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Gun on a Stick Edition

For Prose:
>The Art of Fiction
>Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
>On Becoming A Novelist
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
>How Fiction Works
>The Rhetoric of Fiction
>Steering the Craft
>On Writing, Borges
>Links: https://pastebin.com/i4RLYJEx

For Poetry:
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry
>This Craft of Verse, Borges

Related Material:
>What Editors Do
>A Student's Introduction to English Grammar
>Garner's Modern English Usage

Suggested books on storytelling:
>The Weekend Novelist
>Aristotle's Poetics
>Hero With a Thousand Faces
>Romance the Beat

Traditional publishing
> Formatting manuscript
> Write a query
> Track your query

Other Resources
>General grammar/syntax/editing help
> When/where/how should I write?
> What software should I write with?
> Amazon Publishing to make that KDP monie
> Be like Dickens and write serially
> Basic overview of the Screenplay format

Last one, lads-

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Sunday morning writing, let's go bros

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i walk downtown. took me almost 3 hours to get out of bed. its a 40 minute walk. its a sunny saturday, lots of people outside, yet the only native voices i hear on the entire way is a drug addicted couple sitting in their yard yelling at their dog. its not hard to imagine how this place and the people inhabiting it will look in 20 years. the change is becoming ever more noticable. people pretend to not see it. when you say something you will be labeled a nazi. the problem with importing the third world is you not only import its people but its problems. none of the bad effect are acknowledged, its all business as usual. the natives jerking each other off over their willingness to share everything, are the first one that absolutely loose their shit when the city has to pave over the last green spots in order to provide housing and schools for the so called refugees. its madness. the green party has been ruling over this city for decades. the agendas and their outcomes seem to get more and more schizofrenic.
i arrive at my favourite starbucks to read my diary. but first i have to battle an older chinese woman for the last good seats. there are 4 empty arm chairs left, in the process of adjsuting one of them she jumps between me and the chair and grabs it. i say i need this one, she says 4 peepooh 4 peepooh, i look around, dont see her party anywhere and rip the fucking chair from her hands. they end up sitting not far from where i placed my chair, thankfully my noice-cancelling in ears make it so that i dont have to endure the shrill sounds of their chinky goblygook voices for the next 50 minutes.
i have been trying to stay off the opiates for the last 5 days, this 6th day is not making it easy so far.

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Haven't re-read and edited it before posting. Now i can see some changes to be made.

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You misspelled "people".

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Had a dream I learned that God was the first person to reach out for God when he died, which I learned by reaching out for God and finding he was ready to retire and let someone else be God. It was weird; even my parents and family forgot I existed

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Has anyone written horror fiction? What are in your opinion the most common pitfalls?

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How exactly is this related to writing? This isn't write what's on your mind

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Failing to set up an interesting character outside of the supernatural or horror element. If you can't write the mundane world interestingly, when the character crosses over into the horrific world and the scenarios that follow, I won't care.

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Being too specific in describing frightening things, not using relative description.
>The monster was eight feet tall, with six eyes that were all red. His claws were six inches long. The claw on his pinky finger was broken.

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Well it's Sunday, the start of a new week to not bother writing, because nobody here writes! LOL, GOT YOU FAGGORS!!

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Somebody give me a prompt. I'm bored

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Damn is this about Vancouver?!

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>He starts his week on Sunday

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Plenty of examples of /lit/ people who write and have finished work.

Can't wait to read the book YOU finish and release, anon, you can do it!

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The premise of the copypasta[1] goes like this:

A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

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Wonder if my work is ever gonna be published

People still like military sci fi right

>> No.19203604

Has anyone ever hired a sensitivity reader to go over their work?

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If it's any indication there's a story on Royal Road backed Digital Marine that has a million views, almost 2k followers and some 1k favorites. I havent read it myself yet though

>> No.19203677

every time I let someone else make the thread the op image ends up being shit. why. at least make an effort

>> No.19203688

You should read this.

>> No.19203693

Its weird how there aren't a lot of slasher books in the vibe of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, etc.

>> No.19203694

Its germany

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Be the change you want to see

>> No.19203720

So whats the /wg/ consensus on this?

>> No.19203732

Why is everyone talking about Royal Road all the time, anyone here try to get published for real?

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I enjoyed this OP much more than the last one, it was too dramatic.

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AO3 right? Indifferent about the site. They technically don't allow original fictions on there but I sometimes toy with the idea of dumping my story on there.

We have a few people who post about their tradpub experiences (either rejection or otherwise) there's more than justbtradpub routes and those that selfpub as well. I mention Digital Marines since it has a somewhat large readership and this a pointer that there's still interest in the genre, and it's free as well which is what the platform offers.

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My first idea was tradpub, but if that didn't work id go Amazon

>> No.19203902

Print and bind your own books!

Don't feed the corporate evil and greed of Amazon!

>> No.19203904

Holy shit... sounds exactly like Vancouver
>we have all been globohomo'ed

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What do you guys feel about novels or the like having illustrations in them? I'm thinking on drawing a few pictures for a story of mine.

>> No.19203960

I'm not your 'little man' anymore, Mom. I read big boy books now. You know, the kind with words in them.

>> No.19203974

I'm gonna use it as a functional plot point in a short story.

>> No.19203987

Im planning on hiring someone to draw military maps for my novel

>> No.19203993

I think they can be fun eye candy. I think years back i saw some in either a Harry Potter book or YA, but I think they're rather rare outside of LNs given the costs that would go into them particularly if you pursued any commerical form of publication. I like to commission some myself for my story because cute anime girls are always a plus.

>> No.19204028

Use nounproject.com and you can make your own art:

>> No.19204046

>'key: Chilled
>/wg/: Opened
>Words written for the 'ject: 0
>Homework: Not done
Yepp, it's Saturday night time

>> No.19204059

But it’s Sunday anon..

>> No.19204072

Need some help? Just ask!

>> No.19204079

I could have sworn I wrote Sunday, wtf

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>No sooner had the man’s back hit the blue grass than the chewed up meat wad leaped out of his mouth to be lost somewhere inside a nearby bush.

Is this sentence grammatically correct? The 'blue grass' is just a fantasy element.

>> No.19204154

Can I get feedback?
>Story is set back before the Bolsheviks took over in Russia. It's a story about a monster that has befriended the people and has become their protector.

>> No.19204156

I have a digital photoshop artist who does my book covers for me. I'm thinking about switching to a traditional artist even if it costs a little bit more.
I like leapt over leaped. But it's correct.

>> No.19204157

I'd write it:

>No sooner had the man’s back hit the blue grass than the chewed up meat wad leaped out of his mouth- lost somewhere inside a nearby bush.

>> No.19204259

Yes, but boy is it one ugly, overloaded sentence. I'm not a less-is-more preacher but look just how many words could be erased from it without losing anything
>of his mouth
All these words are implied already, it's not like the wad of meat could be lost outside a faraway bush.
>the chewed up meat flung out of his mouth and was lost inside the bushes.

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I read Ritual in the Dark a month ago or so and he is mentioned a lot. I tried to find a download for that book but there was nothing available. Weird to see it posted here, it seemed very obscure to me at the time.

>> No.19204290

I love it. Check out Alasdair Gray. Or any of the novels Dore illustrated.

>> No.19204293

>two capitalization and punctuation mistakes in the first two sentences
Go back to reddít.

>> No.19204315

That's fair. I'm a very bloated writer pre-edits. Good to know, bloat aside, its correct enough.

>> No.19204367

>Trigger warnings enabled
>Comment guidelines: No criticism (constructive or otherwise)
>On March 25, 2020, we added a new rule stating that posts using the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 would be removed on sight to prevent fearmongering and the spread of misinformation. As of July 28, 2021, we have also banned the use of COVID-19 vaccines as the primary source of horror.
>Elements that are not acceptable to be the primary focus of horror include, but are not limited to:
>Abuse, whether domestic or against a child
>Mental or Physical illness/disability
>The victimization (stalking, murdering, etc) of others by the narrator/main character
>Torture porn (where the primary focus of horror is the narrator being tortured or witnessing someone else be tortured)
>Gorenography (where the primary focus of horror is excessive gore)
>Erotic horror (where the primary focus of horror happens during a sex act)
>We also do not allow stories where the primary focus is:
>A tragic personal experience - where the primary focus of the story is something tragic that OP witnessed or experienced (i.e. a car accident, the death of a loved one)
>Friendly paranormal entities - where the primary focus of the story is a ghost or creature that are helpful and/or endearing.
>Strange events/things - where the primary focus of the story is something strange or weird that the narrator/main character experiences or finds, that simply confuses the narrator/main character or makes them question what just happened rather than scaring them.
>Something shocking/infuriating - where the primary purpose of your story is to surprise the reader or make them angry

Why the ever loving fuck would someone willingly post there?

>> No.19204397

>Overall we ask that you just not bother. This is a proud gatekeeping community that is actively opposed to the creation of good short stories, and would prefer everyone simply cease existing.

>> No.19204406

What the fuck is even left to post about lmao reddit is such a shitshow. It's self-parody at this point, right? R-right?

>> No.19204497

Is the nosleep reddit associated with the No Sleep Podcast? Because I remember in an interview the creator of the podcast thought that the concept of trigger warnings was retarded for horror fiction, so this seems quite the disparity.

Also it's a shame because I love writing horror and that's one of the biggest horror story reddits around.

>> No.19204581

Alright boys, 2k words today in maybe 3-4 hours of active work.
Man, and i know there are no excuses, but to be honest having a full time job and a wife really doesn't leave a lot of time left for writing. And once you get into it, it's almost impossible to stop since you're so absorbed by it. And then she says it's time to eat and you're like "wait wtf, i need to finish this"... And it's all great to have someone cook for you while you're writing, but then getting back into it takes another 30 minutes.

All in all, it was a great day for writing, and i just re-realised why solitude is the key for actually producing anything.
Keep it up guys. WAGMI

>> No.19204600

Where can I subscribe to your blog?

>> No.19204624

oh fuck off, it's not like it wasn't writing related.

>> No.19204653

>published for real
I am not a black female genderqueer writing about the unique challenges of choosing my specific pronoun for the day. There is no place for me in trad publishing this century.

>> No.19204658

Fuck you faggot you can suck my cock in hell because you’re GAY.

>> No.19204659

One of the latest Geller Prize nominees lives in Nigeria and it is her first book

>> No.19204675

Geller Prize? From google I got this.
>The Giller Prize (sponsored as the Scotiabank Giller Prize), is a literary award given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published in English
>lives in Nigeria
I am not surprised in the slightest

>> No.19204678

translation: i suck ass and by pretending that it's impossible for me to get published i avoid the shame of rejection

>> No.19204681

Well then you’re a dumb fucking cunt for a genderqueer nigger because these days trad publishing caters to freaks.

>> No.19204691

Have a nice day, friend!

>> No.19204703

Based. I'm getting most of my writing done at work now. On a good morning at work I can get around 800 words done in 1.5 hours with pen and paper. I'm debating just taking my personal laptop into work with me now to get some things done in those dead early mornings where nobody is in the office and those that are are "checking emails".

What's it like trying to write while married? Was thinking of getting into the dating game again but in my past experience, you have to set strict times and boundaries for when you're working on writing.

>> No.19204705

Hey /lit/, thanks for helping me get my book out. I wrote this a few years ago and posted some scenes here for your critique. Some of you were into the project, so I decided to come back and share the finished product. Check it out and support it if you're interested in the story:


>> No.19204721

Good work!

Only issue is... we as authors should be moving away from ebooks and Amazon... ebooks devalue our work, and Amazon is a parasite that profits from our efforts to globohomo'ize the rest of our lives.

>> No.19204722

I’d never be friends with queers.
If anyone is sucking ass it you, faggot. I bet after you jizz in your boyfriend’s ass you stick a straw in there and slurp out all the cum and shit like the degenerate freak you are.

>> No.19204726

WTF do you want, then? Bind books by hand and only sell them at the local farmer’s market?

>> No.19204735

Well, I've been with more women than you have, so who are you calling a queer?

>> No.19204748

We have to build our alternatives to Amazon and the alternatives to ebooks.

Also, imagine how much more our social lives would be if we actually did go to places like farmer's markets to socialize and meet fellow artists and creators?

A much nicer environment than standing in line at Wal-Mart...

>> No.19204754

Raping your mom doesn’t count, Chrischan.

>> No.19204756


Taking for granted everything you've stated - what's your best alternative? I can earn more with KDP than any other publication route, and it's a good, intuitive platform that people trust. Not sure I'm convinced that there's anything wrong with ebook publishing either. What, is trad publishing, with its rampant industry gatekeeping and self-censorship, our solution against global homogeneity?

>> No.19204759

I think so. There's always darktales or libraryofshadows

Fraid not and it's only going to get worse. But still, if I get a chance at public narration, then i'll leave that shitshow for good

>> No.19204763

I went to a local writing convention. A lot of the panels were about writing genderqueer characters, continued Trump Derangement Syndrome, and other retarded/gay shit. A lot of people had their pronouns on their name tags. Turns out getting to meet my fellow creators is a waste of time

>> No.19204771

>I think so. There's always darktales or libraryofshadows

Thanks. I'll check those out. Been trying to post my series on Kindle Vella and trying to find a place to talk about them.

>> No.19204772

>ebooks devalue our work
no. I prefer reading hard copies but the ease of access and ability to carry an entire library around with you are huge pluses to the electronic format
>Amazon is a parasite that profits from our efforts to globohomo'ize the rest of our lives
You're not wrong, but it is no less pozzed than existing trad publishing outlets and it takes a smaller commission

>> No.19204774

First off: yes, take your laptop to work since, well i have done some writing there too but it's really hard with the kind of work i do (i have to talk to people).

About writing when married: it's all about who you're married to. My wife is very supportive and has given me the most "constructive" like that one time she said "this is just bad writing critique i've recieved so far, but that also means she's helping me out a lot. But i still do think i would write around 2-300 % more if i wasn't in a relationship. On the other hand, that's the fuel for writing, right - loneliness? Best of luck to ya, fren!

>> No.19204802


I try to get about a thousand words in while I'm at work. I just use my personal google account and write in Google Docs.

>> No.19204808

If you write during working hours doesn’t your employer technically own your work at that point?

>> No.19204810

>all the self published authors who come here to thank us for helping them get it done
If you're so grateful then why are you not throwing us an epub download for your book so we can see what we helped create? Why is the next step of your thanks standing there with open palms until $8 is dropped in?

>> No.19204866

Not him, but most of you people are pieces of shit and somebody who succeeds in completing something does so in spite of you pricks.

>> No.19204869

You helped? When was that again?

>> No.19204881

i have no idea but how the hell would they know?

>> No.19204884

Hell yes brother, and soon there will be more and more of us that complete our work!


I can't wait to see more /lit/ authors posting their work and feeling proud of completing it!
God bless writers like Gardner who have pioneered a place for us to gather and share our struggles and successes with each other.

>> No.19204892

Mostly good stuff.

>>people pretend to not see it. when you say something you will be labeled a nazi. the problem with importing the third world is you not only import its people but its problems. none of the bad effect are acknowledged

These exact terms are too common. You might consider rewriting this to express the same idea but more subtly.

"People pretend not to see it, believing that all it takes to change a lifetime spent in the way of life of one culture is moving 10,000 kilometers to a completely different one."

False empathy, caring so much for those lives from before their move without recognizing that once they leave, the habits might be all they have left.

>> No.19204921

Has any anon learned cursive writing in their 20s? Was it worth your time to do so?

>> No.19204934

I learned it as a child, it is great!

>> No.19204951

Should we just be letting dogshit pretend authors like Shitkickers retard ingratiate themselves into our community with fake comradery just long to accept a couple handouts? >>19204884 look at this embarrassing shit.
Let Shitkickers and L.A.Lynch (awful pseudonym btw) be examples of how not to pull the Gardner approach. Show some tact when you come here advertising your work. I know it's hard not to wring your hands and lick your lips at the idea of advertising to a potential 34 unique IPs but maybe it would be a better strategy show some humility in success and throw out a download for the book. Obviously no one is going to read it but it at least makes you look a little more aware of your surroundings than dropping a store link.

>> No.19204953

I work for a contractor for my country's government. They're very strict about how your time is logged; there's a badge pad at nearly every door in the facility. You have to use your badge to log into your computer too. It can be argued that there's no way to confirm or deny that you've been working since you can work through textbooks or other written or computerized material, assuming you have no immediate work to get done (which I always prioritize over writing at work). But I figured since there is a slow right now with a lot of people taking time off, instead of sitting at my desk with my thumb up my ass or reviewing textbooks for the hundredth time, I could spend it constructively on other things.

>> No.19204981

>Well it's Sunday, the start of a new week
Sunday is the end of the week.

>> No.19204992

Are you going to answer the question or just spam your anime waifus.

>> No.19204996

Yeah if I worked for some nazi overlord shit like that I wouldn't write at work.

>> No.19205010

Thank you. I also felt that stuff was too on the nose. I just shat the text out earlier today to have something to post in this thread. I said earlier that it was in need of re-writing. I appreciate your input, what you wrote is a much better.

>> No.19205015

What's wrong with supporting a fellow author with a $20 purchase where you get a signed book from the author?

I love you too, anon...

>> No.19205019

Seek help

>> No.19205022

Wince when do you people have a community? Half the posters to these threads just shit on how nobody actually writes and the other half actively discourage writing.

>> No.19205029

I miss the old /wg/. When we had anime in the OP and people actually wrote.

>> No.19205041

If I ever get to that point, I think I'd pay for an ad and just post in /sffg/ and /wg/ "published my first book, many thanks" and after a couple weeks see if anyone has talked about it. Instead of writing this week I was prepper shopping sprees under the cover of night. I am more scared of societal breakdown than I've ever been.

>> No.19205053

I don't think you can expect others to shill your work for you...

If you want other people to sell your book for you, you need to become traditionally published... but the entire publishing industry is extremely pozzed.

If you're on 4chan, chances are, you're already ostracized from normie society for thinking for yourself.

>> No.19205057

Do not write or research on company laptops, computers, or wifi.

>> No.19205066

shouldve been the plot of yiik

>> No.19205073

Literally kill yourself panhandler. Any author that doesn't post an epub of their book here on completion shouldn't be talking about their completed works.

You got your feefees hurt here and that makes it a good place to grift? I don't follow your logic.

That's a good approach but dropping an epub in the thread has almost no risk associated with it. No one here is going to chose to just read the epub if they were already going to support you financially unless it shows them your writing is shit.

If you spent as much time writing as you did making a fool of yourself here you might not be so blackpilled on publishing.

>> No.19205085

Have you been to writer's fest events?

The entire thing is blue hairs, gays, and old short haired women!
I was literally the ONLY bro in the entire place.
One event had like 10+ speakers come up on stage for 5 minutes and EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE DID A LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND DECRIED COLONIALISM!!! Hahaha... holy fuck it was like a parody!

>> No.19205095

Pull the stick out your ass.

>> No.19205124

And that means you can't get published because you are white and male?
There are thousands of published authors have written far worse than you content wise who have found plenty of success. Stop blackpilling yourself into thinking you need to run a printing press in your parents garage to have any hope. Create a story worth reading and go from there.

>> No.19205129

>real authors give their work away for free
>calling anybody else a panhandler

>> No.19205143

White, male, masculine, and non-vaccinated.

If you go to any writer's events, you will see what I'm talking about. You'll be the only bro in the entire place.

Goodreads banned me in 2013 after my views on modern dating and where things were headed triggered the shit out of all of the middle aged women who frequent that site.

If you think for a second that publishing isn't completely pozzed, I don't know how else to tell you that you're wrong. There are no avenues to publishing that don't involve some sort of need to put up a complete front.

Why would I even bother when I know I could be cancelled at any time? MeToo'ed for sleeping around in my 20's and 30's?
If you control the means of production and focus on selling 1 book a day, you can build the base that will last a lifetime. I'm just trying to sell 1 book a day to start.

>> No.19205150

Jason seek help.

>> No.19205151


>> No.19205160

Why would I seek help when I'm producing more than you?

Maybe you're projecting...

>> No.19205161

>afraid of needles

pick one

>> No.19205189

Your views? How didactic is your story? I present a lot of my feelings on controversies in theology and philosophy that I've lost friends over in person. However in my writing, I mix them between different characters with opposing motivations so it's not clear where I stand on it. If you hang a lantern on something in the scene as being controversial rather than fact-of-the-matter, your readers might sympathize with you more.

>> No.19205192

Two of my family members had bad reactions to the vaccine, including one who has completely lost the sight in their right eye now for 5+ months.
>less than 72 hours after their 1st dose
Another family member is getting random spikes of 140-150 BPM heart rate while watching TV, it goes away after a few minutes but they look very scared when it happens.
>first happened less than 48 hours after their 2nd pfizer

I am never taking the vaccine.

>> No.19205206

Well, one of the characters is developing her own breakaway society with an army of incels... I don't wanna give it away too much...

>> No.19205212

Is it in any way reminiscent of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? In a way, she also develops her own breakaway lifestyle with an army of incels.

>> No.19205214

Right wing book punlishers do exist tho m88

>> No.19205221

I've been to cletus fest and they had a contest and I gave them a sci-fi story of mine that one of the judges stole and published under his name. Its called moon fetus. And its about a fetus is found on a moonbase. Thats the premise.

>> No.19205222

You seem like a terrible person to be around. You've made your entire personality those first four characteristics and it shows in your writing.
I don't know how I can get it through your head that people who write far more vile things get publication every day but if you want to get off mr.Kikes wild ride that bad there is a way. Patreon fetish writing. You clearly only wrote this for money anyway, that's why you're here panhandling after all. In for a penny in for a pound right?

Lewis Carroll's cunny quest.
Black Souls 2

>> No.19205223

How much sex do I need to have in my story one of the people in my critique group complained that there was no sexuality said it seemed weird because she’s is human nature

>> No.19205227

You'll have to read it to find out!
Again, even with "right wing" publishers, you lose control and you lose independence, you are also not insulated against being cancelled!

>> No.19205230

Based. If this comes to an end 2-3 years from now, we'll be writing about medical-tyranny inspired fiction for the rest of our lives.

>> No.19205232

I wrote City of Singles because I predicted the collapse of organic dating
>I was right

I wrote The Shitkickers because I am predicting the collapse of the safe society we as Canadians once knew
>Will I be right? We are heading in a very, very bad direction...

>> No.19205240

Look at the 666 in the WEF logo!

>> No.19205243

>Two of my family members had bad reactions to the vaccine, including one who has completely lost the sight in their right eye now for 5+ months.

Making up stupid lies because you're afraid of needles isn't masculine, anon. You've chosen to be a little bitch.

>> No.19205244

>you are also not insulated against being cancelled!
You sound like you have multiple walk-in closets full of skeletons.

>> No.19205246

>You'll have to read it to find out!

>> No.19205259

>why are you not throwing us an epub download for your book so we can see what we helped create?
We're Anons, not niggas, we don't need Gib Me Dats.

>> No.19205262

I haven't seen a misuse of greentext this bad since summer of 2016.

>> No.19205264

Well some of us are black.

>> No.19205265

Ron Jeremy was well-loved in the adult industry and now he's getting railroaded...

>> No.19205267

Being black doesn't make you a nigga, Anon.

>> No.19205269

Oh no I capitalized I!

>> No.19205273

Maybe he shouldn't have raped all those women.

>> No.19205288

I met Ron at Phoenix Forum, Internext, and other adult industry events and the guy was never rude or pushy. Women groped HIM and he would sign their tits.

Ron pissed someone off and they completely railroaded him. The guy was literally invited to every adult webmaster event and not one time, NOT ONCE, did anyone complain. I saw him at 10+ parties and he did nothing wrong, and, also, in the adult industry gfy.com forum, you would have heard the rumours.

Ron did nothing wrong.

>> No.19205296

It's not about freebies. Do you honestly think I want to read Shitkickers? It's about showing some humility instead of blatantly advertising in a place where that is looked down upon.
If shitkickers tard had just thrown up an epub he might have gotten a pity sale or two just from people supporting one of their own. Now he's here explaining his world views like a schizo while sitting on zero sales.

>> No.19205305

>It's not about freebies.
Yet you demand them, nigga.

>> No.19205320

Ackstually.... 2 sales bitch!


>> No.19205331

You posted the same image yesterday so we both know todays shitfit hasn't helped you.

>> No.19205337

Yes I haven't made a sale yet today so I can't get drunk, unfortunately.

>> No.19205340

I must say anon, that you're very obnoxious.

>> No.19205350

you're selling copies for $30 each? that's a bold strategy, lets see if it pays off

>> No.19205353

>I gave them a sci-fi story of mine that one of the judges stole and published under his name.
That's grounds for a straight up murder. Or at least a lawsuit.

>> No.19205361

If I knew you were such a tard I wouldn't have bought one. How do I request a refund?

>> No.19205363


>> No.19205385

$20 Canadian!
Yes, it is why I have had so many babes in my life. When I was "Huggles" on Clubvibes.com back in my early 20's, I realized that women prefer the gregarious aloof clown to the serious and overbearing normie.

There are reasons why they demonize men for even whispering the term "game" when it comes to women. They want you acting in one, very easily manipulated, way, whether that is by dating, consooming, voting...


>> No.19205386

Send me an email through my personal website at my name with a hypen and a dot com and I'll refund you. I was going to send it out on Tuesday when the post office opens!

>> No.19205389

Do they have no self-awareness?

>> No.19205393

>something shocking/infuriating
Dear dumb as fuck frequenter of this propag-page, sorry let's try again. Ahem. Bear with me, I'm from another website. Dear reader, I regret to inform you that pages 4, 12, and 16 of this short ghost story contain a scary subject matter, and that you may be frightened. I would also like to warn you that my prose can be both infuriatingly stuck up, and annoyingly simple at times, so you may want to stop right here. sadly, as per rule 103.2
>Friendly paranormal entities
There are no frens in this book, and it is overall, a kind of horrible shapefulness that can only be moulded under oppressive regimes. I have had to get very creative to scare you beyond your own awareness, and I do hope that this does not trigger some of your unprocessed emotional baggage.

>> No.19205394


I've posted 7 stories to /r/nosleep/ . All of them were removed. Most of their reasons involved hysterical levels of non-reading comprehension to justify. They may have thousands of readers at any given time, but it's not worth the hassle.

OMG...posting *here* isn't worth the hassle. What's with the Cthulhu-esque captcha?

>> No.19205399

Just when I think you've hit rock bottom.

>> No.19205428

I didn't know finishing and releasing your second book as an author counts as hitting rock bottom?

>> No.19205453

I've only made 45 cents off of my stories.

>> No.19205454

What do you write for? Money? Recognition? Self-expression? Sharing a message? 4chan (you)s

>> No.19205463

I started writing because I wanted to tell stories. Then I got really fond of having an interested audience. Then when I saw youtubers narrating my stories and and getting hundreds of thousands of views I thought it was time to cash in.

>> No.19205464

I have to, I can't stop!

>> No.19205470

I write stories so that I can sleep at night. Nothing else works. I don't even want to be a writer.

>> No.19205474

I want to write the story I want to read ngl

>> No.19205493

Same as this >>19205470
I already have a good non-writing job. I don't have to write, but I will go insane if I don't because the stories are killing me. I was obsessing over a story for 2 years before I decided I should learn how to write it.

>> No.19205538

>your scary story cannot involve any elements of a scary story
ah yes, I see. that would make things challenging

>> No.19205546

to entertain myself

>> No.19205575

This is the restriction on a public forum...
Imagine the restrictions these trad publishing houses have for the stories they publish and the authors they promote...

>> No.19205588

The friendly paranormal entities is the one that really baffles me.

>> No.19205608

Write? We write here?

>> No.19205611

Same. Para-normal. Who's to say what a normal entity is anyway? In my Hutu religion, planes tend to be classified as witches. I also believe that we are spirits in a material world, and as such, I would not be able to write about anything friendly. That is pretty scary world, if you ask me.

>> No.19205668

What if we discussed what we were writing?

>> No.19205716

then I'd have to write something

>> No.19205738

My next chapter to be posted involves a sex scene. I really should be editing it now because I'm going to post it in a few days and I need to make sure its super hot. But I also need to finish the story. I'd rather keep drafting the future material because I find sex scenes tiring to write because they need to really set/capture the mood of the characters. The two characters have some bad blood between them but due to a quirk of fate they're going to be working together. So dirty, sweaty semi revenge sex. I much prefer to write about the characters chilling out and shooting the shit. Mentally way less draining, but you need some action here and there.
So that's why I'm here procrastinating and not editing. hbu?

>> No.19205741

idk, sounds kind of cringy and /pol/.
honestly might leak my own ebook for anons if i get published and make it. only you guys though.
compulsion. i just have to.

>> No.19205764

Monster girl slavery.

>> No.19205816

I write because I have to tell the stories I have in my head. Otherwise I just keep thinking about them and writing the ideas down, and if the ideas are already down, I might as well make something out of them.

>> No.19205823

I'm working on a short story where a man betrays his country after discovering their war crimes. I'm trying a new style and tempo with it.
I'm also working on a book series where two kings go from hated enemies to allies to bitter rivals over several decades of war and peace.

>> No.19205839

I'm writing a series of short horror stories. Wasn't sure how to approached it, but I noticed a lot of my concepts involved haunted houses and the ghosts inside.

So I've made a framing device where this agent for a paranormal investigation group, and formerly a real estate agent, discusses different haunted houses and what happened in them, and how he took care of the ghost and got the house back on the market. The framing device develops its own plot over time.

>> No.19205862

Same as always. Goblins.

>> No.19205918

My next chapter is about my main character going schizo mode because he just found out he's actually a schizophrenic.

>> No.19205921

To be specific I spent some time refining the character arc of an artificial intelligence person who I called Tayler. Before the story happens he tricks the protagonist into working in a city that eventually traps him and almost kills him before the inciting incident saves the world.
After a year, the protagonist comes back to Tayler to figure things out about the world, and to gain trust back he explains an event behind the inciting incident that involves three men that created a rebel superintelligence that saves the world from their plan to enslave everyone. I tried to bring more tension to those scenes to hint that each of the three men had different fundamental motivations. One of those was a pessimist, and actually created the augmented reality persons like Tayler decades earlier to gather more people into the scheme. His goal was to end all consciousness, period. That plan failed spectacularly, and now Tayler faces a crisis where he cannot help save humanity in his eyes by ending it. I was going through each scene with Tayler and showing his yearning but only hinting at what is going on until he reveals it right before the protagonist's fateful decision.
Tayler was originally going to be a shallow, trickster character, but I realized there's more dynamic to his feelings once his programmed goal becomes utterly hopeless and helps him relate to the protagonist that way. He helps the protag resist the villain's offer of eternal life, but in a way he is also an antagonist not just because of the original betrayal, but because he continues to encourage non-existence. Also made his creator Swiss not just because there are secretive, ultra-rich Swiss families, but because of pic related.

>> No.19205945

I want to tell a story I want to read and brownie points to likewise tell that story to like-minded individuals.

I'm writing a military sci-fi space opera. Been having a bit of trouble writing the next chapter but I'll bruteforce it eventually. This chapter in particular is where it goes into somewhat heavy dialogue infodump and I've essentially been at a loss this week on figuring out how to frame the chapter. Back in August/September I brainstormed the OP as having an overly dramatic spazz attack

>> No.19205948

How does he find out?

>> No.19205955

Sounds cool!

Is there going to be a character that advocates for dying?

>> No.19205991

Stumbles upon an old newspaper about his murder and his old gf that he cut up comes back to tell him that he's a schizo. He could just be hallucinating the whole thing though.

>> No.19205994

I avoid suicide in my writing, but basically Tayler is the voice of pessimists in the story. There protagonist and antagonist mainly wrestle over issues of justification in a post-singularity world. Even after the protagonist decides he doesn't need to be perfect, he believes he can find self-actualization by standing on his own. It gets more complicated after his opportunity for perfection is gone forever, which is when Tayler's warnings really begin to hurt the protagonist.

>> No.19205995

I'm really enjoying writing flash fiction for my little shit group, but I'm wondering if I should grow up and finish something longer.

>> No.19206013

Yes, you should. If you're worried about not feeling short term senses of accomplishment while doing it you'll still get that every time you finish a chapter. And there's no better feeling than having your longer story come together.

>> No.19206088

You’re all shitty pieces of shit

>> No.19206114

Cry into your diary about it, faggot

>> No.19206140

The more I put off putting actual words to paper, the more elaborate and compelling and frankly dark the fuckaround fanfiction I was going to work on first to wet my toes becomes. It's getting almost as good as the actual literature-grade novel that I'm still researching. Why can't I like cartoons with less nuanced characters and vast worldbuilding?

>> No.19206590

You know what, the fact that my waifu is pure evil and that I only found her in a bad place in my life will make writing this story where I put her in her place a cathartic experience. I can structure the work in a way where the slapstick comedy of the intro tapers into the grimdark eldritch horror of the climax in an exponential manner that actually mirrors the pacing of her source material. But how on earth do I put to words the visual opening vignette in my head without making it sound cringe like I'm narrating a comic book page?

>> No.19206689

When or do I devote a chapter for a side character? The character is definitely important but do I need to write a backstory or motivation for him? Or is it better to just litter his personality throughout the book?

I know GoT writes chapters for useless characters, so do I do the same?

>> No.19206697

Robowaifu that loses to human waifu

>> No.19206749

...Echoing between the buildings that curved into the sky in embrace with the sardonic glee of the moon, footsteps clicked against the cobblestone alley. Delicate, yet their presence was acknowledged by the dormant domiciles. Among the dumpsters rummaged a lone cat, murmering to itself about whatever cats do. The footsteps halted. Eyelashes fluttered towards the commotion. A soft jingle sounded from small bells adorning a pale slender wrist. The eyelashes opened, and from them glared red eyes that burned with the fires of Hell...
--<named character> woke up, perspiring, as if roasted by the furor of those eyes...

Was that eerily serene then jarring like the opening of a horror movie?
I'll have to work on it more when I get home.

>> No.19206780

Will your character have something to do that's important enough to carry the narrative? Will his actions therein be exemplary of his character? Will he have time to introspect without it seeming detached from the story? Do it then.

>> No.19206781

It depends on too many things to give you a definitive answer based on this post alone. Do what you think works best.

>> No.19206795

The metal overhang spanning the street roared with the sound of heavy rain above. The summer dumping what little energy it had left before the cold winds rolled down from the North. In between all that noise however, Zehra could hear the sound of something hitting water. Droplets, dripping from a hole in the roof, tucked down an alleyway, concealed behind a pipe.

She would have missed it if it wasn't for the slightly less vomit inducing air that manged to seep in through it. The falling water coalesced into a small puddle near her foot, mixing with the juices of whatever was leaking from the dumpster next to it. The whole damn alleyway and even the street was one extended rubbish bin. Clearly the tenants one street over had been using it as their personal landfill, trying to dodge disposal fees from the city.

Zehra pulled her leg up, pressing her heel into the brick wall she was leaning against. The inside of her jacket started to hum just as she laid her head back. Bobbing it forward, she pulled the zipper down in between the camouflage patterns. Sticking her hand behind the kevlar vest concealed underneath. Cold air flowed into the gap she made while her hand fumbled with something.

>> No.19206798

I like it. Really nice.

>> No.19206813

>post my work on a readability scale
>I write at a 7th grade level
How do I write at a higher grade level?

>> No.19206818

I refuse to start a paragraph with an article or a character's name. I will not do it. I will not.

>> No.19206827

Have you published a book?

>> No.19206830

I can't even write the first paragraph :(

>> No.19206832

How about with an Onomatopoeia?

>> No.19206843

better the game of thrones

>> No.19206857

Embarrassing post.

>> No.19206874

Writing a lighthearted sci fi, but the progress was glacial for the last year.

>> No.19206888

Then we will actually have to write instead of larping. And no one wants that.

>> No.19206903

Because you would call me an anime writer

>> No.19206932

>feel nervous every time I sit down to write
How the hell do I get rid of this feeling? I've written 4 short stories and am 6,000 words into a novel and I still get this feeling every single goddamn time. How do I stop feeling like a nervous pussy before I write? It usually goes away 5-10 minutes after I start, but I feel like it makes me write worse.

>> No.19206951

A whole alleyway concealed behind a single pipe?

>> No.19206963

there's a comma between. But ye, I can clean it up better.

>> No.19207042

We do write.

>> No.19207050

Biggest load of horseshit yet.

>> No.19207118

Do I have to spam my link again? Haha

>> No.19207126

Give comment to any of the scratchily written paragraphs above then I dare you, specifically regarding how they were created by means other than writing.

>> No.19207230

First time writing in a very long time. Looking for a bit of feedback on my first couple paragraphs.
>Through all my days at the university I was taught but one golden rule: my cock is only a tool. Not a tool for simple procreation or hedonism but a tool of progress. Each day in those halls was a day of learning; but every lesson would need to claw its way past that singular commandment. This one idea so burned into me that it never escaped my forethought. Tonight was a special occasion though, a night where I could put away my most trusted tool. A carriage ride and a good night's sleep would be all that was needed tonight. Tomorrow morning would call for a stage.
>Behind the thin glow of the kerosene lamps, I could see my captive-audiences reaction to this news. Some were clearly learned enough to know what was coming the second the irons were fastened, other lesser races were clearly shaken by the news of their potential futures. One lupine girl was huddled up on herself, her paws attempting to hide her own blubbering; so distraught in this idea that she failed to cover her own shame, something she was so mindful of until now.
Tear me apart.

>> No.19207239

Is this ABO?

>> No.19207255

I am not familiar with that term but looking it up I would say no.
Was going for just regular monster girls.

>> No.19207257

I wrote 176 words today. If I keep this up for two years I might have a novel.

>> No.19207268

Still a faster pace than GRRM

>> No.19207284

You should make it homo at least. Men don't read porn.

>> No.19207285

True. Don't even know why they call this the writing general.

>> No.19207292

I don't plan to have it just be porn but I do have a buck breaking scene planned.

>> No.19207321

Nigger there was a passage of furry smut right between his post and yours

>> No.19207347

>Tonight was a special occasion though, a night where I could put away my most trusted tool. A carriage ride and a good night's sleep would be all that was needed tonight.
The use of the word "night" 4 times in two sentences really messes up the flow. Other than that it's fairly good for fetish writing.

>> No.19207356

You keep writing until the feeling goes away, and it will go away. Getting through it is a matter of persistence, there's no trick.

>> No.19207360

How many words do you guys write per day?

>> No.19207383

If you write it in third person, you can move the narrative outside of the main character's internal monologue sometimes, have the opportunity to play his degeneracy for laughs, and make the overall work less creepy.

>> No.19207407


>> No.19207438

Thank you, I will 100% fix that.

I was considering that but from what I have outlined so far I feel like first person is needed. I don't really want to play his degeneracy for laughs and I want to play up the creepiness of it as it gets much worse than simple sex slavery of lesser races.
Another reason I went for first person is because I want MC to be almost a Geralt type character, someone so knowledgable of his craft that it enables internal cutaways to factoids about the world. I have an entire lecture on orc cock that I don't really think I could fit in through third person narration.

>> No.19207491

Don't. Just don't.

>> No.19207517

This is what we deserve for the just write memes. Every laugh payed for in 1200 word descriptions of green veiny cock.

>> No.19207601

I miss the story idea threads because even if no one wrote the stories I could steal their ideas. Now I can't even do that

>> No.19207623

Nobody acknowledged my ideas while I had them and was willing to share. Now you're just going to have to wait and buy a copy of the completed work for .001 ETH when I finish it 10 years and the content delivery mechanism in 10 more.

>> No.19207719

oj simpson can't have murdered his wife. i've seen several of his football matches and he didn't kill a single other player, not even an audience member or a food vendor or anything. i also know a guy who worked on the set of one of the ads he did and he did not murder anyone there either, not even when he got angry at an assistant for spilling coffee on his shoe. he did hundreds of ads and tv appearances and not one time, NOT ONCE did anyone complain about being murdered by him.

>> No.19207753

>protagonist defeats human antagonist
>"this isn't even my final form" summons the ancient evil
>always feels unsatisfying because you know the world-ending stakes are trivial and the protagonist will win
>also the mindless beast feels impersonal and not tied to the plot, like a universal concept anyone can just pop in without setup

Is there a way to do this properly? So there's an element of suspense and "oh shit" to it the way unpredictable human characters elicit?

>> No.19207765

Have the protagonist die and the beloved sidekick you've also been developing strongly up to this point step in.

>> No.19207851

What makes a protagonist interesting

>> No.19207870

I am now awake on a monday, time to start a new chapter. Time to have a dragon attack an airship.

>> No.19207874

your ability to write well. "characters" are a fake idea.

>> No.19207883

Besides them being chuuni anniemay fodder that don't belong in a serious novel about pagan cults in pre-Charlemagnian Czechia, why can't I write about female vampire warriors dressed in Amazon tit wielding Japanese naginata (or a similarly cool-looking european glaive) with Jedi reflexes?

>> No.19207892

>why can't I write
because you are satisfied with just thinking about it

>> No.19207914

But people often complain about the protagonist being the most boring character

>> No.19207956

Then don't make him boring

>> No.19207960


Get into 40k and write fanfic, it's very popular

>> No.19207970

people don't know why they like or dislike anything. if you're good you can write about jerking off and they'll love it.

>> No.19207974

well excuse me if my latin is too shit to make heads or tails of the Chronica Boemorum and my mind is starting to wander

>> No.19207993

whoa. i thought you were an insecure tryhard before but now that you mentioned a thing i'm very impressed.

>> No.19208013

Do you have a better source for me to learn about the demographics of a nation that didn't exist yet in a time before anyone knew how to write?

>> No.19208111

Yeah yeah, just make shit up. Become the source.

>> No.19208128

Shit, I was supposed to try reworking that paragraph of fanfiction I wrote on lunch break into something that isn't an embarrassment to claim to have written, but I completely lost interest. Oh well, into the scraps of text I'll never improve upon or even look at again folder it goes.

>> No.19208138

I'm sure I could do that, but the consequences of this story are going to be felt in the next one which is set in much more recent history, during a time where people very much knew how to write.

>> No.19208259

>dude studies latin texts and ancient demographics to write about female vampire warriors dressed in Amazon tit wielding Japanese naginata (or a similarly cool-looking european glaive) with Jedi reflexes?

I've seen a LOT of autism on this website over the years, but you've officially beaten all competition by a landslide today

>> No.19208280

How else would you characterize the knights templar of the evil goddess of the wind?

>> No.19208327

I try as much as I can, even if it's just a simple sentence and I get nothing done. So it can range from 5 to 2000.

>> No.19208371

Got my 5th rejection letter today. Maybe there's something wrong with my text.

>> No.19208388

Who and where do you send letters to?

>> No.19208392

When I say "letter" I mean e-mail.

>> No.19208393

Start sending letters then.

>> No.19208418

Do I peddle my self published book at farmer markets and book festivals?

>> No.19208491

>Hello, sir and or madam! Can I interest you in 10 to 20 copies of "Sissy Tommy's Journey into the Futaverse XII"?
You're welcome to to try, but do you know any farmer's markets or book festivals?

>> No.19208508

i wasn't commenting on the source. i was telling you the way you talk about yourself is obnoxious.

>> No.19208532

How do you talk about yourself then?

>> No.19208671

i don't unless it's relevant. that's the obnoxious part.

>> No.19208710

And the attack on the perceived laziness involved in my writing process didn't provide relevance how?

>> No.19208751

Nta but oh my Jesus shut up. Anon's not a dick, stop taking it so hard.

>> No.19208754


Fellow familyblyat writer. I write after everyone has gone to bed, when waiting for kiddo's school bus in the afternoon or just before falling asleep.

T. Phonewriter

Inb4 seethe

>> No.19208774

No. I want submission. And by that I mean literary submission. What are you working on?

>> No.19208816

i don't know or care about your process. i was telling you that coming here to go "hey did you guys know i'm thinking about writing about XYZ? impressed yet?" is obnoxious, insecure and obviously some form of procrastination. like, why "can't you write" without a stranger's approval? and now you've been "attacked" lol

>> No.19208835

you should have expressed those thoughts with words in the post you made then
this is the writing thread after all

>> No.19208884

Any "The Anatomy of Story" readers here? Did your perception of what makes good storytelling shift once you embraced the structural approach? Outliners are king. Pantsers are unpublishable.

>> No.19208910

i did, you just keep pretending not to get it. you "can't write" because you'd rather just think about it, i stand behind that statement as fully accurate and if you thought you'd convince me otherwise by saying you have your "research" open on a second monitor while you shitpost here then lol

>> No.19208939

Wouldn't you rather think about anime tiddies than read fucking latin?

>> No.19208987

There's nothing to "read" you dense fuck! It's an idea stuck in your head, probably forever since you'd rather argue with niggers on 4chan than actually produce something. This is my last reply. Hang yourself.

>> No.19208991

you don't need to read fucking latin. you invented the idea that you're not allowed to write before you've read the fucking latin to avoid having to write, just like you've come here asking strangers for meaningless approval to avoid having to write. see how your refusal to admit what's going on forces me to explain things that should already be clear?

>> No.19209011

I already named the book and described its importance in establishing the setting of my project in this thread. What have you done, except display massive amounts of confession through projection?

>> No.19209032

i've told you the truth.

>> No.19209047

There are many people on this earth who don't believe in truth, and I wouldn't blame them, given how liberally some jackasses use that word. This is incidentally one of the themes I'll eventually explore after I figure out which tribe said jackass belongs to and which god he worships.

>> No.19209077

what you call "pantsing" is just actual creative writing. what you call "outlining" for "publishability" based on self-help flowcharts is a shitty job i don't want to have. if i have to assemble zoomer YA out of prefabs to get published then i'd rather write javascript.

>> No.19209163

I wish you happiness in your martyrdom on the altar of art.

>> No.19209196

see, you're playing stupid. it's obviously true that you don't need to read latin descriptions of prechristian bohemia or whatever to write about your anime witches, that's preposterous. it's a fake chore you invented for yourself. whatever, i'm done repeating myself.

>> No.19209217

If you wanted to know what role anime vampires not witches could possibly have in my well researched work set in prechristian bohemia, all you had to do is ask.

>> No.19209294

who said anything about art lol? writing to write is exhilarating, trying to craft your perfect publishing success by following self-help grifters is fucking delusional and a good way to lose whatever marbles you still have (considering you fell for it).

like, you can't fail to become a bestselling novelist if you just follow the expert advice of the author of... three whole episodes of "21 jump street" with johnny depp and a disney channel nature documentary??? it shows impressive restraint on the part of this fella if he knows the "22 steps to become a master storyteller" but has refrained from ever taking them himself. some yoda shit

>> No.19209431

Writing is easy!

Finding readers... THAT is the tough part!

>> No.19209436

Nah, the only hard part is getting published. It's the filter to end all filters.

>> No.19209485

>writing to write is exhilarating, trying to craft your perfect publishing success by following self-help grifters is fucking delusional and a good way to lose whatever marbles you still have (considering you fell for it).
I'll also add, writing with an outline killed a lot of the joy I got from not knowing where the story would go when I was writing it. I only outline after the story is finished, and only loosely to ensure I did what I set out to do originally.

>> No.19209508

>writing with an outline killed a lot of the joy
I'll disagree, but my outlines are the most barest of barest bones. Big plot beats, basically nothing in between. When my story end up deviating from the outline? Rework the outline's future plot points if they even need to be.

>> No.19209532

Why would you even attempt to get published as a masculine, straight white male?


Do you think for a second that if public places like /r/nosleep have entire lists of what you're allowed to write about, do you not think the publishing companies also have lists behind closed doors for what stories they will and will not publish, and which authors they will and will not promote?

You MUST self-publish and self-promote.

Hell, Goodreads and Amazon are just as gamed.

>> No.19209542

Plenty of straight while males get published in my country. I'm sure they do in yours as well. You and me, we're just not good enough. But I'll try to get better. Will you? Or will you shift the blame elsewhere?

>> No.19209547

Would you guys mind giving me some feedback on one of my shitty verses? Started writing a bit today

How my soul aches by the thought of you, immaculate, etiolated, ever-longing, but unenthusiastically driven [NAME], wearing your meagre dresses, busily painting the sidewalk nuances of exotic agriculture with a rejected breakfast and spirits from shelves unfamiliar of your warm and tender touch. How naively you sleep with compounds of carbons and hydrogen in the light of burning, penetrating, all observant neon.

>> No.19209561

I cannot find a single bro Canadian who writes.

Where are they?
>they don't exist, I'm the only Canadian bro who is writing

>> No.19209574

Can I get some background on the verse before I expose my eyes to it

>> No.19209586

its a little thing ive written about a girl i met at a party who i desperately wish i could save from the destructive lifestyle she is living to cope with her issues

>> No.19209593

forgot to add this is only a part of it, the second out of three verses to be exact.

>> No.19209616

i involuntarily made a disgusted noise on the toilet. good thing nobody else's home or they would think something's wrong with me

>> No.19209621

that bad huh?

>> No.19209623

It seems a little forced, like adding sprinkles on a layer of paint on a layer of a mosaic

>> No.19209628

yeah im having a lot of fun cramping big words together

>> No.19209639

Jason please learn to greentext properly

>> No.19209651

>it wrong
to >make
Seethe >and cope

>> No.19209666

Hey Jason, are ya winnin son?
Did you get that third sale yet? Did you get a second sale to make up for the guy who said he was gonna refund?

>> No.19209722


I'm still writing and getting some food delivered today, what have you produced lately?

shitkick.ca baby!

I think the guy that did Gardner's reviews on YouTube is going to review The Shitkickers next.
>feels good man

>> No.19209735

Begone Satan of interest

>> No.19209786

When writing a sex scene where, exactly, is the breaking point on the density of cocks and cock-synonyms in your prose? Like obviously there’s South Park bad but I’m sure there’s too much penis somewhere before that.

>> No.19209804

Retards like you make me ashamed to have been born in this shithole.

>> No.19209810

>writing a sex scene

>> No.19209820

By the way, if that was you who just purchased, thanks!

>> No.19209828

Bro, lift some weights and write. Maybe then I would respect you if we were in the same physical space together.

>> No.19209844

>we've reached the Jason buying his own books to own /wg/ arc
I didn't think this would get so dark so fast.

>> No.19209857

Think about it like writing an action scene. You can't write it like it's subtitles for a movie:
>He kicked her.
>He kicked her harder and she started moaning wildly.
>Precum was already dripping from his kick.
Focus more on the sex's place in the story and the thoughts and feelings of the characters. We don't need beat-for-beat instructions on how these two characters are doing the nasty, but don't lose the sense of where everything is in the action.
>t. Unpublished Retard

>> No.19209892

Pseuds butthurt that someone is selling books

>> No.19209905

why has this thread been so active for a /wg/? is it because of the shilling

>> No.19209927

Talking unicorns going on D&D-eque adventures.
No, it isn't a MLP rip-off and there are a lot of references to "real" unicorns as far as physiology is concerned.

I'm just nervous that anyone hearing the concept would dismiss it all as childish fantasy when it's meant to have a vibe similar to that of The Elder Scrolls.

>> No.19209937

One retard trying to fight everyone. If he would put on a trip everyone would filter him and we could have our comfy thread back.

>> No.19209938

It's hard for me to write if I don't have at least 20 minutes of time or so to do it. I struggle to write in really short bursts. If I don't have that time to dedicate to writing that day I don't write.

>> No.19209975

the mechanical actions are the least important part of the scene. dialogue between characters ratcheting things up and conveying feelings are what is actually critical. unironically I'd say slum a bit and read some women's romance novels to get a feel for how they do it.

>> No.19209982

>one author who finished his work and made money from it and encourages other anons to write and produce is getting attacked by pseuds who cannot produce themselves
Imagine hating on a fellow anon that writes and finishes their work.

>> No.19210040

Please go away Jason no one cares

>> No.19210046

Get a trip.

>> No.19210088

People like you do not want other anons to succeed.

>> No.19210235

Make them an anime girl with big tits and a tragic upbringing.

>> No.19210244

This but make them flat.

>> No.19210313

As a writer I'm incapable of telling the kind of story Stephen King does. Which is to say a very interesting high concept story that is about the horrors of a given scenario played out lavishly, albeit to a dead-end conclusion that feels unsatisfying. The reason King can write the high concept stories he does is because he excludes logical sense from his works. The meat of his characters are American hicks who, if you've read a few of his books, are all the same five guys with little variation. He doesn't believe in God, or at least a good Christian God (fedora tippers filtered here), and that shows in his work. Because he doesn't believe in genuine goodness, he isn't able to write the best of people either, showing a proper range of human emotions and sensibilities. In a King story everyone is an asshole or bitch, or else is so bland he makes them into one eventually, or kills them off.

All this to say I can't exclude God and I want to write fully interesting characters, but this also means the dumb schlocky high concept idea I have is dead in the water before I've even started. I can't write a silly story that makes no sense because I can't justify a sensible happy ending.

Just venting.

>> No.19210371

consider that a story isn't about the destination, it's about the journey

it's fine to have an obvious ending if it's well set-up

>> No.19210389

I disagree anon. If the ending is shit, it makes the rest of the story retroactively shit, or shitter than it otherwise would be. There are okay-tier stories that have great endings, which increases the overall values of those stories. There's a reason people criticise King for bad endings; they're pissed the story, which seemed decent til the end, amounted to nothing. The destination IS the journey.

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