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R.C. Waldun is a literature student lost in thoughts - which has resulted in the (self)publication of his new novel L'Académie.
These threads provide a space for Waldun aficionados to discuss said work, and related material.

Set in the authoritarian Hunger 1984 Divergent Games universe, "L'Academie" is a story about a man named Eddington whose daily life is dictated by The Regime. Six days a week he leaves his home for L'Académie, a four-year education program where the subjects, upon completion, are allowed to go beyond The Wall.

After the destruction of Clark Elieson: known scalie and Judas. Waldun has disowned him, and has apologized for the faults of his novels

There is talk of a "L'Academie Reconstruction Project," if any writer-anons are interested, please contact anonn#3577. We already have a few writers and a few editors, but if we delegate tasks and work hard, we would be able to complete it by mid-September ( a full rewrite or a large edit).

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Waldun apologized. This meme is over.

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It's about the movement. Jaidyn is the soul. Jay is the body. Waldun is the mind.

It all runs painfully deep.

Start your adventure here:
Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ZpAiw3vio
Familiarization: https://youtu.be/tzAqf00sFII
Our Man, Our Boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qRWrPDNbGw

Getting to know Jaidyn (SOUL):

Getting to know Jay (BODY):

Getting to know Waldun (MIND):
The lack of self-awareness. The repressed homosexuality. His early masterpiece, The Learned Disguise, is the only way in. However, you can start your journey into this young man via his fashion advice as inspired by his daddy issues (trying to please him but realizing he must make his own path to self-discovery): https://youtu.be/TyTh_F0rc-A

Advanced Waldunianism:
Early Writings: https://web.archive.org/web/20201119140803/https://www.litpublication.com/
The Learned Disguise (PDF): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m1ddXBIvnyBwPgGJ_Qz9C7sxeF8GtZWx/view
Introduction to the HH: >>18912091
Latest Release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSJwJfZ758s

Early Reviews:
KDB Review: https://youtu.be/3GyChCD3rdA
KDB Plagiarism Exposed: http://www.online-literature.com/forums/showthread.php?64383-Please-Help!-Source-of-Quote-Believed-to-be-JOHN-MILTON-PARADISE-LOST >>18924155 >>18924282
The Book Club Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKYdgfB2tWQ

In Search of Lost Time:
Instigation: >>18932359 >>18933153 >>18933008
To Stand For Our Man: >>18932500 >>18933356 >>18933284 >>18933299
Weaponized Autism: >>18933420 >>18933485 >>18936158 >>18933950 >>18933499
Lesson Learned: >>18933669 >>18933787 >>18933643 >>18933708 >>18939481
Remembrance of Things Past : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNBX7ppwbm0 >>18940077
Our Man: >>18941491

“Well, there's a lesson here, that's for sure” -- Clark Elieson (Reptile Rapist/Frog Enthusiast/Mormon)

The Discord Schism:
Messing with a Masterpiece: >>18934995 >>18935027 >>18935182 >>18934920 >>18935291 >>18935315 >>18935356 >>18935396 >>18935410 >>18935427
Forlorn Hope: >>18940630 >>18940643 >>18940666

Redemption Arc (has begun):
Our Man's Message: >>18941570 >>18941605 https://www.youtube.com/post/UgyPMy_vgVobltd6jtd4AaABCQ
The Body Speaks: >>18941866 >>18941840

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Shut the fuck up already. It would be better for /lit/ if you redirected the energy you're throwing at Waldun into community events for writers to exhibit their work. At this point, all these threads accomplish is further diluting what literary discourse still exists beyond /pol/ crossposters and trolls

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What a sad series of events :(

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>if you redirected the energy you're throwing at Waldun into community events for writers to exhibit their work
what you think the restoration project is for? it harnessing all the homo energy for waldun to make art

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what the flying fuck are all of these links? also, I feel bad for the author, it seems like the criticisms are leavened with crabbish bullying that serve no purpose but shit-flinging amusement.

i agree in theory, but your energy and ambition for this community isn't well met in the rest of the population, myself included.

based on these threads, i have doubts any "restoration" will happen in good faith.

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>Set in the authoritarian Hunger 1984 Divergent Games universe,
what the fuck is this supposed to mean?

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A decade from now academics will still be debating who got it right: Orwell or Huxley. Waldunchads will sit in the back of the lecture halls with a slight smirk on their face. They're still debating this...even after all these years? Heh. They'll get up and move slowly to the door.

As a cool wind blows through the campus they'll put their earbuds in and adjust their collar. Slyly, they'll drop a copy of L'Academie onto the ground. It's not rubbish--but it will surely be picked up...eventually.

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This has been a rollercoaster. No matter how many reptile rapists or discord trannies try and ruin it, Waldun will be here to give us laughs and warm our hearts (and give boners to some)

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you waldunniggers are mentally ill

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NEW WALDUN BOOK REVIEW: https://youtu.be/g8RSLbCh8gs

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stop shilling your terrible video you fucking geek

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>Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)22:27:23 No.18942399>>18942389(You)
>stop shilling your terrible video you fucking geek

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>Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)22:28:52 No.18942405>>18942389(You)

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He's never really warmed anyone's hearts. At the end of the day he's still a delusional "influencer" who holds his literary aspirations lower than his YouTube persona. If he wasn't ironically saved by Clark's betrayal we'd be roasting him as hard as ever.
However, he believes he has the talent to become a great writer/thinker and his half-assed, naive, irony-soaked, pursuit will always give me a hearty chuckle. The day KD succeeds and Waldun's bubble bursts will be the day my heart is warmed. Because that will be a sign of true growth from Waldun who I sincerely wish the best for.

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Waldun. I know you're reading this. I wanted to share a quote from one of Moliere's plays. He's a French playwright if you haven't heard of him. Make of this quote what you will.

>Sir, These are delicate matters; we all desire
>To be told that we've the true poetic fire.
>But once, to one whose name I shall not mention,
>I said, regarding some verse of his invention,
>That gentlemen should rigorously control
>That itch to write which often afflicts the soul;
>That one should curb the heady inclination
>To publicize one's little avocation; >And that in showing off one's works of art
>One often plays a very clownish part.

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its done in complete faith butterbitch

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So...was it worth it in the end, you fucking incel parasites?

So what, Waldun put out a book in his second language and it wasn't great. Can you do better? One day he might write a novel in French too, since I clearly have a knack for language learning.

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Shit bait.

>Our man writes 'fk'
>Our man dabbled in volcel
>Our man has a heart of gold
>Our man accepted the criticism
>Our man vowed to do better next time

Fuck off.

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Virtue signaling cunt. This is the final indication that he is never going to improve much and in the case of "improvement", will go from shit to a mediocre writer at best.

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Great review

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Like all whores

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how is it virtue signalling when he's actually *doing* something?

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Could be. But the thing is...

>He genuinely didn't know how shit the book is
>KD called out the dishonesty of schilling a bad product for financial gain
>Waldun accepted that the book was terrible and could be considered a ripoff
>Waldun did the right thing and underscored personal growth as a gain instead of financial benefits

He already has a brand/media persona. You could be cynical and write it off as enhancing that. However, this is the redemption arc and we'll see how it all plays out.

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pretty cringe fren
dont reply

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What's so cringe about it, apart from my autistic voice?

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waldun stocks are heading up
clarkcoin is crashing

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I gave you the 6/10. Please take note that this thread is about Waldun and not us anons (if you want recognition for shit shill on the discord and/or help them out by providing a depth analysis of the book),

Hate on him, support him, provide takes on the HH and his writing (i.e. Waldunian Metaphysics could become a meme). Stop shilling though.

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can i help with the double rod research

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Go there and ask. The schism is ongoing and I'm Swiss.

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link? u guys meeting up for double rodding irl?

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I got a double rod in my pants

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I can't into these threada. It was all fun and games but now I do legitimaly feel bad for Waldun. Yes, it's all his fucking fault but I can't imagine what its like to dedicate 3 years of your life to a novel, write 5 drafts and still be shit. I'm sorry, Waldunchads.

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You are a less funny, less creative, less edgy version of the book club
Innovate more

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It means that it borrows tropes and environments that we have already seen a thousand times in dystopian YA fiction

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Shit I haven't contemplated on this thought, fucking brutal.

Good luck to Waldun for his future projects.

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>5 drafts
but not one proofreading

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Was bookaid who John David Card did his charity release too (the SomenewWords one on his instagram?)

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that's literally always the case with young writers. the difference is that the decent ones just bin a project when it's irredeemably bad, no matter how much time they've invested in it, instead of using youtube money to push through and self-publish it without having anyone proofreading it, without any real editors looking at it and with no one else but fellow youtube "business" guys to market it

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And the cycle continues. He said the exact thing after The Learned Disguise. The fact is that HE. WILL. NEVER. LEARN.

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Cardchads, our ascendancy is forthcoming.

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can i switch from clarkchad to cardking?

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based misanthrope poster

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Thought you'd never ask.

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I go to sleep and this shit happens? What the fuck. Is the Waldun saga over?

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lmao are you the retard who also wrote that gay "philosophical" analysis of waldun?

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I don't know who this is and what the drama is about, could someone greentext it for me?

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Walden showed character here and I respect him for that.

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>Waldun is a relatively small booktuber.
>Writes a shitty book, The Learned Disguise.
>Lit makes fun of him for being terrible and being a pseud.
>Lit pirates the book, makes even more fun of him.
>He releases a new book
>Lit gets it early, pirates it and goes apeshit, making fun of him for writing another piece of absolute crap with some people ironically acting like he's a literary genius. These are the Waldunchads.
>Waldunscholars come up with theories about him, such as the Homosexual Hypothesis.
>A KDbooks review comes out, tearing the book apart.
>One of Waldun's friends, Clark, stabs him in the back. Says the book was bad even though he endorsed it previously, says he only did it for money and people are the idiots for trying to hold him to his word, just a snake all around
>Lit doesn't like it, tries to dig up dirt on him.
>Lit finds his old accounts and find out that he was looking for skyrim mods that make argonians naked.
>Lit starts commenting on his comment about Waldun with this info, he promptly deletes the comment.
>Lit suddenly feels sympathy for Waldun, a project is started to rewrite his new book so it doesn't suck ass.
>Now, he apologizes for it, says the book was indeed bad and not up to standard.
>Says he will give royalties to some charity, but won't pull the book. Still admits that it's bad.
>Lit doesn't know what the fuck to do now.

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/lit/ bullies young booktuber author and drives them to suicide

>> No.18943053

Man, I did not see the naked argonian twist coming.
Is the book that bad?

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I feel i need to reiterate this. Clark, the man with a fetish for reptiles, recommended in a deleted video, to cross out the swear words in Infinite Jest, as they are uncouth.

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His hubris is avoiding suicide. Let’s cause his apotheosis.

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Is this real? Where? I can't find it. If he really wrote that then I can only respect him.

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