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Another midwit who hasn't read Guenon, yawn

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> Personally I am most influenced by some of the "natural philosophers" of the past, such as James Clerk Maxwell.
Not funny, didn't laugh. Also, James Clerk Maxwell would be shitting on String theory if he was still alive, faggot.

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atheists are desperate to have a god, so atheists, after having killed the jew god, created new ones
-the politics itself, with the deification of the generic public servant
this is the promise of the bourgeois towards the plebs that now the peasants should be aware of the rules and the life of the bureaucrats and merchants, and this time the bourgeois ruling class will totally listen if the peasants have something to say lol, contrary to the evil kings who just didnt care
-science and they made up positivism which exploded and crashed hard, by their own hands
yet their meme still lives in the general population, in the form of the retards fantasizing that it should be the scientists who rule lol
-they made up anthropomorphism to justify their caste system and colonization
-the genes themselves, especially the retards in general population, yet who dont even know what an allele is lol
those people are doing some genetic genealogy and they literally believe that they descent from XYZ group of ancient people and create some retarded identity around this
[in fact all they do is feeding some database of ADN hosted in the US and israel, not even kidding, those are the 2 countries creating those ''find my origin'' companies]
-and finally the jewish come back after the jewish god was killed: nature itself is the new god woah
this is endorsed by all the atheists who fucking love science and yet never did science once in their life.
this whole retardation about maths started with jew Spinoza and of course Kant

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