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Better than anything you've ever written.

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(((Who))) is the author?

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That's wicked sad :^(

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You've no idea.

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this is actually an interesting society that they have constructed, one where the absurdist charades of the far-left have become highly conventionalised....

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>Merlin, at least, looked deeply ashamed. "You've no idea."

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What would absurdist writers think about today's society?

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what the fuck is this shite

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They’d find the criminalisation and script based access to opiates weird.

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>this is published

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Says alligator noidea

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Saying u can contact @murraycathaEL

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Nope. It's from The Raven Cycle

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what the hell is even going on in this passage

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this is gibberish, who reads this?

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it's hard to explain...

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I found the book.

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Common Sense.

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Co'mmo'n Se'nse.

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sometimes when I see things like this my emotion is Hatred but other times it’s a kind of Sadness, Regret, Pity, and some sort of motherly comforting protective instinct instead.

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Stop the Bible Chuck in its producgress.all hail Mary the murmutr of Christ Chuck. I'll lounging ouis chalk made for an Ozzie bat

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based schizo

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Ride around naked

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"So it's time we both kill ourselves?" Kay feebly asked.
Merlin slowly blinked with a resolved grin. "We have abused our privilege for far too long. It is time we say goodbye to this world."
Kay gently took out a shotgun from his coat.
"Now put your head close to mine. We must be punished for our wickedness."
Merlin put his head adjacent to Kay and pretended he was taking a selfie. He made a peace sign in his final moments.
Kay cocked the gun and pressed the trigger... The end.

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Luke is an out of work Doc who specialises in alligator bites

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> two people wrote this.

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>Amy Rose Capetta
sounds like a fucking sonic OC

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I'm a faggot but I will only accept books written by other faggots. This is messy

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it's the colors of the trans flag

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So this is what is meant by nausea

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The first paragraph could actually be the intro to an interesting story.

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you shouldn't change your name to fucking Amy Rose if you want to be taken seriously

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Your first mistake was reading YA

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Am I wrong when I think that this is happening because advertising is now the writer's (or any other creative's) burden?
From what I gather, publishers do not want to gamble on a new horse. They will look for horses who are already popular in one way or the other. This means that unless you are Cormac McCarthy or Stephen King, you have to make your own popularity, which means you have to make it off the internet.
Awards are given out to horses who are ensured to be popular because they cater to a certain demographic (feminist+award=women will buy). They exist to make popular people even more popular. I imagine that entities that give out awards act as enterprises of sorts and they need monetary support coming from somewhere in order to continue existing. They have to prove that they make a good selection of winning horses.
Since you are competing with hundreds of thousands of horses, whatever you are making is guaranteed to have no traction unless you have money to advertise yourself, or connections (usually only people with money manage to connect with people who can pull strings), or you pander as hard as possible on the internet so that you show that you are a good horse to bet on.
Then in that case you will be able to "network" and you will win an award and companies will decide to place their bets on you. If you are self-publishing you are not taking these last two steps and you are just growing your internet fan-base further and further. This largely means catering to a large demographic with disposable money (teenagers) or one that is obsessive or easy to wring some money off of (self-help, PUA, etc.)

If you're just making a "thing" that isn't made from the ground up for the purpose of ascending in popularity you have zero chances of getting anywhere. Is this wrong? Is it still possible to publish something and get anywhere? You know, I'm not talking about award chasing or making a living, just not literally throwing your shit into a void and get at best a few internet points.
Are things really this shit?

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> t. Picrel

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Saying Ur a fat Paddy's Day gimp wrapped around Ur own illustration. Like Dave from the davincii show lassoing afraid frdge dinnear. Missery falls short of the tree but the nazi apples aerr shour. Like Ur Rehman Malik

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kek this is legit better than anything in YA

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Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy also have some final words to give about their story:

"YES, we are dumb dykes and take glee in corrupting your children. YES, we want mass migrants to destroy your country's communal cultures as your children develop gender dysmorphia from our Jewish-backed social engineering.
You will learn to tolerate us parasites or be thrown into reeducation camps for a future replete with colorful rainbows."

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Jokes on you
my goal in writing isn't to make money but to get thrown in the gulag where they have to pay for my tendies from now until eternity

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I recently took my girlfriend's autistic nephew to the kid's section of my local B&N and realized that most of the books prominently displayed for children are these blatant leftist pandering propaganda pieces with names like anti-racist baby and other horseshit
Fortunately for him he's severely autistic and was just mildly upset to see that the train table has now been removed, I assumed due to covid. He really only reads 'busy books' about disney movies and thomas the tank engine, which are only ostensibly books and are composed primarily of fold out plastic maps and tiny cheap plastic figures to play with on the maps. I think he's eight or nine. There are very few human beings I've ever felt worse for than this kid.

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Rainbows are pretty, though.

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I'm going to be honest, the book is trash but I can't help but be slightly jealous of people who can be so obviously sincere and openly enthusiastic, especially if they can find company in it. Is this the power of the tism?

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Leftists tranny corpses decorates with flowers produce the best rainbows.

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You can immediately tell this was written by a woman.
Women ruined the gay community

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they're regurgitating the soi, how the fuck is that sincerity?

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I took what was written, plugged it into AI Dungeon and just kept pressing send.

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>the gay community

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That's a lot of commitment to just regurgitate something. Seems like they're genuinely happy, like that anon's autistic nephew reading busybooks.

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>but to get thrown in the gulag where they have to pay for my tendies
Anon I am not sure if this is how gulags work

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Shove the onions into their throats while choking them. The sounds of the choking have more artistic merit than the filth they write.

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This is fake news... there is no way that passage is from a mainstream book.

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what makes you think its sincere and not the complete opposite? everything in this persons life revolves around validating themselves constantly and endlessly. it's false sincerity. their life is a battle with no enemies

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Says to do doit for cruetky of the grass...oamers.

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Marxism Quest by Amy Rose Capette & Sonic Andknuckles McCarthy

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I'm friends with this girl who's into some YA series so I recently took her to the local bookstore and went to the teen section so she could look for the latest entry. In hindsight I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was not expecting everything on display to be so ultra-leftist. A bunch of the books feature black culture even though we are not American and hardly have any where we live, lots of queer stuff, also I saw picrel which I thought was a funny but ultimately sad joke. It's pretty disheartening. I wouldn't even say I'm right-wing and I'm technically part of the same minority demographics that they're trying to appeal to but it was fucked up to see just how blatantly they were shilling identity politics.

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This generation is going to grow up fucked. all kids say now is a vomit of advertisements, youtube and other consumerproduct cancer. Other generations were also fucked by TV and consumershit but not nearly to this degree.
>people who can be so obviously sincere and openly enthusiastic
they're sociopaths who engineer every single move they take and will immediately jump at the throat anyone who is actually somewhat good or genuine because it might threaten their own image.

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This is fake news.
There is NO WAY this is a real, mainstream, published book. No way.
Fucking /pol/ leaking into /lit/
>you have to go back

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and when you obtain incontrovertible proof that things are indeed this bad, will you reassess your position re: the slippery slope?

>> No.19003681

>they're sociopaths who engineer every single move they take and will immediately jump at the throat anyone who is actually somewhat good or genuine because it might threaten their own image.
Autistic people obsessed with gay queer futuristic King Arthur don't seem like they care about their image much

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I will look at whatever proof you have.
This is /pol/-tier misinfo. There is no way that passage is from a mainstream published book.

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there is a literal screenshot above of the book release and it is produced by Patterson for chrissake

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read it yourself it's on zlibrary. it's real

>> No.19003736

The screenshot of the text has got to be faked. There is no way.

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Not everyone has a soul.
Not everyone has Buddha nature or consciousness.
Some people are beyond the capacity for purification or forgiveness of God or any other absolute principle you can think.
They become the complete antithesis of anything sacred or divine. They become vessels of profane demons!
Through their corruption, they have tainted every last glimmer of light within themselves, replacing it with chaos and impurities. Those who forgive them are misguided.
Leftists exist for the purposes of "inhumane" invasive experimentation. A single moment of suffering from a contemplative non-leftist is worth more than the collective "pain" of these degenerate leftists. It is better to sacrifice them and crack open their skills rather than noble and sagacious rats. How can you claim that the lives of these absolute degenerates and agents of darkness have more value than a rat or chicken?
This is a great opportunity in fact! All it takes is a noble man lawakening the masses to peer into the darkness of these demonic liberals. Afterwards, throw them into cages and start doing the experiments! Drill holes into their skulls and attach the microelectrodes and watch them scream as you occasionally rip off a limb. This way we can find cures to neurodegenerative disorders and more. This way their "lives" can be used for some good, which comes only comes when they eat shit and die.

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> When modern literature is so mediocre that A.I. produced stories actually seem like a literary Godsend.

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Is the "Administrator's" name Ronald Blump?

>> No.19003797

None of you can even find the link to the book on the publisher's website.
>i call fake news
Mainstream publishing has high standards. The self-pubbers on here are false-flagging this garbage in an attempt to say their work is on equal footing.
>it's not.
>you'll never be trad pubbed.
Give it fucking up Gardner.

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>> No.19003807

>I don't have time for your bullshit, Camo

>> No.19003824

It is a meme. That is a fake screenshot designed to make uneducated, self-pubber scum think their work is on par with trad pubbers.

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if only it were fake anon. That's a series published by Scholastic by The Raven Boys

>> No.19003842

i'm sorry anon, it's real. every terrible book is real

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if anything, this thread should inspire anons to write. nothing /lit/ could write could be as bad as this, unless maybe butterfly tried writing something

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Yes the book is real but the screenshot is not. The screenshot is designed to make mainstream publishing look dumb, when, in fact, traditional publishers uphold a level of quality that is simply lacking in self-pubber brainlet-tier scum. These idiots write trash and fake screenshots to make it look like mainstream publishing is as bad as self-pubbers in mom's basement.

Go to University.
Learn to read.
Learn to write.
Learn what makes a good story.
Understand that LGBTQS2SA+ people's stories need to be amplified and sit down if you are a white male. You've held the microphone for too long.
>in summary
>attend higher education
>learn why this book is published with 7000+ reviews and yours have ZERO.
>understand that it isn't because of any conspiracy against you, you just do not have the skills of Amy Rose Capetta or Cori McCarthy.

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It depends on what you want to write.
If you want to write and land a literary agent for horror, then it can be done with some effort.
However, you have no chance publishing children's literature. All of the literary agents ask for LGBTQ+ and inclusive diversity crap.

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It's on Zlibrary.

>> No.19003932

Stop falling for the bait

>> No.19003939

>one where the absurdist charades of the far-left have become highly conventionalised
In such a world, the truly transgressive are nigger-posters.

>> No.19003941

they would probably shoot all the arabs

>> No.19003950

Okay one little page that is a bit weak on flow and style. You cherrypicked one single page.

I could go through the book and find some of the truly great prose that this team wrote, but it would be lost on the likes of you. The third chapter is particularly beautifully written, along with the 7th 8th and 10th. This novel contains some very flowery language and descriptions that really get the imagination going. The fact is, a lot of the pseuds and loser self-pubbers here simply cannot write at this level, so they cherry pick a weak page to try and make some point.

Go back to University Gardner, it is clear you learned nothing the first time. Pathetic.

>> No.19003954

this is not YA, although it is written at a 5th grade level

>> No.19003960

This is worse than the thousands of pages of dragon porn some guy's brother wrote

>> No.19003974

Is this how I should respond when I used an incorrect pronoun among them?

>> No.19003984

wow, the AI is able to mimic their prose and cadence perfectly. Usually AI Is too retarded to do that.

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Ran this one through AI Dungeon as well. I like how it turned out.

>> No.19003998

>I could go through the book and find some of the truly great prose that this team wrote,
please do and post it

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>published by Little, Brown and Company

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No. Only LGBTQ shit gets published now. Unless you want to take a previously existing story and shit it up with gender politics, you're wasting your time. Have you looked at manuscript wish lists lately?
>ALWAYS seeking: diversity. Race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, mentality, health, economic status, religious affiliation, all of it. The obvious shouldn’t need to be said — that I want my projects to reflect the beautiful diversity of the world, that I want to see and share with others life through another’s eyes, that I want to see these differences expressed through art and creation and culture, that these books need to be on bookshelves — but that’s the state of things. So yes, there is no question to it: I want diversity.
>This is your semi-annual reminder that while I'm looking for diversity and own voices across the board, I am particularly interested in seeing submissions in the mystery and historical romance genres. Please send! #mswl
>Seeking: manuscripts from POC, diverse authors,#LGBTQ,#OwnVoices, & all voices that have been silenced but NEED to be heard. I support you & want to share your stories with the world.
>I have never stopped looking for Black voices to add to my list of authors. If you write fun, escapist stories for MG or YA, I'm here! Currently hungry for rom-coms and light fantasy, but open to an adventure.
>Someone write me the epic queer MG I can comp to She-Ra, please
>We need more adaptations where draucla and van helsing were past lovers but now they're old petty exes
>#ownvoices#marginalizedvoicesfriendship-based adventure a la Goonies, please!#MG#YA#amquerying#amwriting

>> No.19004034

>We need more adaptations where draucla and van helsing were past lovers but now they're old petty exes
that would be kind of neat

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>>We need more adaptations where draucla and van helsing were past lovers but now they're old petty exes

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The onus is on you, self-pubber trash. You wouldn't dare post a page from that novel of any good prose because it would absolutely fucking destroy the narrative that anyone from /lit/ will be seen as ANYTHING but a fucking joke, loser.

Remember, you have a choice here:
>self-pub like trash
>never going to make it
>be memed on lit to losers.
Haha, okay. That's the failure approach. Let's see what a winner does:

Winning formula:
>understand the stories that need to be told right now, lgbtqa2s+ and Black stories, along with immigrant stories. The next popular genre will contain stories about climate refugees and those escaping misogyny.
>at LEAST 6 years of creative writing in University to develop your voice and tell the stories that matter
>be humble and don't amplify your voice over the marginalized

You could find success like Amy and Cori if you put in the effort, but people like you want to self-publish GARBAGE that has not been through the rigorous screening of traditional publishing. Those books have polish, the prose is beautiful and, again, you can only point out a single weak page, the majority of a trad pub book is head and shoulders above self-pubber TRASH.

>> No.19004056

You're trying too hard anon. Make the outrage more believable by calling him a chud or simp

>> No.19004088

If that were true, Deity wouldn't be divine.

>> No.19004185

I like to think of the movie adaptation of Van Helsing, with Hugh Jackman and Richard Roxburgh as a gay couple who genuinely hate each other. Kate Beckinsale returns as Anna Valerious, a conservative Christian detective who lives in the apartment across from them. She wants to kill Dracula for obvious reasons and Van Helsing for betraying the Vatican, but never realizes they live nearby. Coming to HBO fall 2022.

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File: 3.00 MB, 1422x800, lovecraft country3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

directed by Jordan Peele

>> No.19004205

nasu did this better back in 2004

>> No.19004289

Nah, none of those actors I mentioned are black.

>> No.19004295

Anon... I

>> No.19004346

I know someone who read those books... I shall endeavour to shun them from now on.

>> No.19004405

Isn't that just....our society?

>> No.19004661

how does shit like this get published?

>> No.19004680

This is the future you chose.

>> No.19004702

I unironically don't get it

>> No.19004718

better than most /wg/ content

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>Chad Lancelot rides in
>Refuses to fuck Gweneviere
>(Isn't into race-mixing)
>Has threesome with moms instead
>(Ok with queers as long as they're lipstick lesbos)
>They nickname his cock Excaliber
>Becomes Kay/Ari's stepfather
>Beats Ari for being Arab; Kay kills herself
>Twist: Mercer is actually Knights Templar
>Twist: Lancelot is the Administrator
>Lancelot forces Merlin to use his magic to unfagify the universe (using magic amplification Mercer developed)
>It works
>Lancelot banishes Ari back to his shithole planet
>Uses Merlin's own magic to turn him into a fetus; implants him into the uglier lesbian mom
>Forces her to get an abortion
>Arc: Lancelot realizes abortion is evil
>Uses funding from Mercer to lobby the space federation
>Abortion is illegal
>The End

>> No.19004907

If I had to choose between being a mediocre writer or not writing anything I'd rather not write anything. There is nothing worse than being mediocre.

>> No.19004921

This has to be satire, r-right? Right...?
>tfw I'm so deep in clown world that my first reaction to something is to think it's a joke

>> No.19004922


>> No.19004941

A comment like that even if it is tongue in cheek, is still revolting and evil.

>> No.19004959
File: 354 KB, 1076x796, Screenshot_20210908-020724_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a joke, just not an intentional one.

>> No.19004986

I can see this stuff and it helps. If this can get published than maybe the shit I write and worry about isn't as bad as I think.

>> No.19005015

unless you are a fat dyke or a mulatto tranny writing about mystery-meat islamic refugees putting it to the white supremacist USA via polyamorous buttsex and comic book references you will never get published

>> No.19005093

Isn't the Lovecraft Country guy white as it gets?

>> No.19005111

when you spiritually embody HR department faggotry it begins to change your body physically, he may have been german once but now he has been metamorphised into a moroccan bacha bazi aids bath house skulker

>> No.19005120

Eh, I'll give it a shot anyway I suppose and try not to get brainwashed and bluepilled and try to hide my powerlevel.

>> No.19005159

i'm mostly being facetious, if you want to get your work published you absolutely should try. quality-wise at least the competition right now is abysmal. good luck with your efforts

>> No.19005187

the only 'gay community' is located in the pits of hell

>> No.19005193


>> No.19005233

How lucrative is being a writer nowadays though?most people are more interested in Netflix and TikTok and when they do read, they pick up mainstream shit like Harry Potter or the classics

>> No.19005249

New shit has to come from somewhere. And if it's good enough maybe it'll land an adaptation and the writer gets some cut.

I mean, movies and TV have been around for decades and people still like to read shit. Yeah, there's social media and youtube but people still want stuff to read, or at least listen as a audiobook.

>> No.19005279


>> No.19005282

i don't know what kind of income writers get, i imagine becoming a full time writer is difficult and unlikely, but i still think it's worth writing

>> No.19005330

Why pay a lot for a good story when you can pay almost nothing for a basic story and have it worked up to decent by some 9to5 cubicle cucks?
Being a writer doesn't really pay. If you want to do it you should do it as a hobby.

>> No.19005664


>> No.19005693

there's something about you boy...

>> No.19005697


>> No.19005716

Why even say that this is a Merlin and Arthur story? It has nothing to do with it, just a ploy for attention by pretending that their shitty story is somehow connected to medieval legends.

>> No.19005733

These people are malicious parasites who actively enjoy destroying the creation of others. They are sociopaths, so they will try to piggyback on anything known and popular because of actual merit with the excuse of "subverting it". And they get a kick from "decolonizing" it and turning it gay because they will never stop until cishet white people are extinct. Parody, subversion, tribute are acts of parasitism and entitlement.

>> No.19005737


>> No.19005740

which Burroughs' book is this from?

>> No.19005762

Just wait until you read my latest novel, "Hamplanet."

>A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the Science TransGhost of the Queeng (queen-king) of Daneplanet tells his pan-racial saughter (son-daughter) Hamplanet to avenge xir's death-murder by killing the evil Patriarch, xir's uncle. Hamplanet feign's madness, but Ophelia, who has PTSD, autism, and a penis, informs xe that xe is appropriating aneurotypical culture, and so Hamplanet stops pretending to be crazy. He tries to explain to the Patriarch why a Patriarchy is problematic, and the Patriarch, unable to withstand the powerful voice of the LGBTP community cuts off his wang and joins them.

And then, as in the original play, everyone ends up committing suicide.

>> No.19005770

>He tries to explain
OMG I used the wrong pronoun. I'm so sorry. I've let the community down. I...I don't deserve to live. I'm sorry. Goodbye everyone. Time to join the 41%.

>> No.19005788

>Time to join the 41%.
You mean that you're going to post on Twitter that you thought that you thought about making an attempt for free attention while another demographic actually kill themselves but nobody gives a fuck?

>> No.19005798

Hey, somebody who finally understands me!

>> No.19005802


>> No.19005804

God i hope this era ends quickly
Can we go back to finding gays disgusting? Please?
Stop the fuckin ride already

>> No.19005810

this. trying to write anything short of a masterpiece is pointless. if you not aiming for what you write to be a masterpiece then you're wasting your time. its better to not write anything at all than not strive for a masterpiece

>> No.19005816

I curse myself every day for having been a progressive leftist. I genuinely thought the feminists and gays just wanted equality.

>> No.19005831

they don't deserve that either.

>> No.19005832

Pynchon is getting senile

>> No.19005840

They are destroying all the good will they garnered early on at an amazing pace. The stronger these movements get the stronger the counter reaction will be. You are part of it.

>> No.19005853

these people's lives revolve entirely about projecting an image and getting validated, just because it's not a pleasant image that doesn't mean they don't care.

>> No.19005860
File: 35 KB, 600x421, 1621434636849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd buy it

>> No.19005861

Is this an Alice Oseman novel?

>> No.19005873
File: 54 KB, 1200x698, 2830491237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19005876

>they don't deserve that either.
At this point I don't believe that either but it's too late. I'm part of one of the naive generations of teens who fucked up and spread this shit. I honestly think this state of things doesn't even benefit women either. They're clearly happier when society is built around a family and women take care of the children. The ideal would be to just account for the abusive husband scenario and having to marry a man who raped you. This shit was a widespread problem and it was terrible. But fuck's sake the state of women today is abysmal. Technology and modernity are a cancer.
Why can't humanity do anything sensibly? It's either burqas or sucking 1000 cocks a day. It's either stoning the gays or having them groom kids into HRT. Why can't humanity have some fucking common sense?

>> No.19005883

Theyre stoned/raped precisely to stop them becoming the cancer.
You're still too much a bleeding heart to realize this. Thinking you know better than thousands of years worth of wisdom is just hubris.

>> No.19005902

I would unironically support a Taliban takeover of the USA.

>> No.19005913

Things were not nearly as nice and just as you think. If you look at only a few generations ago you can hear actual accounts like this
>man rapes woman (actual rape not #metoo shit)
>woman is pregnant
>both shamed into marriage
>man holds a grudge during whole marriage, wife treated like shit
>"I only started to live after he died" at the ripe age of 75 year old
I understand that women today suck but this shit is stupid. There's no way I can justify this sort of shit and it was a much more regular occurrence than you think. This isn't Middle East, this is Western Christian places. I'm borderline /pol/ now but there's definitely a reason for all the women's liberation shit. I hate what the gays are doing now but while most of them are disgusting degenerate pieces of shit I have also met very decent people who felt ashamed of existing because of the way they're wired. It's not this easy and clear cut.

>> No.19005915

>he believes some butthurt cunts made up story
she enjoyed every second of being dominated and raped.

>> No.19005921 [DELETED] 

You're not only a retard but also a spineless coward. You don't want to understand that this actually happened so you prefer to cope with some retarded narrative. It's the same thing that SFWs do, "everyone who disagrees with me is evil and lying".

>> No.19005928

You're not only a retard but also a spineless coward. You don't want to understand that this actually happened so you prefer to cope with some retarded narrative. It's the same thing that SJWs do, "everyone who disagrees with me is evil and lying".

>> No.19005929

Fuck off with your moral shaming bullshit. People like you created clownworld and you still think you can come here with this self righteous bullshit. You'll never change. You'll go on believing you're 'right' until the day you die, despite having ruined the world.

>> No.19005939

Believing that things were perfect and nice in the past is cope. I still admit that I made a mistake because I didn't consider that the narrative would be exploited by bad agents, but preserving the ways of the past definitely comes at the expense of good honest people.
Are those good honest people worth protecting at this cost? Today, I say no. It's way too much damage. But believing that things were perfect before and there was nothing unfair and only evil people got shafted is retarded.

>> No.19005958

Confucius he say:
>individual personal happiness is the highest possible good
>a society that works
Pick one

>> No.19005970

What are we choosing today? A society that works or individual personal happiness? I'm not sure if we are getting either.

>> No.19005989


My wife is almost 30 and this is the only kind of shit she reads. We go to the bookstore and she heads straight to the YA Fiction section and tries to decide between "The Magnificently Wondrous (mis)Adventures of Lucretia Starbright" and "Bruh: The Coming of Age Story of a Young Black Man Written by a Black They/Them Woman Who Acts White"

>> No.19006001

we'll swing back hard. The question isn't if, it's when.

>> No.19006002

Of course we get neither, because we have decided that individual happiness is the highest possible good. I don't like it any more than you men

>> No.19006004

>you men

>> No.19006021

These ads are the same in comic books or RPGs now. I love that they go on a length to say
>we're looking for PoC, female or female-identifying or queer!!
just say "no straight white men" ffs

>> No.19006028

4 stars on Goodreads by the way

>> No.19006031

I’m pretty sure this is LTBQ+ whatever schlock. You’re not just going to see this next to TH White or Thomas Malory

>> No.19006033

They are virtue signalling, and will continue to buy whatever they think will sell.
It costs them nothing to say they are looking for whatever idpol flavor of the month is hot right now. Performative statements like this are about as convincing as the corporate rainbows

>> No.19006038

>flavor of the month
it's been 6 years anon...

>> No.19006053

So? I'm sure publishers in China make a big show of 'pls send us manuscript which grorify groriius reader Xi' while continuing to publish what they think will sell. You don't want to be the only guy not clapping when Stalin stops.
But focus on what they actually publish, not what they say they want to publish. This thread is a retarded cherry picked example - very little contemporary writing is like this

>> No.19006080

these "performative statements" are running alongside real legislation that affects people and their children. pretending that it's some empty cultural trend is naive

>> No.19006110

meanwhile faggots like the cunt above will keep arguing that nothing like this is happening, tinfoil hat etc.

>> No.19006123

not even literature, just pure propaganda

>> No.19006126

do faggots/niggers even spend that much time indoors reading?
arent they always out fucking?

>> No.19006129

>My wife is almost 30 and this is the only kind of shit she reads
you dun goofed anon

>> No.19006137

Go through the list of best selling books for the last six years then, and tell me how many involved the kind of trans nonsense in OP.
You are talking about a subsection of one particular genre, it's not representative of what modern publishing is actually like.
I make no comment about laws or trends, only about publishing as a business, and what kinds of books actually get published.

>> No.19006145

>But focus on what they actually publish, not what they say they want to publish.
Uhh... they publish exactly that? And they're gaining more and more ground everywhere every year like >>19006080 said? Have you dilated today yet you fucking tranny?

>> No.19006150

As someone who has been trying to get an agent for 3 years I can say you're full of shit. 99.9% of them want this crap regardless of genre. That there's no actual talent writing this shit is the only reason it's taking so long.

>> No.19006157

top sellers doesn't matter, the publishers will buy this propaganda for cheap and pump it out, as you have seen they currently do, and then publicly award it

>> No.19006160
File: 114 KB, 400x381, 1526136845228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It actually makes perfect sense to me that books are changing to become more like this, because the only people who actually read and write books these days are part of the same class of overly educated parasites on the body economic.

>> No.19006163

kek is that supposed to be harold bloom?

>> No.19006170

Of course.

>> No.19006177

With the exception of well known authors who belong to a different era, this is 100% of the shit that is getting published.

>> No.19006180
File: 7 KB, 250x228, concernedpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys how long does an era usually last?
Like 10 years, 20?

>> No.19006187
File: 36 KB, 488x675, E7lmAAtVoAEZ_lw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19006199

This one will be the last. There will be no humanity after this, only SSRI addicted robots with no identity

>> No.19006251

you mean, only with identity

>> No.19006315

is the writer a women by any chance?

>> No.19006333

two dykes
see >>19003505

>> No.19006374

fucking Camo
post the continuation

>> No.19006464

>Cori McCarthy

>> No.19006478

>Tomboy Pynchon
>Davetta Foster Wallace
>Wilma Gaddis
>Miles "Tails" Prowling
>Stephanie Queen

>> No.19006542

A potential future classic.

>> No.19006561

>wear burgas
>stone gays
That is common sense, and it worked until we started believing in the equality and natural rights meme.

>> No.19006562

Queer? Homosexual, bisexual? Stop making up words you angloshits.

>> No.19006608
File: 46 KB, 480x480, 1631108255917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me ONE reason NOT to write YA on Wattpad. Sounds like a fun endeavor

>> No.19006671

Just how humanity is I'm afraid. Easy answers never really exist. We tend too much towards extremism.

>> No.19007075

presciently based

>> No.19007090

This is unironically great writing

>> No.19007112

> Don't SAT at me
> anti-intellectual humor just because another character said "prurient"
How much crack did you smoke today

>> No.19007121

It’s honestly probably not

>> No.19007225

Queer as a word has existed for longer than it was used to describe sexuality.

>> No.19007300

Don't worry, they are suffering internally.

>> No.19007426

>you mean, only with identity
when your identity is that you are panracial pansexual pannational pangender and your religion is to Consume Product™ you have functionally no identity

>> No.19007441


>> No.19007454

you should do whatever you want

>> No.19007976

we live in a society

>> No.19008008

The publishing house I got rejected from said something retarded like "have u tried winning some awards b4 publishing? that might help also pay us $600 to edit ur query letter. :^)"

i might mail a pipe bomb to their headquarters

>> No.19008014

You’re full of shit. Why is it?

>> No.19008027


>> No.19008053
File: 1.71 MB, 850x1095, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like Kill Six Billion Demons but without the good qualities

>> No.19008124
File: 208 KB, 489x274, Pynchonian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19008314

Once And Future King, T.H. White

>> No.19008463

>«We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
And the machine is bleeding to death».

>> No.19008650

I had to look this up for myself and actually see if it is real and not some dude meme.
>it's real
It's real.
How did we get here?
6 months ago I would have told you to get lost if you hoisted this shit upon me, now I'm starting to believe they do actually just pump out crap if it is subverting old legends and stories while uplifting the LGBT globalist movement. Everything has to be gay and tranny now. Why?
Why did they do this to us?

>> No.19009009
File: 205 KB, 837x1080, 1628195549351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gee if only there was some place I could go that might have some answers about today's politically incorrect ideas and topics.

>> No.19009046

>Why did they do this to us?
Because you most love the Big Brother. I know that it's trite to say things are like 1984 but the 2+2=5 bit is exactly what this shit is all about.
The man with a wig is a woman, you have to say he's a woman and you have to believe it. If you don't believe it fully you are the enemy. It's a way to completely break people and filter out people who cannot or do not want to be broken. Those people are sent to reeducation camp (therapist) for being "insane" and they are given a lobotomy (SSRIs) so they can become functioning members of society. Or they are simply pushed to suicide. This is what they are doing. They want to break your spirit.

>> No.19009868


>> No.19009897

Any book written by more than one person is always shit

>> No.19009914

Is there a reason for the world to be so rotten? is it the Kali Yuga? (((Them)))? Cultural decay? Capitalism? Leftism? Technology? All of them? It's maddening

>> No.19009956

I thought this is a progressive utopia?!

>> No.19010034

I think it's all of them together. Mainly, people are stupid and they are ruled by primitive feelings, and technology made them inordinately powerful but at the same time dependent and weak.
This is the scariest part about the world, that it's ruled by moronic masses who now have the means to do things they could not do before, as well as the illusion that they are educated and know better than anyone else when they're actually a bunch of mongrels who don't even know what they're working for and what they're contributing to, and most of all don't care because they have no natural point of reference so they keep following what other people do even if nobody knows what he's really doing beyond going through abstract motions to generate money.
Nobody really asks himself how it is actually possible that $5 earbuds produced in China and brought over here on a boat are worth working on, how it is possible that you can get technological shit assembled and built and shipped for this little and still earn a profit outside of "manufacturing costs less in China". Nobody knows the very basic mechanics of how this world operates, while a peasant 1000 years ago knew exactly what life was about: you work on the land and crops come out that you eat. You build a fence so the critters stay out. And every other aspect of life was just as simple. Now everything is mindbogglingly complicated. Why the fuck do I have to drive to get somewhere 1km away? "Why don't you want to drive?" because I don't fucking want to, I wanna walk. I don't care if it takes longer. Then the same people who think it's weird to take longer to get somewhere on foot are the same people who waste hours watching garbage on TV every day.

>> No.19010135
File: 1.18 MB, 835x773, de5b3a141644e4c3d00e6acf90592f78f074f55e5748badd4f2a885476fad67a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19010169

Holy shit, that CGI.

>> No.19010174
File: 80 KB, 255x255, 1448213232776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

write your own goddamn book then. fame and fortune are not indicators of quality. and even published writers have to keep writing or starve - it's not like these people can retire off this book.

>> No.19010236

>write your own goddamn book then
Why would anyone publish a book today honestly? You get absolutely nothing. The public is a bunch of emotionless alligators who just want you to throw a piece of raw meat at them and then forget that you ever existed. Being acknowledged by other writers is nothing you can hope for since everyone around you will only evaluate if you can help them climb one rung higher on their ladder. Money of course is not a goal. Fame and prestige aren't worth shit and also unattainable unless you're a queer oppressiongender whatever. Why bother? Does any of you know how fucking depressing and damaging to one's self-esteem it is to throw things you worked on in the silent abyss that is the internet, all while this trash actually gets bought?
I still can't find an answer to this. Making a thing, OK, but putting it out there, I don't get it. Are people masochistic, deluded? I don't know.

>> No.19010262

The fact that she's fat is pretty weird but tame compared to the kind of stuff being put out these days. at least she's not a transgender woman with the power to control penises

>> No.19010277

It's old. I've first seen that shit years ago.

>> No.19010312

As a transracial bigender wapap (wet ass pussy attracted person). I refuse to let you ruin this bigender representation Hamplanet is an important character for the community and you can check your writer privilege at the door you have no right to take this away from us!

>> No.19010329

one joke

>> No.19010379
File: 607 KB, 463x648, rl slime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't get it. Millennials grew up celebrating carrion and contagion so how did we end up here?

>> No.19010420

Cool & based. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.19010421

>plug the first two lines into NovelAI
>it decides that Lamarack is two people in one body, and both of them are gay
>but that's ok because they're both 'good-looking manly men who can fight like demons'
Imagine being such an awful writer algorithms come up with better character concepts

>> No.19010447

I would read a book where this same dialogue happens, but the Merlin character comes in and goes “what’s up my niggers” and no matter how hard he tries he can’t stop being racist. Really racist. Beyond lampoon into another realm unknown

>> No.19010460

Because there are still plenty of people, like /lit/ when it does well, that appreciate good writing. Get off Twitter

>> No.19010507

>Because there are still plenty of people, like /lit/ when it does well, that appreciate good writing
What are you talking about, people here constantly act immensely hostile to writers living or dead and constantly shit on their writing. The only writers ever mentioned here in a positive light are the absolute giants of literature and they still get a good 50% of posts saying they're shit.

>> No.19010769

That sounds like one my siblings D&D characters.

>> No.19010822

You don't get it

The money they get on the good and popular stuff will be put into publishing this trash. Eventually they hope that 1 in 100 will be bearable enough to warrant serialisation and become moneyprinting for another 100 pieces of shit

>> No.19010842

You guys thinks it's a good idea to intersperse Twitch emotes throughout your prose?

>> No.19010857

Western hegemony has a good 60 years left but there's no end to late modernity in sight.

>> No.19010910

easier to say pogchamp than 'x was excited about it'

>> No.19010919
File: 150 KB, 715x557, waldunchads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Channel Gardner, Waldun, and Bryan

>> No.19010925

Why are marxshits like this?

>> No.19010935

sounds to me like you are just a shit writer. Since you've already given up, why are you even on this board? Go hang out on facebook with your wagie friends omegalul

>> No.19010944


>> No.19010974

>waaaaah no one bought my poltroon whining self-published 1st novel IM BEING GENOCIDED AHHHHH

>> No.19010990

Can we go one meta level deeper?

>> No.19010995

Gardner is unironically better than this

>> No.19011002
File: 152 KB, 891x421, 5E6667F3-0B0C-405A-BCC0-8FAC8074E636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile in the actual Once and Future King...

>> No.19011020

Are we allowed to use the N-word here? wow, mods!

>> No.19011030

>noooo you can't just respond to a failed poltroon whiner using Twitch emotes in a thread about faggot YA books! SAVE ME JANNYMAN

>> No.19011093

Jewish-Masonic indoctrination and funding.

>> No.19011142

fuck off nigger

>> No.19011211
File: 111 KB, 474x749, dio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arthur is also a girl named Ari
>Authors Amy... and Cori...
Amy + Cori = Ari

>> No.19011251

I like to think it's intentionally bad like the author just realized he could sell a massive shitpost. Probably not though.

>> No.19011268
File: 58 KB, 1024x714, 1627180108087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xir, you are a true scholar. That little artistic flourish was surely left for future academics of the coming (non-binary) ages to ponder over; surely not our myopic early 21st-century minds.

>> No.19012440

holy... I want more

>> No.19012578
File: 15 KB, 1964x106, 1600804826127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19012600

-You will never be a woman. Replied Merlin calmly.

>> No.19012629
File: 43 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reading modern fiction
>reading fiction in the first place

>> No.19012635

forgot about this meme

>> No.19012996

I genuinely don’t believe you anon.

>> No.19013008

despite this, if you want to write a novel you should. if you have an idea you need to get out you owe it to yourself and the book itself to write it, regardless of what environment that book comes out in

>> No.19013937

Yes but why publish it?

>> No.19014099

Lmao this niggas GAY!

>> No.19014122



>> No.19014137

reddit reddit reddit nigger nigger nigger
reddit nigger nigger reddit nigger

>> No.19014160

Do it and post updates

>> No.19014452

>TFW you will never have a lifetime writing partner

>> No.19014766

My wife is in her early 20s and has despised YA since she was a preteen.

>> No.19014776

to put it out into the world. if you don't you're a coward

>> No.19014806

My wife isn't real

>> No.19014859

What the actual nigger fuck?

>> No.19015064
File: 313 KB, 1440x532, litwife.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my wife is 7 and reading the Greems

>> No.19015900

Fucking lmao, this shit makes “will grayson, will grayson” look like a literary classic in comparison, and that is no trivial feat. I’ve seen undertheinfluence commercials with more convincing dialogue.

>> No.19015918

Hmm, interesting argument. Although, of course, it is irrelevant to the point of the post.

>> No.19015986

Why do we have the same "UHH WHY DOES YA SUCK SO MUCH BROS????" thread every single week?
It's because it's aimed at young adults, who have notoriously poor taste, and who have very specific (from an adult perspective, irrelevant/annoying) problems.
In the same vein, someone who likes sci-fi might be more forgiving of bad writing when reading sci-fi books, since they'd be interested in the whole science fiction part.

>> No.19016011
File: 69 KB, 450x405, 1591705381633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

underrated post

>> No.19016173

>unite humankind and lead it against the forces of evil in the universe
Is Arthur the tranny equivalent of the Emprah?

>> No.19017329
File: 1.89 MB, 1500x1500, 16641541619198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Fisher Emperor (sequel):
>Ari lives as an increasingly radicalized mujahid on the shithole planet
>Ari builds a large following through unquestionable ideological adherence
>Twist: Merlin's cure had only worked on those brainwashed by normalizing deviancy (i.e. he's a homo)
>Ari renormalizes sexual debauchery
>Decides to get revenge on stepdad

>Many decades have passed
>An older/mature Lancelot is still haunted by his past deviancy (i.e. fucking lipstick moms/advocating an abortion)
>He married the one he made abort Merlin, but it wasn't a real solution (patchwork sincerity)
>Lancelot is still a Chad at heart; he has been living a lie
>Mercer/Knights Templar is fading; mimicking Lancelot's own deterioration

>Ari has grown/enlisted an army of radicalized troons and uses them in suicide attacks against Mercer(Templar)
>Mercer, in a state of decay, cannot regain its foothold and suffers from the constant attacks
>While patrolling for mujahidin on a distant planet, a group of Mercer knights meet Perceval
>Perceval has been living off the grid harmoniously within a white ethnostate community
>He seeks adventure but has been staying within the community to take care of his ailing mother
>Hearing of the debauchery of Ari and its growing strength...Percival cannot refuse the call
>The knights take him and core members from his community to meet Lancelot

>A plan is hatched within Mercer
>Perceval and others will seek out the false idols Ari uses to retain the ideological adherence of his followers
>They will demystify their power and weaken the resolve of Ari's troon squads

>Though many fall, all but one idol is attained
>The final idol is a mystery
>Ari, sensing his opportunities fading, makes a direct assault on Mercer
>Twist: Lancelot's "wife" is an ideological feminist
>She has been weakening Mercer from within and has remained faithful to Ari, feeding him information
>Ari confronts his mother and forces her into a Niqab
>She withers into a silent heap
>Perceival realizes Niqabs are the final idol
>He blasts exhaust vents that decloth Ari's army
>The men are overcome and start immediately gangraping the "genetically" female members of their force
>The "mother," now naked, goes mad trying to reconcile feminism with the value of the Niquab and defrenistrates herself
>Percevial destroys Ari

>Lancelot marrys Percevial's mother, making him heir to Mercer
>Lancelot blesses his stepson but soon dies
>The moral resilence of Perceval's white ethnostate reinvigorates the Mercer
>It soon begins to flouish and grow

>On a distant star an unimaginably old woman stands holding a bundle
>Twist: The woman is Gwenievre
>A man with a giant head approaches her
>She thanks "Yakub;" and unfolds the bundle
>It contains a jet-black baby
>Through Jewish science Yakub has created a fully Negrified child
>Cloning is to commence
>"Soon they will be unleashed..."

>> No.19017521
File: 10 KB, 261x193, bfnfnfhhgkht.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19017558

Anyone knows if the "no cap" thing came from "No Kappa"?

>> No.19017650

Note: Any line refering to Ari as "he/him" is merely respecting HIS prefered pronouns. This totally wasn't an oversight because I zoned out reading the description of a faggy YA novel and then forgot the character's gender the next day while writing fanfic during a shit. Hence HE being empowered by use of the niqab

>> No.19017680

based burgers, kings of 21st ce /lit/

>> No.19017708


>> No.19017805

>Why would anyone publish a book today honestly?
to propagate your ideas well past your death

>> No.19017816

>publish book
>lost in the flood of pentabytes of data uploaded everyday

>> No.19017836

low iq post just kys then faggot

>> No.19017848

cope nigger, your book will be a speck of sand within a desert of YA

>> No.19017859

and that's a good thing i don't want plebs like yourself reading my work

>> No.19018104

That's wicked cringe.

>> No.19018533


>> No.19019661

I'd read it.

>> No.19019683

yeah you're right, obviously you didn't do anything wrong and it just happened to go overboard coincidentally the very moment that you lost interest

>> No.19019697

have no fear

>> No.19019700


>> No.19019739

>i don't want plebs like yourself reading my work
the point is that nobody at all will read shit unless it's specifically made for plebs and you run it through a corporate style advertising campaign

>> No.19019742

lewis carrol never stopped spinning in his grave

>> No.19019749

I was young and naive. Now I see >>19005989 and I think women's rights were a mistake.

>> No.19019751


>> No.19019782

>to put it out into the world.
see anon here >>19017816
>if you don't you're a coward
why a coward? doing extremely pointless things isn't brave.

>> No.19019846

Hey, I remember you! You're that guy that shills unis and the dying trad publishing market. How's everything going, man? Gotten published yet?

>> No.19019867

Overdid it here.

>> No.19019942

No, Ginsberg.

>> No.19020012

>it was done for a long time, so obviously it's good
Now post yourself as the chad so I know you're fifteen

>> No.19020051

I did it on RR and got >70 000 reads. It's honestly fun, and if you post consistently you will get actual fans.

>> No.19020056

No, you - are - an idiot who thinks hypothetical(!) fringe cases are any basis for a norm. You should consign yourself to being a useful idiot since that's the most you'll ever be. Though, since you have no way of qualifying use, I'd appreciate it if you at least settled for a quiet one.

>> No.19020063

Cool. Don't suppose you care to share, but what genre is it?

>> No.19020080

WTF is RR?

>> No.19020084

Royalroad, a popular web fiction site.

>> No.19020123

Knowing won't make you happy.
While doing my research (the point of the exercise was to see how achievable it was to get a profitable Patreon going) I found out that litRPG was a thing, and a fairly popular one at that. After pirating a few examples of the genre, I realized that I could fucking do it; if these people were getting money, then so could I writing the same drivel.
So that's what I did. Turns out it's not that easy to write in a genre you don't like. My story ended up being litRPG in name only, and the people who stuck around were those who enjoyed my prose and story. It ended mostly because I needed a break (2000 words of plot per day with no planning was doing my head in), but also because I didn't like what I was writing and had come to the conclusion that using a genre I don't personally enjoy is not worth the trouble in the long run. But who knows, maybe otherwise I'd never have gotten readers?

>> No.19020139

Thanks. Anyone writing horrific shit on there or is it PC?

>> No.19020140

Doesn't make me unhappy, it's not like that's unexpected for the site. Probably did help draw people in to be honest.
>Turns out it's not that easy to write in a genre you don't like. My story ended up being litRPG in name only
is a pretty funny twist though
Are you still writing, but something you'd like, without the production line model?

>> No.19020190

It's absolutely something I will get back to. Genre and marketing and even money crap aside, it's genuinely heartening to find fans, even if it's always the same 10 to 15 dudes commenting on every chapter.
If you do this, I suggest you write the book/story in totality before you begin publishing. That allows for a rapid publishing schedule, which in turn gives you visibility. I think the magic formula when I was doing it was something like one chapter per day for 10 days, then whatever you're comfortable with until you hit trending, then again once a day while you're trending to boost your numbers.

>> No.19020209

he said as evola is more popular now than when was alive write something worth reading faggpt

>> No.19020359

>3D wives
Normalfags will never learn.

>> No.19020655
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Published. Hardcover.

>> No.19020662


>> No.19021282

would read

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