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Anyone feel bad for missing crypto? There's literally drooling retards on /biz/ making millions while I'm stuck wageing 9 hours a day for a pittance.. fml

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The guy who got into the earliest that I knew is dead. Used it to buy fentanyl analogues around 2010-2011. Sometimes it’s better not to be an early adopter.

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>Anyone feel bad for missing crypto?
Not really.

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I am this image and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be/the grass is always greener/etc.
If you have friends and a gf (or have had them) and are appreciated at work it’s probably a better life.

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I understand myself enough to know I would get an ulcer investing in crypto.

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Is it possible to do both?
t. Wageslave hopeful

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The drugs I'd buy with all the money would probably majorly damage my brain so no

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I still have not a faintest clue of what the fuck is crypto and how works, and I'm resolved to carry this boomer mentality to the grave.

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I haven’t seen it.

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>If you have friends and a gf (or have had them) and are appreciated at work it’s probably a better life.
I've had all of that before and I do not wish it back. My life is not even as ideal as the OP picture either, I am just a regular NEET. The thing that would be nice is sex on demand, but the girlfriend aspect appears way better from a distance than it actually is.

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I woke up 7k richer today but that is just daily fluctuations
the complete indifference you have as a result probably isn't worth it

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a lot of people that go to biz lose money. Its just that they get so depressed they just leave and never post about it. I've been on biz since 2015 and most of the shitcoins shilled after 2017 have lost a bunch of money, No one talks about them (dragon chain, deep brain chain, Fun fair). Most of what you see in confirmation bias and shilling. Obviously if you just went into the few successful shitcoins (rare) or the big main coins that were shilled (BTC, ETH, LINK) you'd be pretty wealthy, although You also could have been one of the many that have lost money on Litecoin.

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If anyone has they'd not post on 4chan anymore, they'd be happy.

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>rich guy talks down the advantages of wealth
you're just detached, bro. life is brutal for the average wage slave

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>There's literally drooling retards on /biz/ making millions
No there isnt. Maybe year or two ago when it was going somewhere now its overrun by normies and other undesirables trying to get rich quick, not make an actual investment in interesting shit like the actual crypto billionaires did.

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>Life is nothing more than a transcendental experience, one might enjoy it while it lasts
Do any religions actually say this? I don't disagree, but the religious train of thought usually involves salvation, deeds to be accomplished or avoided and so on.

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>There's literally drooling retards on /biz/ making millions
This probably didn't happen

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This. Hardly anyone made money, and even if you did you're still sitting on the internet with a bunch of other incels.
Wtf would you even buy? Tranny statues and black cultural objects?

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The grave is where that mentality takes you

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every generation had a certain chance to get rich easy and quick and missed it
even your favorite authors would lead a more financially secure and happy life if they made certain investments at a certain time

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yeah, well, no mentality will spare you from the grave

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>richfags feel disappointed
>great artists feel disappointed
>even literal saints felt like they were a failure
I honestly believe no one will ever "make it". Schopenhauer (PBUH) was right

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This is the weirdest thing for me. I don't even go for crypto, but after investing half my wealth and just waking up and seeing I've gained/lost $1000 or more on a given day, it's made me ironically care so much less about my daily spending habits, because are so insignificant compared to the bulk of my actual assets and what they can do.

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There is something most people who were happy had in common.....

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Everyone who responded to this thread without saging and reporting will be forever tortured in hell along with their families

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The financial grave, I mean

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I was into crypto for about a month or 2, and I had to pull out because I felt absolutely terrible. I was staying up until 3-4 am every day checking fucking charts, I didn't read anymore. Every hour I checked charts at least twice, probably more. My mental unrest had never been higher. I made about 500 bucks in total from it, and I'm not convinced that the downgrade in quality of life was worth it.

Yes, there are many stories of people getting rich and doing well, but I think most of the people that went into crypto will have a story similar to mine.

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Yup, was too young to regard crypto as an investment despite being involved in it super early.
No point beating ourselves up about it though.
I still strive for and have somewhat achieved a life of supporting myself through something I enjoy and am interested in.

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This “missing crypto” shit is 10 years old. I’m not going to feel bad my entire life about missing a risky speculative investment that nobody understands the implications of

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getting into crypto is inviting mammon into your body
and i dont feel like being posessed, and everyone that's REALLY into crypto gives me demonic vibes

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Stay poor, retard

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spoonfeed plz

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Also the notion that I would have ever had the "diamond hands" to hold what was at the time a ~$100 asset until it was worth ~$50'000 while working part time for minimum wage is a stretch, at most I suppose I could've made fifty to a hundred grand on a whim, not life changing.

also this

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>Hardly anyone made money
The absolute cope. If you invested in literally anything pre 2017, you made money. There was a point you could throw money at absolutely anything on the market and you would make money.

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I mean 350k a year, so no.
I feel bad for not taking diet and lifting seriously early in my life.

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I think the moral of the story is don't do fentanyl analogues.

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On the contrary within 7 days of discovering crypto I made £30,000 from the 0x presale (ZRX sold to presalers at 0.00016/eth!). 0x is still a popular coin but it’s entirely and eternally useless like all of the others. Have fun spending the rest of your life being emotionally controlled by homeless Taiwanese men and their AI meme triangle generators

It breaks my heart seeing how many pseuds there are like you, that really have no choice but to chase the thrill of speculatively attempting to accumulate wealth because there is absolutely nothing else going on worth your emotion and rational attention than this

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This. I’m not gnostic but everyone I know that still trades crypto is just as emotionally volatile as the market and empty inside as the white papers. There is something basically demonic about giving yourself up like this

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The shit is a meme. Ironically the boomers are right. Get a good job or start a business. Make good money, dump it into real estate or blue chip stocks.
My grandpa is a real estate tycoon at this point from this. Worked as a refrigerator mechanic, ended up servicing almost all grocers in the city. Took that money and opened his own grocers and liquor stores, took that money and started buying real estate. Now he sits on tens of millions. My dad is similar. Started working as a contractor/carpenter. Built clientele and funds, Started his own business. Made a bunch of money, got into real estate, ect ect.
Zoomer work no skill shit job crypto gambling is not worth it. If I want to take risks it would be something that actually requires my own input and value to people

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Is cryptocurrency a form of usury? While not being it specifically, wouldn't it bring the human soul into the same depths usury does? Which is accumulation of wealth through sterile means?
That's Kierkegaard. No spoonfeeding beyond that.

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Holy mother of strawman

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>Anyone feel bad for not playing the lottery? There's literally drooling retards making millions with a ticket while I'm stuck wageing 9 hours a day for a pittance.
Nah. I'm a NEET also. My only issue is that I see no point in doing anything at all since the world is completely rotten and impossible to change into something better. I doubt any of that would change if I had a million dollars or two.

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>I missed supporting the latest capitalism meme that will make the world worse
I know that it is a cope, but I do not really want to support evil shit like big tech.

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This is only possible with good economic mobility, which is exactly what we lack today. Boomers were wrong about everything and will be punished in hell for their hubris.

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