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I know this threads been done 1000 times before but I’m 150 pages in. When does it start making sense?

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>When does it start making sense?
Oh son. Oh my poor poor son.

D&G are speaking Bantistani, and you appear to be a seppo. I'd suggest you learn Bantistani by entering into a language immersion sexual relationship with an Australian, a working class pom, and a scotsman. The Australian can speak Marx. The Pom can speak Freud. And the Scotsman can speak structuralism.

Maybe then you can understand what bantsmen D&G are, after you've been fucked three ways to sunday by people who use "cunt" as a universal noun/verb.

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you need to smoke a lot of weed and listen to Coil, Autechre, Bach, and Coltrane to get it.

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My hearing has gotten bad and I've spent the last 5 years smoking weed. I don't even get stimulated by it or reading anymore. Am I fucked?

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nah. Ask some questions about what concepts and words are confusing to you in anti-oedipus though.

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listening to coil as i read this

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this post shouldn't be ignored. There is a fundamental level of trolling and tomfoolery they're doing with this book (that they scale back and get more serious about in ATP), it's important for its interpretation.

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You could read Plato, Spinoza, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, Freud, Bergson, Bataille, and Artaud, or you could do exactly what this poster says. It's probably safer to go with the latter.

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You're not transgender enough to understand it.

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Don't moind me matey, I'll just be here lubing up my fish-fucking sanger for his dunny cunt. C'nyouse find us the scots bugger and the pommie cunt?

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Figure I'll blast the soundtrack to Highlander and see who shows up first.

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You mom has a nice house

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When you start reading the secondary literature.

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It’s not my mom it’s an airbnb I’m tarping roofs in New Orleans

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I listen to Aphex Twin isn’t that good enough?

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For Bach, it's got to be Glenn Gould. And don't forget J Dilla.

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I like the weirdo prose style because it keeps it interesting and usually I feel like they scale it back and sum up the chapter pretty well in the final paragraphs. But like I’ll be thinking I’m understanding something but then they’ll just say something that completely breaks down what a thought I was understanding. I assume this is intentional. But why? Is it because it gets their post structuralist dicks hard when something that ordered and built, like understanding the book, gets smashed?

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Also I was wondering, do you think they had a coherent understanding of what they were writing about or was it more just like a constant free form jazz improv around a certain idea of Oedipalizations.

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literally the most straightforward and easy to read and understand book to come out of French Theory

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You need to start from the beginning, of the first few pages don't make sense to you, you need to read better or fill in background.
I have a lot with Marx and Lacan those probably help the most.
Baudrillard, early Levinas, Althusser, and Foucault are all substantially easier to understand page to page.
Go back, reread, and see if the new idea makes more sense than the old one. It is also very plausible to me given their themes of interest, in rhizomes plurality and multiplicity that they intentionally cultivate interpretational indecision. This is also a principal objective of Derrida's commentary.

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