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i left the internet around 2018 to stop being a neet and become a normie and now i’m back and wtf went wrong bros?
>sam hyde just talks like a bitter boomer now
>red scare is worse than ever but also bigger and has a cult fan base
>tao lin released his worst book yet
>instagram is full of screenshots of 4chan culture
>shitposting is now called schizoposting
>some absolute fag name JREG is constantly in my suggestions

am i the only who thinks internet culture is at an all time low? like who the fuck is cool anymore.

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I can't work out where all the cool people went

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Leave the internet permanently. This shit isn't healthy for any of us.

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They got all excited, bought special outfits and got salon treatments for a photo shoot probably arranged and executed by a friend. Cute.

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In essence, the internet-sphere of the mid-10's "hit the wall" of youthful exuberance and are now in the "reconciling with time and society" phase of their lives. To some, they deny it and carry on a perpetual adolescence, to others a collapse into nihilism and bitterness as their hopes are slowly betrayed by time. And some, i assume, have healthily adapted. But none of these can be considered cool. That baton has been reluctantly passed to zoomers who fumbled it and are in the process of dropping it completely.
The frontier has moved past the internet, which now shares the fate of all ex-frontier towns: to trade daring for dullness in comfort and security.

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Algorithm driven election tourists disrupt critical thinking, neopuritanism arrives from the future. You're vlogging about Wikipedia articles and transitioning into Winona Ryder, even though you look more like the hybrid in the fourth Alien movie. You're still being paid fiat through direct deposit even though there's an NFT with your name on it and the boomer you work for is planning for immortality instead of retirement. You'll be his slave for eternity. Thank you for reading my schizopost.

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>... internet culture...

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>i left the internet around 2018
Wasn't a great time to start lmao, with Covid coming around the corner.

>am i the only who thinks internet culture is at an all time low?
Internet culture does feel like it's at a low - in personal experience, the divide between meeting someone online, and meeting someone IRL, is simply too great. I haven't really had an online interaction that has felt as "real" as an IRL interaction. But if a person's online presence can break the basic "mold" of a semi-active presence scattered throughout most popular social media sites, then I think there's a ton of opportunity for internet culture to improve.

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>now i’m back

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trips conform

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Very cool

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