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THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/0CFuCYNx-1g

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extremely lucky to have transferred to a less prestigious university and have graduated with 15k USD in student loans rather than 80k

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>read preface of new book
>"For two summers I worked like a nigger at this book"

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Scared to approach or text a girl I like because a lot of other guys compete for her. That’s usually how it is in my culture anyways but I fear rejection or finding out she texts multiple men simultaneously

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Why do people ask dumb fucking questions instead of reading the book?

>What am I in for?
>What's the appeal?
>Is this worth it?

Just read it and find out. Fucking hell.

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Why is it, and this goes for both men and women, that people fell entitled to love and romance to another person from the opposite sex? And get angry whenever the person they are interested is either in a romance, or interested in someone else than them? Asian countries suffer from this, particularly Japan and Korea, with their idol culture, and this goes for their virtual idol culture as well. But even in the west, this phenomena is happening. Can someone explain it?

What were you expecting?

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I think people generally feel entitled to things that they need, or think that they need.
In a way it makes sense, what's the purpose of being a member of society if doing so isn't meeting your needs?

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I made the mistake of going to a big name university in the city instead of a cozy rural university. Everyone basically harassed me into going because muh big name university.

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Its just a way to start a thread. Try actually writinf a good OP and see how many replies you get.

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people are told their only meaning is in getting hitched with someone and starting a family with them eventually. some people really take this to heart

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>people are told their only meaning is in getting hitched with someone and starting a family with them eventually
Lol nobody is told this

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I love Israeli pussy so much it's not even funny bros.

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Cioran and Schopenhauer both denied the biologic will to live as an illusion. They both lived to an old age. Mark Fisher and David Foster Wallace both tried to find sincerity and reality in a meaningless world. Both killed themselves.

I'm afraid

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Did you ever have that experience where what something is and what you want it to be differ so wildly that it hurts?

Russia is something which is like that for me. In my imagination, Russia is this amazing country where everything is hi-tech to the point of being science fiction. In my imagination, the Russian people are all very well-read, all renaissance people, skilled at the arts, at mathematics, at science. The Russia of my imagination is a cultural hub, where artists and writers and filmmakers congregate in Saint Petersburg and Moscow and produce works which leave the rest of the world in awe. The Russia of my imagination is a spiritual place, with glorious churches and mosques and where the shamanist practices are still alive. And the Russia of my imagination is a beauty, a place where nature is at its most pristine and the ecosystems are protected and healthy.

Russia in reality is a different sort of country. The Russian people suffer many problems from alcohol abuse to HIV to that strange hopeless feeling which seems to pervade the modern world. The standard of living is below that of many Western nations. The political situation is not as stable as it should be. They may be intelligent, but their primacy in the fields of science and the humanities has slipped away. The Russian land is plundered by corporations, foreign and domestic, for its resources, and the Earth's warming threatens the Russian ecosystems, which have grown accustomed to a cool climate. It is a sad thing. I wish Russia was what I imagined it to be.

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Schopenhauer didn't deny the will to live. He said that you should transcend it by being heroic and leaving monuments to justice, compassion, and beauty.

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there are more softer ways of doing it now

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Girls are beautiful

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I haven't pooped in two days now I am and it hurts so bad

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Then just go poo

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Most people who have some knowledge of the world know Russia has intelligent people but they also know Russia is poor and corrupt.

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what's your guys' drink of choice?

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>but they also know Russia is poor and corrupt.
But I don't want it to be

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Water or milk.

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i meant like alcohol but yea water is chill. milk bad tho. i can only drink oat milk otherwise i shit my pants

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Btw, I'm the anon who read "The Overcoat" the other day. I liked it so much I'm trying to read the original rn. I don't know Russian though, so the dictionary is pretty useful.

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I want to reprint a book from the 18th century that has been out of print for awhile I'd like to have a modern typesetting, sewn, and clothbound. Is it possible to just do a small print run of like 100 or 200 books? What do you goys think this would cost?

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nice. yea im working my way through a collection of russian short stories rn. ive enjoyed all the ones ive read so far which has been pretty cool.
read queen of spades by pushkin. that one was cool

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I've come to realize that absolutely everything in the world is empty and unfulfilling. The job I was so passionate about a few years ago, the hobbies I used to spend so much time enjoying, the various books and movies I savored and found amusement in, the topics I energetically debated and discussed with others online or face to face, all of it. Even my food and drink is tasteless and unappealing.
I think I could find fulfillment in relationships with others, but I can't seem to connect with other people right. There's something I don't understand about interacting with people and even though I can fake most of it after observing others the critical things escape me. People have told me that I barely seem to have any emotions at all and that they find me very difficult to get to know, and that after knowing me for years they still feel like they don't really know me. I also tend to push people away when they try getting close or ask personal questions because it makes me deeply uncomfortable and anxious, but I don't really know why.
Either I've come to realize this or I've just lost whatever it was that let me be satisfied and find fulfillment and enjoyment in any of it. In fact, it seems like all the things I used to care about were means to trap me in the world, promising fulfillment if I just pursued them a step more, then another step, then one further, without ever delivering it. Increasingly, I've found myself detaching from my emotions and thoughts, watching events occur from a distance, watching someone else live my life. I feel like if I push things the right way I can snap something keeping all of it together and stop feeling much of anything at all, and I also feel that doing so would be wrong somehow.
I don't really know what to do from here. I wish there was something that would fill the emptiness in my life but nothing works so far. When I see people feeling passionate about things and being satisfied by their actions I feel like they have some kind of superpower.
What do I do? Is it possible to change my whole personality and manner of interacting with the world? Is that even worth it? Is there anything that will really fulfill me? I feel totally lost.

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Why not just one copy? Do you think there is a market for it?

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Some people value their time and don't want to read some shitty or boring book. This is especially the case for fiction.

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I will regret my life when (if) I get old, everyday is so mundane and boring, inevitably that is my own fault.

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This is nothing new, people want things and get upset when they can obtain them, it's that simple and doesn't require greater explanation. We all exhibit this behaviour.

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Went on a date yesterday. She laughed a lot, she wasn't in a hurry for it it end. But I presume she doesn't want a second date. Three years ago I would have felt like it was a divine miracle to just get the date, now I'm so spoiled as of late that I feel like if she isn't at least hugging me repeatedly freely asking me do I want to hang out again that it's over. What the fuck happened to me? Why do I expect it to be so easy now?
I've also been trying to collect 'psychological observations' over the last month, last one I heard was from Dave Chapelle likening seeing Michael Richard's freakout to seeing the tiger attack Sigfried and Roy
>No body goes to that shit to see someone be safe with a tiger, they go because "hmmm nigga might get bit, I'd like to see that for $35 dollars if I could"
What drives that? That's why people watched Eval Keneval right? I'm sure Lacan would say it's the Real interfering the Symbolic. But Lacan sucks.
Another example of these observations is when in Under the Floorboards the narrators says some people lament when a toothache stops swelling because they can't complain about it anymore.
This is on my mind

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I know the market would exist for it in the circles I frequent if I just had enough of them to get it out there.

At the least I would like one physical copy for myself.

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i generally cry in the shower so that it doesnt feel so bad

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found out I have french blood today. What’s the most painful way to kill myself?

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Old age.

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i typed that while on on the toilet. i now have a stitch in my ribs

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Does anyone have any helpful hints for preventing panic attacks? So far I have been able to console myself knowing that despite how bad they get, they won't actually kill me. But now—when I get them at their worst—I start vomiting. (This is a relatively new thing. I am under a lot of stress at my job, which I may lose soon, and I have OCD.) Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but if I throw up when I am around other people I am worried it will make them think I am sick and have covid. The main thing that seems to help are distractions (I rarely get panic attacks while busy at work, for instance), but I'm getting really tired of waiting around wondering whether another panic attack is about to happen. I don't really want to get medication because I am worried that will actually make it worse in the long run.

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I need to eat more fiber

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>people fell entitled to love and romance to another person from the opposite sex?
fag gang wins again

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Dune is overrated.

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I'm getting to my limit and starting to feel bored again. I better find another hobby or a new relationship soon or I will have an existential crisis again.

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Anon, I just started at cheap small city university and feel like abject failure for coming here. I out preformed my classmates who made it into Quinnipiac and Harvard, but now that I'm in Uni HS looks like an egotisical comedy. And yet, all those classmates who went to expensive schools are making friends and seem much happier.

There's more going on causing my unhappiness than this school, but it's certainly among my doubts. The locals are cold, and the opportunities for fields I'm interested in are usually mook. Am I being too short sighted? What was good about going to a less prestigious school?

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i hope you people realize the futility of dumping extremely personal self-psychoanalysis with zero context thanks to anonymity in here

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I'm a lifelong buffalonian and am so disgusted by people from NYC as of late. They are everywhere in my life and have no respect for my home or a willingness to appreciate it. They don't venture out at all. They make brash assumptions that everyone here is sheltered and racist. They only experience culture through food, that's literally all they do in the city. They have no hobbies or identity beyond being from the city. Shit drives me up the wall.
Women will raise their standards with age. You had a good time, she had a good time. She wants to reel u in a bit and make sure you're a good guy

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Had vomiting panic attacks for a long time. Try acid and then counselling. Anxiety got really bad then better. One or the other worked for me

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is it normal to be bad at describing your problems?

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Try seeing if you're gluten allergic too. Cutting most wheat products from my diet made my shits start coming out like a fresh baked warm baguette sliding out of a sweater sleeve. I never knew I was a gluten allergic nigga until I began to shit like a god.

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mm I was supposedly diagnosed with that back when I was like 12 but trying to have a gluten-free diet sucked ass

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>> I fear rejection or finding out she texts multiple men simultaneously

If that’s the case then who gives a fuck if she does reject you? It’s not like she’s gonna miss your dumb ass. In most cases girls can’t stand it when a guy is indifferent. Use that to your advantage. Realize you are just another dick within a sea of ducks. Learn to be apathetic towards pussy. Girls will try to compete for your attention out of curiosity.

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Why do I have to be so interested in Japan? Things would be a lot simpler if I just didn’t have any interest in Japan.

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I need to get off my goddamn arse and build a kotatsu for winter, but the last time I did woodwork was when I was 12. They cost way, way too much to have shipped to my yuropean cuntry, so that's not a real option. Those things look so comfy it's unreal.

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One of my oldest friends said he didn't chose me as a wingman for his wedding because I don't have a girlfriend to take with me. My mother earlier this week told me it's getting late and it's strange not seeing me with girls. I can talk to them, but not in a romantic context. If it's the girlfriend of a friend or a work college, sure, even small talk is fun - going to the bar and everything else. But if I'm interested in the girl something happens and I become a potato. They can sense my retardation and run away. It was never a problem until now. I've had one girlfriend before, but I started visiting this website and something broke and now I can't think outside of "I'm not tall enough, rich enough or interesting enough". In my mind only God can have a girlfriend. Even if the information I absorbed here is true, it ruined me in that regard. I shall dwell in solitude and despair until the day I gather the strength to end it all.

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Race mix.

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Who here /chameleon/? I feel like I'm sort of a protean figure, taking on whatever form, demeanor, attitude that is demanded of me reasonably convincingly, at the price of never being able to fully internalize any exterior aspect, at the price of everything feeling like LARP. Is this what others feel like, too? Not that I'm implying that there's some "troo self" lying deep within all of us, but that I am somewhat puzzled by the fact that I was either created or ended up being this irreparably bland in my essential self. It's like some of the worst aspects of being a buddha, the parts where you become unbound by the world's fetters, letting things wash over you, seeing in things nothing but their ephemerality and dependent arising, yet there's no salvation waiting for me from any of the world's vacuousness. Why does it all feel like stumbling around in a dream, awake, that is slowly passing?

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The Fusion of the African and European and various Asian races is essential to the foundation of the Cosmic Race. The Cosmic Race’s creation has six stages.
1. Fusion of the Amerindian and European races, leading to the Latino race. Mostly complete.
2. Fusion of the European race and the African races to create the Eurafrican race. Ongoing and accelerating.
3. Fusion of the East Asian and European races to create the Hapa race. Ongoing.
4. Fusion of the West Asian and European races to create the Magian race. Ongoing and accelerating.
5. Fusion of the minor races with larger groups, like Aboriginals and Europeans. Ongoing.
6. Fusions of the races created in steps 1-5, along with the Indian races, to create the Cosmic Race.
This is going to be so glorious, you have no idea. Imagine a race with the creativity of the European, the strength of the African, the intelligence of the Chinese, the ruthlessness of the Arab, the spirituality of the Indian… this is going to be so awesome.

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I Don't know if I'm going to make it bros

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>This is going to be so glorious, you have no idea. Imagine a race with the creativity of the European, the strength of the African, the intelligence of the Chinese, the ruthlessness of the Arab, the spirituality of the Indian…
and the beauty of an Abbo...

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Checked and keked. >>19278388

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Hold an object that is cold and feel it warmer in your hand. Pass it to the other hand and play with it, holding it within your finger tips and feel it get cooler.
Find another job and leave.

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We all Die, rich, poor, famous, unknown, we all end up in the same place.

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I wish we could just stop caring about the coronavirus and MOVE ON

>> No.19278872

It looks like the coronavirus keeps mutating and the vaccines are not working to keep the numbers down. This is a really fucked up virus.

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You are a fucking retard, none of what you said makes sense and it's complete fantasy that these idiots actually believe, shoved down their throats by the technocratic elite. One race has all of those qualities; the most intelligent people, the greatest art, the greatest technological achievements, the greatest babarbism and greatest compassions and spirituality and the strongest men consistently and it's called the European race. Dilute and homogenise and lose your unique qualities as your race that upheld your culture is swallowed into the pit of globalisation. I mean this for any race, as a mixed raced person my selfself: fuck you culture destroying. idiots.

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I feel the same way, anon. I find salvation in love as homoerotic as that sounds and as fucked in the head I'm aware I am. I have a great deal of trouble trying to describe who exactly I am to people when they ask, very much like Bateman in American Psycho. It's that wacky blend of BPD and ASPD, I suppose.

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Imagine being this beautiful.

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Most people adapt their behaviours and interests somewhat to fit in, and many people never impose themselves fully. I am a complete mediator and I do this a lot, but it's just to make my life easier as I don't like conflict. You also feel better in a relationship because you crave real human connection and you can express yourself more freely within the intimate boundaries of love.

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I do this with politics. I guess my honest political philosophy is "I believe what will make me and my family happier and safer", and right now that is neoliberalism. There may come a day that will be fascism, communism, anarchism, etc., and on that day my politics will shift.

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You're just a common coward, no offense.

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I'm redesigning the layout of my room and I've decided to add a kotatsu right next to my squat rack and next to the window. I'll have the space, I just need to shift and get rid of useless crap I've accumulated over the years. I've opened up the place and finally decided to stop being a hikikomori by opening up all my windows. My garden is nice and the natural sunlight makes reading so much easier than the harsh artificial light my LEDs give off. It's going to be cozy as fuck by the end of the year and it'll be great in winter. Going to plant some cherry blossoms too, I'm excited for comfytown.

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Well, that's one way of looking at it. However, my opinion is that it's wise to obfuscate your true beliefs, if they are considered at all on the fringe of normalcy and since this is 4chan I'm gonna guess a lot of lads have some balls to the walls radical beliefs. I'm talking Evola three times a day kind of beliefs. Survival tactic, really.
Very nice anon! Yes, it's a very freeing feeling to finally start to break out of hikkidom, I've been a complete shut-in at various stressful periods of my life and I'm still a total loner but at least I can go for walks and get my own groceries now. Now, my own chores? That is something I need to work on.

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Love not the world

>> No.19278948

shes looking good

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>Now, my own chores? That is something I need to work on.
One step at a time, one day at a time. Wash your clothes, do some simple housekeeping and it'll help unless you are seriously depressed but do it anyway because even if you're depressed you'll have a nicer place to look at.
I did some casual labour today. It was the first time I've worked in years and I'll work later this week. Personally I've come to the realization that I have to find a balance between examining the past, living in the present and planning for the future to move on with my life and get over this inability to concentrate. Living in the past and scared of what could possibly happen (to the point of psychosis actually) while neglecting the here-and-now has been a disaster for my life. Instinctively I knew that my perspective was wrong but I hadn't figured out _how_ to live in the present and why I had this skewed view of reality in the first place. I won't go into full detail but I'm a huge people pleaser that exhausted and neglected myself into madness. It was a massive mental block that has lasted for as long as I can remember and I have to get over that hump to clear my head.

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Are there any books that deal with the grotesque experience inherent in physical reality? Why do we have to consume once-living matter, why must even the most beautiful of creatures contain visceral organs and flesh and excrete filth from their orifices?

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Thank you for the advice anon, I appreciate it. I tend to just avoid people rather than even try to please normies, as /r9k/ as that sounds. Some people just don't gel with my crippling autism so I don't even try to get along with them unless I have to interact with them (university is taking a massive toll on me with that, I can feel my sphincter clench just thinking about going into uni, damn it).
I agree that the zen state of mind of "forget the past, be in the now" is crucial to the happiness of people of our persuasion. My own psychotic breaks tend to happen when I remember fucked up shit from my traumatic childhood/adolescence, psychedelics helped me a lot in accepting that I survived, and that's the important part. I think /lit/ types do tend to be the dreamy, detached from reality type of lads in general, there's no shame in admitting mental illness in my humble opinion. Most normies are absolutely batshit fucking insane as far as I've observed, I believe that's social media's fault. Now normies see mental illness as just another asset to get attention and asspats from other normies.

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There's something almost Daoist about that paradox. The ascetics who believe life is suffering enjoy life the most, while the 'life-affirmers' on the opposite side are constantly necking themselves. Scheler wrote about it in Resentment

>> No.19279152

I am the Lord's messenger.

>> No.19279163

Is this conciousness/subconsciousness dynamic?

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>I am an optimist, unrepentant and militant. After all, in order not to be a fool an optimist must know how sad a place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day.
>Peter Ustinov

>> No.19279178

Love it. Thanks.

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what d oyou guys thingk of vitamin water

>> No.19279215

Don't drunkpost, you'll always do some gay shit and regret it the next day. Remain at the wheel and stay alert or you will become gay.

>> No.19279219

i dont think im gay

>> No.19279220

I'm afraid one day you'll stop posting. I'll assume something bad happened to you on a drinking/drug spree.

>> No.19279221

Drink it. Wash as much of the booze out as you can before falling asleep

>> No.19279225

i literally just drank a few pints aand smoked weed. leave me alone, im fikne
i am drinking it

>> No.19279231

we can only hope to be so lucky

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This is interesting

>> No.19279238

For me, it's gotta be G-Fuel, idk it just tastes bretty gud.

>> No.19279278

I tried to be a normalfag and sadly it didn't work out well the first time. It ended up with me breaking down at a party over a breakup (no idea how I got a girl in the first place but she cheated lol) and several concurrent problems... I couldn't keep my autism in check. The blurry drunken memories still haunt me and was one of the reasons I snapped. I avoided people in response and """lucky""" for me covid started so it was incredibly easy to do. Although it may not sound like it, I'm trying to encourage you to go out and meet people. I tell you of my failure as encouragement, that you can bounce back from royally fucking up socially. I'm going to meet new people and start from the ground up, it'll be uncomfortable as hell but I hope it'll be a better success than last time. I don't know where I'll find them but I will. Saw a comment on a Cumtown clip: "The path to Ws is paved with Ls and hard Rs" and I love it so much I repeat it to myself often when shit gets hard. Also yeah, normies are fucking insane. It's their lust for sex and their own lack of self-reflection combined with the irritation of the modern world and social media that makes them mad. That and a lot of other things.

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These threads are stupid, capitalism is good, communism is bad, there is no such thing as a god and even if there were the only right thing to do would be to reject him even and especially in the case that he exists, and even and especially in the case that you knew with certainty that he would damn you to eternity if you refuse him, Bertrand Russell and Ayn Rand are great philosophers, the poster known as Butterfly ought to be shot dead, and global warming is taking place, is caused by humans and I don't care and neither should you since it will serve to thin out the brown people a bit which is a good thing.

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>Once again, the primary antagonist of our times is a German
What is it with these people? Why must they always subvert, always seek to conquer and destroy? First Alaric, then Luther, then Wilhelm II, then Hitler, then Merkel, now this guy. Can the Arabs and Turks and Africans replace them already? Please?

>> No.19279309

>it will serve to thin out the brown people a bit which is a good thing.
>he thinks all the brown people aren't going to move to Europe/America and outnumber him

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dude looks turtley enough for the turtle club

>> No.19279316

based master of disguise watcher. hate that fucking movie

>> No.19279353

One thing not everyone mentions about depression: It fucks up your senses. Last year, I went house-sitting for a coworker of my mother's, and a plastic bag was on the counter. Also, a strange red stain was in the microwave. Later I learned that the girl who was house sitting before me overcooked some crawfish in the microwave, and when the coworker got back, she was shocked by the smell and alarmed I hadn't noticed. My mother said she almost took me to the hospital, but believed it was a symptom of covid and chose not to. It wasn't covid though - I just can't really smell things anymore. My sense of touch is deteriorated too, and there's also research and anecdotes suggesting depressed people literally see fewer colors.

My point anyway is that I wish more people could understand that depression is a genuine illness. I feel that maybe only 5% of the population at best knows this, that something we call depression is a genuine mental illness and not just "feeling bad". You stay sane, yeah, but you get to watch as your brain decays and only your rationality is intact. Your senses go to shit, your memory dies, many people get chronic bowel problems, lose the ability to form new memories, feel totally disconnected from their bodies, and the list goes on. Yet 95% of people don't get it. For some reason they just can't. They will always believe that if you just eat right and exercised, talked to a therapist and tried new things, all this would go away. The idea your mind can just fall apart like this is unbelievable to them, even though they accept that schizophrenia is real.

I dunno man. I don't know why I care. I just wish other people could get why my life is falling apart. Maybe if I started acting more crazy they would believe me. At least then it's not like I'm just throwing my life away for no reason.

>> No.19279481

the world-opposed dhamma

>> No.19279495
File: 108 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19279502


>> No.19279524

You had a poor immagination, cant make any more of it. You only need to look at a suburb on google maps to see what it really looks like.

>> No.19279539

>What drives that?
The search for a narrative and identity. You were the guy with toothache, that gave you something. You pay dollars to be at the place where someone gets bitten. We want to be part of some story.

>> No.19279547

I dunno why you'd imagine Russia to be a place like that. There is a spark of something great in Russian culture, but other countries have that too.

>> No.19279558
File: 6 KB, 633x332, 1622338404981.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ my mood is swinging like crazy. im going from completely suicidal worse than ive ever been to relatively motivated multiple times a day. one second i dont care about books, dont care about anything and i feel completely empty, the next im eager to read on. im all over the fucking place

>> No.19279628

You mean that I should have been playing the long-game all this time instead of only pursuing the girls who fucked before the third date?
>The search for a narrative and identity.
Ehhh for the general but why that specifically? There's indefinite opportunities to be part of a story, and it's a very passive role in it too - why do people want to see the guy fail to make the motorcycle jump or the tiger attack the flamboyant performer in particular?

>> No.19279751
File: 176 KB, 1080x2220, 20211024_182151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf do I do now

>> No.19279782
File: 183 KB, 1300x798, 137929582-usa-flag-barcode-qr-code-oiginal-exclusive-american-flag-blue-red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this says a lot about society

>> No.19279787

what the hell is a kakao

>> No.19279789 [DELETED] 

I think it's code for "lick my brown eye"

>> No.19279809

kakaotalk? not him but my guess

>> No.19279812

I want to sexually dominate men

>> No.19279819

Why are you so obsessed with Russia you autist freak leave us alone
t. Russian

>> No.19279822

Messaging app in SK
I currently live here

>> No.19279842

if that is true its not depression. its a cerebral physical problem who nobody discover yet. so stop calling it depression as a mental disorder.
>the depression i see in people is always, i repeat, always, because they are aware of void and unsatisfaction in their life.

>> No.19279848

What is South Korea like?

>> No.19279859

I hate and love alcohol.

>> No.19279954

>thought it was going well with a girl
>confess to her and we even made out
>tells me she's not looking for a relationship, etc. And she wants to be independent
>a month she has a bf
Welp. I can't say I'm not even suprised but whatever. Drinking myself with some beers and soju tonight.

>> No.19279956

i thought it was going well with a girl too. i confessed my feelings, but she said she would never date a foreigner.

>> No.19279992

At least the lockdown isn't as draconian as where I'm from (Australia)

>> No.19280074

Its interesting to see when life-deniers live much longer than life-affirmers.

>> No.19280097

I'm kinda drunk right now but I guess one of the few ways you'd know someone likes you back is if the come half way when it comes emotionally. Sometimes we're too blinded by by our own affection that we convinced ourselves that it was the same for them too. I guess that's just the natural human error, as we'd usually want what's best or what we believe is best for ourselves.

>> No.19280107

quack quack

>> No.19280113

Most monks and clerics live up to 90+ years, and 100+ for them is not unusual at all.

>> No.19280143

>I can't think outside of "I'm not tall enough, rich enough or interesting enough".

You can't really think your way out of problems, but you can adjust your behaviour toward your thoughts. I am also a believer that psychology is largely downstream from physiology.
"If I just have the correct thoughts everything will come together" is a trap.
Look to the body as, not the mind. Your issue is very probably thinking too much about trivial shit, the good or bad is irrelevant, balance out all that contemplation with physical action.

>> No.19280160
File: 21 KB, 324x499, 41EjWTSXEFL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not paying 34 dollars for this book. Fuck you.

>> No.19280196

Not uploaded anywhere yet?
And anon, I know that feel, it lubricates social situations so well, but at a cost.
I prefer ketamine desu, cannot WAIT until that shit is cleared in my cuntry for depression, because the nasal spray method was a godsend for me, but I forgot my login details for the market I use, rip.

>> No.19280220

im sick and tired of torture/painful tropes in film or literature always strapping someone down and doing the same old shit.
so i came up with a new way to do it. you pump up the person with a fuckton of anaesthesia, but not the kind to make them fall asleep. then begin the methods of torture. i reckon the realisation of the person watching themself have their finger peeled back with no pain/no chance to fight back has a much greater effect on the psyche.

>> No.19280238

I only got 5 hours of sleep. Why does sleep stress me so fucking much? Either I take sleeping pills or this happens
And then I obsessively worry about developing early dementia or not being able to retain information from books I read

>> No.19280241

Please, anon. I do not need to be aroused at this hour of the day. You're giving me flashbacks to some rando wanting to vivisect me, but that's ok. An inventive method, I must admit. Do you have experience with torture, out of curiosity, or do you merely possess a twisted mind much like my own?
I would love to see your insides too, my friend, no homo.

>> No.19280249

stop being weird. im identifying tropes in cinema or media and want to think of something 'original'

>> No.19280256
File: 40 KB, 720x695, 1540244087509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking about the fall of Berling and what could have been again bros...

>> No.19280262

all those times i thought "this is it" and it wasn't it, made me question my ability to change. the only thing i can do is hope this is truly the time, because even if my past failures made me depressed it also made me stronger and better at knowing what i din't do right. so now with all the experience i gathered from my past failures i hope the time is NOW, and if it isn't now then this newly attempt will just be another failure turned experience. either way i can't lose hope, i have to walk forward.

>> No.19280326

It probably is, but I know the moment I download it it will end up sitting unread in my downloads folder for the next 5 years.

>> No.19280613
File: 49 KB, 1170x1108, gigadance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Delphi Classics Complete Works

>> No.19280698
File: 2.77 MB, 640x358, putterfish.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*independently validates schopenhauer*

>> No.19280783

why did he do it?

>> No.19280819

>And get angry whenever the person they are interested is either in a romance, or interested in someone else than them?
Love functions like a drug. If you refuse a drug addict of their drug then they are bound to manifest anger.

>> No.19280834

Mating ground, likely.

>> No.19280846

I would like to work as a teacher but I don’t have an education degree and I don’t want to teach my undergraduate field.

>> No.19280854


>> No.19280857

Has anyone tried those cock ring thingies that have been cropping up in hentai lately?
I put an elastic band around my cock and balls just before coming and the orgasm felt amazing, huge loads.

>> No.19280859


>> No.19280907

*dog barks*

>> No.19280926

Impressing females

>> No.19280936


>> No.19280995 [DELETED] 

lol i just heard gunshots, five shots, i don't hear any sirens yet tho

>> No.19281007
File: 69 KB, 720x695, 1615337797998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19281132


>> No.19281144

Probably something banally materialistic like gut bacteria.

>> No.19281152

Psychology is a mystery to me
at times, i grasp concepts without and issue, at others, i struggle to read simple sentences. Its always up and down, i wish for a more constant progress/process

>> No.19281166

Nothing is more depressing than my email inbox, all ads and useless announcements.

>> No.19281175


>> No.19281185

Make your country more like what I want it to be pls

>> No.19281204

Trying to learn astrology to understand my natal chart. For the way it looks, i'm screwed.

>> No.19281222

Been in lockdown for the last four months and in that time spend over 800 hours playing video games. Now that time is coming to an end I feel nauseous at all that time I wasted, and dread at the prospect of stopping and going back to work.

>> No.19281234

Skipping dinner to stay in bed all day

>> No.19281257

same but make 2 years instead of 4 months

>> No.19281260

Perhaps he's right, but until the elite decides it is so, we will continue as we always have.

>> No.19281261

Heh make it six years

>> No.19281269

Lel this means he didn't write at all

>> No.19281272

I feel like I was actively prevented from entering adulthood. But now that I'm older people are looking down on me for not being a competent adult

>> No.19281282

If it wasn’t video games it would’ve been something else.

>> No.19281301

Im almost 30 and still feel like a weird mix of naive child and hardened adult.

>> No.19281321

I am based
I am a sigma male
I will achieve my aim no matter what
I will defeat the devil
I will make it bros
Let's go

>> No.19281357

I have decided I'm going to keep a journal in which I write daily; each entry will be a suicide note. After a year, I will select my favorites and compile them into a single copy. Maybe by the end of it, I won't want to kill myself anymore, but at least I'll have the note ready if ever I get the urge to do it again.

>> No.19281361

They're going to get really repetitive

>> No.19281383
File: 51 KB, 523x927, 1634400234295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19281390

Maybe. Though I imagine after a full year there will be enough variety to make a small selection. I'm not attempting a great work of art, here, only a suicide note.

>> No.19281396

the fact that my life does not depress me makes me wonder if I am actually retarded

>> No.19281410

Why are you bothering with a suicide note in the first place? Just kill yourself.

>> No.19281417

we are all children in the eyes of God, anon

>> No.19281423

My note will be simple.

>> No.19281438

true, but i act as one.

>> No.19281449

I can't stop cooming and I stole a bottle of vodka yesterday.

>> No.19281470


>> No.19281495

why is this thread so reddit

>> No.19281501

Hear me out:
What if we just act like Marxist-Leninists until the socialist stage is achieved, and then we pull the rug out from underneath the communists? They will have laid the grounds for a truly fascist state, and all long as we ensure the shift to the communist stage doesn't occur, we win.

>> No.19281502
File: 29 KB, 753x960, 1557864823112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is your face so reddit.

Pic related.

>> No.19281507


>> No.19281519

Unwitting assets and their handlers.

>> No.19281611

That's really sad, anon. You should at least find a buddy to drink and jerk it with. I had friend like that once. Very handsome fella that went by Robin, though his real name was Chris. It was his middle name, I think. His parents might've liked Winnie the Pooh. Maybe they just hated their kid. I never asked. In any event we used to drink together. Whatever he could steal from his folks, which meant that it was usually mixer. Tasted like shit but I guess that hardly matters when you're drinking to get wasted. Never fucked him in the ass, but he was a handsome fella. Turned out to be bi or something. We were real competitive about who came first, which I usually did. It was sort of rigged against me from the start, since I still had my foreskin. He wasn't Jewish, either, just American. We also made it a point never to look at each other while that went down. We'd sit back to back, each of us goading the other in whichever way we could. One felt a great sense of camaraderie in those moments. We were in the dark, too. That's what we went camping for. Well, he liked the fishing and I liked the fire, but the drinking was a big draw. I think his dad began to get an idea of what was going on, because he'd sometimes make faces at me. Maybe he thought I was gay, or that I was boinking his kid. He used to be quite the man's man; broke horses, fixed cars, owned this great big chopper that he said was a Harley Davidson. He got fat, though. Anyway, I lost touch with him after I left to college. I kind of miss him sometimes. Drinking wasn't ever really the same without him. Didn't like the guys there, either. A girl, you can get any kind. It doesn't really matter except that you gotta be sure she's not too stupid, otherwise she'll get bored. There's no such thing as a really clever girl. Guys, the really clever ones are the only ones worth going after. Or, at least, that have a certain something in them. He wasn't too bright, but he sure was handsome. Could really hold his liquor, too. I don't know. Get a friend like that, anon. Stop being lonely.

>> No.19281636


>> No.19281647

that's really beautiful :)

>> No.19281659

I laugh but I am genuinely afraid that the CIA will start tracking me if I decide to try and learn Chinese.

>> No.19281661
File: 57 KB, 465x522, E852EBD3-B097-4F3C-8026-AEDBCB83CC30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve spent the past decade outside the US. My parents want me to go back and they mock me for preferring to live in a 3rd world country. The thing is, I get the sense that it’s literally impossible to have a life there. Call me a schizo but as soon as I stepped foot in America I got the feeling that the place was cursed and all Americans were under the influence of some soulless evil force

>> No.19281662

She's on the other side of the couch and our toes are having a conversation of their own. I need to level up and she, she does things I am unwilling to comprehend on her phone. Maybe I should offer to make her something to eat.

>> No.19281664

you'll end up like the okhrana agents in the bolsheviks who got shot after october

>> No.19281695
File: 29 KB, 600x300, 47099787ddf14046c4fc6af219e2a25096d60a378690dc8e9ffc9a36b59a6a00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start tracking me

>> No.19281699

Which country?

Why would they track me now? I vote Democrat, am not white, and outside of 4chan am quite normal.

>> No.19281702

yeah. i live in canada, it's very atmospherically painful and i can't seem to be able to fulfill any artistic ambitions here. wanna move to eastern europe or south america and live off of tutoring english or something

>> No.19281713

maybe travel back to canada if i need a surgery or something

>> No.19281715

Curious as to where you're currently based. I get a similar feeling after long periods of travel. Mostly it's the urban parts that get me. I can't really do Appalachia, though. That's thoroughly tainted. Parts of the Rockies put one at ease, and the same's true for the less inhabited parts of the Middle West. It's a beautiful country if you know where to look. I know what you mean, though. There's such a spiritual vacuum in that place. Europe, too, but things are calmer there.

>> No.19281742

Canada's not too bad, or at least there's a lot of it left undisturbed. Matters where you go. The people will almost unanimously be shit in English America.

>> No.19281751

I want to fucking die. I am on 150mg and yet I want to fucking die.

>> No.19281759

Mawkish but I like feet.

>> No.19281767

Do you mean acid? That's pretty usually what I feel on acid. Get off 4chan if that's the case.

>> No.19281773

>Why would they track me now?
because it's really, really cheap

>> No.19281780


>> No.19281786

They dont call us the great satan for no reason

>> No.19281808

Haven't read anything for a month now. Just been lifting weights and meditating. I hope i come out better.

>> No.19281820

I'm not gay. Don't have a problem with those who are, but I'm not myself. Not even bi, really. I was just young. You should neck yourself, though.

>> No.19281822

depends what you mean by "left undisturbed". this entire country is filled with middle class parasites imo, the more i get away from interacting with them ever again the better off i am

>> No.19281824

Same, except I'm playing games and jacking off.

>> No.19281826

Who calls us that? I'll kick their fucking ass.

>> No.19281830
File: 61 KB, 620x370, ap_9a6b76773ed34deaaef0f509792ea879-14-620x370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure?

>> No.19281841

I think my pacing is fucked towards the finale.
Also I think I’ve screwed up my whole life by being so angry about getting bullied and becoming so wary of it that I’ve spent the past 20 years interpreting literally everything as just people trying to hurt me and even though I know it’s a problem I can’t figure out how to fix it.
Or the pacing of the story.

>> No.19281844

>I-I was just young!
Cope faggot

>> No.19281848

He's a fudge packer lol

>> No.19281861


>> No.19281865

First snow stick to the ground. We both are changing for better. deal?

>> No.19281866


>> No.19281876

On my way to rape you in the ass for calling me a faggot rn

>> No.19281881

You sound retarded

>> No.19281894
File: 9 KB, 242x208, 1592764348734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19281924

Quality frogpost

>> No.19281934

>faggot is also a predator

>> No.19281947

Because I feel bad if it is not the case, if nobody loves me. I didn't choose to feel bad, this is deeply ingrained, everyone feels this way necessarily. So I am entitled insofar as if I don't get it, I will be upset.

>> No.19281955

i have to take care of a dog for a week. ive never taken care of a dog. i wonder if it will enjoy smoking weed with me

>> No.19281958


>> No.19281964

Dont give the dog weed

>> No.19281971

Get off that shit right away
t. doctor

>> No.19281972

You sound like a faggot

>> No.19281973
File: 138 KB, 1040x780, IMG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19281974

You're next, buddy

>> No.19281980

We get it, you have power fantasies because you're impotent cock sucker. Now log off and fix your life

>> No.19281983

Because society largely instills the notion that if you’re no pt with someone you have no value or your life has no value. It’s in the love songs, the romances, the obligatory romantic elements of non-romantic story (he’s out to kill the demon dragon of doom, but hey, he’s gonna fall in love along the way, too, because the marketing guys said we need a romance to hook female readers!). It’s ingrained in the insults and put downs (incel, chud, loser, nobody will ever love you, you can’t get a girl?). It’s held up as a counter to other kinds of successes (sure, Scrooge had wealth … BUT DID HE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!) So it’s not just the rejection that hurts (and that can hurt a lot) but also what the rejection signifies: that you’re a failure not just in love with that person, but at all of life. So people feel entitled because they’re alive and they’ve been told the only point to being alive is to be in a relationship so why were they born if they’re being denied the one and only thing that’s supposed to matter?

>> No.19281984

You only believe that because you're retarded

>> No.19281990

Your cause and effect is totally mixed up. Its an intrinsic desire to want an intimate relationship, hence this is manifested in culture.

>> No.19281992

Nice projection

>> No.19281997

Cope faggot

>> No.19282005

>n-no you!
Faggots just can't stop coping

>> No.19282035

DUH!!!! COPE!!!! DUH, SEETHE!!???!! COPE!!!!!











And so on.

>> No.19282036

O Du Helige
sjung alla hemliga sånger
i hennes bröst

>> No.19282058

Is it an intrinsic desire or are we just told it’s an intrinsic desire?

>> No.19282059

Lmao hit a raw nerve

>> No.19282074


>> No.19282148

Which part of India? I descend from Punjab, but at this point my entire extended family has left India.

>> No.19282165

honestly if you can build a life for yourself in india there is literally no reason to come to the west. you arent missing out on much. we are in fact under the influence of some soulless evil force and may never recover

>> No.19282192

>I fear rejection
I used to as well. Ask yourself what you fear more; rejection or missing out and dying alone. Literally the worst that can happen is she isn't interested. If that happens you just move on. It will suck for a bit, rejection always does, but it's better to know than live in an eternal limbo of "what if".

The more you approach women and, by extension, get rejected the more confident you'll become. You'll realize that rejection isn't that big of a deal which leads to it being easier to approach women.

>> No.19282193

this desu
>no ethnic tension
>women know their place
>no trannies
the west is a nightmare l wish l was born elsewhere

>> No.19282196
File: 192 KB, 607x413, gaseous clay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At what point should one definitely renounce their dreams and aspirations for a more grounded life? I'm torn between seeing this act as very dishonorable or seeing at as an act of wisdom

>> No.19282204

>no ethnic tension
you've got to be joking anon. if the aforementioned country was something like turkmenistan then sure, but not fucking india and their endless tribal conflicts

>> No.19282205

At the point where your dreams and aspirations are literally impossible and the pursuit of which prevent you from living a good life

>> No.19282214
File: 117 KB, 800x600, 1590088628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ever since I was a child I had difficulty articulating my thoughts and talking to others. Like, if I had to talk to someone on the spot, it was as if there was this interference in my brain and I wouldn't be able to focus enough on the subject at hand to properly convert it into words and in sentences and in overall communication. I can only talk to people if I think things over beforehand and basically rehearse it, or if it is someone I'm really close to in which case the "interference" suddenly dissipates. Whatever it is, I feel like it's contributed a lot to my alienation from other people.

>> No.19282216

Nice Amelia Watson pic.

>> No.19282219

In terms of honour, when the pursuit of those goals interferes with other duties. If you have a family you need to support or something then it is likely time to switch gears. I don't really buy the "past X age you can't do shit " line, I think it boils more down to other responsibilities take priority for most people, but others the greatest hurdle is allowing yourself to become demoralized.

>> No.19282240

Why is it so difficult for me to find ways of living with dignity. Work, family, all of these reduce and belittle me.

>> No.19282247

>no ethnic tension
Only in parts of Africa and in China, Japan, and the Koreas is this a thing

>> No.19282252

Only when the force of will has been exhausted, or in fact when renunciation and will are in agreement

>> No.19282259

see that's the odd thing, when i am ''not demoralized'' i feel like i am deluding myself and indulging in these silly visions of grandeur to cope with my currently shameful existence. in a way it seems like i shouldn't allow myself to ever think that i can be great and i guess by proxy believe in myself. it's one asphyxiating cycle and i don't know how to get out of it

>> No.19282294

I've renounced all my dreams because I've come to regard them just as how you would feel about your childhood dreams - misguided, trivial, frivolous. It is all God's will, so I see no point in worrying myself anymore. Mind you, I'm still working towards my "goals", because I don't have anything else to do if I weren't, but I no longer care about the outcome. If you want a relevant book recommendation, check out Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship by Goethe.

>> No.19282295

I love daydreaming about shit I most likely can't achieve. It's one of life's few free pleasures and to stop yourself from doing it is cruel imo.
Might depend on what the fantasies/dreams are but I can't see the harm in having them while still doing what you can within your means

>> No.19282313

based and platonic

>> No.19282324

Very good post

>> No.19282400


The testimony of the guy in the first part of this video about how he couldn't even get the nurse to give a straight answer is exactly what negrification/latinxification looks like. This is the kind of individual it produces, and the kind of society it produces as both an aggregate of such individuals, and out of necessity, as all its "potential employees" are now full blown retards like the nurse described in the story.

What happens is that standards for literacy and competency and eventually even presence of mind drop systemically. This is what a non-white society looks like: systemically tolerated, always worsening, borderline childlike incompetence.

No matter how nice and nonracist you are, you must be aware that these people are 80IQ troglodytes. It's not just the lower bounds or ghetto ones anymore, the new normal, the new average person in America is now an 83IQ mulatto nurse who doesn't even answer, doesn't even TELL SELF-CONSISTENT LIES when lying, because she's never been held up to real (white) standards of competence. As a result she's not only incompetent but entitled and sassy about it too.

This is third world tier, this is illiterate tribal savage taught the basics of triage in some backwoods medical outpost tier. And these people are probably now staffing most government, military, and infrastructure positions.

>> No.19282428

im finna kms

>> No.19282431

yooooo bussin' bussin' ???

>> No.19282497


>> No.19282508

ok boomer

>> No.19282512

I really want to become a painter, but I haven't been enjoying my time here as of late. All the people seem so disingenuine, I don't trust them. Might just go back to my home country and pursue a career in politics, people say I'm well-spoken and good at motivating the crowds

>> No.19282518

How fucked in your head are you?

>> No.19282533

Yeah, we're fucked. Only hope is hat enough Asians and Indians move here to keep the ship afloat after the whites die out.

>> No.19282540


>> No.19282544

Hey I've also been thinking of moving back and I too daydream of being a politician there.
Unironically might not be far fetched given my situation.

Maybe with painting it's harder to keep the dream alive, I had the same with sports but that's obviously not going to happen anymore.

>> No.19282554

Homogeneous 50s BBQ tradwife pairbonding wheatfield

>> No.19282595

That's nice. You should pursue your dreams. I'm counting my blessings, I've got some friends at home who are willing to kickstart my political career. It's just a pipe dream I guess, but my real purpose is to make my county proud again. They've wrongfully been treated as outcasts and made to feel shame by a small group, you might call them a cabal of greedy, fear-mongering money-grubbers. I'm going to keep on painting for a little while, I love making aquarelles at the moment, but if it doesn't work out, I'm going back to Germany.

>> No.19282633
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>> No.19282662

Is the flash fiction anthology guy going to make another thread? My story is ready and I want to post it in the right place.

>> No.19282730

i crapped my pants

>> No.19282761
File: 58 KB, 622x631, 67AA6136-7506-458E-A803-C39EF1DCA250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19282799


>> No.19282830

I have a cruel streak within me that I never got to put into practice.

>> No.19282839

Ever hurt an animal?

>> No.19282861

No. I actually have rarely hurt anyone. But it's more out of repression than actual kindness.

>> No.19282867

nice track
slept for 16+ hours feel like shit

>> No.19282904

Cousin coming to stay here for a few months. Just realised she hasnt seen my self-harm scars so that should be interesting

>> No.19282961

Blogposting degenerates, go read a book, it's really not that bad. People forget what first seems as a given but you must start reading in order to read, not that hard of a task

>> No.19283007
File: 2.09 MB, 498x379, stimpy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woke up again today. feel like pure shit.

>> No.19283030

Whisky, neat.

>> No.19283191

what do you guys read

>> No.19283306

That would require competence. I like the recurring joke from American Gods. How do you know the CIA wasn't involved in the Kennedy assassination? Because it worked.

>> No.19283315
File: 55 KB, 321x456, Screenshot 2021-10-23 183722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there days?

>> No.19283321

Ah! Ooh! Why am I punching this wall? Because nothing matters, I can do what I want! But should I be able to do what I want? Should I be punching this wall? Nobody knows, so I can do what I want, I can do what I want regardless, although I can't do what I want and nobody can do what they want because they don't want to do what they want!

>> No.19283322


>> No.19283329
File: 836 KB, 866x711, Luminant_African_Americans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw entering this thread

>> No.19283352

Imagine zoomer suicide notes.
>"Self preservation be like... bruh"
>*sloppy far noise*
>"Wokky slush"
>*Obnoxious airhorn*
>"This is a certified hood- OOF!"
>*Penis music distorted into ear rape*

>> No.19283368

You can. We're all struggling. You're not alone in this.

>> No.19283449
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>spent the better part of nearly 3 years on twitter
>realizing i gained literally nothing from that time except for a few good music reccs
>it damaged my mental health by exploiting my anxious thought loops
people from the 70s have a bunch of stretches of memory from that time destroyed by their cocaine addictions. wonder if it's gonna be the same for zoomers, but from social media retardation

>> No.19283494
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mentally damaged twitterfag migrates to 4chan and starts shitting it up as a tripfag

>> No.19283499

l dunno man cocaine is probably more fun than twitter

>> No.19283500

If you worked remotely, how would you decide where to live? My job got moved to remote so I just let my lease run out and now I’m staying with parents. The only reason I was where there was for the job and now that it’s remote I don’t have anywhere in particular that I’m supposed to be. What’s worse is they said there’s a possibility it’s no longer remote in the future.

>> No.19283506
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>> No.19283508


>> No.19283537


>> No.19283594


>> No.19283628

surely you dont actually enjoy this generic autotune shit, right?

>> No.19283629
File: 135 KB, 640x852, marshall-mcluhan-920694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marshall Mcluhan was ahead of his time, listen to this interesting lecture if you feel like.

>> No.19283631

dolla dolla bills yall

>> No.19283641

my room reeks of weed and chicken. mostly chicken

>> No.19283649

that's just his voice, no auto-tune
the energy is nice

>> No.19283743
File: 58 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

last time i drank it felt like my heart was going to explode afterwards but I think Ill drink again tonight because its all i have

>> No.19283755

whoever makes the next thread please choose a cool image

>> No.19283763
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I wish to engage in sexual relationships but I'm unable to do so

>> No.19283779


>> No.19283784

New thread

>> No.19283793

Official New thread


>> No.19283796

Your journey may be different, but your destination will still be where you want to be in life.
>what was good about lower debt
People who excel and exceed others in prestigious schools are those who are meant to be there (full scholarships, parents that own an interest in the college, silver spoons, et cetera)
You could very well still be struggling in a more prestigious school.
>Opportunities exist around you that don't exist elsewhere
Look for life around you and you will find what makes you happy.

>> No.19283799

This one.

>> No.19283803


>> No.19283808

Welcome to Hell.

>> No.19283839

So making a second thread is still a thing when there’s another one up?

>> No.19283848

I’ve been reading more and more lately, having some good fun with it too. Frodo and the lads just entered the Old Forest, I wonder what’s gonna happen!!

As childish as that feels to type out, it’s the same sentiment that keeps me interested in life. Things can be better if you truly believe they can, just like your inner child once did.

>> No.19283860
File: 211 KB, 1280x881, 2C59ADCA-8E20-4C0F-B5B7-851150C2A9B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Animu couldn’t help himself, I guess.

>> No.19283870
File: 28 KB, 622x470, 1EE3ECE0-7478-4204-9A81-DCB98B2BF96B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly the secret to a happy life is remembering the best parts of being a child.

>> No.19283887

...but the weeb thread was the one that was both posted and linked here first?

>> No.19283888

Then just use that one.

>> No.19283891


>> No.19283893

I’m using that one. So I don’t know what’s the problem.

>> No.19283897

but its the weeb one...weebanon has always been making them...hes had his turn. i choose the other guy

>> No.19283913

The tripfag?

>> No.19283929

half the posts here are probably butters samefagging, she already exposed this habbit of hers in another thread and got caught red handed

>> No.19283944
File: 2.89 MB, 3264x2448, 8B9B6126-D9E3-482B-9E09-820388D137BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you mean?
I’ve hardly posted ITT. I’ve just come back from work

>> No.19283948

True. besides the weeb one has actual discussion in it.

>> No.19284278

the quality is exponentially better when the tripfags arent around. we should have two threads more often

>> No.19284386

there is nothing meaningful for a 'white male' to do in this world except wish I was born in the past

>> No.19284488

It's even bumping the dead thread.

>> No.19284733

Only because you assign nothing meaningful to anything.
Stop that.

>> No.19285172

Fuck society. I want to go and live in the mountains.

>> No.19285280

i prefer crime documentaries that focuses more on the victims than the killer.
firstly it gives less respect for the killer by not giving him the attention he probably wiched for and secondly it shows how heavy the act of killing is and how many people are affected by the loss of someone. "the tragic life of a man caucht in a murder and how his loss is a tragedy" rather than "the tragic life of the killer, and what led him to kill".

just a few thoughts, i don't clinge to them so don't feel the need to "destroy" me, i don't care.
this thread is just a way for me to exercice my ability of writing down my thoughts.
thank you

>> No.19285341

Idc what the anon who hates Russia says I love Russia. Even if our government is shit. Russian culture is amazing. I love my country

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