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>my gaze when i just threw away all my books and stopped reading

anyone else post-literature here?

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>realize reading has become a spook
>bookshelf full of books I'd like to have read / want people to see that I've read
>get digital copies of each one, load 'em up on a kindle
>donate all books to goodwill
>haven't read one since
>mfw this was 12 years ago

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Yea I dont understand why anyone reads books anymore for any reason other than for posteritys sake. I can learn more about human nature and the world by opening up twitter, instagram, and wikipedia and thinking about each from different and critical angles. All of my notes and insights about modern society will be neo artistically placed in a series of twitter aphorisms, thoughtfully done ig pictures and snaps, and finally the bubulk of theory in a wikipedia article. I am the new artist

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Why come to lit if reading isn't your hobby? What did you replace reading with?

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I just stopped today. Even when you kick the habit you find yourself still surrounded with other users because that's the life you lived.

I tend to go for walks more and sit around doing nothing or do useful stuff, sometimes for other people. I also gave up other media.

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honestly this is the reason i can't into social media for real. it seems superficial only for the sake of being superficial

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My gaze when I can see what you're getting at.

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My gaze when you're an uneducated moron who couldn't finish anything more than 10 pages.

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I was post literature before I even read a book.

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Literature is more than just reading.
It's a conversation.

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Literature is more than just a conversation.
it's intersubjectivity

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Intersubjectivity is more than just a conversation.
it's conversion

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I read my neighbours' mail if that counts

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You don't learn anything by compulsively repeating memes on social media until you're only capable of a semi-conscious state.
Rather, you become the lesson.

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He means that he has read everything worth reading.

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How can this be 12 years ago when Kindle has only been out for 9?

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kek is that sufjan stevens?

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bookshelf more like spookshelf 'mirite?

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HOLY FUCK. To be this stupid.

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Bro... You need to reevaluate your cognitive skills

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you're just easily impressed

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>what are libraries?

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No I think it's superficial because the people who use it are superficial. It's all they know.

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