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This guy convinced me to read books regularly and I started with self help books. I read all of the most popular self help books but I got tired of them when I noticed they all started to repeat the same shit and then I moved on to the classics

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i just wanted to learn more shit

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Weak bait.

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I've been reading since I was a little boy.
My parents also read a lot so I probably started out just wanting to imitate them.

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because it has information in it that i want

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I think so.

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I just grew up with it from around the age of 2. All that's changed is I now read philosophy and history, rather than Roald Dahl.

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i read a lot as a kid until my brain was fried by videogames and porn. only started reading again 2 years ago.

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A professor who gave me a copy of The stranger, I had a good relationship with him so I felt that if he wanted me to read it it was because I could get something out of it and didn't want to let him down.

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I was always good at it so my lazy "gifted" ass just drifted towards it

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"This guy" literally just reads the table of contents and considers the book read. Literally.

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Same with me. Even if my father doesn't read, my mother does - a lot.

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I don't think my mother ever read a book in her life, so this is fascinating to me. What does your mother read?

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She mostly reads books on protestantism and pop crime novels. The later she devours in a day or two. I've tried giving my father a book. He put a marker in the middle of it and never opened again, kek.

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never heard of him.

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fuck off, benchod

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I don’t read and neither does /lit/.

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Based. Most books only deserve a quick skim at best

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>What got you into reading?
Nothing, I don't read.

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The Frank Frazetta covers on the old Conan books my father was storing for my uncle.

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this board :)

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also my anarcho capitalist phase that I got from twitter/politigram

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While no one can say for sure, it seems more likely than not.

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When I saw Percy Jackson in kmart when I was 9

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Same. I read history and philosophy now

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I didn't have any friends as a kid

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I wanted to learn to draw and all the good tutorials are in books. Then I decided to learn to write comics, so I bought a bunch of books on philosophy, psychoanalysis, mythology, fairy tales, and narrative theory. I also hoarded classic books from ebay. Over time, reading just became a lot of fun

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I liked fantasty stories and funny stories. Over time, I got into reading books for the sake of understanding the origins of things. Now I understand that, even if you find out about an early, notable example of something, you might not necessarily be able to know why it exists or how it first came to be.

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Do you have friends now.

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