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Frankenstein or Dracula: which novel did you like better?

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Frankenstein it's by far better than Dracula. It's better written and tells a more compelling story. Don't get me wrong I love Bram Stock horror tales but they're not in the same level as a good well written and well thought out horror novel as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Too much filler in the middle of Dracula but I did enjoy the beginning and ending
I particularly like to re-read the beginning around Halloween every year.

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frankenstein because it's a critique of science, while dracula is just crude anti-eastern european propaganda

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Dracula goes to shit after the first half and the last chapter genuinely reads like a cheap action movie script. Frankenstein is overall great.

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Dracula has some very beautiful passages, and is really enjoyable to read for most of its length. But the epistolary style makes the action scenes and some of the suspense not really work IMO.
I didn't get the same kind of atmosphere from Frankenstein, but it works more consistently as a horror story throughout, and I like its existential thrust.
They're both good book, but I'd recommend Frankenstein first to a modern audience.

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As the rest of the posters have said, I like Dracula but Frankenstein is obviously better

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same as otheranons here
dracula is great, frankenstein is better
in particular the dialog between the doctor and his creation is one of the most memorable things i have ever read

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