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Someone on /pol/ posted a video of a little kid getting their head sawn off with a blunt blade. Can I stay here for a while so I can recover mentally? What are some comfy books you like to read?

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de sade

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start with the greeks

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>Can I stay here for a while so I can recover mentally?
no, please go back and take the resident migrants with you

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Yeah I remember that video. Pretty rough. Take a comfy gif

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Damnit, i wanted to post the webm of the guy who got obliterated into mince by a lathe, but its banned on 4channel.

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Crash by JG Ballard

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Have you seen picture of the aftermath? That shit was Fucked. Up.

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Those types of videos make me feel sad but that's actually a nice feeling for me because it is vaguely human feeling so I have perversely become kind of attracted to watching them for the little spark of empathy I get at seeing someone be tortured and murdered

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true comfy books:
>Essays - Montaigne
>Species of spaces - Perec
>Invisible cities - Calvino
>Any kind of old travel diary
>The Little Prince - Saint-Exupéry
>Letters to a young poet - Rilke
>Complete poems - Dickinson
>Mount Analogue - Daumal
>To the lighthouse - Woolf
stop browsing pol it's not good for your head

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>asks for comfiness
>all the phsychos and trolls respond as expected
why is lit like this? seek help

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>I have perversely become kind of attracted to watching them for the little spark of empathy I get
you're just a sadist in denial
gorefags are the last stage of this corrupt world

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we like to encourage people to lurk more. the questions and answers have been asked and given many many times. IF soomeone doesnt realize this and seek the out of his own accord they arent worth the time and should be given memes instead.

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I am absolutely not a sadist.

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Sick people out there

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A lot of sick people here

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Tomb for 500,000 Soldiers

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And? Link the thread

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not really. you know, watching a car crash and all. enjoying a tragedy (vs a comody)

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aint clickin that shit nigger

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I clicked that shit nigger

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was it the old vid from Syria?

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It's just an elephant chilling in the water and breathing the air through its trunk

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>What are some comfy books you like to read?
Story of the Eye

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The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
The Hobbit by Tolkien
Tortilla Flats by Steinbeck
Cock-a-Doodle Doo by Melville
Oblomov by Goncharev

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god damn impossible to find A Sentimental Novel

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This list is epic. Thank u.

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Is it the Chinese one that rolls fabric, or the Russian one?
While the Chinese webm is brutal in how it keeps going and going, and the floor slowly gets covered in blood, the Russian one has a very human aspect to it. His coworker runs to shut the machine off, then falls to the floor in despair. There's not much of the victim left.

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Why would you post something like that?
Why would you watch something like that?
What is wrong with you, /pol/tards?

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Why you posted disturbing stuff here? I wanna feel comfy, is that too much to ask, bruh? :(

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The russian one.

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Shieeeeeet I think I saw the same webm in /gif/, it’s the one where the kid looks gypsy and there’s a real perverse moment where his grimace of pain looks like he’s smiling, that’s some fucked up shit cuz

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The fact that you started with Montaigne makes me instantly trust your judgement

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Because it explains why a kid getting his sawed off with a dull machete isn't at all disturbing; It's just business as usual in flesh world.
Whatever powers above man exist talk obviously through blood, destruction, and death.
This is the natural state of the material.

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the purpose of those videos is to keep people like you off this website

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I'm sorry buddy but you need to be at least 18 years old to post here

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This. Just gtfo.

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ironically it was a gore gif that scared me out of here when I was underage many years ago

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It's easy to get around those bans, just remake the video to alter the hash.

post it or you're a pussy

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I miss when gore and CP were useful deterrents against normalfaggotry. But we've been overrun and the jig is up. Tranny jannies don't help either. So it goes.

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>Bla-bla-bla, normies are bad. We are good
>Us and them tendency
>Failed to grasp Harari’s warning about the dangerous illusion of superiority of one group
>Literally gatekeepers who tried too hard to keep something as “pure.”
>Becoming a slave toward abstract conception


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This isn't your secret club you fucking faggot

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I know, I just come here out of habit since most oldfags have migrated to other places. There's nothing of value here anymore but you niggers still have to shit up the place for a chance at the fumes.

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4chan isn't your secret club you fucking pathetic faggots.

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Sorry you saw that friend. I stay away from the red boards for this reason

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Incorrect, it is my secret club which you are clearly gatecrashing but that's ok, I am a magnanimous host

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normie go home reeeeeeeee

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If you want comfy and light, Steinbeck is your man. Travels with Charley is a book he wrote about his road trip across America. He modified a pick-up truck (pic related, that's the one) and drove off with Charley, which is his dog, to the east coast, the west coast, texas and the south.

The book is about the places he and his dog went to, and the people he talked with. It is by far the most comfy book I have ever read, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for your purposes my friend.

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read Hobbes.

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I was just trying to get him out for his own good :(

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/b/ is newfag college, and most of us outgrow it by the age of 15.

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Anyone else become more sensitive to gore as they got older? I remember being a total edgelord cunt who had this mindset that being able to watch gore meant you were hardned and not a pussy but the more life experience i gather over the years, the more depressed i feel anytime i even catch a glipse of gore or a newsheadline about some horrible shit that happened to a child. It totally occupies my mind and i can't think about anything else for the day. There is just no way a just god would want a world this evil to exist.

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i remember i was in a thread with a lot of roadkill (some of it human) and a teacher saw over my shoulder, and she had an anxiety attack. i felt bad about it. those were lawless times, but i don't miss it. /b/ is for edgy tryhards.

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retards like you have been saying the world is on the edge of collapse since the beginning of humanity.

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Me too, bro.

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He's going to put an end to much of the unjustness very soon

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yeah, when the guy killed himself on tiktok, i think i actually dissociated. it looked like cheesy b-movie gore effects, nothing i haven't seen 100x before, but knowing that it was real just...
but being more affected is a sign of empathy, and that comes with age

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Bro, came back from /pol/.
Muslims are executing waifus. They're getting more based by the minute.
Footage related is actually from last year but there's been report of it happening with stuff left by zogbots in Kabul.

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Yep, I feel exactly the same. Saw the euros football match where Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch with heart failure earlier this summer. His eyes were open and were just completely empty, and I felt terrible and somber, thinking about his wife and children out on the spectator stand and his teammates forming a ring around him to keep the vulture cameramen at bay.
I used to watch gore and beheadings when I was a teenager and didn't give a fuck.

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I think about old times when criminals were publicly executed, and it's said that even kids would go out and watch. I wonder if we're the ones who are desensitized.

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What? Who would do such a thing!
Gore is the greatest filter.
Always has been.

It's "red-pill" v "blue" in webm form.

No more kumbaya, fake steak bullshit.
Just the commonplace butchery and torture that waits just outside your Burgerland and Western Euro border.

Gore is the reminder that every Leftist theory and
propagandist Hollywood movie is... *total bullshit*.

Hiding the reality of life, death and the brutality of the non-Western world is the only way Leftists can survive.

The sudden dearth of gore threads in /pol/ is the clearest proof I need that this board has been taken over by Crest Research / Stephane Baele- tier "deradicalizers".

Here's what they need to understand,
They're weak. That's number one. Weakness. As in, i.e. as fragile as a cray paper pussyhole that crumbles and tears to shreds upon the first good thrust of Gnon.
They prefer feel-good "relativist" theory and abstractions to reality.
To the reality waiting for them right outside their poofter Western borders.
To the reality of inner city violence against Whites
that waits for them outside their lily White suburbs.

==>Gore is the answer, anons.

==>The great reminder.

It separates the wheat from the chaff.

The blue from the red (pills, that is, texas tea, etc)

Gore is the *memento mori* (but without 'beauty") sadly lacking in our coddled Clown World.

It reminds people who've spent their entire lives having smoke blown up their asses about "cultural relativism" that, no, other people in other nations, with other cultures, and other worldviews, are NOT "just like you,"

"Downside of Diversity"

"Multiculturalism: Fact or Threat?"

"WomanStats Maps"

"Modern Map of Slavery"


Feel free to add to this gore general
and make it more robust. Thank you.


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Yeah me too. Hit the nail on the head. For me it's that it's a disgrace indignity to take these poor people at their most vulnerable and tragic moments and turn it into something irrelevant, like a bunch of guys proving how cool they are for being able to watch it.

I know people watching a video of a person being murdered doesn't make her murder worse but I do feel like it draws us further down into some sort of spiritual mire. The bad energies are amplified and spread further.

As I get older I get more and more of a sense that goodness and badness spread through repetition and the steady building up of fields and auras. The longer I spent tending for and caring for animals, plants, and insects the more I came to feel connections with them, the more I would notice the natural world buzzing around me every day. Now I feel like I am basking in all these energy fields coming from living things and the vibrant diversity of nature when I walk around, and strange things even happen, strange things I find hard to explain naturalistically, which is something I never would have said when I was young. I think the same is true for good and bad acts, and how we react to them.

Something as simple as littering is a good example. I was always against littering because it is degenerate, but now I really wonder what it does to your mind and soul when you litter. The parts of you that would inconvenience yourself to avoid littering are such integral components of what makes a good person, I can't picture someone littering and not having to "suppress" those parts, until they are permanently suppressed, blunted, deadened, stunted. Like with my openness to the natural world as well, when I go out of my way to pick up some accidental litter of mine and to actively resist the impulse to "just let it go, come on, just this once," I feel something in me getting stronger instead of weaker. I feel more connected with the world as a whole.

I do something similar with gory or sad videos. Of course I'm curious sometimes. But I don't watch. Not because I can't, but because I will not add one more drop to the bucket of indignity this poor person is suffering because an edgy teen wanted a random gore video to post. I feel the tug inside me like with littering, "come on just this once" "come on what difference would it make," and the very act of resisting this tug, even when there is no reward and nothing to gain, makes me feel like some light or heat is increasing inside me.

That instinct, to live life according to "come on just be selfish, what's it gonna change in the grand scheme of things" has turned most people into animals, or zombies. And we wonder why nobody has insights into deeper realities anymore and everybody feels instinctively that the world is a dead meaningless surface with no interior, a series of events with no points of reference or teleology.

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Ok, context for the excution itself? Looks interesting

>> No.18872136

I'm a leftist and don't mind gore at all :(
Not white tho

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I got a bigger dillema, I keep thinking that guy did a good thing sacrificing his soul by sending the kid to heaven before the kid getting the chance to be concious enough to go to hell, any books to refute my view? I keep wishing i was killed as a child because now I'd be into heaven

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I click on every animal abuse webm I come across. It helps remind me why I hate this world.

>> No.18872170

thanks for your post. i enjoy reading thoughts of big picture-ers and it seems you actively try to create your reality through repetition instead of coasting along the path of least resistance. take care friend

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Of course this is true, to have what is, to you, your final nightmare be recorded and laughed at, mocked, or even masturbated to by legions of faceless chucklefuckers does bad things to everyone.

I know why natives believed cameras take your soul. There is something really cursed about the human mind. I've seen the world open up into an entirely new vista of consciousness when I started paying attention to life instead of trying to rush through to get to the good bits. To be a slave to something you didn't know you were a slave to until you weren't... is fucked.

>> No.18872177

Normies have the rest of social bot army enforced "spiral of silence" internet to spew their bullshit on and have chased us out of every fucking forum for asking questions and not conforming. You fucking asshole. Then these same shitbag normies get bored of their echo-chambers and come here and say "4chan isn't your secret club you fucking pathetic faggots" and get gore banned on /pol/ and you banned for doing shit you were allowed to do before they came here.

Normies are anal polyps.


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Half are callous and the other half are sadistic.

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I mean, it was a generalization.
I don't even like the term "Left", "Right" any of that old nonsense that doesn't even apply. Anyways, my pont was more towards Open Borders advocates that arrogantly thinks the immigrants all want to be just like Americans instead of just wanting safety and prosperity.
The fuck should I know I wasn't the one holding the camera. I assume it was a kidnapping or revenge killing for who knows what cartel thing.

Anyways, was just checking a few other boards before I go to...a few other forums I frequent besides /pol/, which, as I stated in the OP, has been taken over.

Hey, check this'n out if ya want:
>A top secret research facility hidden in the Colorado mountains is the last remaining outpost of the United States Army after its defeat by the PanAsians. The conquerors had absorbed the Soviets after being attacked by them and had then gone on to absorb India as well. The invaders are ruthless and cruel. As an example, they crush an abortive rebellion by killing 150,000 American civilians as punishment. Noting that the invaders have allowed the free practice of religion (the better to pacify their slaves), the Americans set up their own church in order to build a resistance movement... a "sixth column", as opposed to a traitorous fifth column.
>The laboratory is in turmoil as the novel begins. All but six of the personnel have died suddenly, due to unknown forces released by an experiment operating within the newly discovered magneto-gravitic or electro-gravitic spectra. The surviving scientists soon learn that they can selectively kill people by releasing the internal pressure of their cell membranes, among other things. Using this discovery, they construct a race-selective weapon that will stun or kill only Asians.

And ...at's a wrap! Fuck Crest Research, fuck Stephane Baele. Fuck "Mining the Chans". Fuck censorship and "Spiral of silence" and "social bots" which all just pushes people into more and more extremes without ever changing their mind.

>> No.18872297

Anon, this is some of the most psychotic shit I've read in probably six months, and that includes all the vaccination stuff. I'll be honest, people are going to glance over your posts and notice right away the schizo energy emanating from them and they're going to skip reading them. I'm not saying whether you're right or wrong and, frankly I don't even care. But there is a way of expressing the same ideas without appearing as a crazy person by composing your posts differently, and thus you could be more effective in spreading your idas when more than the insane will actually bother to read them. That's all, and take meds.

>> No.18872312

Sorry people are being such jerks on here anon. Some of these have already been posted, but I would suggest;
-The Hobbit
-The Old Man and the Sea
-Azure Bonds
-Up a Road Slowly
-To Kill a Mockingbird

>> No.18872342

I've run into an album of a german cutter that makes me black out if I look at it long enough. It doesn't particularly gross me out, I don't find it hard to look at, but I end up blacking out totally against my will. It's weird. I also black out after getting blood drawn. I believe it might be related. I think I focus too much on the fact that the needle is inside of me and it makes my pass out, and the cutter images make me think about cutting myself and evoking a similar response. I'm not sure though.

>> No.18872376

You've become weaker and you cope with it by telling yourself that you have become more "mature".

>> No.18872391

The headshot?

>> No.18872392

No, he's become more mature.

>> No.18872393

Grow up and find christ.

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>tfw saw a webm of a woman with a kid in a stroller crossing the street.
>Some russian guy decides to commit suicide by jumping from a building, right on the toddler
>Can see the mom frantically checking whether her kid survived
Im usually desensitized to this shit, but for some reason that stuck with me. Maybe because it was a white woman, unlike the cartel shit.

>> No.18872498

I've always been sensitive to this shit. It can ruin my whole week.
It's bizarre that I've been on 4chan for as long as I have, but I guess I hate normies more than getting eye raped with snuff videos and the other grotesque shit that circulates on this site.

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Why can you not acknowledge and mourn without being destroyed? You secretly wish they could have killed both of you and gotten away with it

>> No.18872567

I would unironically suggest Plato's dialogues, the trial dialogues are my favorite but some of his other like the Symposium are really sweet. And the republic is needless to say a monumental colossus of Western literature.
I disagree, I think that repulsion towards the bad and evil demonstrates a virtuous and noble character. One who is absolutely disgusted by evil and can't stand it will try to rid of it and condemn its existence. It's the same way that you keep a house clean out of disgust of vermin, defilement and insects.

>> No.18872619

I think I'm everything but virtuous and noble, I am festering with hatred for the human species and I'm pretty sure I'm slowly losing my mind. My hatred for suffering and violence has only made me more bitter and it's contaminated my innermost feelings.
I have concluded that someone who does good to the world needs to be somewhat insensitive and dull in the face of suffering, like only someone who isn't fazed when he's sawing a bone can become a surgeon and save a man with a necrotic leg.

>> No.18872660

Where's the cunny in One Hundred Years of Solitude?

>> No.18872711

Incorrect, look at how violence and grotesquerie is treated in civilized nations compared to third world shitholes.
The subhumans will just ignore it, while the more civilized people will be repulsed by the ugliness of violence and death.
That is why, your goal as a citizen should ideally be to further the development of your community, to be a contributing citizen, a stable and prosperous society is the best defence against the barbarism of humans left to nature's unforgiving reality.

>> No.18872718

as much as I watch pretty much any gore, I still think it's extremely fucked up to see anything involving a child and not have it affect you

>> No.18872744

all you edge lords have desensitized is sight and sound, but mot smell, touch or taste.
You will puke at the first rotting, maggot covered corpse you uncover.

>> No.18872746

Link me, please.

>> No.18872757

agreed, otherwise internet gore PTSD would be a thing

>> No.18872797 [SPOILER] 

you mean this shit?

>> No.18872802

yeah that one

>> No.18872806

A man who recoils (either due to fear or due to objection) when he's faced with violence will always lose against the brute who is unaffected - if he doesn't enjoy - the violence and blood.
One has two routes: to accept this or to embrace the violent and bloody nature of the world. There is no middle path. It's very difficult to accept the former. This is after all what is causing the destruction of all Western civilization as it stands, while all the prosperity and glory of this same civilization was arguably built on exploitation and war.
When you do not apply force you get overrun by savagery, but in applying force you become a savage yourself.
I think it's very romantic to think that being a yielding, gentle type can change others and the world. The truth is that most of human accomplishments were the fruit of violence and brutality, and these deeds were hidden through deceit so that those who'd benefit from them would stay in blissful ignorance. And now that we cannot do this any longer we're falling.
This is why I hate the world and I hate life so much, it operates on a very essential basis on things I despise, and things I reject. Even simple things such as eating involve torturing and killing innocent creatures. So how do you improve the world or do anything good for it without embracing its nature? Of course if you cannot accept this reality you will only consume yourself.

>> No.18872814

Dark satanic lathes

>> No.18872836

What do they need these machines for? Something completely inconsequential, I imagine.

IMAGINE dying an agonizing death so some guy can wear a cotton shirt.

>> No.18872839

Because I am curious about all aspects
of life? Why would you hide from reality?

We're the ones living in a fantasy. Less empathy towards political opponents and more towards some make believe version of "noble savage" immigrants, who really do not share our "multicultural relativism", and many cannot understand why we're blindly self-destructing.
Our maybe that's just my wife.

You called it and it happened.

Are you on excluded-middle's Discord server, seems like I've read this pasta before on there.

Yes, of course, seeing the reality of death is the reddest red pill of them all a d cuts through alllll the Hollywood Horseshit about "all-cultures-being-equal".

Really. The most arrogant and clueless Westerners are the ones advocating for Open Borders, but afraid to see the brutal reality of what those immigrants are bringing with them.

Then again, they claim Black Lives Matter but don't look at "World Star Hip Hop", either.

Democrats are dangerously naive.

Lol, I read these posts in Richard Pryor's "Nerdy White Guy" voice. Works for both.

You're both pompous idiots.
I'd rather my death be recorded and watched by the entire world than die and be taken out like a bag of trash and not a single person notices or cares. Which is your fate, I am sure. Your love, like your pathetic opinions here, completely lukewarm and jejune.
Get rekt.

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>> No.18872850

So long, gay bowser!

>> No.18872861

It does affect me.




You people are fucking weak. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

>> No.18872865

I remember a similar one were a guy got pulled into this huge double roller thing. Forgot what it was used for, something with fabric. It crushed him, and his arms popped off, or some other fucked up shit.

Imma be honest, I never actually get to the gore. If it's not a picture, I usually don't see it. I just remember those big ass rollers.

>> No.18872866

>dude are you sitting down right now??
>you ready??
>bro you BETTER be sitting down
>about to redpill you HARD champ
>ready... ?
>ever heard of...
>world star hip hop?

lol. your redpills are so milquetoast.

>> No.18872867

what an absolute retard who's never heard of afghan dancing boys

>> No.18872873

They're perfectly safe if you're not a complete retard with zero training. He had loose clothing that got caught in the machine. Just wearing that shit is asking to die.

>> No.18872877

that is def. one of my worst nightmares. the only thing worse is if there was water in there. getting sucked into an underground river is my most pervasive irrational fear.

>> No.18872878

Keep reading your gay little fucking books and pontificating about a life you're too chickenshit to go out and experience firsthand.

>> No.18872885


Also, /pol/troons need to go back.

>> No.18872887

Not you. You're okay. Lol

We all die one day, anyways.

>> No.18872890

who are you arguing with?

>> No.18872893

yeah, actually when i was re-editing this webm over and over to match the fucking absurd 3MB size limit i came up with idea for a short story about a man who loses his son to one of such machines. the son died while doing an essential job for the society... he was producing Carlisle Brass Fingertip Stainless Steel Spherical Cupboard Knob, Satin Nickel - FTD425SN on such machine. one tiny mistake and gone. no one to help him, because he was alone in the factory on saturday, doing overtime so he and his wife could go visit Greece this summer. buried in an exclusive version of DRÖNA Box, dark blue, 13x15x13" - IKEA. his father goes mad and buries every factory he can before feds catch him and execute him in the forest.

>> No.18872898

Not only that, this guy reached over it with his arm, either he had no idea what he was doing or he was suicidal.

>> No.18872899

>calls others pompous
>uses the word 'jejune'

>> No.18872900

Chew my shit forever.

>> No.18872903

kek. there's something so absurd about all this sweat and energy mobilized for nylon gloves. what a joke of a society.

>> No.18872910

Oh hey what's going on in this thread?

>> No.18872929

>on a lit site
>thinks jejune is highbrow
Cum gargling, dick nosed brainlet.
Die mad, nigger. Lmfoao

>> No.18872930

that's a chill ass snake

>> No.18872933

>he was producing Carlisle Brass Fingertip Stainless Steel Spherical Cupboard Knob, Satin Nickel - FTD425SN on such machine. one tiny mistake and gone.
It's kind of bizarre that it's so easy to die or horribly hurt yourself in everyday situations (driving, manual labor) over a tiny mistake, but basically any suicide method barring large caliber gun isn't going to be that effective at killing you.

>> No.18872939

thisssss noodle needs a cooddle :3=<

>> No.18872948

fucking white people

>> No.18872951

>> No.18872955

Not him, but you’re clearly a midwit faggot

>> No.18872958

Humans are incredibly fragile and absurdly hard to kill at the same time. It's a complete toss up if you're going to die tripping down some porch steps, or if you're going to survive falling 10 stories. Who knows? Not god.

>> No.18872961

I didn't say you were highbrow I said you're a pretentious faggot

>> No.18872964

Jumping off very high height
Jumping in front of freight train
10x lethal dose fentanyl
Helium exit bag
Slicing the side of your neck open
Cutting into femoral artery
Hanging(done properly)

>> No.18872967

>for nylon gloves
>to make a cotton shirt
>in a lathe
How do you lathe fabric?

>> No.18872974

>Jumping off very high height
the highest fall ever survived was 30,000 feet.

>> No.18872978

De Sade wasn't heterosexual, please don't corrupt his name

>> No.18872982

Post it. I want to see it.

>> No.18872989

>> No.18872995

Doubt he fell straight onto concrete

>> No.18872996

I have some attachment to getting hangovers for that very reason because I become much more empathetic when I'm hungover. I never induce a hangover on purpose though.

>> No.18873002

shit, you're right, nevermind.

Even if she hadn't fallen 30,000 feet, there's a thing called terminal velocity. It doesn't matter what surface you hit at that speed.

>> No.18873003

>> No.18873009

I'm guessing she fell into a tree or something

>> No.18873013

How much of a fucking scumbag do you have to be to not get out of the fucking car and help the man?

>> No.18873025

I'm sure there was a mattress nearby or something

>> No.18873035

not a scumbag, just a chicken-shit coward that didn't want to get ripped apart by dogs.

>> No.18873037

The point is that tree branches will absorb momentum because they have give. If you fall onto concrete from high your body just totally shatters

>> No.18873043

Holy fucking shit

>> No.18873045

she fell from 30,000 feet

>> No.18873048

top kek!

>> No.18873054


>> No.18873057


her plane blew up and she and hit the side of a mountain. The heavy winds at the top of the mountain slowed her descent somewhat and the snow cushioned her fall

>> No.18873070

What are you an ai chatbot

>> No.18873074

i don't know, are you stupid?

>> No.18873076

Reminder that "man's best friend" is just one square meal away from disemboweling him.

Fun to think about.

>> No.18873092

You just repeated information we both already knew after I pointed out that what matters is whether the momentum has been lessened

>> No.18873095

nah ye

>> No.18873105

No. Chinese boil dogs alive, they are less human the dogs.

>> No.18873133

Shut up, nigger no one cares what you have to say. Go suck the farts from dead pigeons in the park you conformist retard.

>I'm a /lit/! On 4chan!! OhmyGawd look at me everyone!

>> No.18873142

how jejune of you

>> No.18873146

Is anyone else a perfectly kind empathetic person who nevertheless has no dramatic reaction to seeing gore? I’m perplexed by all these faux-metaphysical posts full of childish and sentimental reasoning. The sort of shit where people become “Christians” because they saw a tranny webm or some shit.

>> No.18873150


>> No.18873152

Boomer Retard. Guaranteed self absorbed Karen do-gooder who reports neighbors for leaves on yard and not cutting grass. You fucking smooth-brain.
Take a toaster bath tonight.

>> No.18873164

Are you actually perfectly kind and empathetic or do you consider entire demographics of people unworthy or empathy

>> No.18873165

got em

you're not that empathetic then

>> No.18873182

I've seen serious shit irl, I don't enjoy gore, but it's no biggie. I'm also a perfectly normal person anon, as are most nurses and doctors.

>> No.18873196

Boring nigger.lol

>> No.18873204

>as are most nurses and doctors.
dead wrong. they get off on controlling people and watching them die. Also, all nurses have an inflated view of their own intelligence and importance

>> No.18873209

lol, nice.

>> No.18873212

If I was being eaten by a pack of dogs after a catastrophic crash and missing my limbs I'd want to boil the fuckers alive too.

Fuck your mono-brain cell racist mentality in inhuman piece of shit.

>> No.18873229

obvious samefag is a huge faggot

>> No.18873232

>do you consider entire demographics of people unworthy or empathy
I think it’s a fake kitsch idea to assume human psychology reacts ‘objectively’ to everything it sees. If we did we would be crippled all the time by the overwhelming horribleness of existence: if we were really ‘perfectly’ empathetic we would be incapable of living. And people are primed by culture anyway. A sensitive person in one culture finds it intolerable to eat animals, and not in another. A person can be more affected by a film than by a real event that happened to them. Is that because they’re bad? No, its because films are expressly designed to act upon human emotions. Reality usually isn’t as clean. When someone dies we are often disturbed by the strange untheatrical way our grief operates. Gore videos are very impersonal and clinical.

>> No.18873239

The dancing boys were banned by he Talibans and will be again.

>> No.18873241

I've seen quite some gore and that's probably the most fucked up webm, it hits deep for some reason. I feel the same way about the one where brick flies through a windshield and pulverises a woman's head

>> No.18873243


Pretty interesting concept. I could definitely see how this could somewhat play out IRL. Doctors becoming desensitized and numb to patients and their families. Nurses attempting to cope with not being doctors or getting a lot of experience and thinking they know it all without ever going to med school. I'm sure if you actually save lives too, it would be a huge boost to your ego and sense of importance, no matter how grounded you are.

Whether or not you're statements are correct (it's a generalized statement about ALL nurses and doctors so probably not but I get what you're trying to say), you've given me some ideas to think about so thank you anon

>> No.18873245

What even is this line of thought lmao, was every chinaman who boiled a dog half eaten alive by one

>> No.18873254

He's a typical jejune lit cunt curtain.
Just flapping away with his words.

Afraid to confront reality because he got his shit pushed in last time he stepped away from his books.

>> No.18873256

Lmao. That’s the unironic thought process of psycho NPCs. Scary to think such people vote and serve on juries

>> No.18873259

The wife of Colonel Aureliano, the daughter of the town major if I recall.

>> No.18873261

you're samefagging and it's pathetic

>> No.18873265

lol. NAIL. ON. HEAD.



>> No.18873269


>> No.18873277

How "little" of a little kid are we talking about here? Who's cutting it's head off? Muzzie extremist?

>> No.18873284

Lawl. I'm glad you're amused. He mad now. Lookit im. Overt some words online.

>/lit/ is very important.

Look at him. Lol. Holy shit.

>> No.18873295


>> No.18873300

This place is even worse than /pol/.
4chan is complete shit now. Is why everyone left.
>/lit/ is very important.
People like this. lol

>> No.18873301


This thread is being controlled by one mentally ill schizoposter. He keeps posting deranged shit (both with name and anonymously) and tells off anyone who dares to respond to him.

He's also samefagging by ALWAYS posting two replies within one minute (either with two IP-addresses or using a 4chan pass) to pretend he's multiple different people. Criticize him and you will see what he does and how.

He will also scroll up the thread just to find an old post to reply to, just to stir confusion. Don't be fooled, this guy has been banned before for doing the same shit (check the screenshots) Apparently mentioning /pol/ in thread title attracted him and now he reigns free here. Abandon this thread, there is nothing to see here anymore. If you respond this thread, remember: SAGE. SAGE. SAGE.

>> No.18873311

But have you met nurses and doctors irl? They are just like everybody else mate.
I'm a former nurse studying medicine btw, and I do despise my young spoiled colleagues with no life experience most of the time, but can take a beer or two with them

>> No.18873312

>another shrill faggot more mad about the people who hate violence than the perpetrators of that violence
What honestly is the fuck wrong with Americans?

>> No.18873315

Fucking Chink faggot. Stick to your books. lol

>> No.18873328





lolol u mad, nigger!!! haha

I am literally laffin and laffin at chooo

>> No.18873346

man, this board really is full of soft redditers and literal academia faggots who refuse to live in the real world. 4chan is dead

>> No.18873347

My 4chan board!!! my home away from home!!!
My only social interaction in life!!



>> No.18873350

in my experience, they've just been the frontline people that have the power to call me crazy or strap me to a gurney for hours so I have a healthy aversion to them. Otherwise, I'm just shitposting, happy to see others do well at their craft/careers whatever. also let's not forget Aktion T4

>> No.18873352

muh violence, muh real world lol.

>> No.18873365

darn you've really made me upset with your clever trolling. darnit

>> No.18873373

Why don't women just start going to the gym?

>> No.18873392

Montaigne makes me want to withdraw into a comfy mountain estate and ponder my mortality

>> No.18873424

to legally strap you to the gurney for hours requires a mountain of paperwork and scrutiny - they wouldnt do it unless you were completely out of your mind or there was a credible threat of homicide or suicide and you were attempting to elope

>> No.18873426

holy shit. he's still alive. Will probably pass away once they remove him from those posts.

Anyways, if I die, everyone has my permission.
Please. (-_-) Share my last moments on this Earth with everyone and let them be a memento mori that you, too, shall pass.

Don't waste your precious days, hours and minutes like this faggot: >>18873301
lol. taking everything so seriously. lol.


>> No.18873440


>> No.18873466

this sounds like something a mentally ill schizoposter would post

>> No.18873493

>Yeah I remember that video. Pretty rough.

>> No.18873510

It's more they have some legal obligation to keep me there until I sober up and they'd rather strap me down and sedate me than have me ranting at them about rosicrucians

>> No.18873524

That's been my experience as well.
Mostly. Esp the ER ones.

But, like everything, it's complicated.
You have the young idealists. Who cares *a lot* and may or may not last in the job. The gristled old hardass Nurse Ratchet types...who've seen it alll and hates everything and your death (or pain and suffering) doesn't mean sht to them. Then, occasionally, you have the ones who've seen it all and still care and manage to do the right thing. I've only seen these in the PNW, to be honest. Not anywhere in Texas.

Same probably goes for police as well.

Some professions naturally attract assholes.

Everyone with empathy gets filtered by a horrendously bureaucratic system that destroys human life.

"Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States? SURVEY SAYS??==> Medical Mistakes."


(More than Covid-19, by the way! lololoo)

>> No.18873551

>comes crying about le gore
>gets told to leave
why are you here?

>> No.18873575


>> No.18873597

There is currently a /pol/ raid going on. Most of the bait that's up right now is getting also posted on /pol/ right now

>> No.18873598

>i am incapable of treating animals right

>> No.18873688

>>another shrill faggot more mad about the people who hate the people who hate violence more than the perpetrators of that violence even more than the violence that the perpetrators of that violence perpetuate in perpetuity.
>[safe insult against safe target]
No wonder you faggots never write anything good.
I believe it was a gentleman by the name of PAUL KRASNNER, said a little something like, good writing avoid stereotypes.

The fuck you gonna avoid stereotypes when you spend all day online wallowing in them?

>What honestly is the fuck wrong with Americans?

>> No.18873699


Listen, I'm going to fucking say it— reading through this thread nobody else has— nobody, I mean NOBODY, gets their head chopped off for no reason. This kid had to have done something. And also, "kid", means just about anything, so there is a difference between a 5 year old and a 15 year old. I saw a news story where an old guy was thrown in the slammer for pulling his piece on a gang of 16 year old hooligans for damaging his property. Mind you, he didn't do anything to them, but still the point is they were called kids and they did something criminal and violent. I'll call a spade a spade and while I know nothing about the context of this story or image, I'm going out on a limb and say he probably provoked his own decapitation. Did he deserve it? I don't know. However, I certainly refuse to comfort OP without evidence as to the nature, circumstance and cause of the events that unfolded. We also do not know if it was state-endorsed following a trail and (ie execution), judicial, sanctioned or extrajudicial and barbaric. Regardless of your feelings, these are important distinctions and without them, the entire social fabric falls apart and everyone would be hacking heads off.

>> No.18873718

Not by me I got banned, lol.





>> No.18873899

compare this to videos of chink factory accidents no one cares and they barely react

>> No.18873914

Ive only been alive for a few decades you must have me confused for someone else

>> No.18873941

ITT: people moralfagging about goreposting,
just stay on blue boards

>> No.18873955

if normies are so great just go to a different website, no ones keeping you here, there are plenty of websites that dont have gore

>> No.18873967

yeah you go to b for le epic trolling and edge and then you go to the other boards, and you dont bitch and moan and cry begging for le comfy /r/eyebleach books

>> No.18873976

Edgy hormonal faggots.
As you get older and closer to death, you change.

>> No.18873978

fuck off wholesome keanu 100 faggot

>> No.18873985

If you want a comfy book I really recommend "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman".

>> No.18873993

lol if "vaccination stuff" is the most psychotic thing youve read up until this post you need to go back

>> No.18874019

youre right all the violent niggers from those videos are ITT right now and no one is criticizing them

>> No.18874084


that's not necessarily true especially if we are talking about something a severe as decapitation or torture. You are speaking from a first world perspective. There is an ocean of difference between getting a gun pulled on you by an angry homeowner and getting our head sawed off by a blunt blade.

I, like you, know nothing about the context. The word "little kid" implies closer to 5 yr old instead of 15 yr old but we can't be sure. In places like North Korea, allegedly if you are a border patrol officer and you defect to the south they kill/imprison your wife and the next 3 generations of your family. Same thing goes with drug cartels; if you are a rat and you flee the country then it is your wife and children who will be punished.

No one is attempting to say that cutting off some kid's head with a blunt blade is right or wrong. They are saying that it is an extremely off putting thing to view. It is a grisly and disturbing image whether he was a gentle soul and modern student or the spawn of satan. You are being contrarian for the sake of argument.

>> No.18874088

/pol/, where the people who post videos of little black kids being murdered and people being lit on fire complain about the degeneracy of others.

>> No.18874345

Another important part is that she hit at an angle. Rolling when you hit the ground can greatly improve your odds, as long as you don't fuck it up and shatter your head in the attempt.

>> No.18874358

You're only welcome here if you are anti-immigration but not a poltard.

>> No.18874364

>muh /pol/
Is pol in the room with you now?

>> No.18874404

also don't forget near the end, the girl that has the dude sneaking into her bathroom

>> No.18874443

Life is dangerous. You could unpredictably die in a horrible gore like accident or murder. Or get a gore like disease like cancer. Think about that. This world is not worth it.

>> No.18874466

Imagine dying to dogs lmfao I would have crushed every one of the furniggers to death. I'd love to fight a dog or any beast and brutalize it with my bare hands

>> No.18874468

Menopause. Dementia.


>> No.18874483

This. I don't like gore videos but they keep people who don't belong in this site far from here. We know gore is bad but it is the sad reality of the world, and we are men who value truth, we want to talk about the truth.

>> No.18874494

Orthodox Kazakhstan lol fuck off with that bullshit

>> No.18874500



>> No.18874517

>Any kind of old travel diary

Yeah, for sure, like that one by James Jameson regarding his trip to Africa:

>I sent my boy for six handkerchiefs, thinking it was all a joke, and that they were not in earnest, but presently a man appeared, leading a young girl of about ten years old by the hand, and I then witnessed the most horribly sickening sight I am ever likely to see in my life. He plunged a knife quickly into her breast twice, and she fell on her face, turning over on her side. Three men then ran forward, and began to cut up the body of the girl; finally her head was cut off, and not a particle remained, each man taking his piece away down the river to wash it. The most extraordinary thing was that the girl never uttered a sound, nor struggled, until she fell. Until the last moment, I could not believe that they were in earnest. I have heard many stories of this kind since I have been in this country, but never could believe them, and I never would have been such a beast as to witness this, but I could not bring myself to believe that it was anything save a ruse to get money out of me, until the last moment. The girl was a slave captured from a village close to this town, and the cannibals were Wacusu slaves, and natives of this place, called Mculusi. When I went home I tried to make some small sketches of the scene while still fresh in my memory, not that it is ever likely to fade from it. No one here seemed to be in the least astonished at it.”

>> No.18874531

Don't go to /pol/, or here for that matter. 4chan is bad for the mind for reasons like this.

>> No.18874537

not clicking that

>> No.18874594

Oh my god, nobody cares, would you please shut the hell up boomer?

>> No.18874616

This is the only use I know of for lathes, I am retarded so I am sure there are more.

>> No.18874626

Montaigne isn't talked about enough on here.

>> No.18874629

Ok judge holden

>> No.18874655

>what are tabs?

>> No.18874667

Chill out newfriend

>> No.18874699

Yeah, well, that's what Trump was doing. That's why he was re-elected in 2020. And that's why the Dems and RINOS pulled that massive election fraud we all just went through and put Child Ridin' Biden in the oval office to act as their figurehead. Where you been, bwah?

>> No.18874703

Can someone explain why >>18873967 uses French articles with English text? What does it add to their post?

>> No.18874709

Am I the only one who thinks the "decline" of 4chan is kind of overstated? Maybe it's just the boards and the threads that I visit, but I've been coming here since 2007 and maybe it's gotten a little bit worse, but it doesn't feel like it's gotten exponentially worse. I feel like I can still have intelligent conversations with people on the various boards I visit. Sure, there's a lot of shitposting and low-effort posting going on, too, but that was ALWAYS here. I feel like people who think that 4chan was vastly better in the past are looking at things through rose-tinted glasses. Has there been some decline? Yes, just like the entire internet has declined to an extent. But I can't agree with the idea that the decline is huge. I still enjoy coming here. There's even still effortposting that gets a positive response, as evidenced by this very thread.

>> No.18874732

The sort of people who think 4chan hasn'y always been a shithole are the sort of shitposters who constantly get banned on other forums. 4chan wasn't known as the asshole of the internet for no reason.

>> No.18874747

it's two layers of irony and all cringe. old internet thing, google it

>> No.18874759

Well, guess what? I'm a "normie" and I'm staying!

>> No.18874762

Here's the kid, retard

>> No.18874801

get fucked uyghur im not clicking that

>> No.18874882

I know about the association with Reddit of that (for lack of a better word) meme, but is 4chan's use of it, more than 10 years after Reddit stopped using it, truly ironic? I would argue that it's usage in >>18873967 isn't ironic at all, but it's meaning merely changed, to "look how idiotic I'm pretending the people I don't like are", similar in meaning to the rarely used nowadays meme "derp".

>> No.18875053

> hormonal
this literally means high test you fucking fat retard lmao

>> No.18875083

oh, well that poster is from /pol and is shitting up the whole board today, they are a proper schizo and probably a boomer, hence being 10 years too late

>> No.18875098

Valid post.
I don't like his shirt but, I'll concede, it doesn't warrant death and execution is excessive and unjustified. RIP.

Still curious as to why they did this to him. I am guessing drug or sand person related retribution for what the parent had done.

>> No.18875102

God is just because the reward for the just is eternal, and so too is the chastisement for the wicked. That makes up for everything.

>> No.18875105

The chinese one way more brutal imo guy mustve been alive for a bit

>> No.18875118

I hope you lose a couple fingers on a table saw and stop posting this fucking shit for no good reason. Fuck you.

>> No.18875125

kino list

>> No.18875146

>Am I the only one who thinks the "decline" of 4chan is kind of overstated?
I was never big on red boards but the blue boards have gone completely to shit over the past 10 years.

>> No.18875147

I think you have become a more authentic person. Normal fags and Edgelords alike never really think about real people behind signs and images, they see a headline saying that 9 people died in this or that accident and they only see the headline, just words that spurs them on to hit share or close the window or whatever. They are too busy or too lazy or something to really think about what it means. Similarly, gorefags watch gore videos and only think about it as a video, empty of any context. They never think about the reality it signifies. Both just trade around signs and images like a machine that passes boxes down a conveyer belt without ever opening the boxes and seeing whats inside. You simply bother to care, bother to think a little.

>> No.18875160

>nobody, I mean NOBODY, gets their head chopped off for no reason.
t. jihadi

>> No.18875161

Fuck you, Nick Land faggot. Kill yourself and take you reductive materialist faggotry with you. You want to give away humanity and anything anybody could possible want to the meat grinder of fitness and blind evolutionary processes, you have no values, not even strength, just the "fitness" of pondscum and parasites. You are the lowest form of human, so of course you want everyone else to be forced to be just like you. Fuck you.

>> No.18875164

I guess I just disagree.

Or I guess I might say that things ebb and flow. For example, I think /lit/ is better than it was about three years ago, but worse than it was five years ago. /co/, on the other hand, is worse than it was two years ago but still better than it was four years ago. /a/ has gotten worse but it is still a pretty good board, as things go. /pol/ has obviously gotten worse but I think it's gotten a bit better this year than it was last year.

Things come and go, and while the general trend may be downward, the boards don't all descend at the same rate, and there may be upticks and improvements in individual boards.

Only a handful of boards are permafucked. The biggest one of course is /his/. Jesus Christ /his/ fucking sucks. If /his/ didn't suck we'd probably see less Christianity posting on /lit/, since /his/ is nominally the religion board. But you can't have a discussion on /his/. Jap Moot should just delete /his/, it's failed in its function.

>> No.18875167

this map really makes no sense since all of our economy is outsourced.

>> No.18875181

oh you are right on this, it's not a constant descent but there are a few bumps here and there. My guess is that this site gets worse whenever it gets the spotlight for sone reason and then gets better after a while it's ignored, but overall it keeps getting worse
there's just way, way too much spam. it's not just bait but straight up spam, way too much social media spillage

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