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what books can i read to cope with the fact that every other 4chan board aside from /lit/ and /sci/ are complete shit for people under one standard deviation to the left of the bell curve? even /g/ is fucking horrible, in theory that board should have at least some neurons firing but it's just shit

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The coddling of the american mind
simulacra and simulation

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/mlp/ has a lot of very high-IQ nutcases tortured by their inability to relate to anything in a normal way, as well as an equal number of infantile fuck-ups it's a very interesting character study, although it seems to be running out of steam now

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Call of the Crocodile

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How long have you been lurking there?
You have just been lurking, right anon?

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based dunning kruger retard

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ten years no I'm not fucking joking my life is otherwise completely normal, nobody I know IRL would ever imagine that I even spend more than a few minutes a day online it's the ultimate transgressive pleasure for me, better than drugs or sex with prostitutes

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It's time you graduated to /jp/ and admired cute girls in cute hats all day.

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>you been lurking there?
>You have just been lurking, right anon?
sometimes m is pretty nice because its so damn slow that retards waste away from lack of (you)s. So much so that they really dont get newfag immigration fucking it up that much so its pretty cozy.

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how titillating..

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The programming side of /g/ is pretty good but anything involving brand wars is crap. I like /sci/ and /lit/ most too but it's not because of a love for the board topics, I just relate to people there the most

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>dunning kruger

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the ultimate test of dunning kruger is misusing dunning kruger in a sentence. congratulations, you failed

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You faggots just don't know how good /biz/ is yet.

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biz is flooded with bots and spammers now. it used to be an A tier board it's on par with sp now

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>go to biz
>see picrel

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actually i do, i just can't go there anymore because of the cryptoshilling. maybe in a year or two

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Is "what books can i read" the /lit/ equivalent of the "historically speaking" of /his/ to talk about unrelated topics?

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/sci/, /lit/, /biz/, and /x/ are the only high IQ boards (you could actually learn something in these places and discourse can be good sometimes);
/wsg/ and /tv/ and are the only funny ones;
/int/ is faggy but chill and /adv/ is nice;
/his/ and /fa/ are cringe; and
/mu/ sucks
> /mu/ sucks
/mu/ sucks
> /mu/ sucks
/mu/ sucks
> /mu/ sucks
/mu/ sucks
> /mu/ sucks
/mu/ sucks
> /mu/ sucks
Fuck, I love music but /mu/ sucks. I keep on trying to give it another chance but it's fucking hell over there.

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/mu/ pre-2015 was good. For some reason the board became unironic fans of mainstream rap and pop and a lot of the better posters from old /mu/ jumped ship

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The front page of /biz/ is the single funniest webpage on the entire world wide web

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/k/, /o/, /gd/, and /po/ are also pretty based (/ck/ too sometimes).

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/ck/ webm threads are some of my favorite threads on the whole website

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>we will never have pre-/pol/ /lit/ again


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Yeah, a bunch of K-Pop fags as well. I hate these retards don't give a shit about music. Even rapfags who like Kanye have this pseud thing going on, the yellow fevered fags aren't event trying to hide there preteen tier fetish.

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It got overrun by kids coming from facebook pages. Fuck Fantano.

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have you ever been to the /fimfic/ general anon?

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>/mu/ sucks
God, yeah. 2013-2015 was when I used the board the most and those were such great times. Post-2016 it's been hell there. Still, like an abused spouse, I cannot bring myself to leave.

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DIY is honestly the best board.

slow, no memes. Biggest thread is usually the QTDDTOT thread. Most people actually self-sufficient. Great board, most anons will never graduate to it. It's the actual daddy board.

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>high IQ board

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You think a board mainly made up of religious nutjobs who can't back their statements with solid proof is not a shitty bord for people under the standard deviation to the left of the bell curve? You might be one of those morons you're describing. /sci/ is the only board with intelligent reasonable people. This also applies to real life. The most intelligent of us are usually the ones working in the technical and natural science feilds.

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>still trying to use 4chan in earnest
>arguing over which of the boards that are all used by the same braindead userbase too stupid for other platforms is better
t. telegram and IRC fag
literally no-one uses imageboards anymore except facebook tier norms who heard they were cool and subversive 10 years ago
I'm sincerely embarrassed for everyone itt

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stemfaggots like yourself are massive spergs irl with no idea how to handle themselves, the complete opposite of intelligence

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Call of the Crocodile

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Reality has shown me that STEMfags are nothing more than NPCs who blindly follow whatever the state and media tells them. Shouldn't you be arguing with "antivaxxers" on Reddit or something?

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Except that's not the truth. A lot of people in my engineering feild at uni are actually self confident attractive chads believe or not. The real weirdos and the ones studying humanitarian subjects. Also why do you think STEM graduates are usually the ones getting great positions offered on a silver plate as soon as they finish school? Because their knowledge is fucking useful compared to people with knowledge in subjects like arts or theology who get stuck in uni for the rest of their lives because that's the only place where they are somewhat useful

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>Value is determined by utility and money
>t. mindless drone

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100 percent hearsay
ur bad at trolling, final reply

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spotted the /biz/ newfag, nobody from pre 2017 actually thinks this. It’s the most intellectually dishonest board because everything posted is a psyop. Posters have ulterior motives so that everything posted is an attempt to get someone to buy or sell a useless shitcoin, it’s quite literally a sea of pajeets, liars and bots. yes you can still make money if you know what you’re doing but it is NOT a good board, in fact I’d go as far as saying it is probably one of the worst.

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Lately /sci/ had been more like /x/ lite

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Except I'm not trolling. I'm just stating solid facts and you know it regardless how much you try to deny it

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You've only stated how much of an p-zombie you are.

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/sci/ is reddit tier

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>/mlp/ has a lot of very high-IQ nutcases
This sort of "intelligence" is literally meaningless. Knowledge without wisdom is nothing. If you can't communicate your thoughts properly, they may as well not exist

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Mate. I am actually a historian. In comparison lit is semi literate and knows at least New Criticism. his is Nazi larping

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No one has ever claimed /his/ is good

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>High IQ

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hey look another hylics stumbled over to /lit/ to whine about those who feel any divine spark whatsoever

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/x/ is fucking retarded. Every single one of their takes is absolute garbage, and every time there's a good post it's drowned in shit. It's all new agers, starbucks nondualists and basement occultists. Probably one of the dumbest boards on this website actually, alongside /adv/ and /r9k/.

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Been here since the beginning. 4chan was never a place for le deep discussion. It's a fucking image board for anime and memes

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poptimism won or, to put it another way, gen Z virtually accepts the music industry (unconditionally) where millennial subcultures facilitated at least some ironic distancing, and gen X prior could foster full blown cynical rejection. subcultures on top of that have been co-opted by industries and their social capital hollowed out by the internet: there is much less incentive to identify oneself in any particular subculture, as a matter of circumstance, when each are made readily accessible and/or prepackaged (and thereby expendable). access to everything removes the mystique attached to music when people only had a limited access to it before streaming services. people no longer have to pick and choose in a way that gravitates towards what they identify with, instead picking from the limited range of options that the culture industry generally (and something like spotify algorithms specifically) is offering them. of course that has always been the case and is the entire point of popular music, but this is hyperamplified by the internet where algorithms are able to dictate what is consumed more efficiently than any average advertiser decades prior could in the entirety of their career

there are arguments for the dumbing down of tastes but how music is consumed today and the effects of the internet on that are more compelling to me in how the representation of tastes have changed in the average zoomer

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how fucking new are you lmao

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It was pretty bad before then, but it had its uses. The heyday of share threads were fucking great, you could get so much shit from so many different genres. But the majority of threads were still pretty dogshit. I started going less and less around 2012 or 2013 when almost every single game thread was about Animal Collective, Kanye West, and Death Grips.

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This board is also shit for anything other than recommendations and shitposting. In the end I predict the best of us will look back on our time spent shitposting on 4chan in the coming decades and view it as less than worthless.

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i always wonder about the vacuity of people like you. i effortpost and sometimes have that reciprocated by people on varying levels of good faith. this establishes a discourse that is fundamentally no different than any type of discussion one could have irl, much less ""prestigious"" on forums. so is all discussion worthless? is it that the board is empty of meaningful content or is it you that is empty of content? i don't care to relativize shitposting as qualitatively similar to effortposting here

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>is a pepe poster
>complains about boards being shit
You're a reason.

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> bell curve
You should be comfortably using those boards, though.

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Go to the seneca thread to read a bit about how wrong you are about life

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the whole site has pretty much died under the burden of smartphone normalfags, election tourists, and redditors. finding a good post now is like a needle in a haystack. the really sad part is that as bad as the site is now, there's no where else to go.

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> he thinks /lit/ is good
If it weren't for all the misogynists, homophobes, transphobes and white supremacists, maybe this place might be worthwhile

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great post
it is longer than 10 words though so most "people" here won't read it

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that used to be a strategy for keeping people like you out but unfortunately you now consider it a moral crusade to force yourself where you aren't wanted and whine about the latest -ism.
i don't even care if you're doing it ironically, it's still garbage.

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So which one are you, a misogynist, a homophobe, a transphobe or a white supremacist?

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you don't even seem like a human being to me

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All four of em

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You're scared of straight white men too?
Does your mother know?

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>Does your mother know?
Of course! We joke about it often because we aren't a dysfunctional am*rican family where political opinions sever blood ties.

>> No.19047309

I'm not American. Do your co-workers know? Also, where are you from, if I can ask? (don't feel pressured to tell me, I'm just curious)

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/biz/ is hit or miss, there's a couple anons on there i track because they always post the same custom images. I started this year with 5 figures and now im sitting in 7 figures by buying every project they post about.

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/bant/ used to be good

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I work for one of the family's businesses, but everyone here outside of the capital city is racist anyway.

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>still no one has mentioned /diy/
the megaminds who actually apply their knowledge rather than jerking off all day

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isn't he right, though? what can a philosophy major contribute to society other than being a philosophy teacher? i want to believe you're right but it does not seem that way

>> No.19047577

>contribute to society
Why do you think this is the highest good? Why do you think it matters at all?

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You can learn things from /x/ and even /his/ only if you properly search the archive. P.S. /out/ and /diy/ should've been mentioned before /adv/ aka r9k-MK2.

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>dunning kruger

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and thank god for that, i can't imagine dealing with more than 2 obnoxious tripfags acting like their shitty opinions matter

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>thinks /lit/ isn't a homosexual board

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>The most intelligent of us are usually the ones working in the technical and natural science feilds.

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So, this place has been killed several times over.
Where do all the cool guys congregate now? Surely not discord servers?

>> No.19047847

All the cool guys got discouraged by how shitty things got, and they stopped using social media altogether

>> No.19047870

Well then, is there no option but to seek closely-knit cliques? Surely there is somewhere I can talk with people of triple-digit IQ without having to invest in a friendship.

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Read Guenon(pbuh). Modern science is fake and gay

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hmm, i don't know actually. i guess the desire to benefit humanity or "society" is caused by a distorted instinct that is supposed to drive me to help my tribe of hunter-gatherers or something like that. tribes with beneficent members were selected for, i guess.
another reason is that, generally speaking, the more i offer to society, the more i get in return. so the impulse also has a component of self-interest to it

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It's something to think about. It's a valuation that is pushed by the larger society, but it is not the default nor is it universal. It's a philosophical position to place the highest value on these things over others.

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Aint much better in here, kid.

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>/x/ is high IQ
They are by far the dumbest people on the site. Like they are downright stupid in a way I have never seen on any other board

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it's really hard for me to come to a conclusion about this. i wish someone would just tell me the answer lol. what should a person do? the stoics think you should align yourself with the logos, which sounds cool i guess. i guess i just have to read a bunch of books to find the answer? or come up with it on my own? lol. fuck

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Like what?

>> No.19048044

You have the soul of a conniving little snitch

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You have got to be joking

>> No.19048066

exactly IBs are dead

>> No.19048073

You sound exactly like every anon on /sci/ though

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go to reddit don't expect "discourse" here

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based and 2hu pilled

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should've applied for janny

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/cm/ then

Also /lit/ is just as dumb as the rest of this site, probably worse because of the Dunning-Kruger effect in play

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/mu/ used to be my main board like ten years ago but now it has fallen to what one would expect of a 4channel.org board about music. /lit/ is going the same way to be honest. i think 4chan was overall better back when /b/ was the main attraction. the people this place attracts now are usually hopeless ideologues or shills.

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>i wish someone would just tell me the answer
If only there were such a man

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There's nothing better than imageboards. I refuse to communicate anywhere that requires me to register a distinct identity.

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i'm unironically on the verge of accepting christ. i think it's inevitable, just a matter of time. i dunno how to do it yet tho

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I felt like people on /mu/ used to be pretty interested in delving deeper into music, you saw a lot of stuff like icebergs all the time pointing to some really weird stuff that people went on to actually listen to, like Eskimo Radio or that Asian artist who did throat-singing tunes with an accordion, and some of them turned out genuinely good. It was great because you had a large contingent of people that knew a lot about some specific genre, like some loved classical, others shoegaze, then emo rock, math rock, indie rock, and then onto weirder stuff like noise or onkyo-kei or traditional music from places you've never been. I loved it because of this feeling that music was like a bottomless pit of interesting stuff people had done, and /mu/ was great because it facilitated people discovering all this. But after rap took over the mainstream in 2015-2016 that feeling disappeared from the place. So many people only cared about industry-supported music that opportunities to talk about obscure stuff became fewer and fewer. I kept digging further and further into music, and when I came back it was hard to relate to most people there, so I stopped visiting.

This place has changed too but not really in a bad way. More non-fiction and less fiction. The level of discussion is pretty low, but people are talking about the right things, so that's pretty nice.

>but now it has fallen to what one would expect of a 4channel.org board about music
That's a good way to put it. Every board's unique culture becomes slowly more generic

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I have been on 4chan since 05.
I have finally spent more of my life with 4chan than without.
You can never leave.

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This place is a jail...

>> No.19050284

>2 smart for 4chan
>can only go on le smart boards
ask me how I know your IQ isn’t higher than100

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