypasted from Scribblehubs on the 9th with some slight adjustments.

>> No.18832508

I'm not sure, the only time I remember a character in the anime physically attacking a Pokémon was when Jessie beats up her Serviper. It's been awhile, though.

>> No.18832511

There was that one guy who whipped his Pokémon

>> No.18832513

Can you post it? I'd like to read it.

>> No.18832545

How you’re sick.

>> No.18832570

Can you write it for me? What would you say to the doctor if you were me?

>> No.18832575

Help guys I'm sick

>> No.18832619

Yeah it was the guy who whipped his Sandshrew into being immune to water attacks


>> No.18832622


>> No.18832654

Just talk to him, you can’t hide your sickness.

>> No.18832740

would love some feedback. anyone here tried this platform?


>> No.18832819

>it actually worked

>> No.18832836

This is the first chapter to a YA pet project I've been wanting to write for a while now. Opinions?

>> No.18832918

It's interesting, but I mostly just have questions. Like, how does he know the internet is about to go down and the apocalypse is happening or whatevs?

>> No.18832951

While back, i got smashed harshly in my critique group on my project that contains sex, rape, scat, monster birthing, whipping and decapitation. Now that the dust has settled, i plan to continue the project. I have learned that it would be taken down quickly on Amazon. What other platform choices do i have for possible bucks? (If i ever finish it)

>> No.18832963

Just post it for free online and have a donation service set up on your website

>> No.18832968

wtf why would you show normies stuff like that?

>> No.18832986

I spend the year so far writing a short story collection. Yesterday I read them all up again and they're horrible. Every single story is bad, written as if by a teenager. Well, they get better - even if a little bit - as the writing goes on. Something I wrote last week is infinitely better than another thing from the beginning of the year. I'm far from publishable but I'm getting better. Maybe in 10 years I can write a good story.

>> No.18832995

That's very lovely anon. Keep going in this direction, keep it up

>> No.18832999

Based. Them looking bad now is a sign that your tastes and aesthetic knowledge are continuing to develop as your hone your skills. Very based.

>> No.18833004

not the anon you are talking to, but you sound psychotic

>> No.18833029

Yeah, it was a rookie mistake on my part. I somehow trusted that fellow writers would appreciate craft being craft regardless of genre.

>> No.18833151

I like it anon.

>> No.18833156

ty. have u posted any prose in this thread?

>> No.18833166

No, I just scrolled through for the first time in weeks and saw your excerpt and it turned out to be good. Pretty happy coinky-dink. Do you have any more?

>> No.18833185

the complete story is here: vocal<>media/fiction/the-son-also-rises

quite a bit of fiction if you go to my profile c:

>> No.18833203

Thanks anon, I'll check it out

>> No.18833258

To give you a start, all of these are commonly used in the UK. However, their usage dictated by the usual demographics i.e. class, age, geograpy, urban/provincial, etc. You will need to research the appropriate use of each one.

>> No.18833271

Thanks a lot, I noticed there was a lack of description as well. I’ll be changing that.

>> No.18833436

How long is your outline before you begin writing, Anons?

>> No.18833540

I just finished my first short story, and it feels better than drugs. 4000 words. I want to rewrite it with 20k words, a full fledged book, then I'll have it printed for my own enjoyment (because it's quite clumsy). My life goal is to write 1000k words and kick ass with awesome prose and inspiring stories.

>> No.18833569


LibreOffice over Word? I like a lot of the little nooks and crannies in Word but I don't want to pay for the license. The little things like reminding me passive structure, multiple reference books, etc. are nice to have

>> No.18833574

I want to post my work, but nothing I'm actually protective over. If someone gives me a premise and summary I will try to write a short rough adaptation, any genre, for stylistic /crit/

>> No.18833592

Seek help

>> No.18833614

>pseuds killed it
>pseuds killed it

Seriously, your autistic ”they kilt muh anime posters” brain is leaking onto this board like liquid fucking mold.
What credentials do you have that give you any mandate to call anyone pseud? Come on, lie, come up with the shit that gives you ANY fucking authority to call anyone a pseud.

You have none. You are a butthurt fag that just wants to keep ruining these threads out of spite since the jannies started cleanin out the anime OP images. Ass status: severely raped.

>> No.18833655

Who Am I? What Am I?

>> No.18833750

Good job Anon. I wish you luck in getting it printed!

>> No.18833805


That's your first problem. Exercise your creative brain and come up with your own premise and summary.
I've posted bites in here a few times but I need to be in the mood for it. I've got a ways to go, especially since I'm still stuck in a roleplay writing mindset.

>> No.18833826

Finished my 125k novel and already 60k through the follow up but only cos writing query letters is fucking hell on earth.
Goddamn I wish I could find an agent and be done with this nonsense.

>> No.18833830

Wattpad is for YA romance. KDP is for romance, military SF, and isekai. RR is for isekai. That is the self-publishing landscape.

>> No.18833849

>realize writing has nothing to do with putting words to paper
>realize quality writing is entirely about having a good sense of perception of the world and its social and emotional patterns and a mind that can filter those to a unique essence that appeals to and resonates with people
>realize I'm a dumb robot who never had a genuine thought or emotion or unique experience in his life and as such my writing is pointless

>> No.18833860

Spend a year away from home doing something to achieve humanity.

>> No.18833888

Well that's my problem, I have plenty of ideas I'm fond of but I don't wish to use them *here*. Every time I think of one for disposability I grow too attached. Are there any very cheesy, self-indulgent stories you people would love to see written, anything you'd ordinarly pay for someone else to write?

>> No.18833907

present tense. why. just why.

>> No.18833912

do yourself a favor, learn markdown syntax (it's super simple, if you can format a post in 4chan you are already using markdown) and use one of the many free and open source markdown editors, like ghostwriter

>> No.18833930

your time isnt that important pal, answer his question or shut the fuck up

>> No.18834089

Present tense is good for YA

>> No.18834110

Gents, throw off your works. I want to translate your works into my own language and create a book out of it.

>> No.18834200

I like it, but I feel like there's more you could get out of it, and there's things that sort of stand out- for example
>Then, with a low click, they vanish and the streets go dark. I know that once this happens, we won't see them flicker on again.
How do they know this? Obviously, there's some kind of apocalyptic event happening, but a layman wouldn't be privy to information necessary to clock that.

Wait, is this GONE? Are all the adults disappeared?

>> No.18834357

Don't be mad that you killed this general pseud.

>> No.18834411

Yes, I'm done now. I was never going to become the next Faulkner, the next Nabokov or the next Joyce, but I hid behind the language barrier to avoid criticism for months, maintaining an illusion that was fun to live in while it lasted. I had thought my country's education system to be topmost in the world, but this turned out to be utter bollocks. A child of 18, a person ten years my junior, has a greater vocabulary than I, who had to look up the word “topiary”, and no one likes the expression theory of art anymore, I am likened to a long lost dinosaur.
This will be my final post on /lit/. I've been humiliated and exposed as a fraud. My writing is pretentious, infantile, banal drivel. My observations are dull, my language grade school level. My tenses are mixed up; I use colloquialisms, ellipses and onomatopoeia. I mix tired and trite idioms together to obfuscate their unoriginality with a veneer of irony; I have continued to recite ornate Jewish chimpanzee parables with diminishing returns. The parable seemed very clearly to me to be asking me whether or not the now-grown-adult can choose. I say yes, of course, but that's not my issue.
I was never cut out for writing. I began writing my "book" on January 6th. Since then I've produced 137 thousand words for it. These words are a tide of garbage without value, without insight, without form. The themes of time, space, infinity, memory and pointless duelling are not present in my work. It was never real writing, it was anime and weebshit!
Story arcs, character arcs, narrative arcs, these are all outdated terms. You say what you hear, and only the anime fandom uses the term “arc” anymore. I am a toad! Look how many words I wrote, because apparently literature is bodybuilding and just aimlessly typing will somehow improve my writing. My appetites grew as I wrote, I set a goal of a 100 thousand words when I began, only for the cancerous growth to demand a 137 thousand words soon enough to be completed, then rising all the way to 140 thousand, and still I don't even know what genre it is that I'm writing. Is it autofiction? A comedy? A picaresque? Am I merely shitposting edgelord-triggering diarrhea in neo-emo gothic revivalist gestalt?
Regardless, I have failed, and even in my failure I have merely imitated how people who think they write well but write poorly write, and I couldn't even do that well. "Oh I can do that anytime if I wanted to" I thought, but no. I have put down my pen. Never again will my fingers click-clack across the keyboard. No more outlines, no more characters. Goodbye. I will take my own advice and go to the rope. Why live if you can't be a great writer, or even a passable one? And why write at all, anyway, if no one is reading anymore and Harold Bloom isn't around to insert us into the Canon? Learn from me! Learn from me!

>> No.18834496

>one autist posts
>the second appears at the same time
Coincidence? I think not

>> No.18834503

Oldtown, though a cultural cornerstone and popular tourist destination, soaked in drizzling rain with little foot traffic beyond meandering salarymen. Former industrial brick buildings now play host to immigrant restaurants and lofted apartments. Hopping off the Blue Line bus, Paul visited this slice of history specifically for a favorite haunt. He followed cracked sidewalks, alongside dilapidated houses, until his favorite cornerstore appeared.
Brubaker convenience, a half-century old student's oasis; beer, ramen noodles, toiletries, and fast food for cheap. The original owner died many years ago and his family sold the store to a Taiwanese family who kept the name and business operation. Walking in, Paul's stomach gurgled instantly from the smell of the wok. He prioritized the groceries before ordering food, despite hunger's protests. Aside from stray packages of bottled water and dusty cans of soup, the skeletal shelves looked ravaged. Even the spot for cheap toilet paper lay empty. With little left to shop for, Paul walked to the cooler at the end of the aisle and pulled out a six-pack of Yeltsin Lager then made his way to the cashier.
Mrs. Lin frantically walked between the kitchen and the front of the store, answering phone calls and writing down to-go orders for Mr. Lin and his brother to cook. Daughter Jen staffed the cashier chair, fixated on the mini tv hidden behind the counter while eating wonton soup. She turned only once Paul rested the six pack on the counter.

"$6.99" she sighed, grabbing a pastic bag for the beer.
"Oh, and could I get," Paul paused momentarily, "pork fried rice?"
"Small or large?" Jen's monotone question finished with a hint of tart.
Jen turned her head towards the kitchen and called out the order, or at least that's what Paul assumed. A familiar "huh?" echoed from the kitchen, to which Jen shouted a louder response.

Paul handed over his credit card.
"Guess I'm starting to look too old for the ID?"
The corner of Jen's mouth curled up for a moment, partnered with a raise of the eyebrows.
Or perhaps you've just seen me too much and you want me out, ASAP
I've got no motivation to finish but there's something I shat out. How can I improve?

>> No.18834521

&der waas summat por the both of em. Little daidrae boasted what they'ud have rung true byda bells ringin, ever only well meanin. byda blud'ah chri'eest, byda coop'ah salvae'shun. any way ye'd av it, sir. we ken do it just anyway yeh needs, finnegan. bloody` johhny's'ad to'uv maed it yonderwhere such tings coom frum, whence flow red, past eve and adam's, the blood'ah chri'eest. wold finnegan be held doon inna haez'ah da lim-bo, ai 'ee stoombles a'boat an'no floawing why'een what do bear truth'uh the grail'tah ye, what do braeng joy'eh salvae-shun to'un poor soul finding watself un'dee udder saede'uh what ye or ai knoow to'be ree'ahh'litee. noon ever gut to know poor wold finnegan, an'dee dint need'ah know noo-bahdy.

can ye tell ive been readin joyce
>>18831521 thanks bb
>>18831598 good riddim. i like the simple repeating structure
>>18831667 VROOM VROOM
>"heat mirages, ones that". Take out the ', ones'
> "after a quick look around, he concluded..." right above it says "Abby. Where was Abby?" suggesting our narrator is showing us the subject's internal thought processes. so tell us what the quick look around feels like in his head. if the narrator is gonna be as boring as he is at least make the subject be interesting in his reactions.
oof, very clumsy writing. try to write the same thing in half the words.
>"...as joyish and exciting.." Find a word which means both
Baktasio is a sick name tho
>kick ass with awesome prose and inspiring stories
:''{ wholesome as shit

>> No.18834524

Schizophrenia is a hell of a drug

>> No.18834528

[[uh mild won, keep'it tight 'ee says, jus like'at, ee' gestures with 'is palm down, pooshin upon the air as'doe twere made'uh goose feather]]

on'yer matel'piece were plastik, by way uhv little titties'an'tatties yer friends do bring up'an outta craks in yer world, the plazes it be coomin apart. an dey give'em to ye, izzen it so agonie? did ai ever lie to 'ee? shur, of coarse ai did. i figgard it'd be eazy like, go'in throo'da moashens an keepin up appeer'ances.
yor in between again. cut in betweens, liek. gel-ahsee do braeng out such lit'el trea'zurs in foolks such az ye 'or ai
treh-zur chest'ah what ye raps in fabriks 'an feh'thurs 'an such witchy things az'that.

>> No.18834537

Christ, how retarded can you guys be?

>> No.18834578

Glad you like it!
>Wait, is this GONE? Are all the adults disappeared?
Haven't heard of Gone specifically, but yeah. This is an idea I had way back in High School, and now that I've got some free time on my hands I decided to finally work on it a bit more seriously. It's not an original idea by a long shot, but so far it's been fun to write.

>> No.18834600

>every other guy's web novel: unintelligible, incoherent trash
>comments: best thing I've ever read on this website such good writing wow can't wait for the next chapter!

>my web novel: actual prose
>comments: there is a preposition missing on line 785

What is it about my work that draws all the professors? Every chapter is just people pointing out irrelevant typos like we're translating a new edition of the Bible, instead of commenting on the story itself, what the fuck

>> No.18834843

You guys ARE using Kindle Vella right? I'm making a fucking killing on there writing shitty werewolf fiction for girls

>> No.18834845

you just answered that yourself. the more effort you put in, the more critical people will be.

>> No.18834850

It looks weird but it's quite simple: children and mentally stunted people are enthusiastic and they will express their enthusiasm freely. Do you make comments on YouTube videos? Probably not. Without this childish enthusiasm, what you get is... nothing! People do not express anything. They're just consumers. Even if they appreciate what they read, there is no relationship because that's what the internet is like. There will be far less people reading your thing because it's not trash, and the only person who will feel like commenting will be the one person whose contribution is telling you that you missed a proposition on like 785.
It's nobody's fault, the internet is just incredibly dry and the only thing that makes it look alive is the screeching of children, which transforms into marketing, which transforms into money.

>> No.18834855

I'm assuming you're writing on Royal Road. If you don't have enough power level dbz shit of course the only thing to comment on is the grammar

>> No.18834870

There are far better ways to make lots of money.

>> No.18834884

Name them.

>> No.18834909

Try writing something you actually want to write?

>> No.18834910

Flipping crypto has made me half of a million, so I'm biased. It's actually incredibly easy.

>> No.18834941

Yes but you:
>produce nothing
>have nothing to show off
>have had zero cool experiences for that 500k you have
>literally a bug person with nothing to show for all your money and time

>> No.18834945

Stop being a fucking pseud.

>> No.18834980

I posted my bit in this thread and received 1 reply. That's just how it is. I do have a disappointingly bland life for all the money I have, though.

>> No.18834988

These sites are all basically fanfiction / YA sites right?

>> No.18835012

This thread is always filled with so much negativity towards writing. God, I wish people who come here to lament about their writing and general failure in life would seek help and not pollute the thread.

What should be here? Actual good insights on the writing process.

What is here? Children lamenting they aren't millionaires from selling their pokemon fanfic.

>> No.18835014

Jesus Christ I skimmed through the highest rated thing on the site. I hate zoomers so much

>> No.18835018

>What should be here? Actual good insights on the writing process.
Just go to an actual writing forums, why are you wasting your time here?

>> No.18835025

Either get with the times or get left behind, but stop your bitching.

>> No.18835030

There's a Catch-22 where there is literally no environment in writing that isn't about pandering to the lowest common denominator, so you do that or you do that. There's no writer's club or whatever that isn't trying to produce a bestseller. I remember taking part to this fantasy writing forum and I quickly realized that nobody was really interested in sharing stories with each other but they were obsessed with marketing and nothing else, and the couple resident published authors who churned out forgettable urban fantasy were held in high regard not because they were good writers but because they could play the market. They'd go around giving critiques that were entirely based on whether or not something would work in the market. It's kind of depressing.

>> No.18835032

Not a pseud, finished 2 books now, lived an adventurous life
You can't write because you've done nothing with your life, you're a boring person

>> No.18835039

Jason, seek help.

>> No.18835043

It was this one, thanks.
I am a fairly boring person, though. I've been trying to find some ways to make my writing more inspired.

>> No.18835046

use the report button and take it to the jannies you stupid zoomer retard

>> No.18835053

Get with the times old man.

>> No.18835056

4chan is at the forefront of counter-culture and I want to be near the fountain of art.

Once authors and musicians moved into a neighborhood and high culture and commercialism would soon follow. These days? To find madness one must dwell among the man, at the forefront of what is still being transformed from unknown into articulated knowledge. Only at this edge can only gain true inspiration.

>> No.18835062

Yeah, that ain't happening here.

>> No.18835066

>I want to be near the fountain of art.
literally everything 4chan has ever done was stolen. wojak is a traced photo. pepe is a character made by an indie comic artist. 4chan has not produced a single original concept, it's in many ways the beating art of appropriative consoomerism.

>> No.18835077

This falls into several traps about thinking of writing. One of them is to think of writing as an intellectual exercise in which the masses cannot possibly understand. What writer doesn't want to be read?

>> No.18835084

It might be stolen, but has it not been transformed and taken on a life of its own through this darker place of the world? Can you expect the world of capitalist consumerism to produce any true art these days?

>> No.18835088

Actually, the whole point of writing is to be read. If you didn't need anyone to read it, you'd keep it in your head. To say "I don't care whether anyone reads my writing" is an oxymoron.

>> No.18835091

No and stop trying to cope.

>> No.18835096

I will use copium until all of you go mad alongside me and our writing turns into true art.

>> No.18835155


>> No.18835160

Dumbass fucking cocksuckers

>> No.18835166

The amount of projection that oozes from your replies is awesome

>> No.18835181

I can guarantee that you haven't written a fucking thing your whole life. You are just a consoomer retard. Why the fuck didn't you save this comment on your phone instead of posting it here you fucking mongrel?

>> No.18835213

I have written 4k today, it should have been 3k~, but I rewrote the last part because it felt like what happened was a bit too soon.

>> No.18835219

Seek help

>> No.18835286

Keep felt

>> No.18835315

Based and miniature gnomepilled

>> No.18835327

i wanna rub my penis on those

>> No.18835342

Went to sleep, here ya go https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31062/saga-of-the-cosmic-heroes

>> No.18835348

Read a real book.

>> No.18835351

Can someone help me with the following phrase

>All the while the plants stand silently…

Im looking for a synonym for stand. I’m helping a stem student with student with a presentation. I’m not looking for anything spectacular, just a better word than stand

>> No.18835359

something with 'lined up' or 'aligned', 'orderly' it calls for verticality if you're talking about plants

>> No.18835373

What makes a book real or not?

>> No.18835382

Thanks but not not exactly what I’m looking for. Something a bit more anthropomorphic. It can be cheesy as hell, “stand” is just so blunt

>> No.18835467

If some schmuck is getting paid for referencing Karl Marx in an erotica.

>> No.18835503


>> No.18835521

>Something a bit more anthropomorphic.
Their stalks were turgid and erect, throbbing with the lymph of life as they brushed against the delicate fold of each other's virginal green leaves, dripping profusely with dew as the wind gently rocked them, blowing softly

>> No.18835531

Seek help

>> No.18835560


>> No.18835620

/wg/ optimists chime in!
>updated my website
>finished a chapter edit
>putting together a list of social media accounts to sign up for, in order to buy ads
>did a workout
>cleaned the office
Getting myself pumped up for a FINAL week of editing before giving it to a reedsy.com editor and begin work on finding someone who wants to work on the 2nd edition with me
Currently sitting in my computer chair butt naked with a tiny fan blasting at me, going to hit fucking 37c today, this blows!
>Stay positive bros!

>> No.18835630

Seek Help, Jason. You're mentally ill.

>> No.18835644

yeah good luck buddy, mostly unironically

>> No.18835656

Yeah it's awesome!

>> No.18835712

A new chapper done with a total of 10,119 words. I am happy.

>> No.18835730

Get to the chapper!!!

>> No.18835748

Good thing I pinned the update on my Twitter so it can, stick around.

badum tsss.

>> No.18835819

I'm surprised, I didn't expect serious replies. That makes a lot of sense

>> No.18835889

>10,119 words
why are people like this? who wants to read a 10000 word chapter?

>> No.18836470

Seek help

>> No.18836566

Hello, new to /wg/ and /lit/ in general. I always liked to write (I'm not very good at it) I started to study a degree in book editing and publishing at my Uni (already have a degree in accounting).
I started to write a novel but I'm like 20 chapters in and only 34k words in spanish. Is that too little? Am I a brainlet? What's a good way to make chapters longer?

Cheers to everyone

>> No.18836587

Do you know what your front page is going to be and your last page too?

>> No.18836589

Your post is so nice and friendly, which is unusual for 4chan, and I am worried that people will be glib or rude to you and you will be discouraged from posting. As you can see everyone in this thread is an asshole by default. I don't have any useful information for you but I hope you get useful and pleasant replies and no one is a cocksucker toward you today spanishanon.

>> No.18836590

I do, which is why I tend to put them at that length with a few occasions of going to 12k because a scene needs some more time. However, pro's and epi's tend to be around 5k or so because it is both the start and end and going too hard in and too hard out makes me feel exhausted when reading.

>> No.18836591

>spend all day trying to decide what to do next
>settle on just writing some skeleton dialogue and calling it a night
>end up writing several paragraphs

Is this the power of """""Just Write""""?

>> No.18836592

Lmao, what a whiney faggot you are.

>> No.18836598

what do you mean by "front page"? sorry, maybe I'm too much of a noob for you guys. If you mean start and end, yeah I have an idea. Trying to get the details on how to get from A to B, though

thanks man very much appreciated, hoping everyone is having a good time as well

>> No.18836700

I have a tavern full of townsfolk leading all kinds of happy lives. One character is showing the other character the lives of other people so they feel better about their situation. How the fuck does one convey that in a scene without bursting into song? I only see this working in a musical setting. Am I braindead? I feel like theres no organic way to talk about people one after another unless its real fast. And then it feels like an unengaging list unless you have jokes in there.

>> No.18836721

Isn't this relatively easy? Have the character walking around the bar pointing these things out.

>> No.18836744

Isn't that boring unless its done in a comedic way?

>> No.18836750

How much time have you spent in real pubs, anon?

>> No.18836752

none :(

>> No.18836754

There is no difference between the two. I keep adding detail to the outline until it becomes the first draft. I'm terribly inefficient.

>> No.18836806

Share that list of sites to advertise on.

>> No.18836820

If it was me, and since I do first-person I'd probably keep it simple. "I don't have to look twice to know Bob is right, the fellows laugh and they cry. The clink of glasses, the bursting of energies as they chant the corp's motto. Maybe Bob is right afterall—we have our good days and our bad days; maybe I shouldn't let a bad day mean having a bad life after all."

>> No.18836838

thats great anon.
but what about for screenplays? I'm sad prose isn't transferrable

>> No.18836907

yes :) care to share?

>> No.18836949


>> No.18836962

can someone explain to me what it means when someone says a piece of writing "doesn't say anything"? people on here always go on about it but i never really understood

>> No.18836997

By my personal definition of that, if a section of writing "doesn't say anything", it means it is completely useless to the rest of the writing. It could be terrible rambling, unnecessary fluff, or some kind of awful tangent that is made.

>> No.18837161

Any good resources for developing plot?

>> No.18837248

Am I supposed to think my rough draft is unreadable garbage? I always get a couple thousand words into a project and then stop because I go back and read what I've read and it's just not as good as I thought it would be.

>> No.18837271

Finish the entire novel first, THEN GO BACK AND EDIT.

>> No.18837293

no, don't be a Jason, do this only if you know the work will be passable after the revising and editing
this is why you start with short stories

>> No.18837300

I was writing. deadlines suck ass.
whaddya want anyway?
back later

>> No.18837302

How long should short stories be? I have no problem thinking of plots that could be novellas or novels but short stories sort of elude me

>> No.18837305

They would be short, so... 60 pages at most? But if you can't make an interesting short story then you can't make an interesting story, they're basically the same thing but easier since you don't need to think about how the current "arc" relates to the big picture.

>> No.18837310

>Finish the entire novel first, THEN GO BACK AND EDIT.
this works.
Kerouac's method also works: write it. write it again. then again (this is how he could say he wrote On the Road in a few days. he'd practically memorized it by then.
outline method works too: rough draft of 20 pages or so of the main character or plot, then put it aside and start again

>> No.18837312

Need some advice. How the fuck do I write some high energy shit? I write every day and have already self published one book but I want to take my writing in a different direction but I just can't figure out how to write things in a high energy way. I want something that just kicks you in the teeth and is just some wild shit but I can't figure out how to do it. Is writing by nature slow paced? The closest I can get is by emulating Hunter S. Thompson's style but it's still not quite there.

>> No.18837323

I've finished 2 books...
>you 0

>> No.18837325

try this:
write to a friend. be candid, sincere, and refuse to beat around the bush. be DIRECT. write FAST.
Thompson wrote from a place where he didn't have time for crap. because he never knew when the drugs would wear off LOLZ

>> No.18837328

I'm not even the retard who usually posts "seek help" after every one of your posts but your writing is abysmal. I would not be proud of publishing 2 picture books for children - and not even children would enjoy your work. Only worse person I can think of is the call of the XYZ dude whose name I forgot.

>> No.18837332

Thank you man, that's actually a good idea. Going to approach it that way.

>> No.18837335

seek help

>> No.18837336

I have 4 published asshat. say what you want.

>> No.18837337

Oh no some random pseud read an early draft and thought it was terrible, I guess I should quit writing like he already has
>lmao pseud

>> No.18837341


>> No.18837344

I was just kidding about the drugs. go write something amazing. blow our minds.

>> No.18837346

I grow ever-more disappointed. You don't even need to quit, but if you aren't looking at your work critically and constantly trying to improve then your writing will never be good.

>> No.18837353

Being compared to Gardner is a honour, thank you sir.

>> No.18837358

Are you retarded? What do you think editing is?

>> No.18837361

sorry, nope. I'm anonymous here just like everyone. (certainly not famous or anything, just anonymous)
and don't care if I'm believed about anything or not. There are no rules about writing. novels have rules, but not writing them.
outta here!

>> No.18837363

Fuck off, Gardner is the pride and joy of the Animewriters, unlike you dipshit.

>> No.18837365

I've read a shit ton of nonfiction but now that I've tried to start writing I've realized that I am really I'm extremely under-read in fiction. What are some classic fiction books I should read to boost my writing abilities? I was going to start with Don Quixote.

>> No.18837368

Pretty cowardly to claim you have 4 books published yet you won't even talk about them or link to them.
>in his own mind he's an author
Yeah, you have 4 books published... okay anon!

>> No.18837370

I know, but the first piece is really good. Actually think it'd work well. Have a good one brother

>> No.18837374


>> No.18837389

If I recall you thought your work was good until the people of /wg/ pointed out a thousand flaws, most of which you still are in denial about. You barely look at your work critically.

Snippets from his book are actually so bad it's funny, unlike Jason's.

This might be a somewhat controversial opinion but most famous books are bad compared to modern standards. Especially ones before the 1900's - don't ever take Dante's Inferno or Don Quixote as examples of good literature, only popular literature with heavy influence on culture in the same way people will look back at Star Wars as an influential movie series.
I really think literature began improving immensely after the 1900's, so I recommend starting no earlier than there. And please don't try to mimic the outdated prose of the 1920's, either.

>> No.18837399

>Snippets from his book are actually so bad it's funny, unlike Jason's.
Keep seething pseud.

>> No.18837400

Define pseud

>> No.18837414

>This might be a somewhat controversial opinion but most famous books are bad compared to modern standards
So what something like Blood Meridian or Gravity's Rainbow would be better?

>> No.18837422

Yes the plot is awesome, I fixed the tenses and added some more show, don't tell. It's a great read and on par with the NYT Bestsellers I pick up in my condo's lobby.

You barely read any of my work. A few paragraphs of an early draft.

>> No.18837433

Pseuds are notorious for shitting on anyone who actually completes a novel. One of the things that defines a pseud is someone who thinks they can write an amazing novel, but never does, and instead focuses much of their time and effort on tearing down people who are actually completing projects.

Pseuds absolutely seethe when others complete a project, this is why you never see anything like:
>good work anon, how long did it take you?
>wow awesome that you finished it anon, what's your next step?
You don't see any positive-attitude on the pseuds, they aren't here because they're happy, put it that way.

>> No.18837450

>most famous books are bad compared to modern standards
tf does this even mean
>Dante's Inferno or Don Quixote
cites two works that aren't even in english

holy shit my sides

>> No.18837467

If you want a hugbox then go somewhere else.

Prose is one thing, plot is another. Dante's Inferno is basically shitty fanfiction. Prose was fine for the time but we live in modern times so write modern.

>> No.18837486

As a straight white masculine male writer, there is no other place to go.

>> No.18837510

Trust me with the way you talk, you belong on r/writing or some shit.

Never read either of those.

>> No.18837515

>Dante's Inferno

>> No.18837527

You're bonkers if you think I can fit into the Reddit crowd after being on 4chan since 2004. Reddit has my computer's MAC address banned. If I make an account there on any of my PCs and even try and interact anywhere like on /r/Mordhau, my shit is flagged and my account gets suspended right away. Posting anything to /r/Vancouver is a complete pipe dream, even one time where I used wifi at Starbucks to link a video that showed a guy who was stabbed to death in Vancouver had appeared in one of my walking tours in Gastown, as soon as they found out it was me, they deleted the popular post and banned my account.

If you are someone like me who does not go along with the NPCs and their tightly-controlled speech in THEIR spaces, you're fucked, you have nowhere to post. The speech is insanely controlled everywhere online now.

>> No.18837530

I fail to see what's wrong with this statement. Yes, it was translated, but my point is that everything else about the plot, the characters, the moral lessons is something a moron would come up with. I don't really care about the prose. Prose is just a vehicle that delivers everything else.

Jesus christ, you're legitimately a schizophrenic.

>> No.18837543

>Jesus christ, you're legitimately a schizophrenic.
Which is why many anons tell him to seek help.

>> No.18837546

He is referring to the fact that the Divine Comedy is a work of poetry and not a work of prose

>> No.18837552

How much do you know about the mainstream publishing industry?
Even /r/writing is completely pozzed. Very easy to get banned there if your writing is even slightly "edgy" or if you have an opinion that is different than the mainstream.

>> No.18837558

>You're bonkers if you think I can fit into the Reddit crowd after being on 4chan since 20
This, I've been here since Chanology and trying to use Reddit is a nonstarter. I just accidentally make replies with shit in it that I don't even intend to offend them with and I get banned from the sbureddits that are like upper-level multi-million person subs. Other than a select few forums that are still around from the 00s that I go on, this is the only website where you can truly speak your mind and talk to other people who will speak their mind. I have to be a politically correct drone at work all day when I'm spending my personal time I don't want to have to do the same self-censorship.

>> No.18837560

Those same people telling me to seek help are not writing at all, while the guy who they call mentally ill is the one actually putting in work.

>> No.18837566

>Never read either of those.
Why? What are some more contemporary novels that I should read in order to get a better sense of fiction style?

>> No.18837567

My waifu subbed to /r/NoNewNormal and was auto-banned on a bunch of subs she used. That's where we are at as far as what you're ALLOWED to think and read.

>> No.18837568

Oh, yeah. That's my bad - I read that shit back in high school so I forgot. Either way, it revolves around Dante's self-insert character meeting a bunch of celebrities on layer 1 then going down and exploring a bunch of one-dimensional stories as to why this random schmuck is stuck in his highly stylized form of eternal Christian punishment. There's nothing to be gained from it except knowing how it's affected popular culture.

Cool, I didn't ask. You have a sheer lack of social awareness. And I don't doubt that's reflected in your book.

>> No.18837570

Seek Help.

>> No.18837589

Actually, I have a finely-tuned sense of social awareness.
>wrote a book after fucking 100+ women since I was 15 years old
>saw how much dating had changed in such a short time and how it was going to cause a bunch of loneliness problems and increased dissatisfaction with dating
>I was right
How would I be so good at getting laid if I couldn't read the room? I've been a 10+ year regular at pubs, can easily buy drugs in any city with my street smarts, can navigate the normie world when I need to, quite adeptly when I want to.
I already bragged with a ton of photos of my exes on here and their hot asses, my social awareness only appears odd to you because someone with any sort of confidence on this website is new to you.

>> No.18837596

Going to keep writing and triggering the pseuds here

>> No.18837618

Christ, this dude talks like fucking Patrick Bateman.
Funnily enough found your book on zlibrary. Glad it took you XYZ years to realize the vapidity of one night stands, but gonna take you a lot more to learn to write. What the fuck is this shit? I can tell you didn't have an editor, this is a grammatic nightmare, never mind awful to read.

>> No.18837632

I hired a woman in the USA for $800 USD to edit it, I was unaware that she wasn't qualified until after I released the book, but by that time, the book was helping me make massive changes in my life.
>one night stands
I basically had like girlfriends for 1-2 weeks and would just float from one, to another, to another, as soon as the bliss period of the new relationship wore off, I would go to any of the pubs or clubs within a 2 minute walk of the loft I decorated and rented, and would just meet a new woman. It was an insane time in my life, keep in mind the culture of when I wrote the book, early 2009-2012, it was a VERY different culture than what we have today.
>2021 dating is completely fucked
People are more lonely than ever before!

>> No.18837653

Picked another random page. This shit is literally "I did this. I did that. I did this. I did that." 280 pages of this garbage.

And the content is literally just you jacking off about how many girls this guy gets and how he's like "hurrrrrrrrr wait a second sex bad" for 280 pages. Your massive ego and juvenile brain really stick out like sore thumbs. It's like I'm reading the most smoothbrained high-school quarterback finally connect two of his braincells together.

And if I'm honest it's way better than the shitkicker shit you posted here (that shit is literally seventh-grader tier), but your awkward purple prose is still far below satisfactory. And no, I'm never going to bother reading your plot. I'm sure its boring.

>> No.18837664

Massive ego + juvenile brain = got much more pussy than you ever did

>> No.18837673

You're on a 4chan writing thread, not instagram.
Honestly, I'm glad you finally realized to stop hopping between relationships every two weeks once you were 25 or whatever. Now try and be less stupid and find something meaningful to write about, because your stupidity reflects itself in your writing.

>> No.18837679


I think my latest writing is better than what I did in 2013, but that book in 2013 was critical in getting out of the lifestyle and lead me exactly to having my kids and family I have now. Being an artist isn't about going from A to B, it is about living in the moment and not being afraid to live an adventurous life.

Who knows what will happen when I release The Shitkickers and advertise it everywhere? That's a huge part of why it is fun and fulfilling to be an artist and create. You never know what direction a project will lead you in...

>> No.18837687

Either your writing has legitimately regressed, or that editor has helped you way more than you credit her for.

>> No.18837700

25? I was in my mid 30's banging early 20's women, keep in mind I had an income of around 10k USD a month for like 15 years of my life, working like an hour a day. I had a massive amount of time to play vidya, chase women, read, adventure, create art, modify cars...

Getting out of that lifestyle took years, finally in 2020 I could focus on writing full-time, it feels great!
>your stupidity
I may only have 80 IQ, but I:
>lived in a foreign country for a year and learned to sell porn online on dial up internet in 2003
>banged so many women that I forgot so many of them
>owned nearly all my dream cars, 700 horsepower MKIV Supra, GMC Typhoon, Supercharged S2000, 5.0 Swapped BMW,
>only had to work a full-time job for 1.5 years since I was like 21 years old

It ain't what you got that counts, but what you do with it.
>t. proud brainlet

>> No.18837707

>my point is that everything else about the plot, the characters, the moral lessons is something a moron would come up with.
only a moron would say this

>> No.18837713

There's a difference between self confidence and a throbbing ego. You're self-obsessed, and that leads to your inability to properly assess your abilities. I legitimately think Shitkicker's writing is significantly worse than the book I just pirated. Until you get your head out of your ass (at least with writing) then you won't improve.

>> No.18837714


I compare my stuff to all these award-winning books and don't really see how any of them are written better, or flow better. I mean, I read my own writing and can clearly see the story coming together and can envision the scenes.

I thoroughly enjoy the writing process. The 3rd book is tentatively called "Coyolo" as a group of bike thieves team up with the wildlife in a local park, begin injecting them with chinese steroids, and terrorize the city...
>sample of chapter 2 of TSK:
After an awkward lunch with Allie, Grandpa Chang and the rest of Allie's large extended family, Ken finds himself walking towards his favourite downtown watering hole. Waiting to cross for a light, a glance down at his feet is putting a frown on his face. His inside right pant leg had a few greasy chain hugs, opening his hands, little black flecks of handlebar rubber still dotting the valley of his palms. Ken takes a few deep breaths.
Walking through Chinatown and crossing over into the downtown eastside, the storefronts are impossibly filthy- stains running down the walls and windows leaving little dried rivers. Wafts of overpowering urine scents, the grime and litter underfoot form a carpet of questionable steps.
Ken walks by a shuttered alcove.
A gravelly voice calls out.
"Spare any change, maaaan?"
"No, I'm sorry."
"Hey fuck you man, you've got nice clothes man, you can afford..."
Ken keeps walking but now a little faster.

>> No.18837717

Can you name a couple books you think have exceptional prose?

I'm going to release the 1st edition of The Shitkickers and get some books selling, then hiring an editor from Reedsy.com to work with for a 2nd edition. The entire process is quite enjoyable!

>> No.18837741

For one, prose is just one part of the novel. Everything else can carry prose if the prose isn't awful.
I've already gone over your prose a month ago and explained how it differs from another work you posted, not bothering to do it again. Go back into archives if you have to. And really, I'm tired of this conversation. Your life is a world away from mine. I just don't care anymore. Go to a writer's club or take a writing class or something and let them tell you how it is.

>> No.18837746

Can you name a few exceptional modern books?

I mean, if my work is so, so terrible, certainly you could recommend something better for me to learn from...

>> No.18837751

Most popular books will do. Ask some writer in real life to describe the difference between yours and the popular book. You obviously take nothing written here seriously.

>> No.18837753

I like this writing, but my judgement is impaired since I'm pretty drunk right now. If this thread is still here when I sober up I might have a different opinion.

>> No.18837768

Kind of seems like one moment you have all the answers and as soon as I ask you a direct question, you no longer have any answers. Could you be a pseud?
>you obviously take nothing written here seriously
I literally re-wrote my cliche beginning, fixed all the tenses, went through and did more showing over telling. Seems like you're not acknowledging anything I've done and simply parroting the typical pseud nonsense.

>> No.18837776

Alright, fine. Post your writing and post any other snippet and I will compare the two briefly. Then I'm leaving and doing something less useless.

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