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Why can't we build beautiful ones instead of pic rel? Is it because modern design is more efficient, or is there some other reason?

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Pic rel doesn't look nice? And it looks like a book store.

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Classicism is the natural enemy of iconoclasts, as their sole purpose is to destroy timeless beauty and rewrite history

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i'm assuming you think old university libraries are beautiful.

open concept libraries with flexible programming have been the trend for some time. clients like them, the public on the whole likes them. libraries are being pitched as "more than a library" -- they are community centres.
curtainwalled open concept type spaces are falling out of favour for certain building types (offices), but public buildings are still trending this way.

reading is a cultic activity, publicly funded libraries are adjusting accordingly.

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I don't think so, people should keep those, but getting stuck with it seems stupid. We got computers and engineering improved significantly since then.

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yeah, not my cup of tea

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Who gives a fuck? You need a library to store books well and to allow you to find them. You don't live in them.
What you put there is not ugly in any notable way, it's standard modern IKEA-tier interior design.

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picrel is the library I used to go to, wonder what /lit/ thinks about it

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>You need a library to store books well and to allow you to find them.
It would be nice to be able to visit a public library that doesn't look like pic rel, and read for a few hours. I don't think that's unreasonable.
And, beautiful things and places are part of what makes life worth living. Of course beauty is important!

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as institutions become more accessible, they become worse

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>is there some other reason?
It's because libraries are 90% female HR managers and sub-managers having brunch twice a day. They haven't read a book in their lives, they just have degrees in made-up shit like "Information Science," two words that could not be more inappropriate to associate with women. If women are doing it, it's not informational, and it's not science.

All they do is have meetings and decide on budgetary issues. 25% increase to the brunch budget, 40% allocated to tranny disco balls that play pulsating trance music and dispense Flinstones chewable hormone pills to children in the crystal palace we bought for $20,000,000 as an addition to our shit-stained '70s brutalist building for some reason, 40% to increase our own salaries (women can't do math), oops the budget is gone, guess we have to burn the books.

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I think it's nice enough, certainly when compared to many new libraries today. Still doesn't compete with this.

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These look fine, the problem is that I don't know how someone would find a particular book among those gay little shelves all over the place.

You obviously can go and read there, as far as I see, there are desks and couches and people reading.
I'm using library in pic related these days, and as beautiful as it looks to an American like you, in truth it is crummy, and has no room for any more books so they stack them on top of each other. Shit like >>18841039 is available mostly just to academics in elite places, not to common mortals like you and me.

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That's a cool library, but I would prefer a reading room with low ceilings. Obviously, today, I would more comfortable chairs accompanied with foot stools.

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That's incredible
Yeah, they definitely went form over function with the one I used to go to. New & Children's books were on the ground floor, Linguistics were in this weird little room that was super far out on the second floor, poetry and history were wedged inbetween on the first floor... was a complete mess.

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>You obviously can go and read there
No I can't; it was demolished in 1955.

>and as beautiful as it looks to an American like you

I'm not an American.

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So you didn't post the photo of the library you're talking about?

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>Here's your library, bro

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>massive fucking library with tons of books in many languages
>waaahhh it doesn't have gargoyles and arcs and oak desks and shit
fucking westerners

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The picture I posted was a comparison to another library posted by >>18841048.
I was saying that his library was nice, but not as nice as the library I am posting.

I never suggested that I had visited the library that I posted, or that it still existed.

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Which library did you post???

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I mean >18841004, not >>18841048

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That’s right!

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Awful. Nothing else to add.

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The ground floor is a starbucks, a book shop and the reception. Half of the area is taken up by escalators and computers. Their best asset is the top floor bathroom. For books you're better off going to the market stall next to 5 Guys on saturdays.

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That is funny, I am going to move into an apartment next to that thing...

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Yes, I do want old libraries back
Yes, cultural preservation and aesthetics are preferable to utilitarian design
Yes, I am glad this triggers lefties

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What's the interior like?

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looks very good anon. I could only wish it had some more secluded areas to read in that are more enclosed

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This is aesthetic

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There are barely any pics of it at all. This is the best I could find.

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so 90s

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>John Dewey (born Johan Israel Dewsburg) was born in Burlington, Vermont, to a Jewish family of modest means.[14] He was one of four boys born to Archibald Sprague Dewey and Lucina Artemisia Rich Dewey. Their second son was also named John, but he died in an accident on January 17, 1859. The second John Dewey was born October 20, 1859, forty weeks after the death of his older brother. Like his older, surviving brother, Davis Rich Dewey, he attended the University of Vermont, where he was initiated into Delta Psi, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa[15] in 1879.

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This is my college library, Trinity in Dublin

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Imagine the smell

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These folks are GMI.

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It's a little too clinical and also evokes less serious intellectual practice

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lol my response too

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GMI may refer to:

1 Educational and research institutions
2 Enterprises and organizations
3 Transport
4 Other uses

Educational and research institutions
General Motors Institute of Technology, in Flint, Michigan, United States
Genomic Medicine Institute, at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, United States
Georgia Medical Institute, in Georgia, United States
Georgia Military Institute, in Marietta, Georgia, United States
German-Malaysian Institute, in Malaysia
Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, a medical research institution in Panama
Greenwich Maritime Institute, of the University of Greenwich, England
Gregor Mendel Institute, a biological research institute in Austria

Enterprises and organizations
General Mills Inc
George C. Marshall Institute, an American think tank
Global Methane Initiative, an environmental organization
GMInsideNews, an internet forum focused on General Motors
Grace Ministries International, a Christian organization
Greater Ministries International, an American Christian ministry that ran a Ponzi scheme
Groupement Mixte d'Intervention, a French Cold-War-era counter-intelligence service

Gasmata Airport, in Papua New Guinea
Germania (airline), a German airline
Gond Umri railway station, in Maharashtra, India

Other uses
GamesMaster International, a British magazine
Giant magnetoimpedance
Global microbial identifier
Global Militarization Index
GPM Microwave Imager (see Global Precipitation Measurement)
Graded motor imagery, a therapy for Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
Guaranteed minimum income
.gmi, a file extension used by Gemini (protocol)

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"Gonna Make It"
It's a loanword from an ancient language spoken almost exclusively by the denizens of /fit/.

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>ctrl+f "foucault"
>no matches

this board has fallen

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Based Department? You have a call on line 1.

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yea the bookshop kinda sucks cause it's just a smaller donner(bookshop) and the real donner is like a 7min walk from it

Also I think the ground floor is like that to attract people into it

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the main user of libraries are surbanite moms, so libraries get designed to meet their desires

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The democratization of libraries was a mistake. Popularizing the well of knowledge outside of colleges and universities was the downfall of Western civilization. You wouldn't trust a self-taught plumber to fix your water heater. Why would you trust an autodidact to understand Husserl?

Philosophy in the hands of the common man is a tool for idolatry and godlessness. Philosophy should be used exclusively for the purpose of bringing man closer to God.

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Because books are a dying breed; look at how sparse the actual amount of bookshelves are, not to mention how most are not even filled, or books are turned to show off their covers while taking up more space. It is meant as an illusion to obscure the obvious.

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Not the poster of the pic, but this is legit my city library in Halifax :( hurts to see it as an example in this thread, its all i could think of after the OP

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seems like way too bright of an area to read a book in. Also kinda like image related

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hello fellow halifax anon, you going to vote?

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Yes fellow anonigonian, its a pleasure to meet you. who most tickles your fancy in this one?

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I dunno, none of them tbqh. After this last year I've lost all confidence in the system. This will be the first time I haven't voted since I was old enough to.
I thought Houston's idea about cutting corporate tax rate was interesting, if a company passes it onto its employees, top 20% not eligible. But its just not enough. Vote here save on ferry tolls, vote there rent might not go up as fast. There's just no vision.

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cocksucking globohomo shill. all your "open-design" does is let everone get a good look at the homeless guy jerking himself off at the computer. reading is in no way "cultic", you are just pulling shit out of your ass.

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This. Calming dark colours and natural materials are what create a nice atmosphere to read in. Not sterile white glass and steel modernism.

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That's the library I usually go to. Sorry for the bad image quality and yes it is located in a basement

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what does computers have to do with classical architecture retard?
>engineering has improved since then
no doubt we accumulated more knowledge about it, but we aren't using that knowledge to its full extent https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/panorama/wald-hochwasser-klimawandel-wohlleben-100.html

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good you're clearly not grateful for the cool stuff you've been endowed with. Glad you're willing to give up your dignity and live inside a box because it would be progressive

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It's unpracticality makes it ugly. Wastes so much space.

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Looks like a kid section or bookstore. My local library is pretty big with a lot of books. Normal rows and large bookshelfs.

>> No.18845175

it looks very big, did you have any problems with finding stuff you were looking for?

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Steel beams and brick walls, like bones and muscle, should not be exposed.

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Those circular bookshelves are giving me strong "amazon sponsored crying cube" vibes

>> No.18845578

No such thing. 我が世誰ぞ常ならん?

>> No.18845581

Is it me or are the bookshelves basically empty? How shitty can a library be if they can't even supply enough books to fill those?

>> No.18845591

For a second I thought that might be an old picture of my university's library but I don't think it is.

>> No.18845593

This is in my city! I found it hard to navigate my first time. Upper levels are more classical library design. Bottom levels (shown) are 'community hub' areas.

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>volunteer at library
>ask employees what they are reading
>not much going
>HR manager style boss doing 'fire and ice'
>admits she probably won't finish cuz TV series ending soon

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What’s trinity like? I’m planning on doing my masters there next year

>> No.18846218

Women are so dumb it's surreal

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Nothing about that design is efficient.

>> No.18846267

Libraries should be intimidating and consciously offputting to normies. Enough of the "community hub" shit, enough of the bright colours and comfortable seating, the strategically placed best sellers to try and lure in normies in order to present positive footfall statistics to the ghouls who are looking for any reason to shut the place down or turn it in to a gender dysphoric clinic. They should be silent, dimly lit, cold places with austere seating, beautiful but understated architecture, with best-sellers and trash literature in general (of which there is abundance in every library I have visited) relegated to at best a small secluded area separated from the main area of the library itself. People should be encouraged to shut up, not look at one another, and focus solely on the books on offer. Natural light should be kept to an absolute minimum, with small personal traditional lamps placed on each individual desk and illuminating only that desk. It should be a testament to the past, a muted celebration of our culture's greatest literary achievements as well an archive of its general literary output. Plastic and stainless steel should be kept to an absolute minimum also, with hardwood and glass preferred in any given instance. Failure to comply with the policy of silence should result first in a formal warning and then a ban from the premises except to pick up and return pre-selected books. The architectural design should be such that I have no way of seeing another person on another floor until I am on that floor, and even then my vision should be reserved to those immediately adjacent to me, with tall bookshelves (not waist-high cuckshelves) erected to limit human interaction in any form and to reinforce the fact that this library exists for books and their readers. Libraries have never and will never appeal to normies, and as such should represent that one solitary space in society where those who appreciate art, beauty and introspection should be allowed to feel at home, instead of feeling as if they have just wandered into a recently-converted softplay area. Librarians in turn should be asked to dress formally, with NO plastic lanyards, and no lanyards with colours. They should be selected based on how quiet, repressive, depressed, unambitious, and lacking in social esteem they are, NOT on how much they just love to help people and organise colourful little diversity events for local wog halflings. FUCK OFF.

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Lots of libraries are big. My uni library has over a million books. I believe that number includes off-site books and other nearby specialized locations. Nonetheless, the library is 5 stories, and I have no problem finding books. Actually, before going to this school, I was intimidated by looking for books, bit now, it's east, and I usual find more books than I originally sought.

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I agree 100%, attempting to pander to the lowest common denominator is how unique spaces for niche interests get killed. Not every single location on Earth has to have the look and feel of Starbucks. I also sympathize with hating how hiring seems to exclusively select for the most "outgoing" people regardless of their skills or that attitude's appropriateness to the field in question, this is how HR roasties have taken over everything.

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You took all the words from my mouth.

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Library jobs are essentially retail now. Only difference is you spend time planning programs and events for the witless masses that offer 0 value. No one shows up anyways. Franklin, Dewey and Carnegie are rolling in their fucking graves. I love libraries but they're just another government money sink at this point.

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You think those useless curves and waist high shelf is more efficient?

>> No.18847783

My local library used to be great, but there was water damage and mold so they tore it down and built this shit. Larger building, but somehow less books.

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unironically looks comfy as fuck
if there was ever any kind of new literary renaissance or movement, it would come out of a place like this; no pretentiousness, no elitism, just people with the bare necessities and a passionate love of books and learning, against the world

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this kind of architecture and interior design always puts me in mind of a kindergarden. like the civilization that came up with it is afraid of taking itself seriously, because admitting to having self-respect would be a terrible embarrassment.

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Modern public libraries are always trying to get rid of books, if it is more than 10 years old they put it in the sale section, if it doesn’t sell they throw it away. It doesn’t matter if the shelves are only 25% filled, if the book is old it must be worthless.

>> No.18848079

with some more flair this would look like the Balamb Garden in Final Fantasy VIII (8 if you are French)

>> No.18848084

Needs comfy chairs - the absence of which strongly suggests this library is not in the US - other than that fine.

>> No.18848088

That's the type of shit you would only ever build with taxpayer dollars, because the cost is essentially hidden. You always have to have a stock of at least custom built light bulbs on hand.

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Imagine how many things in Shakespeare and elsewhere are completely misconstrued along the lines of >>18841727's attempt to parse that "loanword from an ancient language."

>> No.18848226

it's called literary criticism

>> No.18848314

There's a whole lot of sitting room actually, you just have to find the more secluded spaces... That was the coolest thing about it, you could literally go around for 15 minute strolls in the library without seeing the same thing twice.

If you're curious for whatever reason, it's the public library in Tilburg, Netherlands.

>> No.18848388

imagine the brainlet that thought adding color to this photograph was a good idea

>> No.18848405

I hate minimalism so fucking much.

>> No.18848694

That's the problem with professions being run by women. They have to find something to do and with no innate vision or imagination, all they can think of is to clean up.

>> No.18848746

This is what you are greeted by in my city's largest downtown library. I guess they think it is funny to put a giant television in a library, since people would prefer to watch television than read a book.

But do they have something as useful as a book scanner? No. The only positive thing is that there is an interlibrary loan system through which I can get almost anything I want for free. But there is zero reason I would stick around to read anything there.

>> No.18848759

Where the hell is all the storage space? I see a single 4-level shelf and a few carts of books, but that's not nearly enough. A good library should have wall to wall shelving like >>18841039 or >>18840794.

>> No.18848812

The front lobby is the biggest room but has little space to actually do anything in it because books only line the walls and the shelves aren't that large. Someone decided like 80% of the largest room should be dominated by a stupid marble floor light fixture thing that serves no other purpose than to walk through it and look pretty. It makes it seem like you're walking into a cool building but then the rest is generic with low ceilings and tons of shelves. Thank you for your service giant marble octagon of adding fucking nothing functionally to the room.

>> No.18848819

It made someone's cousin with a contracting company a lot of money. That was its purpose.

>> No.18848978

I sort of like this.

>> No.18849000

As much as I love hating women, consumers are also to blame. They’ll flock to places that look pretty before ever considering functionality. I used to think my local library was pretty until I tried actually studying there and I felt so uncomfortable no matter where I was sitting, like somebody could always look over my shoulder. There were so few books too. It was pathetic.

>> No.18849247

If I can make one suggestion, best sellers, self help books, and political issue of the day literature should all be thrown together in a large dumpster which is kept near the front of the library. Let the pigs eat from their trough and keep the quality books for quality people near the back.

>> No.18849518

I wouldnt mind these if they werent so fucking bright, reading is more relaxing and you’re able to do it for longer when it isnt so fucking bright like im in a goddamn clinic

>> No.18849686

Based. But the community hub type design is unironically good for the borough especially when you integrate it with a children's library. The two should coexist though.

>> No.18849807

Based trips but I have to disagree. It's not the purpose of a library to cater to consoomers. It's there to be a repository for culture and knowledge. Which is why we pay taxes to support them. It's not a B&N or a Starbucks.

That said, you're right to an extent. The women who rule library administration are themselves shitty consumers. Like the consumers they are, they only know how to value popularity and product turnover.

>> No.18849812

This but the trough should be left outside in the rain. Maybe put an awning over it if you feel generous.

>> No.18850434

I went to my old high schools library a few years ago when I was doing some work there and they were getting rid of I think 90% of the books to use the rest of the space for computer labs and study rooms, the only books they kept were the young adult books

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money laundering

>> No.18850505

Well first off don't buy the misleading bull of this anon >>18841682.
Yes technically it is a library on Trinity campus but it is essentially a museum where the Book of Kells is kept, along with a historically rich library of books. Fascinating? Yes. Can students read there? No. The rope barriers should give it away that the area is for tours only.
The actual student library is just a typical university library, if not a little worse since it's cramped.

In terms of how you'll find the college, I can't speak from experience as I studied elsewhere but I can speak for people I know. Very mixed. Some lecturers are great and give feedback, are fair with marks etc. Others are so up their own hole it's unbelievable, and are awful teachers. These are the same ones who give 25% fails because a student trailed off a bit in an essay or something. The good and bad professors tend to be department-specific. For example I know the German department is great and the Italian one is abominable.
Up to you whether you want to throw the dice.

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that's not the whole library retard

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