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I don't trust anyone from the past 3 centuries. Did the Greeks, ancient chinese, indians or japanese or people from age of enlightenment write anything on self-improvement? I know Stoicism is a thing, but I'm looking for something particular, that'll help a masturbation addict NEET became a better man.

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Let go of all your stupid notions, starting with your post.

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Philosophy is gay and retarded.

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The answer you seek cannot be found here

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Get a trade. It’s forced socialisation and physical fitness. Eventually your serum concentration of testosterone will be high enough from the physical work and your interactions with the other guys will tamper your autism to low enough levels that an upward spiral will begin.

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Sure thing they did. They all wrote how to live your life according to their philosophy. Pick up whatever philosopher you want and digest his ideas and take from them what you will.

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Start with Sam Hyde

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I want something specifically on discipline. Like a specific book on discipline.

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When I meant past three centuries, I meant this one too.

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Spinoza's Ethics. Life for Spinoza is an individual active life of perpetual struggle in which a person is constantly striving to fulfil the potentiality of their souls against worldly influences that try to destroy them.

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It's simple. You get what you think about.
Not always easy, but always simple.

Let's say you habitually put off taking showers.

There are times where you tell yourself you should take a shower, but it doesn't get done. Why not? It's because you stop thinking about taking a shower. You thought "I should take a shower" but then start thinking "I can go one more day without showering," or "I don't feel like it right now," or "I'll do it later," and then you go to YouTube and 4chan and before you know it it's 3 AM and you haven't showered.

If you were focused on "I should take a shower," you would take the steps the steps to do so, firstly getting a towel, then going to the bathroom, locking the door, and so on. But you don't shower because you let the distractions and excuses and intrusions take the wheel instead of pinning down the singular thought of "I should take a shower."

Take notice of your thoughts and feelings and you'll start seeing the patterns.
Does that make sense? What do you think?

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Sorry, I should have said in the OP, no Jews.

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Most self help philosophy centers around general advice on how to live a good life. Examples of this are Stoicism and Epicureanism. There’s no philosophy on how to stop compulsively touching your pp.

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Peter Sloterdijk - You must change your life.
It's about ethical imperatives

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>There’s no philosophy on how to stop compulsively touching your pp
How come? Someone must have written or said something about it?

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Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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The philosopher is Aristotle. His advice, as set forth in Nicomachean Ethics, is neatly summarized herein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n_cPIhag28

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Book: Art of worldly wisdom, the gay science
Authors: emerson

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That helps for smaller things like showering. What about that requires actual hard work. For example studying for an exam? I sit down to study for day, maybe for a week, but at some point your routine breaks especially if you feel like you haven't achieved the results even after working hard.

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This. Just don’t do it forever or you’ll ruin your body and become just another cog in the machine.

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Philosophy doesn't help neets. Read a book on psychoanalisis or any other field of psychology. Understanding your emotions and behaviour is essential for all neet retards.

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Look into Freud and freudians view on libido. Basically libido is primal life energy, not necessarily sexual. Learn to recognize that energy within your body and stop wasting it into pixels and tissues.

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Post a book?

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Too many books to choose from. Watch some shit on youtube, see what rings a bell and look in the books were they quoting.

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theres like a shit ton of martial arts stuff.

indians had manuals on meditation
china had shaolin monks and shit
japan had samurai archer training

all of them probably had stuff on animal husbandry snd horse riding.

it sounds like you have motivation desire
perhaps what you lack is skill training and tools?

if you are looking into something easy
sun salutations but that could be a new exersize.
and qi gong,
literally anyone can do qi gong
its the secret to long chinese life.

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Read pic related here :

Philosophy on living life starts on pg. 141 in the "Fragments" section.

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>serum concentration of testosterone
Based Science Man. Dilate the Chemicals.

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>For example studying for an exam? I sit down to study for day, maybe for a week, but at some point your routine breaks especially if you feel like you haven't achieved the results even after working hard.
It's still exactly the same as putting off showering.
You get what you think about.

It's easier to focus on things that don't take a lot of time. The longer something takes to accomplish, the more opportunities arise for the derailing thoughts to win. But fundamentally it's the same process.

Look at what you wrote:
>I sit down to study for day, maybe for a week, but at some point your routine breaks
>at some point your routine breaks
Why does that occur?
The routine breaks because you give more credence to the thoughts that tell you "It's not worth it." You think "I should study," but then one day started thinking "Well I can skip one day," or "I'll just do it later," or "It's not really worth it," and then you're on 4chan or YouTube and the routine breaks.

Fundamentally, hard work is no different than easy work. You get what you think about.

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Hmm... I suppose so. I'll try this.

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Unironically get his Gumroad for $5. There’s some great content on wasting time and getting a skill and the value of being likeable and not a weird gay freak.

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