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I am interested in Napoleon.
What is the best biography?

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not the usual recs. i would advise that you learn french and read the 40,000 or so letters he wrote as emperor

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based language learner

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I’ve been interested in him as well lately. Intending to watch Gance’s Napoleon.

Interesting recommendation. Is there any collection of his letters that is accessible?

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The Napoleon Foundation has all of them published on their website. You can also buy various translated, smaller collections on amazon

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Napoleon: A Life (or Napoleon the Great in some markets) was a fantastic, well-researched biography. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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the Iron duke of wellington

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Georges Lefebvre

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Bonaparte by Patrice Gueniffey

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Read Stendhal's novels since he was actually in the grande armee.

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I didn't know that he was actually an Italian immigrant lol only "Frenchman" worth a shit and he's actually Italian.

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why are you so obsessed with the annales school

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gonna add this to my kindle
is she? i used to be really into marc bloch as a teenager, probably how i became a communist

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Nice falseflag, Mario

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>implying Corsica is Italy

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yeah she always recommends braudel, le goff, i think i saw duby once
>marc bloch
i just got his feudal society. i'm really eager to read it, i want to become a medivalist autist... but how did you become a commie because of him?

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i got into him because i was a medievalist autist too
i think it was just his focus on broader social stuff and v modern, materialist method, in retrospect. i didn't really make the ideological jump until i became an atheist and got around to reading berkman and marx, though

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Napoleon's 80 Days is a fun, short book about his coup. The author hates him however and makes snide remarks every 20 pages or so

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so you didn't identify yourself with any of the medieval values? my main interest in medieval epoch is due to provençalism, proto-romantic poetry, gai saber, dante, italian poetry etc etc and plus i'm a christian

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Andrew Roberts is the only biography that includes Napoleon's letters - so that one.

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i didn't see any "medieval values" to personally identify with. i just thought it was all p neat "aesthetics" wise i guess.

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also Provençal is a cool language

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>>19070061 (You)
also Provençal is a cool dialect

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Im reading Roberts book now. I think you'll enjoy it, OP.

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Dont listen to anything butterfly recommends. She doesn't even read the books she posts

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How about the Bourrienne memoirs?

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Frank McLynn's

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