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These are the best three books ever written. Prove me wrong.

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>No Petersburg
>No The Transylvania Trilogy
>No Capitalism and Schizophrenia
>No Being and Time
>No In Search of Lost Time

At least you tried

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You're probably right t b h

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>no finnegans wake
You fucked up, OP.

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But it's incoherent.

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Dense, not incoherent. Abstract, not incoherent. I don't know where or when, how or why it got the reputation it has now, but if you're a Joyce fan who hasn't given it a read you really owe it to yourself to do so. You're not going to get much concrete meaning out of many parts, but there is a coherent novel at its core.

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No, it's not. Stop being a baby.

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>the premise of a value judgement being proven "wrong"

>not establishing ahead of time your criteria for "best" if you're going to have this argument anyway

Fuckthisgayearth =)

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>I don't know where or when, how or why it got the reputation it has now
Somewhere around the "bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk!"

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I guess you're right, the same reason The Sound and The Fury has its reputation. You aren't allowed to be tough within the first 50 pages.

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Do you think Pynchon will ever be part of Oxford Press Editions?

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i don't care, literature is still 30 years behind painting and photography

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Fuck no. Not before Wallace.

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A well deserved (you)

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You know it's true.

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that lloks so nice OP well done

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Best 35 bucks I've ever spent.

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even if you can only speak english this is wrong. Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dante, Kafka, Proust and Cervantes made better works objectively speaking.
Also dubliners and portrait are great but not genious

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>better works objectively

You haven't even read them you mong.

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I have fuccboi

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The Bible, Montaigne's essays, and Shakespeare's works actually

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>Oxford world classics
Gun, mouth, now.

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I love Joyce, but you sound retarded.

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But there's nothing difficult about that.

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I love Joyce, but I won't agree, Dubliners is an excellent book that uses an array of short stories to detail what life in Dublin was like during the time published and uses symbolism throughout the text to represent upcoming problems and issues Ireland faces as it steps away (with problems) from being British. Excellent book, I rate it with being one of the best, but not the best ever written

Portrait is pretty good, not amazing, Joyce flexed his writing ability for a large part of the book and not much more then that

I haven't actually read Ulysses, can anyone give me some info on it or tell me a bit about it

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It involves ireland

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Wouldn't of thought that

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What point are you trying to make exactly.

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:^) pimply eric friend

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>wouldn't of

What're you doing on this board?

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that a publisher is by its nature bad, i presume

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That's just a string of multilingual versions of the word "thunder." Nothing difficult about it.

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crazy how all of them put together sound like one long thunder crack

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you haven't read everything.

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