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Should I read it? I'm a christian and I don't read much, but it seems really beautiful an interesting.

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I don't give a fuck.

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Sure, I hope then you can finally live your life without needing validation from 4chan all the time.

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>I don't give a fuck.

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Read Divine Comedy instead

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Because it is. Paradise Loft is amazing bible fanfic, with the most incredible love story in ANY book of fiction.

Also, Satin is NOT the good guy.

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Read Dostoyevsky

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Yes, it's in my opinion the single most beautiful piece of modern literature.

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My favourite work of all time, really.
Every one should read it.

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a hard read if you don't read much

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Greatest work of epic poetry in the English language.

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I laughed out loud for like 8 seconds

and I have a very flat affect as a general rule.

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Satin is rarely the good guy in anything. Really underused fabric antagonist, desu.

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you haven't read Sandman, have you.

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"And so it was that humanity would come to know the world they once lived as Paradise Lost." Fucking Milton really? You hack.

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He's not really a good guy there. More neutral.

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Paradise Lost is _the_ very thing written in this language. He impoverishes himself who decides it is not worth his while. It is meant to be read slowly, one book at a time, with a few days in between for the purpose of a healthy digestion. One cannot have steak for dinner every night.

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>One cannot have steak for dinner every night.

Implying you're the boss of me<<<<

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Christian. Don't read.
Funny how often those things go together.

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