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4chan and it's avatar, pepe and the form of kek as the pepe in it's most powerful persona is the animus of the internet, the overwhelmingly female nature of the internet, of identities and order is clashed against the waves under the chaotic maleness and libido of pepe and the god Kek.. Both paternal and a vital beast, 4chan proves to be a respite of men who are truly men. We reject the ideologies of the mainstream and walk our own path and people who post on 4chan have the grit and vitality to handle life's challenges, as we are bombarded with insults from one another in order to improve ourselves, to play devil's advocate, so that we may rise above and truly own the male nature of this website. I am glad to have walked on this life, to be forged in the shape of a fag on this faggot we call a fascism.

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Go away 2016igger

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Silence leftypol, don't you have a bbc thread to spam?

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>/lit/ - Literature

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Lurk moar fagget

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>4chan and it's avatar, pepe
I'll stop you right there because you are very wrong from the very beginning.

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If he is so powerful, why my dick is inside his throat now?

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Freudfag MemeAnalysis GTFO

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Does she get personifications of her memetics? No. Only out of mockery, pepe has dethroned the queen and installed a god. Just look at 2016 and you will know the difference in respect, before? 4chan was a joke. Now? 4chan is a daemon. A satyr of lust, a minotaur of rage, the flowing of the rivers of masculinity.

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>Now? 4chan is a daemon. A satyr of lust, a minotaur of rage, the flowing of the rivers of masculinity. Expect us.

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Now? 4chan is reddit without good porn.

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4chan is not that big of a deal bro

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Yes it is, it elected a president. Islam is surging in the west because of it.
Reddit porn is boring. Same as it is here, but porn and cooming will be banned in the future. As islam rules the land.

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>it elected a president.
fair enough
>Islam is surging in the west because of it.
That was inevitable due to immigration, 4chan had nothing to do with it

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Man, your 20th birthday is gonna hit you hard.

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