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what are your best words /lit/? personally, all words are equal to me

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You are unworthy of my best words

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Some words are tremendous and some have to go back.

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I love words and word love me.

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I would speak a great speech, and nobody speaks speeches better than me, believe me, and I speak them very expressively. And I will have a Mexican write that speech.

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I like words. Nuclear. Cyber. Stuff that gets the crowd going bigly.

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Wow, these words, they're great. I've met a lot of words over the years and these are some of the very best words I. Have. Seen. The best. These words, they're gonna make. America. Great. Again. I have great respect for the fact that these words are so big. They're some of the best. Wow, look at these words. Give yourself a pat on the back. Look at these words. Thank you. Thank you. And we. Are going. To make. America. Great again. Thank you. Thank you.

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All words are equal. But some words are more equal than others

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i think gesticulate has a nice feel but ive never actually used it in conversation.

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Hello fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I'm hot. What? Taxes, they'll be lower... son. The Democratic vote is the right thing to do Philadelphia, so do.

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awful trump impersonations

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Jettison ... illegals

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Wow, look at this guy. Heheh, *imitates disabled poster*


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trump is art, i like that guy.

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and everyone knows it

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My son is so good with Trump impersonating it's unbelievable. He is only 10 years old. He has aspergers. The impersonating aspect of Trump is very, very neuroatypical.

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What the fuck are you talking about? It's literally just parroting retarded phrases switching out nouns. Are you saying memorization is "neuroatypical"?

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There is nothing wrong with mocking the inferior. It's an important part of why I come to 4chan

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I have this theory that ASD is the result of incompetent parenting impairing a child's social skills, which then snowballs into depression, anxiety, and a lifetime on the internet. You seem to fit the bill nicely. The only exception I can find seems to be Jeb Bush desu.

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You've spoilt the thread with autistic perseverance.

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Bad words are my best words.

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I overuse the word insipid.

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>he answered seriously
>the words are actually pretty good
absolute madman

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I like moist just because it triggers a lot of people

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also I drink mountain dew instead of water.

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you forgot

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>and there's something terribly Sad! and banal about that

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there's a dude in my town that keeps trying to get the phrase "Stay Moist" to catch on. He means "moist" in the sense of sweaty, like after working out, and says that shit so much he lost his job because it made his female coworkers uncomfortable. he even has a custom bigass STAY MOIST sticker on his car.
I admire his dedication, desu.

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My favourite english word is "taciturn"
I don't even know why

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it's a good word desu

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My words are too strong for you traveller, you can't handle my words, they're too strong for you.

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mein gott that's autistic. sounds like he'd be fun to hang out with though.
>Well I've voiced my thoughts on Joyce, and I won't foist another choice on you boyss; stay moist.

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Underrated af Trump impersonation.

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Oh wait, sorry. That was last election cycle.

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That was two election cycles again, friend.

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