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Why are so many librarians mean, fat, and old ladies ?

At my local library there is a lady librarian, she is old and fat and mean to everyone, especially the kids. I remember when I was a kid, there was an old librarian who was also old, fat, and mean to the kids. Today I had to go to two branch libraries and both of them had two fat, old lady librarians yelling at the kids.

Is that like a requirement for libraries? You know, all your librarians must have a BA and at least one must be old and fat and mean to the kids.

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Sexual frustration. Just like everyone here on /lit/.

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The one's at my library are nice. Also there's this South African MILF who's preggo and I can't concentrate on reading because I keep perving her up

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Pretty much >>7923681 They fell for the "books get you laid" meme just when the pill came on the market. You'd be mad too.

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I once met a hot librarian and dated her. I was 21 and she was 33. Good times...

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Man, that sounds nice...

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As with everything funded by the state, libraries lack incentives. Bad sevice, ie fat old mean librarian, has no effect on how much money the library makes. And this is further compounded by how the professional victim narrative has taken over most governments. Basically, you get what you pay for.

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because the mean, fat old men get higher-paying positions

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I dunno, i think it just has to do with librarians sitting behind a desk all day, or at least most of it(leading to a fat ass) and having to deal with inane questions or just giving directions to people, leading to insensibilization.

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All that applies to cam whores as well. And some of them are hot.

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But they have to stay hot to get dosh/attention/both. Librarians just want their paychecks.

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I dunno, my library is pretty spread out across gender and ages, there's about 14 librarians overall, and only maybe three or four are old ladies, and only one of which is a bitch, but they're trying to get her fired at this point.

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Now refer back to my original comment.

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my branch has an old thin meek lady

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Most bookstores are white/grey haired old men

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The world is full of mean, fat, and old ladies. You will see many more throughout your life, especially in easy bureaucratic positions.

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You actually need a masters to be able to hold the title librarian from what I remember

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my local library is packed with nothing but young to mid age milfs. it's crazy

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why are they mean? because library patrons are annoying as fuck and treat you awfully

why are they fat? because librarianship isn't a job that requires physical attractiveness or physical fitness

why are they old? because the type of people who become librarians live a long time and are able to do their job into their old age

the kids you see getting yelled at are little monsters, i've worked in public libraries and work in an academic library now

the best part of my new job is that i don't have to deal with (as many) kids anymore, and i love kids

i really appreciate that you took 0 time out of your day to actually think about these questions before posting them

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>being this mean and fat
>(soon to be old)

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I work in a public library and it is always stressed we are supposed to be as nice as possible to the patrons. What the fuck kind of library are you going to?

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Sadly, my library lost its alt-qt but it still has the azn-qt and it got a tall blonde milf-qt.

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more like the average older white woman is just fat and mean

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how do you know i am not already old?

i really dislike fat people and wish i were not surrounded by so many of them but it is a cross i must bear

the average person is fat and mean, what is your point

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that is the point and answer to OPs question

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there's no such thing as a young milf. pics and i'll believe it.

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I live in the Bronx. The librarians at my branch are Dominican greasers and an old Russian woman. I once watched the Russian pick up a heavy book (the Art of Star Wars:TFA) by the cover, ripping it, ruining the book.
The greasers watch basketball with the sound up. Most of the patronscare homeless and/or drug addicts. The security guards say " turn off your phone!" or "Sir, you can't sleep here" randomly to appear to do something, but people continue to sleep and talk on their phones at normal (NY) levels of conversation with no repraisal. For the past couple weeks the security guard gas been having impassioned talks with a nerd about their disapointtment surrounding the Batman V Superman movie The conversations are outside, away from the looney bin that is the library.
TL;dr : niggers can't read

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did you really expect anything else from the bronx?

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Are you implying that you are female?
Becuase i have a fetish for mature white women... let me breed you against a library stack.

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I'm a librarian, degree and everything
I work with a nice middle-aged Chinese lady an cheery Indian girl who just graduated like me. There's also an old German woman who comes in half the time. She's nice too. I'm a gay white guy.
Anyways not sure what you're talking about OP

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What kind of degree did you get? How hard was it to snag the job? How does it pay and how do you like it?

I want to become an archivist and I heard it is the same degree.

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Why wouldn't there be? Not him, but my sisters had kids early and aren't even 30 yet with teenagers in tow. I think they'd still count as young MILFs.

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Our librarians have always been nice (and not overweight). The Children's Librarian did convince me to read Harry Potter though (in fairness, she didn't know I had already been through Tolkein).

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At my community college library before I joined the trades there was a librarian there and she started to talk to me about the French language or something in Quebec and about how it was regulated by a language committee. We just started to talk about international things and languages for a minute and it was some of the most stimulating conversation I had the whole year.

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Masters of Library Science

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They're mean because working here fucking suckkkkkkkkkks

Every other person is an asshole. No one respects the systems. Their job has been gutted and had its insides replaced by technobureaucrats in gay office casual. THIS INDIAN DUDE HAS BEEN COUGHING IN THE [[[[[[[[[QUIET]]]]]]]]] STUDY AREA NONSTOP EVERY THREE SECONDS WITHOUT COVERING HIS MOUTH FOR TWO HOURS. AND I'M NOT ALLOWED TO THROW SHIT AT HIM

Eighth homeless guy this morning currently hassling other lady librarian

t. library employee

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you have no idea how many women, old librarians included, manage to find men to fuck them in libraries.

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Life is not a porno anon.

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my idea of an archetypal librarian isn't fat, she just has an awful haircut and old woman glasses

coincidentally enough, the current reigning champion on Jeopardy! fits my stereotype to a T

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What >>7925770 said. Though it's generally called information science now, not library science.
Openings are sparse but the hiring process is not too selective. The pay is pretty good.
Public librarians (like me) generally get paid about as much as senior public school teachers. For an archivist or a librarian at a university it might be different.

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Academic librarian anon here as well. Fuck public libraries!

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I wouldn't know OP.
Though librarians tend to be middle aged to older ladies, I don't recall any of them as being particularly obese or anything but nice or courteous throughout my life, as a kid and as an observer at the library when they are dealing with kids.
Those who aren't tend to be the bookish types, literature nerds that decided to intermingle work with their hobby, and though they might not be the most fit or athletic looking, they certainly haven't done anything that warranted condemnation, at least on my part.
Hell, libraries have been a sanctuary to me throughout my life, places of rest and respite in the sea of shit that is my life, and I'm pretty sure I'd remember if something there upset that calm.

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My high school librarian had the exact same kind of clothes as Eric Andre's Ranch character but just a lot baggier. However when you talked to him he was as serious and professional as a librarian could be.

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Whoa that pictures was taken at my school. We do have a relatively high proportion of fedora wearers to be honest.

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Then why do the people in the background look so amused / disgusted

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No, but thats not my point. Not about relating my level of expectation vs reality, just sharing reality.

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The girl I love is a librarian actually.

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1)There are no women here. 2)There are many men who think its fun to get your dick hard pretendibg to be women
3)you will never fuck anyone against a stack.

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Good point, a-non, from now on fat women will play basketball and tall , athletic black men will be librarians.

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I can't tell who is worse: the "adult" walking around with a Sonic shirt and a fedora, enjoying himself, or the "adults" behind him who are laughing and smirking simply because he, a person who obviously has autism, is enjoying himself.

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>[...]she is old and fat and mean to everyone, especially the kids.
>especially the kids
As an armchair psychologist I'd say there are many ways to understand her behavior. Maybe she never had kids herself and other peoples' children becomes a reminder of what she isn't a part of. Or maybe she had children once, but they died or rejected her as adults. As any group of people in society, women are raised to fulfill certain cultural ideals to be considered whole or a proper citizen, for example by being a wife, a mother, a lover or a sexually appealing object. Feeling that you are unable to live up to these ideals about what makes a proper woman can be experienced as hurtful. Seeing other people happily achieving a balance or combination of these ideals without any seemingly efforts or costs risk causing a low evaluation of the self with anger and sadness as a response or reaction. Her aggressive behavior towards the children can therefore be understood as some sort of defense-mechanism in order to upheld a positive evaluation of who she thinks she is or wishes to be as it would be difficult to avoid situations where she is reminded of her feminine inferiority according to patriarchal gender norms.

Or you know, it could simply be that the kids tend to act like shit and someone needs to put them into place.

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Milf is usually someone in their late 30's minimum.

Use stiffler's mom as a base.

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Do people honestly think being literary gets you laid? I've always thought it was the opposite.

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Why necessarily that old? Isn't it just about mothers-I'd-like-to-fuck? So young mothers could count towards it too.

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It's gotten me laid in the way that people who like tattoos prefer other people who like tattoos. Some women or men don't like the thought of being with non-literary people. Being attractive helps too.

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It's about mature women, basically it's some Freudian shit and Oedipus complex.

What are you doing on 4chan if you never even considered fucking your mom? Or are you just new? Because I didn't like it either... but this place changes you.

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This is the thread the rest of 4chan imagines when they think of us.

read: never

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