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>Cú Chulainn
>Not "ku_ku-lane"
>Actually "kuh-hullin"
>Fionn mac Cumhaill
>Not "feon_mak_kum-hail"
>Actually "fin_mak-kool"
>Not "may-deb"
>Actually "meev"
Irelandbros, are you OK?

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Meadhbh is the only one you got close to right in the "correct" version. H is an accent in Irish, to make words easier to say and cases prettier.

>> No.19197865

This is what happens when drunk men make a language.

>> No.19197871

This is what happens when the drunk man's a smith

>> No.19197876

Based. The reviving of the Irish language last century is one of the most triumphant cultural feats of humanity.

>> No.19197912

They utterly failed to revive the Irish language, have you even been here.

>> No.19197928

At least there are Gaelscoils. I'm hopeful it will pick up in thr next couple generations.

>> No.19197940

You guys need to make tv shows, films or vidya in Irish. The way a language can grow is through cultural artifacts.

>> No.19197952

We should have done like Israel and made Irish the only legal language. Imagine how fast everyone would learn what An Roinn Coimirce Sóisialaí is. It would have been easier to get an informed official standard at that point too instead of just anglicisations like that.

>> No.19197967

TG4 is the Irish language channel and it has the best programming of the state channels. Their Twitter is run by an intern who's known internationally as an absolute madman. The problem is that a generation was told it was useless.

>> No.19197987

I have yeah. I recall it being on every public sign and being spoken on the radio. Not sure how many average Irish people speak it but it seems to at least be alive.

>> No.19198008

OP here.
Shitpost aside, I think Irish mythology is breddy kuul. Do you guys have any Irish-language shows or movies adapting your myths?

>> No.19198013

Are you retarded? It’s mayvuh

>> No.19198043

>check out their twitter again
>it's still in Irish as often as possible, translation for commercial interests and in retweets only
>>Are you flirting with me? <3 still in bio
>list of words and emojis to translate The Shining for those who only speak emoji
>happy birthday pj harvey
>happy birthday sigourney weaver
>starts debate on how to gaelicise Winona Ryder so the intern can give her a <3 emoji
>endless gifs
>writes small poems to dead musicians
I hope he interns forever. Last time I checked he was pointing out Dolly Parton was actually singing about wrens in Jolene for St Stephen's Day I think.

>> No.19198055

Cu - literally asshole in Portuguese

>> No.19198070

We have lots of modern ones too. There's a programme called Béaloideas Beo (living oral tradition) which tracks traditions and their origins and interpretation. Go TG4's website player. They have English subtitles and I think worldwide access.

>> No.19198071

>akshuly it's pronounced..
The Irish truly are the negros of Europe. Spell your words and names how you want them pronounced.

>> No.19198076

>Spell your words and names how you want them pronounced.
Ironic coming from an Angloid.

>> No.19198078

>English annoyed we can hear things they can't

>> No.19198178

>absolute madman
The whole channel is a study in "if you say it in Irish nobody gives a fuck about broadcasting restrictions". Normally they get first broadcast of major shows from the US in Europe because they told them it would only go out in Irish, which is the softest opening in existence.

>> No.19198187

Very cool, thanks :)

>> No.19198206

Irelandbros, are you okay with a nonwhite burger moving to your country because he admires your history and literature and thinks highly of you as a people or is that cringe (obviously I wouldn’t say any of this this blatantly to actual Irish people)

>> No.19198223

That's not descriptive enough.

>> No.19198228

Better than most burgers already.

>> No.19198230

Absolutely not. I just do not understand this mindset. I can understand admiring another culture but to move there and be a complete and obvious outsider? Why? Why would you do this to yourself? But mostly why would you do this to Ireland? Just move back to wherever you are actually from. Fuck man what you are saying (and I can tell how you are) is 100% cringe.

>> No.19198236

Did the Russian guy pip you to the post for language officer in Kerry or something?

>> No.19198245

Did the trip to Japan not go well, anon?

>> No.19198265

I would go to school to study with some scholars I like there and it would be nice to be in an English-speaking country not full of angloids or burgers

>> No.19198288

No to both. I just can't see why someone would boorishly, unself-consciously insert themselves into an alien environment especially for such a superficial reason as "I admire the culture". What does your life consist of if you have such little connection to your land and people that you can just pack up and move there in some autistic weeb-like fantasy. Especially a western European country which if you really admired you would understand are already basically critically endangered culturally. Nonwhites just really need to fuck off from Europe and the civilized world. They ruin everything they touch. If you like it so much, make what you appreciate happen in Africa or South Asia instead of debasing something good.

>> No.19198306

Anon, I think you have autism. You know full well if he shows any skill at hurling or football, the local GAA will slap an Irish name on him and claim him a citizenship. It is our culture. Unless you're a shoneen.

>> No.19198315

No man. We don't want you. I don't give a fuck if you want to come here and then insulate yourself with low-T intellectuals who will tolerate your presence. It doesn't matter if you are doing research or whatever studies you delude yourself into thinking you contribute to. You would be diluting the very culture you admire by being there. Learn to love your own people, anon. May I ask what you are ethnically?

>> No.19198320

Cry more, hippie. I'm a highly-skilled worker, I offer more value to Ireland than you ever could in your entire life.

>> No.19198323

So you're okay with white Americans moving in? Even though they literally ruin every country they're in?

>> No.19198325

>They ruin everything they touch. If you like it so much, make what you appreciate happen in Africa or South Asia instead of debasing something good.
Do we really want a full Fijian blooded hurling team? Those Cork lads are demons even with half Fermanagh blood to handicap them.

>> No.19198326

Gay Bulge

>> No.19198332

what the fuck is everyone talking about ITT?

>> No.19198334

Pronounce Philip phonetically you dickhead

>> No.19198335

This kind of jolly, altruistic myopia is what leads to the situation in America and large cities in Western Europe where you can barely relax while being outside surrounded by people who don't look or behave like you or your ancestors.

>> No.19198336

>full Fijian blooded hurling team
It'd be a bloodbath. He's right though, we'll never get to see it if we don't start a GAA club in Fiji.

>> No.19198343

So you are a shoneen? Maybe move to England if you want the world to look like when your family was doing well.

>> No.19198347

negroes ruin everything, especially looks and genes. everyone else is alright and not that big a threat.

>> No.19198351

I heard from some Brazilian lads that there's a fair few GAA clubs in South America.

>> No.19198356

Adding some shekels to the economy doesnt mean shit nigger. There's (especially now) such little actual value attached to your bugman 'productivity'. Your spreadsheets and microbrews are cultural cancer. You just showed your full hand with that post. Confirmed subhuman soulless mystery meat. You don't actually care about Ireland or it's culture at all. You have a childish superficial view of it that you want to collect like a Funko pop. Youre perfect for the NWO, anon. Perfect little worker. Enjoy your consumption.

>> No.19198362

So how long have you wished you were English, anon?

>> No.19198369

>t. welfare queen NEET who is a burden on the very country he's so possessive of

>> No.19198370

Quiet, kike. The porn is the next tab over.

>> No.19198371

That’s a different poster you spastic

>> No.19198377

>racism outside of /b/

>> No.19198380

I'll be immigrating to Ireland in a few years just to piss you off :P

>> No.19198385

>Shekels shekels that's all that matters! Productivity! I'm so productive even though I'm literally spending twenty minutes a day answering emails and filling out spreadsheets while the rest of the time I collect govt subsidized (low tax rate for my international pirate company) wages and then spread cultural cancer to my host nation.

>> No.19198393

>young anons, raised by internet, all posts are US English buzzwords, pretending to represent Ireland
>old anons, raised by GAA, trying to invade Fiji, actually representative of most of Ireland
Just don't talk to anyone with an American twang learnt from TV >>19198320 and you'll avoid most of the autism

>> No.19198403

Enjoy Galway bro. Enjoy Dublin. Enjoy those microbrews.

>> No.19198404

Ireland for the Irish! Kill the niggers! Kill the Anglos!

>> No.19198407

Didn't all you lot die off when you went to help Franco?

>> No.19198419

The IRA and Black Panthers coordinated their uniforms during the civil rights era in the US, anon. You want to be on the opposite side of the fence to those lads when shit kicks off?

>> No.19198422

Hit a nerve there, eh, queenie?

>> No.19198423

He just said he respected your culture in a short post that he even said sounded cringe and he posts here, so it’s not as if he would be diluting anything. Why would one random respectful anon be the harbinger of diversity globohomo? Nobody should ever move anywhere?

Come to Iceland if you want nonwhite burger anons, I’ll be happy to have you. I don’t care if you just read a few sagas and like Björk.

>> No.19198430

You'll fit right in. I've no doubt many people go out of their way to do things that piss that anon off in real life too here.

>> No.19198432

Lol Franco won bro. So will Catholic Ireland for Irish. Niggers will not be allowed entry.

>> No.19198437

Just kidding, Ireland is too globohomo for my taste. I hate looking at niggers and you people have lots of them. And they're the most giga nigger 150% Australopithecus tier ones who mix with the Irish. Just a big no-no. Other nations have Arabs, those I can deal with but ngugus? Pass.

>> No.19198438

Hear, hear. I was thinking about moving somewhere across the sea anyway, and if my picking of Ireland pisses even one cunt off, you bet your balaklava I'm gonna fucking do it. I'm moving to Ireland, and NO ONE can stop me.

>> No.19198441

Bunch of commie faggots without balls.

>> No.19198453

Based thread. Hope the anon who deleted his posts is already on his way to Ireland.

>> No.19198455

>confirmed shoneen

>> No.19198463

>some pure septic feen wants to speak for all of Ireland
People's Republic of Cork here, the true capital of Ireland, possibly the World, we'll have you over anytime you like, Mr American. Please note we call everyone "boy".

>> No.19198476

>You want to be on the opposite side of the fence to those lads when shit kicks off?

>> No.19198478

Yeah Franco won but the blue shirts didn't? Jesus, how deep does this martyr complex go for you?
>Catholic Ireland
You're a larper and probably a retarded teenager from the UK or US. Please come to Ireland and express your views in full, so they can be dealt with appropriately.

>> No.19198483

The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

>> No.19198487

kek, imagine being this English

>> No.19198495

>they can be dealt with appropriately.
aka sucking globohomo cock, worshipping niggers and spouting gaythiest dogma. that's how the modern micks deal with stuff.

>> No.19198498

The north is right there, boss. You can go any time.

>> No.19198505

Did one of us already beat some brain damage into you?

>> No.19198511

>the guy trying to get the American to not go to Ireland is actually English
This thread is hilarious.

>> No.19198512

So let's summarise your clown-show so far:
- You're not Irish, and you don't want anyone to move to Ireland.
- You're not Irish, but you pretend you're Irish, and you worship anglos.
- You're not Irish, but you speak for all of Ireland.
- You're not Irish, and you also don't have a job.
What else have I missed? Aside from you being completely pathetic of course, but that's self-evident.

>> No.19198520

You missed he wanted to go die for Franco.

>> No.19198521

You know it's true, boy. Modern micks are emasculated specimens without any manly ideology. Your daughter will marry a non-Irish man and you will smile.

>> No.19198526

>ði Ajrish truli aa ði negroez ev Juurop. Spel je woodz end nejmz hau ju wont ðem prenaunsd.

>> No.19198528

There is more than one person ITT.

>> No.19198531

Are you holding out hope Irish women might marry you?

>> No.19198536

This anglo has been completely mind-broken. What a sad yet completely unpitiable creature.

>> No.19198539

There's quite clearly only one anon who has autism though.

>> No.19198548

>being giga cucks their entire existence as a nation that a foreigner marrying their daughter is just another droplet of water in the sea of cuckoldry

>> No.19198555

I'm not a nigger, so I don't think they'll be interested, Seamus.

>> No.19198556

Mate you really think Sanjiv or Chang coming over to do a thesis on Heaney are more of an enemy than the Anglos?

>> No.19198557

I'm sure he could be triggered more.
Did you know we have the biggest mosque in Europe?

>> No.19198559

>You're not Irish, and you don't want anyone to move to Ireland.
>You're not Irish, but you pretend you're Irish, and you worship anglos.
Yes. Yes. No.
>You're not Irish, but you speak for all of Ireland.
I'm an 1/8th Irish.
>You're not Irish, and you also don't have a job.
I'm not pathetic, I'm getting an advanced degree and am Catholic. I also love and appreciate Irish culture. But unlike the nigger, I would not be contributing to a "paving the way" for nonwhite degenerates to invade Ireland by moving there contributing further to demographic replacement. I would just blend in and be a lad. Within one generation my children would be fully Irish whereas that anon would be debasing the country just by being there.

>> No.19198561

Is that Seamus the First or Seamus the Seventh?

>> No.19198564

>mindbroken anglo haunted by the ghosts of foreign cocks fucking anglo she-goblins
Yup. Many such cases, unfortunately.

>> No.19198568

>1/8th Irish.
They disowned you. I talked to their sister at the shop. Everyone knows.

>> No.19198569

No, I don't care about those. But N'Gugu immigrating to Ireland to be a wageslave and spread his filthy genes among the Irish populace is exactly what the Anglo wants.

>> No.19198577

1000%. Modern Anglos are your fucking cousins if not brothers, you retarded paddy (I honestly see why they colonized your dumb asses). English and Irish culture are so much closer. Why would you consider an Englishman moving there a threat in 2021? YOu would unironically rather have nonwhites? What is wrong with you? Probably some Sinn Fein AIDS brain.

>> No.19198578

Seamus the Cuckold, to be precise.

>> No.19198581

That’s what the original fucking post was saying you absolute autist

>> No.19198582

They want another Thin Lizzy? I think everyone wants that so I don't think that counts as anything positive for the English. I commend them for not slipping below the baseline on something. It's a highly occasional thing.

>> No.19198586


>> No.19198589

>not getting the joke
Well, Scotland's also cleared of responsibility for you, alongside Ireland. Must be an Anglo country like the US or England.

>> No.19198597

>more embarrassing Irish cope
For fuck's sake, lads. Wake up!

>> No.19198598

We have established that he is indeed an anglo, or anglo-hapa with massive issues he's projecting onto a country he doesn't even belong to.

>> No.19198600

>I’m not pathetic

>> No.19198605

Taken too soon. Go mbeadh a anam ar Dheis Dé

>> No.19198606

>Must be an Anglo country like the US or England.
Or Ireland.

>> No.19198610

You're not my lad, you fucking geebag.

>> No.19198615

No, unless he's being kept inside and only fed foreign media by his parents. >>19198598 is right, but you could be right about him being locked in his room and fed foreign culture if he is indeed a anglo-hapa.

>> No.19198618

Quiet, Seamus. You're embarrassing your ancestors. You really think Uncle Billy wanted to see your daughter's cunt destroyed by some Kenyan? I highly doubt it.

>> No.19198629

So this is the power of the Irish? Being petty cucks? Not impressed.

>> No.19198631

Look at this yoke with no meas on him and tell me he ever got raised in Ireland or by an Irish mother.

>> No.19198635

Ireland for the Irish! Kill the niggers! Kill the Anglos!

>> No.19198637

People who get to leave their rooms are not called "cucks"', anon-bo. That word means a different thing. I know, it's hard to understand when you can't talk to anyone in person.

>> No.19198641

Summarising further:
- Can only communicate in 4chanisms.
- Mixed Anglo with some deep-seated Eliot Rodger-type of shame and resentment.
- Terminally online.
- Is going to look up what "GAA" is after he finishes reading this sentence.

>> No.19198645

>t. Anglo
Stop being mad the blacks are better people. And try improving yourself by being less English.

>> No.19198648

Irish demographics:
Irish 82.2%, Irish travellers 0.7%, other Europeans 9.5%, Asian 2.1%, black 1.4%, other 1.5%, unspecified 2.6%.

>black 1.4%
One drop rule. You're all eggplants. Now go pick some cotton, boy.

>> No.19198656

He tried to use boy as a form of address once the Cork lad told him about it and forgot that there's only one Mick in Cork. We should teach him pavee, for his own protection of course.

>> No.19198659

Classic example of the Irish cuck mentality. This is why you will be replaced and that's a good thing.

>> No.19198660

God, even your insults are dryshite. You could have at least been a funny clown.

>> No.19198663

>...he doesn't even know to say flax instead of cotton
I'm offended on behalf of the linen weaver's guild tbph.

>> No.19198671

lmao embarrassing amounts of cope. See ya later, you petty cucks.

>> No.19198673

He hasn't been out of his room for the past 6 years, why would he know what flax is?

>> No.19198678

>that's a good thing.
So, the nonwhite American should come? Good news lads, we can get the American here with Anglo anon's blessing so long as we take him down Copper Face Jacks.

>> No.19198681

The Irish are not worth saving.

>> No.19198682

Uh yeah he seems to prove your point >>19198671 Jesus he must be a worry to his parents.

>> No.19198687

Attend clown college while you're at it, get some material to work with.

>> No.19198696

t. will be happily replaced in the following decades.

>> No.19198700

I'm sure nobody's threatening your staying in your room on the internet job, don't worry.

>> No.19198702

You're still here? What happened to "See ya later"? I thought you had somewhere to be? Don't tell me you're still online, in your room, after you said you were going to leave?

>> No.19198712

>you don't go out of your room haha
>he says, while Ngugu rapes his daugther
Decided to stick around to remind you of your future.

>> No.19198717

>Decided to stick around to remind you of your future.
You mean after the realisation that you have no life outside of posting on 4chan had dawned on you, right?

>> No.19198727

>remind you of your future.
Leanbh, I already told you that 1/8 relative disowned you. I talked to their sister down the shops. You're not even part Irish any more. They don't want you back. They won't be buying any card from Trócaire for you this November. They want it known you're not theirs. They put it in the parish newsletter. The sister showed me it in the shop. It's over.

>> No.19198739

>your room HAHAHAHA you are in your room using the internet
Is this an insult in Ireland? Interesting
The Irish mutt is another guy.

>> No.19198743

>be me
>think this is a bit excessive
>Jesus lad we don't even do that to rapists here
>The only time they'd do that is if they married an Engli-
>realise that's what probably happened
>write greentext instead

>> No.19198754

>you are in your room using the internet
>Is this an insult in Ireland? Interesting
We are reaching Chris Chan levels of autism here. The lad might actually have a defect.

>> No.19198762

I'm not your lad, you niggerloving geebag.

>> No.19198764

You did well, mo chara.
>The Irish mutt is another guy.
It's actualy over. You can't even own up to your langered slob anymore.

>> No.19198765

>attempted jackeen
Try heroin

>> No.19198773

Maximum clownship achieved.

>> No.19198779

I'd rather try your mum. She's a heroine for deciding to give birth to a retard like you.

>> No.19198780

It's the dialect your autistic ass was trying to affect

>> No.19198782

She's a saint, actually.

>> No.19198785

>plagiarising some other post to sound irish
What is your malfunction? Besides being angl-...never mind.

>> No.19198792

Unfortunately as we've seen here today, there is no such thing as being Irish. They're all globohomo fuck-muppets.

>> No.19198793

You know, you hear a lot about how the English fucked over the Irish in the famine times and every thing, but what kind of psychological damage to you guys in Ireland do to the English that they pretend to be you and freak out like a /pol/tard during an election? Is there something I'm missing?

>> No.19198805

We were better at writing English literature than them. Evidently, it took a toll.

>> No.19198808

>It's got to be the English!!

>> No.19198812

At least we're not Anglos.

>> No.19198815

Patron saint of the retarded, the cuckolds, and the bound-to-be-replaced.

>> No.19198818

Yeah, probably this >>19198805 The anglo has been completely beaten at his own game, with his own rules, and now he tries to claim us as his brothers, it's fucking embarrassing.

>> No.19198821

You're also not better than the Anglos. You are exactly the same.

>> No.19198822

I'm American. The UK pays us rent to speak our language and tag along when we do manly American shit for freedom. I just want to know how the Irish broke them this completely.

>> No.19198827

Patron saint of cuckolds is Saint Faustino. You should pray to him, he does singles too.

>> No.19198828

Not related but in my Mexican city it is popularly believed that the rural area population is descended from the irish. Irishbros come again.

>> No.19198840

>Patron saint of cuckolds is Saint Faustino.
Ireland's new patron saint in the upcoming decades.

>> No.19198842

I'm a nonwhite yet i won't come because i respect your lands...It's getting hot in my country but..still you lot will have to be hard.

>> No.19198845

Lots of the earls fled that way so it's plausible. You might be in line for a title which has been defunct for the past 400 years like the rest of us. You should come over here too, see if you have cousins.

>> No.19198849

He'll have a fair bit of a trouble trying to fight through the protesters to light his own fire on Tara, but fair play to him if he does. Maybe he needs to warm up before seeking intercession on your case.

>> No.19198850

In an absolute world...

>> No.19198854

>he doesn't know

>> No.19198858

Can I get a QRD of what is going on ITT?

>> No.19198859

We all know Mexico and Ireland are sister nations too. You lads have given us some good writers, helped us fight off the Americans and we consider an Irishman as a precursor of our independence.

>> No.19198860

the reincarnation of eliot rodger passed by

>> No.19198863


>> No.19198865

Duck you sucker is a good kino concerning Mexican-Irish revolutions.

>> No.19198870

>he doesn't know

>> No.19198882

There's an anon who is English, and pretending to be from Ireland and /pol/.
Irish anons are performing linguistic analysis to determine he is not Irish and cannot speak in their local dialect, and inviting everyone non white to come over to piss off the English anon and share banter. I presume the Irish will also be sharing alcohol.

>> No.19198908

Ireland for the Irish! Kill the niggers! Kill the Anglos!

>> No.19198921

>pavee, for his own protection of course.
>Lesson 1:
>"I claim ya now boss no wraps"

>> No.19198929

Ireland here. Please avoid this English guy who thinks he's Irish, especially if you're not Anglo too. Feel free to come to Ireland for safety or a laugh.

>> No.19198936

Certainly for a laugh. Cucks are funny to watch and mock.

>> No.19198944

I'm not sure we leave the mentally deficient in without a guardian to be honest, lad. You'll have to get your mum to check.

>> No.19198963

I mean, all the mentally ill trannies in Ireland are roaming the streets without any guardians, so that's false.

>> No.19198965

But they're not Anglo

>> No.19198970

You would know, nigel. How's Abdul's cum taste? He's as English as you are.

>> No.19198972

Twink isn't actually a tranny she just sounds like that

>> No.19198974

it won't, ireland is filled with foreigners and globalists

>> No.19198976

>Since July 2015, transgender people in Ireland can self-declare their gender for the purpose of updating passports, driving licences, obtaining new birth certificates, and getting married. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity have been legal in the state since 1993.
Correct, they're Irish trannies.

>> No.19198979

They're the main market for gaelscoils.

>> No.19198995

>How's Abdul's cum taste?
You would love to know, wouldn't you, Seamus? Perhaps looking for your new exotic boyfriend after being bored by N'Gugu.

>> No.19199001

Making a list here:

Things Ireland likes
>Their state TV channel
>American PoC
>Going outside
Things Ireland doesn't like

>> No.19199008

Things Ireland doesn't like
>their own people
>their culture

>> No.19199010

Add poetry and singing to the likes column

>> No.19199017

You left out the weather and themselves but we're none of us perfect

>> No.19199031

Irishman here. My girlfriend is black (Ethiopian). AMA.

>> No.19199032

none of those retards can speak it, nobody wants them here. we had some nigger immigrant at my hospital commute from scotland to dublin for the week who could only do the work of an intern. we sent him back to scotland, which unfortunately doesn't mean anything

>> No.19199035

>Anglo hoping self hate will kill us not make us stronger
It won't work, we're all Catholics, down to the last atheist.

>> No.19199042

>does not know what a gaelscoil is
You can look it up in a dictionary or google it. It will explain how it teaches the language.

>> No.19199044

why don't you just get rid of the niggers?

>> No.19199051

Because he's not in Ireland

>> No.19199060

Did you see the match?

>> No.19199062

you were too stupid to understand my post, I addressed your point, clearly you are some african leech

>> No.19199076

>there are currently 70,000 niggers roaming free in Ireland
>Irish cucks are okay with this

>> No.19199077

Anons can check the quote chain and see you failed to understand who the main market for gaelscoils are and what a gaelscoil does. They can use Google too. It's almost like you can fact check your idiocy, and spot the Anglo in the thread by who is trigger by blacks.

>> No.19199080

Anglos are the biggest negrophiles on the planet. Try again.

>> No.19199087

kek, are you having a stroke?

>> No.19199089

>none of those retards can speak it
this implies that the schools are worthless (because the niggers are too stupid to learn), so there's no point in hoping that africans could uphold irish culture

>> No.19199091

What do you mean?

>> No.19199095

Except they get the highest grades because answering in Irish is an automatic points boost.

>> No.19199096

Thank you Irishanon, I'll check it out.

>> No.19199098

Not my fault no one pronounces knight correctly.

>> No.19199104

If the English thought they were being loving in their relationships with black people, they have a unique definition of love.

>> No.19199115

Anglo autist probably thinks the LC only happens in Hong Kong or something. They have an easier exam called A levels.

>> No.19199116

Did you watch the Euro 2020? Anglos love their negroes even when they fail in the most embarrassing of ways.

>> No.19199117

JB: Tá se ag caitheamh hata buachaill bo bam. Ta lolly ina bheal. Ta se ag gaire.
Tá seaicéad óir air le paistí air.
Tá a chuid brístí gearra, t-léine, luiteoga, agus bróga reatha bán agus dearg.
Bróga reatha ina lámh freisin. Ta fainne ar a mhear.
Tá sé ag fágáil a charr.

KJ: Tá gruaig dhonn uirthi agus tá súile donn aici. Tá sí ag miongháire.
Tá léine bán uirthi. Ta ionga bana aici.
Tá bowtie dubh á caitheamh aici. Tá sciorta glas uirthi. Tá bróga dubha uirthi le lásaí bána. Tá sí ar an gcairpéad dearg.

BC: Tá gruaig dhubh air. Tá spéaclaí gréine á gcaitheamh aige.
Tá culaith dubhghorm air le carbhat gorm. Tá bróga gúna dubh air.
Tá léine gúna bán air. Tá uaireadóir dubh aige ar a rosta chlé.

RN: Tá sé ag freastal ar liathróid leadóige. Tá raicéad leadóige ina lámh chlé.
Tá sé ag caitheamh t-leine, banda ceann, agus banda allais. Ta said go leir gorm.
Tá brístí gearra airgid air, stocaí bána, agus bróga leadóige bán.
Tá sé ag stánadh ar an liathróid leadóige.

TS: Tá gruaig fhionn agus súile gorma uirthi. Tá si ag caitheamh bealdath dearg. Tá cluaise dubha uirthi. Tá léine fhada dhubh uirthi.
Tá muince diamong óir uirthi. Tá sparán bándearg aici ar a gualainn dheis.
Tá si ag caitheamh sciorta le bláthanna dubh agus bán. Ta ionga dearga aici.
Tá buataisí dubha uirthi.

here is an example of what is "taught" in irish classes

>> No.19199125

Yes I do remember 3rd class.

>> No.19199136

Oh shit yeah, I forgot you only have to pass like three subjects in the UK

>> No.19199312

>That time the Americans wanted something bardic for the presidential visit
>Hey Ronnie Reagan, I'm black and I'm pagan, I'm gay, and I'm left, and I'm free, I'm an unfundamentalist environmentalist, don't bother me!

>> No.19199426

You guys aren’t even being funny while fighting.
This thread is Cringe!

>> No.19199437

Thanks for the bump

>> No.19199442

County Mayo reporting in.

>> No.19199470

>this thread
Pole here, is this how Irish-English interactions normally go?

>> No.19199490

Why so many deleted posts

>> No.19199560

I think the English guy spamming the thread is autistic. Like more autistic than normal for English people. Most are just ignorant because they don't care, and probably wouldn't say nigger every second sentence.

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